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  1. Hallo @heilkraeuter, Willkommen in diesem Forum. Ein bisschen mehr Höflichkeit bitte, so wie man in den Wald hineinruft so schallt es heraus. Affinity Photo ist kein Klon von Photoshop, sondern ein eigenständiges Programm. Um aus einer Auswahl eine neue Ebene zu erstellen, benutze den Shortcut STRG +J. Cheers
  2. Hello @GraficoDesign, Take a look at this Thread, User @StuartRc has created a catalog with many resources. Maybe there is something for you. Whether the resources for commercial use are also free, I'm not sure. So read the user conditions. Cheers
  3. Hello @poldendave, just an idea, is the download complete? I would copy the installation file to another directory and then with authorization rights install. It's worth a try, good luck. Cheers
  4. Hello @TTTTTJohn, Yes, it is possible to hide all layers (Tip: unlock all Layers) Menu bar Select Select all Layer All levels are marked in blue, diseneble the top level. It is not a particularly elegant solution, but it works. Cheers
  5. Hello @Don Samuels, Welcome to this forum. it's very simple Menu bar -- View -- Studio There you can select which Panels should be visible. You can flying panels drag into a panel group. Cheers
  6. Hello @Chardiot, Welcome to this forum. This bug has been fixed in the beta version -.676, give it a try the new Beta -4.681. click here Cheers
  7. In the current beta .681, the result is as expected. Menu---select--selecct all Layers Menu--Layer--merge selected (shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+E) it is not reported as fixed, or did I miss something.😉
  8. Hallo @DeHaBo, Willkommen in diesem Forum. Dieser Fehler ist in der aktuellen Beta-Version behoben, probiere mal die neue Beta. Welcome to this forum. This bug has been fixed in the current beta version, give it a try the new Beta -676. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the tip, learned something again. Cheers
  10. Hallo @samojede, Die Anpassung Tiefen und Lichter, steuert den Grad der Belichtungskorrektur, das heißt wie stark die Tiefen aufgehellt und die Lichter abgedunkelt werden, bzw. abdunkeln der Tiefen, aufhellen der Lichter. Zudem werden bei der Korrektur der Tiefen und Lichter ein Teil Mitteltöne mit berücksichtigt. (siehe deine Bilder) Leider gibt es in Affinity Photo keine weitere Option bzw. Regler, die den Tonwertbereich der Tiefen und Lichter weiter einengen, as weniger Mitteltöne bei der Korrektur berücksichtigt werden. Ich hoffe die Erklärung hilft. The Adjustment Panel Shadows and Highlights, controls the degree of exposure compensation, that is, how much the Shadows are brightened and the Highlights are darken, or darken the Shadows, brightened the Highlights. In addition, part of the midtones are taken into account when correcting the Shadows and Highlights. Unfortunately, there is no other option or slider in Affinity Photo, that further narrow the tonal range of the shadows and highlights, that fewer midtones are taken into account in the correction. Cheers
  11. Hello @AlainP, I think you have to start Affinity without the "--disable-wintab" option, with this option, the tablet behaves like a mouse. ( Statement by Mark Ingram ) Cheers
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