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  1. Gnobelix

    White Balance Adjustment Missing

    Hello Theo, Edits in Lightroom are non-destructive, this means, all processing steps, are stored in a database, and not in the RAW file. Strictly speaking is conversion to DNG format a copy of the RAW file, and thus no work steps are saved in the DNG file. If you want to edit your pictures in Affinity Photo with Lightroom's settings, export the photos in a bitmap format. (e.g., TIF, JPG, etc.) Cheers
  2. Gnobelix

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Gratulations to the team, and make keep it up.
  3. Gnobelix

    Compatability with Affinity

    Hello Jamsog, I think your questions, can not be answered to 100% with yes. Affinity can import and edit the files you've listed. Download the Affinity Trial, and try it. Only then can one determine whether the program meets its own requirements. Cheers
  4. Gnobelix

    crashes when creating new document

    Hello Gary, try running this uninstall-tool from Microsoft, maybe it helps. Cheers
  5. Gnobelix

    Macro to add border

    Hello dky, Carl has already given a tip on how you can record your macro. I also present my photos with a border, the photos will in two sizes presented, both in portrait and landscape format. Brief description how my the macro works, for a Photo with triple border and in a final size of 1200 x 800 pix. Step one: all processing steps will closed (e,g, exposure Compensation etc.) Step two: rastering Step three: Document resize Step four: Canvas resize Step five: fill with color Step six: move nodes to botton Step seven: rastering Step five to seven twice to repeat. Disadvantage, it will for each target size a macro is needed. A way, how a border with a dynamic adjustment is created, I did not find. Maybe my suggestion will help. see macro below Cheers border 1200 x 800 landscape.afmacro
  6. Gnobelix

    colour panel default colours

    the same here but I'm sure I did not the shortcut ALT + X adjusted, In AD, this shortcut is not preset, ....strange Thanks for the hint.
  7. Gnobelix

    colour panel default colours

    or click ALT + X The default is the shortcut ALT + X
  8. Gnobelix

    Using a Huinon 1060Pus Tablet with Affinity

    Hello Donald, since the last update of Affinity Photo & Desinger (Version there are no problems with that Huion graphics tablet. I would download the latest drivers from the Huion-Website, for all functions of the tablet to be able to use. Cheers
  9. Gnobelix

    Nik and Viveza colour problems

  10. Gnobelix

    Raw file vignetting when opened in Win 10

    Hello Malcolm, no problem Of course, I can only speculate, but I think the serif will create more lens profiles. cheers
  11. Gnobelix

    Raw file vignetting when opened in Win 10

    Hello Malcolm, Maybe you know it But if you have made your corrections, you can save these settings as a preset, so can you some developments automate. Unfortunately will the presets, only in system folders from Affinity-Photo saved. I hope that will change in the future. Cheers
  12. Gnobelix

    Composite photo(?)

    Hello Totte, DM1 has a nice example. I would proceed as follows. deselect your selection, click on the mask layer and use the brush tool with white foreground color. (I would take a soft brush tip) paint over the area you want to make visible, with black color, is the area again covered. Cheers
  13. Hello Dennis, I don't know if it's a bug from Affinity, in any case, it is not normal. I think the problem is the embedding of your file (_1070007) To avoid the white lines, I would do the following. Either save the selection of the image in PNG format ( so has the selection a transparent background) or the selection via copy and paste in the main image insert. see attachement Cheers Test-3.afphoto
  14. Gnobelix

    Export pdf error in AP

    Hello Mika, Why is an error displayed? Select all elements and export it without background. While viewing the PDF, a white background is still displayed. When you placing that PDF-File in AP or AD have you a transparent background. Cheers