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  1. I'm pretty sure that Serif are hoping to get photographers to switch from other, more successful products to theirs. Now, I think about which product might be more successful than AP that they might want to persuade people to switch from and I come up with, hmm, I know, Photoshop! How happy or otherwise they are isn't really that much of a concern for me. And I am pretty sure a corporation like Serif is made of sterner stuff than you are giving them credit for. If anyone from Serif read my original post and would like to come out with an official statement from the company that they would rather NOT hear from people what elements of a more successful program would help to keep people as their customers because it hurts their feelings they're welcome to do so.
  2. Title says it all, really. I am going through a stack of images all of which have to go through Portrait Pro and I have to go Filters>Plugins>Anthropics>PortraitPro. If I could Press Ctrl+L (or some other shortcut) and it would pop up the last used filter (as PS does) that would be nice. Thanks! Phil
  3. Ah, I see. I just updated the beta to 1.8 and it works correctly there. But not sure if it's what you talked about with a freshly opened app. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks!
  4. A very good point. I am actually sharpening in NIK Sharpener Pro 3 as a Plugin. I should try your method though and see who does a better job. Thanks! Phil
  5. Oh, that kind of makes sense. In PS the layer behind the mask would still be visible as a thumbnail but with the mask on top. I paint onto the mask as you suggest and it works BUT look at the screenshot here. I turned off the bottom layer and paint and the pic shows up as I paint on the mask but neither the mask layer nor the picture layer behind it shows that as a visual representation. Once the layer has turned black (both the mask and its source layer) nothing can be done to make the thumbnail represent what is going on. Is that really true? Seems weird and like a bug to me. Thanks! Phil
  6. Hi all, I had 25 years experience with PS before jumping to AP and I am now having the most basic problems with layers and masks. I have a photo. I duplicate the layer. I sharpen the new (top) layer. I create a mask on the top layer (I only want the people in the shot sharpened and not the bg). The mask exposes all of the layer but I want to expose none of the layer until I paint onto it. So the mask is white but I want it to be black. In PS I would hit CTRL+Del and it would invert the mask but if I hit CTRL+I which is invert on AP it not only fills the mask layer with black but the image layer too (see screenshots). If I take the Flood Fill tool and fill it with black the same thing happens. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing here as this should be so straightforward as it is something most people must be doing constantly, surely? Thanks! Phil
  7. Sorry, yes. I did. All seems well now! Thanks for checking in. Phil
  8. Just a wee point. I use XNView (just switched from ACDSee) to keep track of all my images in my life as a professional photographer and it is a free piece of software although I paid the suggested $29 cos I'm nice like that. I can save and restore layouts in that. I believe it is written by one German fellow in his bedroom (cannot provide evidence it's not in his living room!) If he can do it...
  9. Sorry, what? How are you drawing that conclusion?
  10. Oh, I just discovered that the other laptop has V17 on it and that must be why it works. So I really don't think that PP V18 works with AP beta but NOT with AP PP V17 works with both those AP versions. If there's anything I can do to help make this work I'd be happy to do so.
  11. Hi again, I tried that and had no luck. I find that I can make PP V17 work but not 18. Does that offer any more?
  12. Hi. I am using Affinity Photo on two Windows 10 machines. On the machine I use for my photographic work I have Portrait Pro 18 and Affinity Photo 1. 7.2. 471. On the other machine that use for design work I have PP 17 and AP so the same version of AP on each. On the machine with PP 17 AP opens PP as a plug in and works as expected. On the other machine it still crashes. On both machines PP works correctly in the latest AP Beta. Can anyone help? Is AP still broken with PP 18 for others? Thanks! Phil
  13. Any chance of the official release catching up with the beta in terms of not causing Portrait Pro to crash on opening? Thanks!

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