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  1. Thanks Dominic, yes I am looking forward to these developments. gr. Peter
  2. Hi Dominic, Thank you for your suggestion to use the NIK collection. I am familiar with it, actually using some of its lovely features. I do however not use the film grain simulation. The quality is not very good, really just noise instead of (random) grain. The only one I can think of doing a pretty good job is DXO FilmPack. Unfortunately the plugin does not work with AP. Thanks anyway, Peter
  3. As an old photographer, having spent many many hours in the darkroom, I have really come to appreciate AP. For me it works better than LR/PS. Thank you developers. I am looking for realistic film grain. The Add Noise filter is not suitable. Some contributors on this forum have referred to LR, doing such a good job. Well, yes they have a nice module with a couple of sliders, the idea is very good, but there it stops. The results are very poor. I will explain why. In the darkroom you focus on the grain, resulting in a beautiful sharp grain effect. This nice grain effect gives the photograph a false sense of additional sharpness. Grain, by itself always takes away a little bit of detail. Yet the impression of a well enlarged photograph is one of atmosphere and enhanced detail, and let’s be honest, a photograph is made for the eye of the beholder. That’s what it’s all about. LR’s implementation works exactly the opposite. When you increase the grain size slider, the image (and the grain) will be blurred. This is exactly not what you want to accomplish in the darkroom, and it certainly does not enhance the photograph. There is one company out there, actually using the LR grain engine for there own software and thereby fooling many who don’t really know what grain is supposed to look like. So, here is an opportunity for the AP developers. This is a niche. A good working solution, implemented in AP will appeal to a large number of photographers. Peter
  4. Dev. Team, Thank you so much for the latest update. For me, this works like a dream. Peter
  5. Thank you Dev. Team for all your hard work! Unfortunately the Perspective Live Filter is still shutting down the program almost immediately after starting the filter. It does not leave a crash report. Peter
  6. Thanks for your speedy reply. The slider you are referring to, on my machine, only goes as far as 1024px, following your message I tried the bracket shortcut keys and, yes, I can go all the way up to 4096. I am extremely pleased!!! Thank you again!
  7. Thank you for all your hard work, latest beta working very well. Just one request, is there any way to substantially enlarge the liquify brush?