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  1. Hello @MxHeppa, where did you purchase your apps? In the Windows Apps Store or directly from Serif? Normally the app informs you if there is a newer version. If you bought directly from Serif, log in to your Serif account and download the latest version. Here is the latest beta version. Cheers
  2. Hello @angier, as far as I know, the curve profile of Subbrushes can only be set in the panel dynamics and texture. Currently there is no new Beta Version for Photo see here. The only thing that can be read on the Serif Website is that there will probably be a Publisher for the iPad in the near Future. Cheers
  3. Hi @KATHYG-B, Welcome to this forum. I think your file is in RGB/32 (HDR) mode, set the file to 16 or 8 bit mode. Then the filters should work as expected. Cheers
  4. Hello @evtonic3, yes, the designer can do that. See the video by Mensch Mesch, unfortunately the sound is in German, You can set the subtitle in English. Vaybe it helps Packaging with symbols Cheers
  5. Hello @abdouAllâh, short answer, no. But there is the possibility to edit in Affinity-Photo, there is a perspective tool there. But be careful, if it is a vector graphic, it will be rasterised into a pixel layer. Perhaps a perspective tool will be added to a future version of Disigner. Cheers
  6. Hello @lauwersp, as Lee already mentioned, check the settings in the Assistant Manager. The image was developed as follows See setting Assistant Manager Plus Increase contrast by 4% Increase Clarity by 30% Done The development is only a suggestion, maybe it helps. Cheers _59_0053-2.afphoto
  7. Hello @VCW, welcome to this forum. As mentioned above, there is no possibility to rename the reserve channel via a Macro. There are some macros here in the forum to create luminance masks. I have created this macro, it generates a selection, a resserve channel and a greyscale layer. The greyscale layer can be worked as you like and can be rasterised as a mask if necessary. The disadvantage of the macro is that only one brightness is taken into account. I had also put the macro together once, but the reserve channels were too confusing for me. Cheers Luminaz-Maske mit Auswahl, Graustufen-Ebene.afmacros
  8. Hello @carat, welcome to this forum. I can only guess, it is not enough that the Frame Text box is checked. A double click in the Frame Text the cursor blinking and then a double click on the Field in Data Merge, the data are inserted in the Frame Text. Cheers
  9. Hello @dawiddg, OK, then I have misunderstood. I also use a Huion graphics tablet (Inspiroy H1060P) and there is no difficulty with pen pressure. My settings Huion driver: Windows Ink is enable (Driver 15.3.5, Firmware T167_190325) Affinity all Apps: Low Precision. The pen pressure also works without problems with Window INK and high precision, but the two settings have a problem with the mouse click assignment. Try disabling the Open CL or enable Open-CL. Here are my settings for pen printing in the Huion driver. Cheers
  10. Hello @dawiddg, Welcome to the forums. Question: which software or driver has solved your problem? I think this could also interest other users of a Huion graphics tablet. Cheers
  11. Hello @itsvivekdesign, as mentioned above, not all functions can be transferred from Photoshop to Affinity Photo. The PS mockups can be modified in Affinity to achieve similar results as in PS. In your example above, only one mask had to be added. Open the Cup group Hide the Project embedded layer. Create a selection of the cup Unhide the Project embedded layer. Click on the mask icon below the layer panel, a mask will be created. Double click on the Project embedded layer, a new window opens. Change the image (graphic) and close the window. I hope this helps Cheers Free_Soda_Drink_Mockup_1.afphoto Free_Soda_Drink_Mockup_2.afphoto
  12. Hello @anim, try the following Edit Preferences User Interface and deactivate always show brush crosshair. Cheers
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