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  1. in video editing you often use dpx as it can also embed the timecode of the frame. when exporting 10-bit dpx I cant't use them in affinity 😞 export from within lwks greets s
  2. it's more about pipeline tools/scripts a.s.o. after saving which rely eg. only on "jpg" etc.
  3. latest beta: saving .tif generates a "corrupt" 45kb file out of a a normal photo. opening the file crashes AF (files attached) A.tiff B.tiff
  4. windows is ".jpg" and ".tif" of course. no one wants 100.. files with *.jpg and some with *.jpeg next to each other in a directory, because it looks "wrong" ... (PS)
  5. if I clone from here to another document, same size it gets ... docs are on the same zoomlevel s.
  6. It seems just 1 layer is rastered, not all selected layers ... greets s ...
  7. when pressing return or enter the patch tool should stop.
  8. _when_ using the size-slider, AF could temporary show a "current size" dummy overlay in the corner, as guessing is usually difficult greets s
  9. I got this setting shouldn't "Layer blend ranges" work here? currently it does not blend the layers ... file attached. greets s layer_blend.afphoto
  10. I'd say holding the right mouse button and then clicking the left to change the brush would be best you even could paint on so when "unclicking" the (edit:) right mouse btn and still holding the left one, adding the right one again to change modify again a.s.o. or/and painting with left and while painting hold and click right one to change the brush again ... s.
  11. if I make a selection, press v and then hold ctrl to clone, the clone is not done. still holding ctrl and recloning some more does some strange selection-things. greets s
  12. would be nice if 'the loading routine' just would switch the modifier keys for the system loading the file on the fly.
  13. "Added Ctrl+RightMouse to display tree of objects" looks interesting. it would be useful to have the tree expanded in full, (eg. with ctrl-shift-rmb or) as preferences option s.
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