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  1. I can't see it happening - Chromebooks are minimally specced while graphics software is notoriously resource hungry. Working with graphics files stored online would be my idea of purgatory!
  2. My U3A photography group has recently had a go at making collages. The clear concensus was that the free tools were much too restrictive and it was better to learn how to use tools like AP or PS. They have a steeper learning curve but the end results are in a different league! The best looking collage (imho) was done in AP! There are loads of videos online showing different techniques, but this one by Simon Foster is one of the better ones, even though it's not specifically dealing with collages.
  3. 30% off everything. I thought I'd seen an end date of Dec 6th, but I can't find it now. <edit> The notification email includes the 6th Dec end date.
  4. Just to make life difficult, even if the Windows version supports a CLI, the MS Store sandbox probably prevents it working.
  5. RAW support in Affinity is provided by LibRaw, a 3rd party product. The current version doesn't support the R5 but it's "expected" in the next snapshot, which would normaly be released sometime in Dec-Feb.
  6. I looked at the code, but not the image - I didn't realise it was so simple. Hopefully @David in Яuislip's advice will fix things, but if not it's worth remembering that inline images aren't cached.
  7. I'm not clear what the problem is. svg files are text, so there shouldn't be any problem with opening them in a text editor. xlink:href was deprecated with svg2, so you may have some compatibility issues but what are the other "useless" tags?
  8. I've just found this thread, which contains a lot of benchmark results. @James Ritson's posts are particularly interesting because it's clear that the GPU results can be dependent on the CPU. It'll be interesting to see how the benchmarks correlate with real world performance!
  9. I'm in the same boat! The number of factors that might affect the performance of AP is bewildering (for me) - do Serif have any ideas yet about which graphics card features are the most critical? Obviously it's early days, but are there any plans to collect benchmark data for analysis?
  10. Yes, but note there are two icons for mesh warp - one with and one without perspective correction. Perspective only offers one option - perspective on its own.
  11. Not really - the Optiplex 9020 only has half the RAM of the netbook and, IMO, is badly underconfigured.
  12. Are you sending people the .afphoto files rather than .jpg or whatever?
  13. No - each platform (Windows, Mac & iPad) requires its own licence.
  14. Try applying a blur to the entire image, use a large brush to erase most of it and then a small one to get the effect you want.
  15. Panoramas are produced from overlapping images - I can't see any way those images could be used. If you create a pano from the left and right scans and deal with the text later you'll have better results.
  16. Try this one. You'll probably have more luck looking for "Affinity Photo" than just "Affinity". There are so many LR / PS tutorials that a lot of them adopt a monkey see monkey do approach while AP tutorials tend to need a deeper level of understanding.
  17. A reasonable assumption but not an accurate one - I've had my my fingers burned that way too! My OS has been more than a year out of date.
  18. I'll have you know my process flow diagrams were exceptionaly fragrant, Sir! It's been quite a few year, but I was very happy with Smartdraw. This was when Visio was the goto app, and having something that would maintain the structure and links while things were being added and deleted was little short of miraculous!
  19. I'm not sure what you mean by "cosmetic" - any change to the way the software behaves is functional. Even if the intended change is limited to a single bug fix there's still the possibility of introducing new bugs. What individual beta testers get out of it is up to them - I'm a hobbyist, so my reasons for beta testing will be very different from a commercial user whose livelihood might be impacted. How did you reach that conclusion?
  20. "Not supported" isn't the same as "doesn't work" - the R5 .cr3 files I've tried have worked in AP.
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