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  1. According to Pixeluvo's website there isn't a Linux version!
  2. I've had intermittent problems with an SD card - it was amazing how the only times it failed were when the shot mattered! I haven't had to apply it yet, but since then I've had a zero tolerance policy towards card failures. Rather than formatting the card in your camera, try using the SD Card Association's formatter on yourMac - the error checking is more extensive.
  3. This has been discussed before and my recollection is that the majority of users don't want that. Personaly, once I get to the point of exporting my images I want them all in a single location, ready to move onto the next stage - having them scattered around with the source files would be a pita!
  4. I doubt that Affinity Photo, or any other software that uses LibRaw, will have support for the GH6 anytime soon. Adobe's DNG converter now supports the GH6 so that's probably your best option at the moment.
  5. I'm confused - exporting isn't available in the develop persona, and you can't switch to the export persona (or any other) without developing the image first. Why do you have to do it now? Aside from the file size being much smaller than expected is there something wrong with the exported image? Sorry, more confusion! If you're starting with a RAW file and then saving, the output file will be .afphoto and much bigger then the source file so I'm not sure what you mean by "the same result".
  6. Hi @Fixfocus and welcome to the forums. As I've already mentioned in this thread the timing's down to Libraw, not Serif. Using Adobe's DNG converter might provide a workround, but the the GH6 wasn't supported when I last looked about a week ago. Adobe's last update was in February, and they usualy work on a 90 day release cycle. I've no way of knowing how accurate it is, but it's rumoured that Panasonic changed the GH6 firmware shortly before the camera went on sale and this is causing delays. Libraw's release cycle is longer and is much more influenced by public demand. If you're going to try crossing your fingers I think you'll end up with very painful hands!
  7. Not going to happen! Serif, along with many others, use LibRaw to provide RAW support so the timing's out of their control. Adobe seem to have much closer links with the camera manufacturers and will probably always be quicker to offer support for new formats but they're not there yet.
  8. The uploaded file's in the linked post included by @NotMyFault
  9. Intesting indeed! I think it's good news because it would imply that AP can do something to downclock the GPU.
  10. What happens if you open and then exit (e.g.) a game when the gpu clock is in an elevated state?
  11. As of a couple of minutes ago the Panasonic GH6 wasn't supported by Adobe's DNG converter - it will probably be several months before LibRaw (and hence AP) supports it.
  12. I could easily be misremembering, but didn't some Radeon users have problems with their GPUs downclocking while they were gaming? Is it possible that the card's been configured to prevent this, and stays locked?
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