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  1. grapher

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Yepp, +1, im really greatful for first fair competition to adobe subscription.
  2. grapher

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    LOL 4 galons of Haagen Daz - definitelly sweetest post of the day!
  3. grapher

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Shall we scream at creators, that people who buyed AD and AP together have to get a discount? or people that bought all the products from beginning? Omg. For ~50USD product? Price of these fine products (counting in AD and AP) are so low, that any graphic designer can make money on it in few hours. So why so much flame? Just shut up and take my money! Hope it will be soon ready for try/buy
  4. grapher

    Bug: Expand Stroke has very low accuracy

    yea, have same problem with very small items. simple circle is awful....
  5. Thank you for workaround. Will this be adressed soon? Its really nasty bug, when artboard is being stretched i found this by printer calling me back that i have somehow damaged data....
  6. So after another day, another found bug have two same artboards 85x55, one for CMYK, one for UV. sadly, they are not same size in PDF. and, the font is aswell a bit different on both artboards, even when both on same spot, same attributes. alt - dragged UV artboard from the CMYK artboard and changed all to one color for UV printing. when i tryed to find out whats happening, i tryed to open both pages in illustrator and putted them over. detail result is seen on PNG - gray is UV artboard, black is CMYK artboard - as left side was perfectly aligned, right side of the UV artboard was exactly 1crop mark width wider. There is something not nice going on using production / beta 104 bug.afdesign bug.pdf
  7. grapher

    Line thickness issue in printing

    Yea, can reproduce this problem aswell on different printer... workaround is print to PDF and then print it, or simply expand stroke.
  8. grapher

    Layer panel bug

    Yes, have same issue, usually on bigger documents. At some moment, the thumbnails dont update, so sometimes i see older thumb....
  9. situation - 1. two artboards A4, side by side, with some space between. 2. you place image on the right one, bigger than A4 3. make cropping layer, bigger than A4 on all sides -> mask to below 4. rasterize the layer. The bleeding will be rasterized only on side next to first A4, on top, right, bottom will be cropped exactly to the artboard, not by bigger cropping layer. If you add empty artboard on top, right bottom, it will work as intended.....
  10. Hmmm.... to be honest - after releasing 1.6. all betas of designer are mainly about minor Fixes. allmost no new features, no repair of basic things that are really usefull - for example- i and many people here asked so many times (personally i asked when was out version 1.5, some people allmost 2y ago) about rotating group of selected points - basic thing, in allmost EVERY vector based product. It is present in AD, but its extremly hard to use, without ANY precision.... But, we have a gray GUI! and iPad version! I cannot say its bad product, its still great one, but i think it needs focus on some parts, and some really basic parts. telling us its because of lack of devs, well, why then not focus on making one product top? why making more and more products? I can really undestand some people after 2years lost their passion for AD and lost patience waiting for features they need for their work.
  11. im just wondering, if Serif is running out of good programmers, to have so basic features on the list for over a year? same with scaling / rotating multiple selected points of curve. Its barely useable now Guys, what is the problem? i used every beta available. in last months there is allmost no progress in them, just fixing bugs. How about some community financing or hire more people? Its so ambitious project, that can address so many users of photoshop / illustrator, sadly without much progress in time. I dont have problem to pay for functions i need - if there would be lets say every year/half year version for decent money, with new functions that are on the roadmap, i think many people would pay for it, me included.
  12. 2014 -> 2017 with no change on this simple task? So frustrating... +1
  13. im unable to rotate selected multiple points any more it was buggy in .83, but still at least present.... Can you finally add there scaling and rotating the selected points? When you design forexample icons, you need this so bad...
  14. thats why i said - just as workaround - it HAVE to be repaired, fast.
  15. yea, it have to be connected with constrains i ended aswell with cripled 300MB afdesign, and yes, last thing i remember was playing around with constraints.