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  1. And they do! But there's a big difference between listening and complying! If you look at Serif over the past 10 years or so it's clear that their strategy has been to narrow their product offerings while introducing a broader platform support by including Macs (OSX and iOS). I wasn't there, but I'd be stunned if the question of whether or not to support Linux wasn't raised and answered back then. It's been 4 years since the Affinity range was released, it's not complete, dates aren't being met, and plans for a DAM have been shelved - it looks like Serif 's plans are slipping. Introducing a new platform now would be verging on suicidal! Back in the day I was watching stock prices fall while profits rose. It was explained to me that business control is so critical that the markets would rather see a predicted loss than an unexpected gain - handing over control of corporate strategy to a small, if well intentioned, group of potential users is not the way to go!
  2. Adobe's DNG converter supports the M50's .CR3 files, so you can use AP to process the converted files.
  3. "This forum" refers to the linked Patreon page, not the Affinity forum. It's an interesting figure.
  4. IanSG


    Which driver did you reinstall, and why did you need to reinstall it?
  5. It's not something I've done much of, but I recently had reasonable results recovering some 70-80 year old B&W images. The most useful tools were the levels adjustment, contrast, sharpening, and shadows and highlights. I didn't have a lot of luck with the dust & scratches filter (too soft) but the inpainting and clone tools got them down to acceptable levels.
  6. Would you deny me one of my few remaining pleasures?
  7. I can only speak for myself, but I'm not offended or angry! I admit to feling a bit frustrated that so many people seem to think that Serif are incapable of understanding their own business, but that's just me getting old and crabby - it's not personal
  8. My point here is that the software suppliers very probably aren't misinformed - they use sophisticated techniques to assess the market potential of a new product.
  9. I'm sure you're right. I'm equally sure that there are many companies in addition to Serif who are capable of producing something to answer that cry - but they don't do it. There may well be a gap in the market, but the concensus among the people in the know seems to be that it's not cost effective to fill it.
  10. What!!?? Why, only yesterday, I was looking at my butter knife and thinking "Now, what I really need is....."
  11. I haven't tried it, but I believe the Adobe DNG Converter works with the 850's RAW files, so there's a work round until they're supported by AP. It's worth noting that "not supported" isn't the same as "doesn't work".
  12. The subscription model has been an option on the App Store for about 2 years - it's not mandatory.
  13. So far as I can tell it works on Windows now - both the Develop and Photo personas are working fine with the samples I've downloaded. There's a difference between "not supported" and "doesn't work"! Adobe's DNG converter also works.
  14. Try dragging out the left hand edge of the tools section to see more of the tabs - it might be abbreviated to "Bsc". If you find it you can drag the tab to a more prominent position.
  15. I'd be quite surprised if anyone here knew, and very surprised if they were allowed to release the information - would you buy something now if there was a better deal due in a week's time (or whenever)?