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  1. I know this must be really straightforward and I guess missing something but I want to make the first character of a character large and I can't work out how to do. The problem may be that I can't find any information on it because I can't remember what the correct word for it is. Is it drop cap? Searching help for that phrase doesn't help! Can anyone offer me any advice? Phil
  2. I think that pretty much every Serif product in the past has had a zoom to width option with the keyboard shortcut of control+9. But now Designer does not. It doesn't seem like a big ask that this could be added. Any chance of getting this back? Thanks very much, Phil
  3. Phil_rose

    Named colours color palette to share.

    Very good point. I did that.
  4. I grabbed a colour chart from the Internet, converted it to vector in CorelDRAW, exported as a WMF, imported into Affinity Designer and from there created this palette. I don't guarantee that all the colours are completely accurate and of course, accuracy in something like this is pretty subjective. Anyway, I hope this is of use to people and enjoy! It may be best viewed as a list in the swatch palette since then you can see the names. I have been including Trainspotting orange in every palette I have created in every program I have used since the film came out! My signature colour! Named colors.afpalette
  5. Phil_rose

    Changing the color of an item

    This worked really well! Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. I was following along with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZznuJ05GbnA If you look at these two screenshots you'll see what I mean. I want to change the color of the phone to teal. I have selected the phone (then hidden the marching ants) but when I add an HSL layer and start moving it around it barely makes any difference. Is this because the phone is almost white in the first place? The rose in the video changes dramatically. If that IS the reason can anyone help with a method that might allow me to achieve this? Thanks! Phil
  7. Plus one on all this stuff! I would love to have each column of panels individually hideable (such as the one topped with Color in my screengrab) Of course, what I really want is savable layouts like all the old Serif programs had. Ah, how I want that? I often take my laptop out of the house and need one layout on a single screen but when I'm at home, I plug in a second monitor and would love to be up to have a saved workspace with pallets all over the laptop screen while workspace is on my second monitor. I really hope this is in their roadmap for the future.
  8. Phil_rose

    Searching for objects

    Aha, that helps though I'd still love a search option!
  9. I don't really know if this is a question or a feature suggestion or request. I have a pretty complicated piece I'm working on and I created an arrow. I then moved it in the stack within layers and lost track of it. As a result I have had to expand and contract multiple sets of layers until I tracked it down. Affinity being great has named this arrow "arrow" within the layers palette. I wish there were a way to search for that item by name. If there were a magnifying glass button at the top of layers and I could type in "arrow" and it would locate anything name that and I will also be up to use this to locate blocks of text simply by typing in some of the words from that block of text. Is there anything that approximates this, even? Thanks for any advice and if there is nothing like this I can add this to the feature requests forum. Phil
  10. Phil_rose

    Add a texture to a group of shapes

    Brilliant! Thanks again! That's great.
  11. Phil_rose

    Add a texture to a group of shapes

    Wow, you're quick! I worked it out. I didn't realise that the add button was a boolean function but yes that makes total sense. I assume that, once I have added them I can't unadd them later so I should make an asset of them before I do that? Thanks again, Phil
  12. Phil_rose

    Add a texture to a group of shapes

    Sorry to be dumb but I don't know how to use Add boolean operations. Can you expand on that? I'll do a search too. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi all, I know this must be simple but I can't make it happen. Take a look at the screengrab. I want this texture to fill the whole group of shapes. Can anyone tell me how to do that as currently I can only get it either behind all the items in the group or inside one of the boxes. Is there a way to do what I am looking for?
  14. Phil_rose

    Text in a shape problem

    Ah. I see. Well, as a fifty year old (my profile pic was taken in about 1991) I remember a lot of that. I've been with Serif since 1994 when I got my first PagePlus. But I have to say, there was a time when seat belts were a luxury on a new car but we're not wrong to expect them as a minimum today! But Serif have always managed to put wrap into their other products and so they should be able to do it now and, IF THEY DON'T I WILL SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM UNTIL I'M SICK. AND I CAN.