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  1. Thank you Chris, Yes this was the problem. Changed preferences and all is Fine. Thank you too Greyfox for spending time, trying to help. Much appreciated to both of you! Regards, Peter
  2. Hi to all, The straightening tool from the crop menu is producing jagged lines. This was only a very minor adjustment. Windows 10, external edit from LR to AP, tiff converted to .afphoto Affects both stable and beta Hope you can help me. Thanks, Peter. Before_straightening.afphoto After_straightening.afphoto
  3. PetervL

    Crop problem still not fixed!

    Now, while doing your 1:1 crop, with one stroke of the mouse wheel you have your image setup for the easy crop you're looking for
  4. PetervL

    Crop problem still not fixed!

    If you change preferences the problem will not be a problem anymore. Preferences => Tools => Check "Use mouse wheel to zoom" You will see how easy the cropping now will be. Regards, Peter
  5. The highlights radius is only on 30 and causing such halos. If I want to get rid of the halos then 0 is the only option, besides bringing the strength down as well. In that case however I much rather prefer the new "Default".
  6. I'm not totally convinced about the 1.6 yet, producing bad halos. Default not showing this problem. Probably some more work needs to be done.
  7. I cannot confirm or reproduce. Both, stable version and beta .424, do not cause me any problems with the Clone Brush. This applies to my desktop as well as laptop. Both i5 on w10.
  8. PetervL

    Plugin update with Beta -

    I only have one selection under Antropics. I don't really understand what you mean by a selection with three dots. I don't see anything like that. Where do you see it? For the moment this plugin for v18 doesn't work for me. On my laptop v17 is doing fine. I can't reactivate v17 on my desktop as confirmed by Antropics. Thanks for your help. Peter
  9. PetervL

    Plugin update with Beta -

    Yes, vs 17 works fine. I can't get vs18 going, that applies both to my desktop and laptop. I'm confused, perhaps somebody has a suggestion. Thanks, Peter
  10. PetervL

    Plugin update with Beta -

    Hi, I can't get it to work (vs. 18 Studio) What version of Portrait Pro do you have? Thanks, Peter
  11. I need a DAM which has similar features as LR and is CAPABLE OF IMPORTING MY LR CATALOGUE! I understand this is a tall order, considering Adobe having worked at it for many years. However, I am still very hopeful. Thanks, Peter
  12. PetervL

    Quick brush change broken

    Alternatively just click on the word "hardness" "Flow" or "Opacity" and drag right to increase value and left to decrease.