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  1. Actually, no, I can't. Maybe it was a freak occurrence. A ghost in the machine. Ah well, never mind. As you were!
  2. As an addendum, I closed The file and actually restarted the program and then, when I reopened the file the size had corrected itself to be square as a desired. The still seems like a problem though.
  3. Hi there. I created a file that the 7" x 9". I now need to change that to 7" x 7". I click on Document Setup and change the sizes there as seen in the attached screenshot. I click OK but the size is not changed. In case this is a question, I then reopened document setup. This screenshot was not taken before I had hit okay. Is this something that you have seen? I know I could copy and paste it all onto a new document but I really would rather not because all the layers will disappear. Can you help?
  4. I too would love to see lens flare addition filters!
  5. Hi all, This was a part of another question that I had that seem to get a bit lost in the details of the second section of my question so I thought I'd reposted the separate thread here in the hope of getting some help. I am a photographer and so I am not really likely to use slices in the sense of slicing up an image since I don't really do much web design work but what I would like to do is that output one image in a range of sizes and/or formats to subfolders. I can set this up in the Slices panel as you can see from the first of my attached screenshots. Having set this up I would love to save this is a batch export setup so that the next photograph I open I can export to 3 locations (in this example) as a full-size JPEG, a JPEG is 1000 pixels across and a PSD. But when I hit the drop down as shown in the second screenshot the options are greyed out that would allow me to do this clearly I'm doing something wrong. Actually, I just see that if I draw a slice of a particular size within an image I am then able to create an export preset stop does that mean that it's simply impossible to do what I'm hoping? Thanks, Phil
  6. That's brilliant! Makes Total sense! Thanks so much. Not quite sure what the difference between 500h and 500p would be. Surely if you put 500 H it wouldn't matter whether the image was portrait or landscape in orientation? Either way, wouldn't it and about 500 pixels high? Have to do some experimentation. Now, my second question seems to still be troubling me. If I set up a set of outputs with one of them being a full-size JPEG into a folder called JPEGs and another one being a full-size PSD into a folder called PSDs and so on I would love to be up to save that and the preset to reuse and choose it from a drop-down at a later date but I can't seem to do anything to make the drop down change from being greyed out. I wrong about what this refers to to? It seems that "create export setup preset" or to do just what I'm looking for. Am I wrong? Thanks for sticking with me on this. Phil
  7. I actually put in 1/2 and it converted to 0.5. If it only takes an integer that would mean you can only INCREASE the size. Can that be right? Thanks! Phil
  8. Thanks so much. So I guess this is where I should be adding a resize? I am having trouble since I don't know what the words would be to put after (for instance) 1000 for pixel width. Is there a resource for that somewhere,do you know?
  9. Thank you so much for this. It's beginning to make sense. I do however have some more issues with it. The directory thing makes complete sense but I tried adding 0.5 to the user scale field as you will see in the screen grab and the exported image was still full size. I hoped that it would reduce it by half. Is that not a correct assumption? Secondly (and I'm sure there will be many other questions too!) Is that when I had set up my outputs as per the second screen grab I really hoped I would be up to save their as a new default but the default button is greyed out when I hit the drop down. Why would that be? Thank you very much for any more help that you can offer. Phil
  10. Thanks so much all. I will try to work through all this in a while but I am suddenly snowed under with photo clients and must work on one man's shiny head! But I haven't forgotten!
  11. It does indeed. I drag the slice name over, close that dialog then hit Export Slices.
  12. Unfortunately I'm a photographer rather than a programmer and this is just gobbledegook to me.Ah well.
  13. I'm sorry, yes, the latter. The two formats I have got down. It's exporting to two locations that I can't work out on my PC.
  14. I think I'm still on the same question of how to use this interface!
  15. I have a Playstation 4. Will that help?