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  1. The laptop could connect to an NTP server, possibly from the bios. Checking the event log might be informative.
  2. There should be a battery powered clock on the motherboard - if the clock stops when the power's disconnected it would suggest the battery's dead.
  3. You don't need to go into the registry - just right click on an .afphoto file, select AP as the program to open it and tick the option to always use it.
  4. If it was a renamed image file AP would open it. It doesn't have to be a .doc file though.
  5. Interesting article, but is it relevant? For video, the main advantage of a powerful graphics card seems to be improved rendering times as a result of massively parallel processing - AP, from what I've read, is more concerned with VRAM. I'd assume that VRAM, CUDA cores and clock speed are all useful, but are there any guidelines coming out of the posted benchmark data?
  6. I don't think APub will do what you want. There are loads of PDF splitters available for on and off line use - I've just had a quick play with the free version of PDFSam and it worked well with a 58 page PDF exported from APub.
  7. No - the "significant disagreement" just means that there's a wide diversity of opinions. The idea that the user base is in one camp while Serif is in the other is completely wrong! It's a subject that's been discussed at length in this forum, but I'll leave it to you to decide if there's a majority opinion.
  8. That helps to set my expectations - thank you! I'd hoped to get away with a 10 series card, but if that's not going to produce noticeable improvements....
  9. Is VRAM the only significant issue if I want to see a performance boost from the graphics card in AP? Like the OP, I'm considering installing a new graphics card, but I don't know what specs to focus on. True, but watch out for mining graphics cards - they're used for mining bit coin and don't have the monitor connections you might expect.
  10. Since you've already bought the tablet, why not download the AD trial and see what happens?
  11. I believe CRAW is still a problem for libraw - is uncompressed RAW a problem too? fwiw, on my Win 10 system AP v1.8 says your file is unsupported, while 1.9 closes immediately.
  12. You're probably right, but the i7 Slate wasn't exactly a typical Chromebook. And there's still the issue of online storage. I think Chromebooks are the right solution to a lot of problems, but running graphics software isn't one of them.
  13. I'd expect it to be backward but not forward compatible i.e. v2 can read v1 files but v1 can't read v2's.
  14. It's correct, but the last time I looked the sandboxing mechanism was changing quicker than the fixes. If possible I'd get a refund from MS and repurchase from Serif.
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