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  1. Hi Mark, That's good news.
  2. Hello Max, try the following: Edit Preferences User interface Background grey level Then the work surface should be more visible Best Regards Gnobelix
  3. I will observe this problem, because I do a lot with recolor. If there are similar problems, I will report Remains to hoping, it was a user error.
  4. Hello Rick, I can, your problem does not really understand I suspect, that you a layer have inadvertently changed or accidentally deleted. I can not imagine anything else. I have in your picture, a new adjustment level added, and there are no problems with the processing. Best Regards Gnobelix Red Coloring Issue-2.afphoto
  5. that gives hope for the new beta.
  6. Hallo manrone, Try it sometime. Hide the layers not to be exported. In the export menu you can make settings see screenshot. I hope this helps.
  7. Hello Lothar, I mean this bug has been fixed in beta Try the current beta version. Best Regards Gnobelix
  8. Hello, JiPé, this is an english forum and not every user speaks french. There are a lot of tutorials, mostly in English. Click here The tutrials are well done, one understands them with little knowledge of English If you will. Best Regards Gnobelix
  9. Thanks for the nes Beta. the list of corrections, will always shorter. Best Regards Gnobelix
  10. Hi damieh, I think you moving in the RGB color space. maybe, the color space of the image in CMYK should be converted, then the gradation curve will also work. 1. Document 2. Colour Format........CMYK Best Regards Gnobelix
  11. Hello everyone, The problem described above is no longer present in the current AP-Beta The problem has only been noticed, because I switching the language, to have a better understanding of the English language tutorials. Thank you for the feedback. Best Regards Gnobelix
  12. Thank you! With the test of version, i was not finished. I am looking forward to testing the new beta release. Best Regards Gnobelix
  13. Hello Hokusai great work, can you tell us something about your technique e.g. how many layers are used, how much time it takes you to do this, is used a template, and so on. Best Reagrds Gnobelix
  14. das kann ich nicht stätigen siehe Screenshot I can not confirm see screenshot
  15. @ rain wilds: try it as TEcHNOplus described it has , I get comparable results with this method, in PS as well as in AP. best regards Gnobelix