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  1. @αℓƒяє∂ has it explained, the file extension is correct. in the attachment a macro with libraries extension. Cheers Imagesize.afmacros
  2. Gnobelix

    Issue while opening Tiff File

    I am still convinced, it is not a bug in Affinity Photo. A big advantage of TIFF is the possibility of a lossless compression (LZW, ZIP) A minor drawback lies in the complexity of the properties of the TIFF format, which are only partially supported by all graphics programs.. (eg. saving alpha channels and layers in Photoshop) Cheers
  3. Hello Guzzi, so that your pictures are reduced to target size, would be the batch processing in connection with a macro my idea. Here is a tutorial on batch processing. Attached is simple macro for the image size 1574 * 1184 with 300 dpi Cheers Imagesize 1574x1184_300 DPI.afmacro
  4. Gnobelix

    Issue while opening Tiff File

    Hello Krishna, I think it is not a bug in Affinity Photo, the alpha channels of Photoshop especially for TIF files can not read some photo programs. Maybe one of the developers can say something. There is still the possibility of a free trial of Photoshop, as far as I can remember. Cheers
  5. Hallo Tinakr, So ganz verstehe ich nicht was du meinst, vielleicht könntest du bitte eine Beispieldatei hochlanden zum besserem Verständnis. I do not quite understand what you mean, could you please a sample file upload, for better understanding Best Regards
  6. Gnobelix

    Issue while opening Tiff File

    Hello Krishna , I do not know if it solves your problem, maybe a possibility. I opened your TIF file in Photoshop and stored without alpha channels so I was able to open the TIF file with all layers in Affinity Photo. Cheers Test-1_without_alpha_channels.tif
  7. Hello JJAM, I can open and edit your provided file. (see screenshot) The exif data are displayed, both in the current beta version and in customer version. Try to reset the program, at program start press the CTRL key. But be careful all user settings are reset, or install the current beta version. Cheers
  8. Gnobelix


    Hello Kristinerbye, welcome to this forum. Certainly that goes in Affinity-Photo, look here or here. to give but two examples. Cheers
  9. Gnobelix


    Hello, @toltec and @αℓƒяє∂ have already described how it works. The crop tool works correctly. An example: the picture has 600 * 4000 pix and I want a section with the dimensions of 1500 * 1000 pix this section fits exactly 16 times in the original picture, or in other words, the section is 16 times smaller. sample calculation 6000 * 4000 = 24000000 1500 * 1000 = 1500000 24000000 / 1500000 = 16 or 6000 / 1500 = 4 4000 / 1000 =4 4*4=16 Cheers
  10. I think, we still needs to be patient. It's still a few days until the end of August.
  11. Gnobelix

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hello Mark, Thanks for the new beta, upload and installation went without problems. Cheers
  12. Click on Selection in the upper left corner and you will get the running ants. cheers
  13. Gnobelix

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hello Uwe, try the key combination schift + o, then the spiral should turn. Cheers
  14. Gnobelix

    Beginner help

    HielloNick Humphrey, Go to the menu bar view Studio by set the hooks, the panels become in the working area visible or not visible. Cheers
  15. Not all RAW files are showing in Windows. I have had very good experiences with FastStone. Click here. There are still some alternatives eg irfanview. Cheers