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  1. uploaded few from 2020... thank you. I cannot give you crashes from latest beta, as i work with publisher not very often.
  2. Have very large collage with many layers, and some text on top. simple A4, but on export, every single layer and puts into the final PDF resulting extremly large PDF. i dont want to simply raster all on export, as i want to have some vector areas sharp over 300DPI (text, curves). Is there way to say "flattern all bitmap layers" on export? (dont want to flattern in editor, as i may want to edit it in future) I know that it is somehow possible forexample in indesign - result was always very low on data, even with multiple layers. They somehow always used some parts of data that was visible. Another problem is, that if i use just part of the image, lets say crop large photo and use 10% of it, export will have whole photo, cropped to 10%. Or imagine A4 background photograph, and in foreground large product. In resulting PDF there is full background photo, even parts covered by product. I know that its possible always to make second file for export and ftattered, but.......
  3. Hmmm i understand, but its clearly some bug - you cannot say - ok, crashing is a feature
  4. Im experiencing often crashes, on large documents, in publisher and designer. Sometimes helps - re-open the files and before the document loads fully, open menu (!!!) - re-open the files and before the document loads fully, open menu and hit save as (!!!) - when publisher dies, it now does not offer any autosaved document, so everything is lost. (its possible i just did not find some settings for it ) sometimes its just crashing all the time and i have to restart and pray for no problems on clean start. - its in almost all versions since beta v 1.8. - Tryed to post here some example, but you were unable to see any problem, just with DPI, which did not solve it. I would be very interested into solving the problem, because its my primary software now. - dont think its hardware related (faulty ram/ssd), as im using other, very komplex software for 2d/3d without any problems. - offering teamviewer access or running any other utility that may help. (dxdiag export, msinfo export, ...? )
  5. Maybe i missed something, but is there possibility in 1.8.x to place multipage PDFs into actual document? At this moment i have to copy/paste one-page placeholders, which is well.... not fine
  6. messed a bit with the "add pages from file" and File->Place and choosing publisher document. Well its half-working for me. use-case: have many manuals, with same parts. i need to update part, then re-export all the manuals without re-touching each one. now i have two possibilities - add pages, where i loose connection, or place the document, multiple times. That could work, if there is possibility to: - place single pages even when in spread layout (double pages are nonsense, as i dont know if first page will be left or right when placing the document) - if it would be possible to place with bleeds And what would also help is possibility to add multiple pages at once.. Its very annoying to place lets say 40 pages killer feature would be insert into document "as is" just as another section with automatic removing/adding pages on change
  7. yes, i can confirm its the PSD file. I tryed even flat file, simple one layer and still it crashes. You have PM with link to PSD
  8. DPI is set to 300 in photoshop. So its not importing well
  9. well its file from photoshop CS6. nothing special...
  10. file was saved before in same version. Now it crashes everytime i want to open it.... AuraZOOM PALM.afpub
  11. Is there way to insert relative / absolute value? like - add to all objects +2mm width, +2mm height, instead of % or absolute value ?
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