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  1. Hi Folks, Thank you all for a beautiful product. Just about to purchase a i7 16Gb with NVIDIA GTX1660 Super. I'm getting a bit worried now. Will I get into trouble with hardware acceleration? Is there anyone who can give me some advice? Thank you very much for your help. Peter
  2. Not so long ago, Walt made an interesting comment about drastically increasing virtual memory. I am not able to find that suggestion on the forum anymore. Personally, I benefited from that greatly, without even thanking him. So I'd like to do that now. Perhaps this may help you too. Peter
  3. The release fixed the problems I was experiencing. They very much resembled the problems Walt was describing. I hope that Walt's problems will soon come to an end as well. I do want to thank the Serif team for all they have done, Congratulations! Regards, Peter
  4. I have exactly the same problem. After the release of everything worked as expected. The following day it appeared to be just like Walt described. Open CL not usable at all with the same screen Walt showed. My computer is an older i5 with 8Gb RAM and Geforce GT730. Hope something can be done. Thanks, Peter
  5. Yes, also confirmed in 1.83 In Beta 1.84 works as expected.
  6. Sorry guys, please ignore my previous message. I made a mistake.
  7. Same workflow here. From LR just edit file as a tiff and history will be saved just fine in AP.
  8. Thank you Chris, Yes this was the problem. Changed preferences and all is Fine. Thank you too Greyfox for spending time, trying to help. Much appreciated to both of you! Regards, Peter
  9. Hi to all, The straightening tool from the crop menu is producing jagged lines. This was only a very minor adjustment. Windows 10, external edit from LR to AP, tiff converted to .afphoto Affects both stable and beta Hope you can help me. Thanks, Peter. Before_straightening.afphoto After_straightening.afphoto
  10. Now, while doing your 1:1 crop, with one stroke of the mouse wheel you have your image setup for the easy crop you're looking for
  11. If you change preferences the problem will not be a problem anymore. Preferences => Tools => Check "Use mouse wheel to zoom" You will see how easy the cropping now will be. Regards, Peter
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