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  1. thanks guys. To be honest, if there is no graphics (dont need images but graphics generally) inside the tables and text, then its sadly no-go for many many people.... Just have done 50+ pages manual, and changing one sentence was nightmare, as all the icons / images were in the minute off their place and had to be manually positioned. Try to do some serious work in it. You will be so pissed off, that you will just add the feature ASAP
  2. Well 001, DEMANDING something is not good towards software devs. Some functions are implemented, some are not, some are on todo list. Dan - that your wife is software engeneer is good to know. On the other hand, you dont have a clue how things work in SW DEV, as i read your posts. If you want to pay monthly fee to adobe, its your right and decision. But demanding something in FIRST beta release, well, i think that affinity will not miss your $50. It costs more to pay time for someone to react on your posts, and on coffee spent on healing the nerves... Have good day
  3. another problem is, when im using alt-space for the NBSP, the cursor will jump to the main menu
  4. result crash allways. If i change in each style of paragraph, its OK.
  5. After place of large PSD - had info message - something like "Your document contains many embedded documents, to decrease file size, link them ". Problem is, everything is linked, not single document embedded.
  6. have text flow, inserting icons into text, with some wrap settings. if i copy-paste from affinity designer (simple icons with 5 layers at all, all vector) then after +-10th icon publishers cryes in flames - each operation takes over 20s. if i export same icon to SVG, place icon via pictura frame tool, with exact same wrap settings, voila, zero slowdown.
  7. +100 to this. creating 50+pages documents. This is really killer feature. And not for few people, but for people who intend to use it in profession. If you change one sentence in middle of the document, you have to manually reposition all photos, images, icons. Omg. Either use end of page as workaround, or i have to kill myself in agony ... And, as i have few programmers under me, and im also programming, i dont really think simple anchoring in text is for months development... Dont want to be negative, just, please, give it priority, since this software is really great, but at the moment just for few-page documents without much graphics in it.
  8. Trying to make shortcuts for custom text/paragraph styles, but they are not working... forexample - Ctrl-Alt-1 to Ctrl-Alt-9 for custom paragraphs. The style accept the shortcut, but does not respond to it...
  9. omg fast as hell solution thanks... finally can open old 6h work
  10. cannot re-open file created in beta 58... allways will crash katalog-predelavka.afpub
  11. may i kindly ask you for response?
  12. +1 here... crucial thing for business cards and personalized wishes...
  13. Hi, Trying now to rewrite my 70pages catalogue into publisher, and came to tables + 3mm on left/right isnt same 3mm on top/bottom as you can see on first screen. And, if you are clicking to change the number, traces of the borders stay on the screen. Now to questions - i have table here, it is having round corners - did i miss some setting... again? or is it not possible? and, i would like to add objects in the cells, and have them behave like text - adjust aligning, margins, etc. Ideally same as in indd - like custom check icons, or just circles. To make easily something like you can see in the next screen. Is it possible? The inline pasting of the objects is simply great in many cases - like if you are writing manual and have some icons that you like to flow with text and behave like text...
  14. ah found the settings. Somehow i missed the "relative To" column... Sorry for asking
  15. My question is, if there is a way to define a heading style, that will draw a line allower the paragraph size. At the moment, if i use decorations, the line is drawed only where is text. Another great possibility would be, if i can define the underline line margins to left and right, even in negative numbers. The result what i want to achieve is in attachment - the gray line is generated automaticky with the headline, and its over borders of text flow box, from side to side of the paper...