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  1. Hello everybody, I have a layer with a gradient from white to black and adjusted the blend ranges, see the screenshot. Now my question: With the shortcut CTRL + Shift + a click on the thumbnail (left on top layer), is the selection smaller, Via the context menu Select, selection from Layer is the selection bigger. Why? Thank you in advance. PS: it would be nice, the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + a click on the thumbnail, as macro recording to have.
  2. Hello, turn on the assistant manager, and the picture looks more alive similar to ARC. Cheers
  3. Hello AdamW, thanks for the new beta, just before the weekend. Download and installation without problems. Cheers
  4. To convert from SVG to DXF , I would try the free program Inkscape would be worth a try, Cheers
  5. Gnobelix

    Text import

    Hello Imre, the text that you have provided, I can open without problems. I am not sure if it is displayed correctly, since I have no knowledge in Hungarian language. I am using Windows 10 as OS. Cheers
  6. Hello richypipi55, welcome to this forum. with shortcut CTRL + R, you can reset settings. Remember that all user settings are lost. Cheers
  7. AB crashes here as well, after the execution as described above. Cheers
  8. willkommen in diesem Forum. so richtig verstehe ich nicht was du meinst. Aber ich denke, du solltest mal dein Farbprofil in Affinity-Photo ├╝berpr├╝fen. Das Farbprofil sollte auf sRGB ICE6199-2.1 eingestellt sein. So eingestellt, sollte es keine Probleme mit der Web-Darstellung geben. Cheers
  9. Maybe be the loading times better in the version 1.7 for Fuji. The Hope dies last.
  10. Gnobelix


    A possibility Create a new document with the desired aspect ratio 15 * 10 cm Open the picture to be cropped, menu bar-File-Place... With the Move Tool (Shortcut V) you can freely scale the image, to get the desired image detail. (use the handles) and rasterise. Cheers
  11. Gnobelix

    RAW Development

    @dan C has already pointed to a thread, there is no quality loss, if you between Develop Persona and Photo Persona switch. But, the previously made adjustments in Develop can not be edited anymore. It does not yet have a sidecar file in Develop-Persona. Cheers
  12. Hello Guzzi, I think I know what you mean. When the image size is changed, becomes to be the aspect ratio and the associated resolution recalculated. (1200 pix x 800 pix, 300 dpi or 1200 pix x 800, 150 dpi) The recalculation during export, refers to the sharpening of the image. I hope it is right so. Cheers
  13. Hello Giles Mac, do not panic it's all there. Go to the menu bar View Customise Tool Where can you the tools arrange as desired. see Screenshot Cheers