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  1. Probably the most common mistake is not having a pixel layer selected, but you might have the brush opacity and / or flow rate set too low. Since you're trying the healing brush, have you set a source?
  2. The issue seems to be the way the image gets into Publisher rather than how you go from Publisher to Photo. Try using File / Place instead of dragging the image.
  3. Ah, good point - and good spot! I was dragging the image intoAfPub as a new document in its own right.
  4. I've taken the opposite view - think the problem is because they're not being placed. But then I'm seeing different results with jpegs 🤔.
  5. I always use File / Place to add images to an AfPub document, and this works fine - . I've just tried dragging RAW files into AfPub, and using File / Open on the same files - in both cases the images look the same, but they're very different from the (correct) placed image. My images appear overexposed rather than gray and hazy, but something's not as you'd expect it! Another difference is that jpegs are fine - it's only the RAW files that give odd results.
  6. @MEB, @MikeW, @Alfredthanks for that - it's not often that I need to match a font, but now I know how to do it!
  7. How do you do that? Is it down to experience or are there tools you can use to identify random fonts?
  8. Agreed, except that I've never had a prior beta, and the list of recent files was definitely the same as 1.8.2's before I wiped it! Needless to say it's changed after a reboot!!
  9. I'm running - I don't have the beta yet but I'll give that a go. The files listed in your dialogue are the same as my Open File dialogue - yet they're missing from Add Files! <edit> The beta,, is exactly the same! Strangely, I tried resetting 1.8.2 before I played with the beta. It didn't change anything but, as expected, it wiped the recently opened files list. When I installed and opened the beta, that list had been populated! Maybe my PC's haunted!
  10. Interesting! Here's mine - there are plenty of files in the folder that could be added,
  11. In AfPub, "Add Pages from File" only selects .afpub files as suitable candidates even though PDF, EPS etc. seem to work OK. Is this an oversight or are .afpub files handled differently?
  12. I was going to ask for more details of the problem, but it's helpful to know what the solution was - other people might hit the same problem.
  13. I wonder if blown out highlights might be a good thing? The waterfall already has a blurred, creamy look to it, so maybe a bit of judicious dodging would make it more of a feature?
  14. Have a look at this one - it gives a good introduction and starts with the assumption that you know nothing.
  15. I've had similar problems with product keys not working with copy & paste (not specificaly Affinity) which I've put down to non-printing characters being added to the key. Have you tried entering it "manualy"?
  16. I've updated AP to 1.8.2, so naturally the behaviour has changed - refining the selection no longer has any effect! Here's a video showing the effect of hiding the marching ants. Untitled_3.mp4
  17. Hi @Gabe Sorry, I missed your reply! I'll get this done asap.
  18. This has been discussed a few times before , e.g. here. The addition of a lock feature that does what you're asking for has also been requested.
  19. I was surprised by how fast my shutter speeds need to be, and how rarely I get decent light - trying to strike a balance between noise reduction, preserving detail and getting appealing colours might be an issue. Only some? You're doing better than me!
  20. Back in the day we called those point releases - major and minor have too many missleading connotations.
  21. No, there's no publicly announced schedule / timepath. It's not weird at all - people tend to take veiled hints as solemn promises, and then they go berserk when those dates aren't met.
  22. I changed the permissions way back - I'd forgotten about that! But if the only requirement is to have an unsandboxed dll that seems like a better solution - it's certainly much more elegant.
  23. This is a horrible cludge, but it works with XnViewMP, so it's worth trying! I have a program called "Everything" installed on my PC - it searches for files. 1/ Find Photo.exe 2/ Go to the containing folder and copy all the files and subfolders 3/ Create a folder e.g. MyAP 4/ Paste the files into the new folder 5/ Find vcruntime140_1.dll - there may be more than one copy - I used one from the same folder structure where I found Photo.exe 6/ Copy and paste it to your newly created folder Now try using "your" copy of Photo.exe in LR.
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