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  1. Try applying a blur to the entire image, use a large brush to erase most of it and then a small one to get the effect you want.
  2. Panoramas are produced from overlapping images - I can't see any way those images could be used. If you create a pano from the left and right scans and deal with the text later you'll have better results.
  3. Try this one. You'll probably have more luck looking for "Affinity Photo" than just "Affinity". There are so many LR / PS tutorials that a lot of them adopt a monkey see monkey do approach while AP tutorials tend to need a deeper level of understanding.
  4. A reasonable assumption but not an accurate one - I've had my my fingers burned that way too! My OS has been more than a year out of date.
  5. I'll have you know my process flow diagrams were exceptionaly fragrant, Sir! It's been quite a few year, but I was very happy with Smartdraw. This was when Visio was the goto app, and having something that would maintain the structure and links while things were being added and deleted was little short of miraculous!
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by "cosmetic" - any change to the way the software behaves is functional. Even if the intended change is limited to a single bug fix there's still the possibility of introducing new bugs. What individual beta testers get out of it is up to them - I'm a hobbyist, so my reasons for beta testing will be very different from a commercial user whose livelihood might be impacted. How did you reach that conclusion?
  7. "Not supported" isn't the same as "doesn't work" - the R5 .cr3 files I've tried have worked in AP.
  8. I was thinking about that. How does APub know what Hunspell dictionaries have been installed? Is there an identifier in one of the files or is just down to the naming convention?
  9. Hopefully there's a more direct way of doing what you want, but this post might help. My first thought was to install an appropriate Hunspell dictionary but the only francophone country I could find was France itself!
  10. I think you need to use "Place" rather than "Open" for docx files.
  11. And that's where the joke falls down! I'm guessing the "sonny" is misplaced though 😄
  12. I agree, but I can't criticise Serif for remaining silent - if they simply acknowledge they'll be hounded for more details, if they respond positively people will demand to know why it wasn't available yesterday, and if it's in the negative they'll be told they're missing the opportunity of a lifetime and they lack the business acumen to run a whelk stall!
  13. And maybe one of the shape tools to provide a solid background.
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