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  1. I'm ashamed to admit that it wasn't too basic - that's exactly what I'd done wrong (this time)!! Many thanks!!
  2. All true - especially since we're looking at a new point release. But the same argument could have been made 6 months ago, and maybe 6 months hence. There's nothing in the beta release notes to suggest that the problem's been fixed.
  3. It's the release version - it works with the beta. This has happened to me maybe half a dozen times over the last couple of years (but count how many times it's cropped up in this forum). Each time it's happened I've gone to the beta to make sure I'm not doing something wrong, and then cleared the problem by resetting AP. It's possible that it's been fixed in the latest release, but I've got a solid example of an intermittent problem that's survived for a couple of years.
  4. Not for the first time, the selection brush in AP has stopped working for me. Previously I've reset AP and everything starts working again, but I was wondering if there's any information I can get hold of to help the devs fix this oft reported problem?
  5. I get much the same time with the latest Beta.
  6. Have you tried resetting AP by starting it with the <ctrl> key depressed?
  7. Beyond the fact that you did something on a Mac and AP crashed, I've literally no idea what that video's supposed to demonstrate!
  8. I've just tried a few RAW files from the RX10 IV and the A7R II - using v1.6.5, the former loaded in 4 seconds, the latter in 9 seconds. Even loading multiple files, the increase in time was linear. I'm using a desktop PC rather than a laptop, but the only significant difference that I can see is that I've got 24GByte RAM.
  9. This thread should be a lesion for all of us!
  10. If only I'd known - I've just bought my wife a new iPad!
  11. Have you tried using the Adobe DNG converter?
  12. Pretty much the same for me, though I've set it up to display "enhanced" RAW files rather than using the histogram. As well as selecting the keepers, I've also used it to sift through 6 weeks of holiday shots, moving those that featured people to a specific folder - that's what my wife wanted, and if I can keep her happy for only $20....
  13. IanSG

    Serif promotion

    Back in the day, my answer to "what computer should I buy" was "what will you use it for" - for the last umpteen years it's been "what can you afford?". Someone less charitable than me might blame programmers' increased dependence on Moor's Law to make up for their inefficient design/coding .
  14. It's worth noting that that copyright notice goes up to 2002 - couple it with this from Wikipedia (my emphasis) "In 2003, Hermann Zapf completely reworked the Zapfino design, creating Zapfino Extra, a large expansion of the Zapfino family designed in close collaboration with Akira Kobayashi.". There are lots of sites providing free downloads of Zapfino, and many of them specify that it's the Linotype One or that it's the "official" free version - it looks like the owner gave permission.