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  1. grapher

    problem with expand stroke....

    ... Is that an argument for not having such bug repaired for more than 3years? No. To be honest, Duskolo made good point.
  2. i really dont understand one thing. there are few things, that are making this software a jewel on the market. On the other hand, long-term long-asked features and bugs, that are making professionals move away from it. Why? Such stupid thing like free transform. or broken expand stroke. years here. Rotating, scaling group of nodes, its finally here! Hurray. after years asking. Still, you better develop in meantime version for ipad.
  3. grapher

    problem with expand stroke....

    exactly. Typically when you are creating icons....
  4. grapher

    problem with expand stroke....

    Chris... not forgotten... 3 YEARS ???? Cmon... in that time serif developed whole ipad app, and had not time to repair such basic function as expand is? Bah.
  5. grapher

    problem with expand stroke....

    Cmon Guys... soon(TM) was already years ago...
  6. Why is this awfull bug stil here? after more than a year ...
  7. Hi, have a little problem cannot find a way how to jump to layer which contains selected object. I see only highlighted layer (if not expanded, then only highlighted group) in layer view, and i have to manually open the group, subgroup, etc.... use case - gui dev, have 40+ artboards, and 1000+ layers divided into many groups and subgroups ...
  8. well, dont know why use publisher for smaller documents, when you have AF designer.... Publisher is suited for multi page layout - then flow of elements and tables is essential thing.
  9. mmm seems so. sorry for duplicity.
  10. i have 20 artboards, zoomed to one specific, i want to drag symbol from symbols panel, designer zoomouts to all the boards...