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  1. Gnobelix

    Denoise Filter Doesn't work

    Hello @KevinPhoto, I can not fully understand the criticism, Affinity Photo is certainly not perfect and and there are still some Bug´s that need to be fixed. But what works very well for me is the Denoise-Filter. I am use a Windows system, I think on a Mac the same results should be achieved. see example before after In the help file the new Denoise-Filter is well described. Cheers
  2. Hello @herrpedro, look here, maybe that helps Cheers
  3. Gnobelix

    Tables Autofit Causes Crash

    Same here, without bug report. The same Bug in the customer version. Cheers
  4. Hello @El Sid, I think so, that's it is a Bug. When the high-pass filter is used normally, the Blend Mode vivid light will also work. Cheers High-Pass.mp4
  5. Gnobelix

    Problem when use Affinity.

    I think Affinity is started from a compressed folder, that could be the problem. The blue double shortcut arrow indicates that the folder is compressed. Maybe it will help if you install Affinity Photo in an uncompressed folder. Cheers
  6. Gnobelix

    White is yellow

    Hello @VMAcommunication, Welcome to this forum. Callum has already given a decisive hint. I'm assuming that you are traveling on a Windows system. With a right click on the desktop and another click on the display setting. Here you can change your color profile. Set the color profile to sRGB IEC 1966-2.1, then the problem should be solved. or Open the ad as described above and type in the search box Color management. Click on color management, then a dialogue box opens, where new color profiles can be added. Cheers
  7. Hello @JENERATIONZ, you have hidden the studio, take the hook out. With the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + H, you can also hide and show the studio. Cheers
  8. Hello @haakoo, Thanks for the hint, I should have read better. I wonder, what sense does it make when I'm on a protected layer and can erase, paint, clone etc. That is no protection for me. In Photoshop, this is not possible if the layer is protected. Cheers
  9. Hello @4EverMaAT, I think it's a bug. See: Help about Layer Protection Cheers
  10. I can not reproduce this problem with the blemish removal tool, it works fine here.
  11. Hello @EssaEll, Welcome to this forum. In Windows it works similarly. Is the pen tool active, press the CTRL key and hold the button down (the node tool is active). now you can set new points. Cheers
  12. Gnobelix

    Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?

    Thanks for the information. Cheers
  13. Gnobelix

    Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?

    Sorry. CTRL in Windows should be Command (CMD) on the MAC. With the shortcut CMD + ALT and left a mouseclick on the thumbnail, a selection is created. Please, just try it. Cheers
  14. Gnobelix

    MB Photomanipulations

    I like it Cheers