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  1. <expletive deleted>!! I'd forgotten about the mipmaps! It looks like there's still a bug though - the first set of images I posted were JPEG exports, not screen grabs. I've just tried again, doing everything at 100%, and the merged image has lost some of the sharpening.
  2. I tried playing with Filters, rather than Live Filter Layers. I used a different image but set the same sharpening values i.e. Radius 5px and Factor 4 This is what it looked like before I pressed "Apply" And this is what it looked like afterwards. This time the difference is much more apparent before the uploads!
  3. I can't rule out that possibility, but I must be doing the same thing because I can reproduce the problem! It's not losing all the sharpening in the merged image, but it's losing enough to be easily noticed. This doesn't seem to have any effect - I get the same results with them switched on or off. This is the original, sharpened image. And this is the merged version. The difference is more apparent before they're resized and uploaded (but that might just be because I can blink compare them).
  4. IanSG

    Stained Glass Windows

    Nice! That's just the sort of effect I was trying to achieve! I had exactly the same problem, but I didn't realise how bad it was until I got home - I learned a lot from my mistakes on this expedition! Since I was using a tripod I should be able to use the same techniques used for removing ghosts in order to get the best exposure. The game plan for my next trip is to make sure I've got at least one good shot of the window, and then take a set of exposures to get an HDR of the choir stalls etc.
  5. IanSG

    Stained Glass Windows

    No, but I can't remember what it's called - possibly Bishop Langton's Chapel. I'd thought about going back and trying focus stacking, and it's still on the cards, but the first thing I'm going to do is add a ball head to my gorilla pod so that I can adjust the camera position without worrying about the whole thing falling over! If I can get permission to use a "real" tripod, so much the better.
  6. Definitely the most interesting offer I've had this week!
  7. IanSG

    Stained Glass Windows

    Hi John - you beat me to it! This was taken in Winchester Cathedral with my GX80, set to a 7 shot HDR bracket, focussing on the altar. Similar thing here, but I made a number of attempts to get the window properly exposed / focussed, and completely failed! Given the short fl I was using, the focussing should have been almost foolproof! Post processing for both was to use a tone mapped HDR image and apply a bit of dodging to bring out some of the shadow detail.
  8. I've been doing some HDR in churches recently and found stained glass windows surprisingly difficult to autofocus on. I'll use manual focus next time, but is this something you've experienced? FWIW, I think there's a significant difference in the window - thanks for sharing!
  9. Go to Edit / Preferences / General and tick the "Save thumbnails with documents" box. Your file manager (Explorer or whatever Macs have) will now display .afphoto files just like other image formats.
  10. IanSG

    Saving Custom Crops?

    Hi Chris Thanks for that - I'd completely missed the Preferences button!
  11. Apologies if I've missed something, but how do I save a custom crop preset? The help says it can be done, but it doesn't say how.
  12. Thank you, but I tried a few files first, and the originals have been backed up! That said, I now use the DNG converter to upload my SD cards, so I no longer keep the originals.
  13. I recently converted all my Pentax DNG, Canon CR2 and Panasonic RW2 files to Pentax DNG - it saved quite a lot of disk space, but I didn't notice any other changes. I'd be interested to hear if your results are different.
  14. Straight answer - yes! However (!) I'm assuming you're using Adobe's DNG converter - there may be other converters that don't produce a "real" DNG file.
  15. Are you sure you're looking for the right file type? The latest Win 10 update seems to have changed the selection behaviour (though I might be misremembering how it's expected to work!).