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  1. (In fact I updated the release and then discovered the error, started up the beta and it worked fine but said it needed to update so I let it and, after that, PP won't open so it is clearly an issue with the latest releases).
  2. Is there a way we can ensure this gets under the noses of the devs? It affects both the release and the beta, by the way.
  3. Hi all, since the last upgrade I am finding that PortraitPro as a plugin no longer launches from within Photo and instead hangs the app. Other plugins seem to work fine. Can anyone offer any thoughts on this? Phil
  4. Oh. OK. Well, they should change that position!
  5. Why do you think it shouldn't be there? Is it because they aren't there in the import image dialog?
  6. This is what I went with in the end. Thanks!
  7. This should be so simple and I'm sure I'm just missing it. I create a circular selection and I want to create a stroke on that line. Can I do that? Thanks for any help!
  8. Well, look at that! Thank you so much. But look at your Paragraph box. It's ordered differently in the beta than in the current version, I guess.
  9. That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for but How do you make that happen? I have set up my paragraph box exactly as you have and it doesn't do this at all. Can you help?
  10. Oh, I do have Publisher. I just thought that, since this has a smaller amount of text, Designer would be a better choice. I'll relay in Publisher.
  11. Am I right in thinking Designer does not have this feature?
  12. Thanks all. I meant to mention I'm in Designer though I could switch if necessary. Thanks for the proof reading. There is a large ? Underneath this whole piece which will be evident when I export. After looking at other solutions offered here. Thanks again!
  13. Hello everyone, I am laying out a small piece and I am attaching a screenshot of it as a currently looks. A thing I've always had trouble with and which I can't believe there is and a solution to, is the second line indent. In this instance the words resource and through theft need to be indented to a line beneath the letter Y of you above. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this that I can find but I'm sure I'm missing something. Can anyone help? Thanks very much, Phil
  14. This is the unit that I use and which cost about 20 bucks on eBay. This wouldn't work on Affinity photo of course for the reasons you stated. I use it with Alien Skin Exposure because that does have the ability to use buttons to change all these different aspects.
  15. That's true but I'm not actually wanting to resize an image and wanting to add a border of 10 or 15% to an image.