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  1. GENIUS! That's just what I was looking for. Thanks. Off to add a keyboard shortcut!
  2. Sometimes I make a selection and would like to copy it, deselect, make a global change and then reuse the selection. Copy selection is the quickest and easiest way to do that but Photo doesn't allow it. Yes, it's in the ether while it is cut from the image. That's just where I want it to be!
  3. Right. PS has a Copy Selection option. I just wish Photo had that as it's so quick and easy.
  4. Is there no way to copy a selection? I know I can save a selection as a spare channel but I just want to quicly copy the selection, make a few changes and reapply the selection. It doesn't seem to be possible. Is that right? Thanks!
  5. Phil_rose

    Cannot hide selection

    GENIUS! Yes, that must be it. I moved to Photo from PS and I wanted to customise it to look and behave as much like PS as possible. Thanks so much.
  6. Hi, in the beta I seem unable to hide the selection. Ctrl+H doesn't work. Are others seeing the same thing? This is something I use very frequently. Thanks for letting me know if you see the same thing.
  7. Never mind. It seems to be an error caused by importing PDF file...
  8. Hi, I have created a file at Letter size. I create a Master Page and it wants to size at some ludicrous size. Trying to change it via Spread Setup doesn't stick and resets to the big size. Are others seeing this?
  9. Phil_rose

    Horrible rendering of color wheel.

    You're most welcome!
  10. Phil_rose

    Updating linked images?

    Yes. Me too.
  11. Phil_rose

    Updating linked images?

    Bah! That's a shame. This seems like a pretty high priority item. Ah well. Thanks anyway.
  12. Phil_rose

    Updating linked images?

    Ah. But it does! And I'm glad it does. Will you be removing it? Or adding to it to make it fully functional? Thanks!
  13. Phil_rose

    Updating linked images?

    Here's the Replace Image dialog...
  14. The colour wheel in the beta is all pixelated and horrible compared to the current official version. Is this going to be corrected? Thanks Phil
  15. Hi all, I just installed the 1.7 beta and I added an image. There was no way to add a linked image, which is weird. I had to embed the image and then click Replace Image and then replace it and click linked in that dialogue box. Will there be a way to choose a linked or embedded before this goes totally live? Anyway, now I have a linked image so I went to Photo and opened the source image and scribbled on it with the paintbrush. I then saved it and went back to Designer and a pop-up came up saying that the linked file had been updated however the image on screen has not updated. Should be image within designer not update when I update the linked image in photo? Thanks a lot for any help, Phil