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  1. Is there way to flow the table over more pages? like when i add one more row on page one and the last row, that would otherwise be out of the page, flows to page 2 ?
  2. And the bug with += operator? will it be adressed, MEB ?
  3. Is there way to insert relative / absolute value? like - add to all objects +2mm width, +2mm height, instead of % or absolute value ?
  4. just select one or all of the curves and ctrl-c... copy fail.afdesign
  5. By the way, the bleed workaround - you have artboard 10x10, and want bleed +1 - make square ~12x12, centered, filled with 100% opacity. Then move everything from the artboard inside the square in the layers. So whole artwork will be cropped to 12x12. Then move the square in layers out of the artboard, out of ANY artboard, to the bottom of all layers. Then simply export the original artboard... Tadaa artboard with bleed.
  6. +1, im crying blood here. Problems with Bleed... its otherwise so great software, why so childish problems, not solved months? everytime i have to scratch all artboards, and export one by one ..... very annoying. Another little glitch - Everytime using export to print PDF - its exporting unnecessary objects (like if you add photograph in your artwork, crop it to 1/10, then you will have whole photo in the export, resoluting laaaaarge files.) in few months back i saw exporting also hidden layers.... maybe its solved now, dont know.
  7. grapher

    designer crashes after ctrl-c

    i know it disappears with lower res, still, i need so large area in that DPI. (as there is no possibility to use original size photos in export to PDF as you can set in illustrator ). Its 10m x 2m large pop up banner with complex graphics.... and its clearly a bug
  8. grapher

    designer crashes after ctrl-c

    by the way, same problem is also with 1.6
  9. im having constant problems with affinity rasterizing the documents on export or "some areas will be approximated". And with errors. Design, just curves. vejir_template.afdesign - afdesign file vejire-final.pdf - with "raster unsupported" - almost everything is rasterized vejire-final-noraster.pdf - with rasterize "nothing" selected settings.jpg - all export settings test.jpg - error even in rasterized output. Any thoughts? Am i doing something wrong? problem is, when i make graphics with some photos inside, i would like to use "raster unsupported" instead having all rasterized. vejire-final.pdf vejir_template.afdesign vejire-final-noraster.pdf
  10. What i see as major problem is, that you cannot copy-paste between 1.7 and 1.6 . Even stupid square will fail. So if you end on some bug, you must export to PDF/eps or any 3rd party and reopen in 1.6 or so.....
  11. any ETA on this problem Sean? Its making the artboards unusable for print materials....
  12. grapher

    problem with ALT in shortcuts

    simply add alt-something in any program as shortcut.... You Will never jump to menu.
  13. maybe its bug that is already reported, but im unable to find it here... if you are editing text field, and forexample press alt-space for inserting non breaking space, you loose focus on textfield and are in main menu (file, edit etc) Its super-annoying if you are editing larger text
  14. grapher

    problem with ALT in shortcuts

    No its definitely not normal win processing. try photoshop forexample or any other complex program under win...
  15. grapher

    problem with ALT in shortcuts

    yes, it is the case. Please fix this soon its very annoying
  16. its same problem as i have in my previous post from this week.... you can select rasterize NOTHING in the settings. Still, when you have single image/shadow in your artwork, you are doomed. This bug is pain in ass. More, when the flattering having bugs - see my post if you are working just with transparency, you can use PDF/X-4 with no raster setting... in my opinion, there is no reason using PDF / X1a today... only if you are working with some archaic print studio
  17. hmm.. how to export then multiple parts of the artwork? forexample - if you have one big pop up wall, lets say 10m x 2m and need to export 80cm stripes for print? its exactly the problem im facing now to be honest, i dont know if it is present in 1.6
  18. more into this problem - it happens to me from time to time, that if i make changes to a preset, next time im exporting, it offers export based on preset with changed values, but when i select file for export to, then i get error (same error as if i have the file open and its impossible to write it to, but this time its not the case). Workaround is select from the preset again and again make custom changes.
  19. is there possibility to set absolute / relative value?
  20. +1 any news on this feature? its pain in ass...
  21. designer documents are crashing at file-place command. Almost ever. then i need it reopen and do it again.
  22. .... for more than 3years..... ... sorry Sean P, couldnt resist....
  23. Latest release, Have two artboards, left, right. on right i have custom slice (manually drawed) then i delete left artboard.. so the left top corner of the right artboard become x0,y0 of whole document sadly, the slice isnt re-calculated and stays on its place, now out of artboard.