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  1. Hello dm straker, great macro, thanks for sharing. best regards Gnobelix
  2. the same here Best regards Gnobelix
  3. Hi all, thanks to the team for the new beta. a small bug I've discovered the color gradient tool can not be operated with the slider as soon as a color is changed, the adjustment window closes. Likewise, the mid point and opacity dont with the slider can controlled see screenshot best regards Gnobelix sorry my mistake , please move AP BETA
  4. thanks to the development team, for the new BETA the picker in the curves-adjustment, still does not work properly. Please, fix soon in the next Beta see screenshot best regards Gnobelix
  5. Hi all, the Same in the beta AP and AD, see above best regards
  6. Hi, my HUION tablet works in the new beta, really good. :) Thanks on the programmer. best regards
  7. Hello together, So far I was just a quiet reader and a compliment to the moderators, you make a good job. So now to my problem. I have a Graphic tablet from Huion (NEW 1060 plus), this worked so far, without problems in the AP Customer Beta, and in the current version (Please, no discussion about Graphic tablet for my needs it this tablet OK) The tablet does not work correctly or not satisfactorily in the new AP Customer Beta Version. If I open a TIF image and want to edit it with a Brushes or Pen Tool, there will be delays up to 15 seconds until the lines appear on the Monitor, or the program does not react. Wittily is this problem does not exist, when I am working on a JPEG image. I hope you can understand. best regards Windows 10 64 bit with Nvidia GTX 960