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  1. Can I turn off the blue line around items? Thanks! Phil
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a little bit of help. If I have a file open and select a layer and then, for instance, create a square selection with all the marching ants. If I'm in Photoshop and I hit the delete key it will delete what is within the selection. In Photo it deletes the entire layer. I have found myself having to grab the eraser tool and erase what within the selection but I'm sure there must be a better way of doing it. Is there a way that you know that would allow me to just delete what is within a selection? Thanks for any help with this. Phil
  3. Sure. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will set up my own thread. Sorry if you felt diluted on your thread here. All the best!
  4. Ah, that seems to be it although, unless I am mistaken, you don't get the Lock Children option if the object is a text object. I had to delete the mask then rasterise the layer, reload the selection from a spare channel, create the mask, choose the move tool, choose lock children, then it works. If I tried to rasterise the layer without deleting the mask first it rasterised the mask too. Complex stuff!
  5. Thanks. If I do that I can move the mask but I want to move the content and NOT the mask. Does that make sense? I can't seem to select just the content layer without the mask layer being selected too. I tried turning off the mask to no avail.
  6. Hi all, take a look at the attached. I have created that text and masked it to Ales's head. Now I would like to move the text a bit without changing the mask so that it still deletes the area behind his head. In PS I would just select the text and move it but I can't seem to make that happen in Photo (see second screenshot). Can someone help? This ought to be traightforward, surely? Thanks. Phil
  7. I jumped ahead a few! I hope you don't mind. You have inspired me to try stuff out.
  8. Would it be possible to add a Close All option to the File menu? PS has it and I often find it useful when I have a lot of images open. When I go into Crop tool, it is always set to 'unconstrained' and I have to change it back to original proportions which is, 99% of the time, what I want. Could that be a preference?
  9. The blurry one is wonderful.
  10. Phil_rose

    Creating LUTS in Affinity Photo

    I am having the same issue. I export from Photo with a bunch of adjustment layers as an LUT and bring it into Premiere Elements and the colors aren't right. Is this issue still prevalent or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by ;what happens'. There would be a lot of threads with pictures of work. Why would that be a problem?
  12. Without wanting to get into a flame war I have to ask why you care. You don't have to look at this thread and I, for one, enjoy getting notifications when Brian uploads a new image and see no reason at all why he should share files if he doesn't want to.