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  1. Ho dare you? My whelk stand runs like a well oiled machine and that ain't by accident. Long hours and business acumen, sonny.
  2. Oh, absolutely. Serif can do what they like but I think it's worth noting that I still would like it so that that is a +1 for DAM.
  3. Having said that I am now checking out iMatch and DigiKal and iMatch does look really good and I may go with that for now since it seems way more able than XNView so thanks for that.
  4. Because I felt your response was aggressive and commanding. 'Move on' is a pretty belittling and dismissive thing to say to someone who just asked a question. There is an actual reason that I would love to see Serif produce a DAM rather than just using other options. Anyway, perhaps you didn't mean it that way but that's how it came across. Sorry if I got you wrong.
  5. Thanks for your instructions but, as mentioned below, I want Serif to make one that integrates AF files. I currently use XNView which works well but cannot export JPGs from AF Photo. Feel free to 'move on' yourself but I'd still like to see this happen. Oh, and don't worry about my finances. I bet Serif's version would be less than $129. Thanks!
  6. Here we are in 2020. Is there any sign of a DAM? I'd love to see this.
  7. Please check out XNView. It is just wonderful.
  8. I'm not sure but I think you may be misunderstanding what is happening. Let me try to explain it again and see if I can do a better job. I open Publisher and then switch to Designer. I then get the pen tool and draw a line. I then get the text tool and hover over that line until it turns into an I beam. I then click and type. The line remains intact and the same, as it was when I drew it as in the screenshot attached. If I then returned to Publisher I can change the properties of the line to make them non-existent. If I try within the Designer persona to change the properties (I'm attaching a screenshot that shows what happens when I make the stroke red and larger) it affects the letters but not the line which remains as it was, black. If I open Designer as a stand-alone application and draw a black line with the pen and then do the same thing to add some text the line that I'm drawing on disappears. If I go to the node tool I am able to adjust the beginning and end of the line. If I select this object (the invisible line and the text) and change the properties it only affects a text. So it seems like the workaround if you are using Designer but starting by creating the item in Publisher is to create the object in Designer, go to Publisher and remove the line in the Text Frame palette. This definitely seems like a bug. Shouldn't this action work the same in Designer whether one starts from Designer or from Publisher? The third screenshot I have added shows what CorelDRAW does which would be ideal. It makes the line and the text as two separate objects and nests them.
  9. OK. Seems like an omission rather than a... well, no. If it removes the line in Designer but NOT if you started in Publisher.. that seems like a bug. What I want is for it to behave like CoreDRAW. As you can see from the screenshot, it creates the text as a sub- object of the curve if that makes sense!
  10. Weird. That's a bug, I assume? I did start in Publisher.
  11. This worked as a workaround, thanks (going into Publisher) but no, it definitely keeps the line. I use the pen tool to make a line, select artistic text, click and write on the line, click away with the Move tool and the line remains. Is that what you are doing?
  12. I have created a line in Designer and written text along. I now wish to get rid of the white line on which the text sits. I seem incapable of doing so without deleting the words too. This much be straightforward but I can't seem to do it. Can anyone help? Thanks! Phil
  13. In case anyone is interested, my method is to find an image online of swatches, bring it into Coreldraw, trace it to produce all the tones as objects, export as WMF, bring into Publisher (or Designer) and create a palette from the document.
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