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  1. Gnobelix

    Bug in Develop Persona?

    Hello all, the problem described above, is arguably solved. No new problems in the new Beta 1.7.0240. Cheers
  2. here too no problems with repeat-sphere. Cheers
  3. Gnobelix

    Question to the Sub-Brushes

    Hello Chris B, Thanks for the answer, I will look at the UK help. Cheers
  4. Hello all, try the following: File New. Create a new Layer. Create a new Color-Gradient with the Gradient-Tool. Until here is all OK. Try adding a different color to the gradient, then the chaos takes its course. see video Cheers gradient tool.mp4
  5. Hello @GrahamMYC, the option you miss (repeat sphere) is only active if the sphere filter has been applied previously, the same applies to all other filters. (repeat.........) I think you did not apply the filter. Cheers
  6. Gnobelix

    Slow performance still

    the same here, I hope in the next beta everything will be better. Cheers
  7. Hello all, about the new feature Sub-Brushes in the Brushes-Panel, there are non Information in the Help-File for this new Feature. (maybe I missed something) When I want to edit the properties of the Sub-Brush, is the Function Spacing greyed out, is this so wanted, if yes, why? Cheers
  8. Gnobelix

    Developmentbug in AP

    Hello @Uwe367 that's a known problem, and is known to the Serif team, look here Cheers
  9. if a RAW files with a 32 bit color depth in Develop-Persona be opened, has the slider of the saturation no effect. Cheers saturation.mp4
  10. Gnobelix

    Affinity Photo Build 231

    Hello all, I can it reproduce thies, the delete field is greyed out, if a filter to be deleted, this is not in the customer version. see the screenshot Cheers
  11. Hello @jsmith51, Try the following. 1. Press Win + R and key in the command cmd 2. Key in the command sfc / scannow and then Enter. This command will, detect and repair damaged files or errors on your computer. Restart the computer and check if copy / cut / paste works. If not, then you can uninstall the keyboard driver and reinstall. 1. Start the system control 2. Click on "Device Manager" and then "Keyboards" 3. A right click on the keyboards and uninstall the keyboard driver. 4. Restart the computer, the system redetect the keyboard and will reinstall the keyboard driver. maybe this helps, good luck. Cheers
  12. Hello LeoC, or so, thank you for the tip. I think Guzzi disturbs it, that the units constantly change from centimeters to px. Cheers
  13. Hallo Guzzi, fast alle Fotos werden in px dimensioniert. so ist es nicht verwunderlich, das Affinity-Photo die Fotogröße in px angibt. Bevor du das Crop Tool auf Absolute Größe änderst, stelle das Lineal auf cm um, dieses erreichst du mit einem links Klick, in der linken oberen Ecke des Lineals. (siehe Sreenshot ) Dann werden die gewünschten Einheiten angezeigt und wechseln nicht zu px. ich hoffe das hilft. Cheers