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  1. Hello @Sebastian Michael, In Windows 10, the plugin information is stored in the following folder. C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Settings\PhotoshopPluginsPreferences.xml I hope this is what you are looking for? Cheers
  2. To me, the quoted sentence sounded like that's the only way to change the document size. But it could also be because of my knowledge of English. Cheers
  3. Hallo Vinzent, ich habe 2 Makros angehängt, die ein Dokument auf eine Größe von 1200 x 800 pix generieren. Das Seitenverhältnis ist 3-2. Um keine Verzerrungen zu erhalten, muss das Seitenverhältnis beibehalten werden. Cheers Hochformat.afmacro Querformat.afmacro
  4. I would disagree, it also works with a macro where only the document size is changed. The disadvantage of this procedure is that a fixed size is generated, and has no dynamic adjustment. Cheers
  5. Hallo @vinzentalbertz, Willkommen in diesem Forum. Das Problem ist, dass Affinität-Photo über keine dynamische Anpassung für Dokumentgröße verfügt. Deshalb musst du dir zwei Makros anlegen, eines für das Hochformat und eines für das Querformat. Ich hoffe, das hilft. Cheers
  6. Welcome to this forum. I think your problem is related to scaling. Go to "Scaling" and select "100%" or play around with the settings. I hope it helps. Cheers
  7. Hallo @Joelvolkmer, willkommen in diesem Forum. Dein Video wäre besser in der Rubrik Tutorials aufgehoben. Vielleicht verschiebt ein Mod, deinen Beitrag. Cheers
  8. Yes, I do that in A-Photo too. Maybe in the near future, DxO will adapt the Nik filters to work in a similar way to Live filters. Cheers
  9. Hello @Ginette Hardwick A nice brush. Thank you for sharing. Cheers
  10. Hello @MxHeppa, where did you purchase your apps? In the Windows Apps Store or directly from Serif? Normally the app informs you if there is a newer version. If you bought directly from Serif, log in to your Serif account and download the latest version. Here is the latest beta version. Cheers
  11. Hello @angier, as far as I know, the curve profile of Subbrushes can only be set in the panel dynamics and texture. Currently there is no new Beta Version for Photo see here. The only thing that can be read on the Serif Website is that there will probably be a Publisher for the iPad in the near Future. Cheers
  12. Hi @KATHYG-B, Welcome to this forum. I think your file is in RGB/32 (HDR) mode, set the file to 16 or 8 bit mode. Then the filters should work as expected. Cheers
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