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  1. This problem has been reported before, and it's one I had when I started using a Huion tablet about a year ago. In my case the problem was fixed (seemingly) by changing the Windows Ink settings, but I've been unable to replicate the problem since. You might get a better insight here.
  2. You could try posting a file here and see if anyone can edit it.
  3. I completely agree - in fact I've put in an improvement request for a "JFDI" mode, where any and all warnings are disabled, and AP just does it BUT I have to admit that those warning were useful when I started using AP!
  4. In the New HDR Merge box there's an option to choose between "Perspective" and "Scale, rotate and translate". I can't find anything in the help file, and the tutorial video ignores the option - so what does it do? I've tried experimenting, but any differences were too subtle for me to spot.
  5. This is a good introductory video. Affinity Photo doesn't have an upload feature - use the operating system's native file manager to copy the images from your SD card to whichever folder you want to keep them in.
  6. Not there, agreed. Somewhere in the site there's an explanation of why the utility was produced in the first place - from memory, it boiled down to providing the best error checking and taking advantage of the card's features. My own experience has been that "problem cards" have stopped being problems once they've been formatted with the SD Association's software. Interesting! If you read any of the technical papers on failure modes in SD cards they all agree that removing power during a write cycle is the most likely thing that will kill an SD card (more than static or temperature extremes) - that sounds like a recipe for disaster!
  7. Is that advice specific to this problem? The idea that you shouldn't use anything but the camera to format the SD card simply isn't true. The SD Association, which includes all the major camera manufacturers among its members, recommends using their formatter on Windows or Mac.
  8. I've got a similarly specced laptop - I'd expect the performance to be somewhere between bad and useless!
  9. USB 3 card readers are available for <£10.
  10. Vielleicht könnten Sie das "Burn" -Tool ausprobieren?
  11. XNView displays an embedded jpeg thumbnail, not the 'real' image. AP will have saved the image at the correct size.
  12. No videos from Affinity, but quite a few from users. I haven't watched any, so I've no idea how useful they are.
  13. Well, at least the action was low enough for you to play barre chords . Yes, the Gibson SG (Solid Body) - Gibson's best selling guitar!