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  1. There are loads of video downloaders - I use 4k Download.
  2. IanSG


    Even VLC won't play it!
  3. You can save adjustments as presets, and once you're in the Photo persona adjustment layers can be copied between images.
  4. IanSG


    Have you got the right layer selected?
  5. It's done at your own risk, but it's possible to regain control - have a look at this.
  6. Is that a demonstration of how to do it or is <ctrl>; the default on your PC?
  7. There isn't a shortcut by default, but you can assign one yourself - Edit / Preferences / Keyboard Shortcuts
  8. As ever, excellent videos! I do find the PIP "talking head" distracting though . Looking at a control being applied and noticing the effect it has on the overall image is enough to take in, without trying to maintain some sort of virtual eye contact with James. That said, I think the new intro / outro segments are a big improvement - they make the videos more personal and enhance the impression of being talked to rather than talked at.
  9. Oh crap!! Mea culpa! I meant Affinity Publisher of course. Another thing I got wrong was not making it clear that I was re-downloading from the link provided by the update notification i.e. was detecting that it was out of date and then providing a link to its own download page. I've now installed and all's well - many thanks for your help!
  10. That's the designer beta - I'm having problems with Publisher.
  11. I've downloaded and installed the latest Beta but each time I start it it insists there's a newer version. Help/ About shows v If I do the download again and try to run it I'm told that Affinity Designer is already running.
  12. @v_kyr and @paristo - thanks for the input! I think the concern was that the exposure control could cause clipping. The question's moot though - I've just watched a much more recent video (David Noton talking about post processing at the 2018 Photography Show) and he's now saying that using the exposure controls is fine!
  13. It was part of David Noton's "Chasing the light".