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  1. messed a bit with the "add pages from file" and File->Place and choosing publisher document. Well its half-working for me. use-case: have many manuals, with same parts. i need to update part, then re-export all the manuals without re-touching each one. now i have two possibilities - add pages, where i loose connection, or place the document, multiple times. That could work, if there is possibility to: - place single pages even when in spread layout (double pages are nonsense, as i dont know if first page will be left or right when placing the document) - if it would be possible to place with bleeds And what would also help is possibility to add multiple pages at once.. Its very annoying to place lets say 40 pages killer feature would be insert into document "as is" just as another section with automatic removing/adding pages on change
  2. Is there way to insert relative / absolute value? like - add to all objects +2mm width, +2mm height, instead of % or absolute value ?
  3. Hi guys, its super extra annoying, that its not possible to save spreads/pagesto the export profile - have like 20 exports and have to each time select that i want output as pages, not as spreads. If its possible at least to set default behavior, would help also a lot....
  4. i really dont understand one thing. there are few things, that are making this software a jewel on the market. On the other hand, long-term long-asked features and bugs, that are making professionals move away from it. Why? Such stupid thing like free transform. or broken expand stroke. years here. Rotating, scaling group of nodes, its finally here! Hurray. after years asking. Still, you better develop in meantime version for ipad.
  5. Hi, have a little problem cannot find a way how to jump to layer which contains selected object. I see only highlighted layer (if not expanded, then only highlighted group) in layer view, and i have to manually open the group, subgroup, etc.... use case - gui dev, have 40+ artboards, and 1000+ layers divided into many groups and subgroups ...
  6. well, dont know why use publisher for smaller documents, when you have AF designer.... Publisher is suited for multi page layout - then flow of elements and tables is essential thing.
  7. Sadly, lack of programmers is truth. we have aswell problem finding good programmers for our android dev department .
  8. ErrkaPetti ohoho... now im payed great. Didnt know that... By adobe omg. yes. exactly. Cmon. Does that mean that when someone does not have exact same opinion as you, than he is wrong, trolling, payed? Personal attacks are allways welcome, when people have lack of arguments. To my "agony" posts - Yes, maybe someone from serif will read this and maybe, they will solve the things i (well MANY people if you read trough the posts dedicated to anchoring) see crucial. I hope for it, very much. So one day ill get rid of adobe.
  9. mac_heibu - sure, you are welcome MikeW - thank you for your offer, ill take a look. On the other hand, i had nothing specific in mind, i just did some research few days ago, and did not find anything special that affinity have ontop QX so i was really curious what mac_heibu had in mind. Sadly, that part stayed without any answer. Errka Petti - im not whining. Im not understanding how anyone with 26 y of praxis doing DTP software can release this software even as beta. thats all. Its just my opinion. And people are starting at me. Fine, i will then explain my statement. But, you can have different point of view. Again, fine, have it. To be honest, i dont understand what you ment by WYSIWYG when we talk about software for professional use and not some fan project. I was looking forward to have whole my creative process in software from one single company. So simply yes, ill have to buy QX or stay with ID few years till AP grows up to meet my needs.
  10. Petar, pease, be so kind and read my posts. you will find my answer there... i will not explain the whole thing again and again.... on the other hand, if you dont mind, i would really like to know which capabilities does not QXP have, because im at the moment in decision state if i will go for QX or wait on ID6 for publisher....
  11. yea, noticed that aswell mac_heibu: How many times you think was QXP core rewritten? Do you really think that its running on core from y1987 ? No. Its constant development. And as you code, get feedback, you know what people need. And from time to time you simply rewrite even the basics.
  12. 1. you cannot compare programming 20y back and today 2. read the message on serif's pages: "Professional creative software" 3. do you know PagePlus? - they state on their web, that its successor (or alternative) is affinity publisher and pagePlus is now legacy. (Its first release was... hold on, tiger, 1991 !! If you can count, its 27y of development of DTP app) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PagePlus So, please. at least first try to get some info, before you start posting links to youtube(tm)
  13. read my posts above and you will find answers..... sigh.... Enjoy it then ! With thousands !
  14. inData is interesting piece of software, thank you for that. I havent met the problems you are describing, but its maybe because my work isnt based on data import, or such large data sets
  15. well ID CS6 have great engine for tables and possibilities to theme them... Dont see why you would like to avoid it?
  16. Sure, if majority will be satisfied with car with square wheels, yes, then its not for me On the other hand, look at forum, how many people are needing this feature..... tables are just a part of it.
  17. somehow i understand that have cs6 collection, and to be honest, i really love to work with AF designer. only thing i need to be fully satisfied is rotating and scaling selected points and solved bugs with constrains, and symbols. Yes, i whined about points control some time ago, after being in roadmap for ages, without update. I work with many programs in different use cases. Like - making icons? have to use photoshop because of control of the points of curves, then import to designer. Webdesign - AF designer. DTP - small documents - designer, larger still IDcs6. Photo editing - capture one -> photoshop -> sometimes other one-function tools for enhancing.
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