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  1. I'm still working with FilmPack 5.0. Even with the latest Affinity Photo Beta 2005, it is working flawlessly. So the problem is, like you said, with DXO and their latest version 6.0.
  2. Hi Scrabo, I don't know what could be wrong on your end. For me, this is working perfectly well. I actually like the old NIK/Google version. Also the new Affinity Beta version is handling it really well. For what it is worth: I recently moved back to the old MSI installer rather than the newer MSIX. I am certainly not a computer expert. All I can say is that MSI works much better for me, not only on this particular issue. I am certainly not advising folks to do the same. All I can do is to share my own experience. Wish you lots of success. Peter
  3. Same problem here, moved back to MSI installer, problem solved.
  4. Hi Alexey, sorry for your trouble, working fine for me.
  5. How about a toggle check box or button to choose between option 1 and option 2
  6. @walt.farrell Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, I can get it to work in V2 by changing the settings e.g. "Basic" will work. Just the "Automatic" setting does not work in V2.
  7. All works fine in V1 not able to activate grid in V2. Also CTR+' not working in V2
  8. Thank you for well made point I understand you position and I sincerely hope that Serif will come up with a suitable update. Perhaps we have to ask Patrick to give this request the priority it really needs (no doubt he will read this). Like you indicated, it will give them a lot more business as well. Best Regards again, Peter.
  9. Not for me. Not by a long shot. I have mentioned this before, we need to realize that Serif is working with limited resources. If we make the comparison with Adobe and their vast company (read resources) then we can draw the conclusion that Serif is doing a marvelous job! They are also not charging us an arm and a leg for a beautiful program. Perhaps we need to be a little more patient. Best Regards Peter.
  10. Totally agree, yes there are outstanding bugs and hopefully they will be fixed soon. I just want to express my appreciation to the whole Serif team. They have done a marvelous job with limited resources. Best Regards, Peter
  11. Not able to replicate neither with OCL on or of. System load also as expected, nothing out of the ordinary. Hope you find a solution soon. Regards, Peter
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