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  1. Hi, if I add filler text to a frame it isn't editable except en masse as a whole item. I can't select a part of the text. Is there a way to convert that to an actual block of editable text? Thanks!
  2. I also think perhaps it has solved the issue so I am also a happy boy!
  3. Thanks for this. I did that and will report back. I am a BRAVE boy!
  4. I have done that! Thanks and I'll report back on any improvement.
  5. This is exactly my experience and yes, it was after going from 2.0 to 2.1.
  6. I am really bad at this stuff. I can't find a way to download the drivers because it's all handled by some kind of Nvidia app. I really appreciate your help but I'm going to give it a day or so and see if it settles down and, if not, I might come back crying and simpering for help! Thanks again, Phil
  7. I need to update this as I have changed my cameras since then. The pear tree remains, however, occupied.
  8. Thanks! I checked and they are fully updated but I'm scared to uninstall and reinstall! Perhaps it will get better. I think crossing my fingers is almost definitely the way forward!
  9. Really? That's not good but mine is every 5 minutes or so.
  10. Sorry to keep adding to this. I actually am getting some crash reports. I have put the three from today here. I should point out that I have had a lot more crashes this morning than just these three but these are the only three crash reports that have appeared. The link is to a Dropbox folder and I promise it's not a trap! Thanks! Phil
  11. An addendum. I turned off HA and it is still happening. I just clicked on the Library palette and poof! It was gone. Crashed. Phil
  12. Thanks for this. I do have HA enabled. Should I turn that off? I'm not getting any crash reports. Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing back!
  13. Hi all, all of a sudden, Photo 2.1 just closes on me frequently. Using 2.1.0 and this happens mostly while using the clone tool or inpainting. No warning, no report, it just closes. Windows 11. Um. Not sure what else to add! Is anyone else seeing this? Thanks, Phil
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