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  1. Hallo Alexander, blende die Lineale ein (Ansicht – Lineale einblenden), oben links mit einem Rechtsklick auf die Einheiten klicken, mm auswählen. Das Panel Transformation zeigt jetzt mm an. Cheers
  2. Hello @BP101782, In fact, it looks very different. My first thought, check the color profiles. The message issued was only output in V2 for me. Maybe Serif employees have an explanation. Cheers
  3. Hello @BP101782, welcome to this forum. Have you tried the Affinity 2 trial in the past? That would explain the message, "The file contains functionality from a later version of Affinity." Normally, files from V1 are opened in V2 as a copy and displayed correctly. It is impossible to determine from a distance why the file is not opening correctly. Can you please upload a sample file of V1 with a detailed description of what the difference is between V1 and V2? Cheers
  4. Waited a long time, but now it's here, the spiral tool.👍👍 Initial tests with the new tool are promising. Thanks to the Serif team. Cheers
  5. No problems here, like with @Return on Windows 11 with a Nvidia graphics card GTX 1050 TI. SO not a particularly powerful graphics card. Is the graphics driver up to date? Cheers
  6. I have, on Windows 11 merge your data, all without any problems. (Sheet: YearA-Pentecost) Cheers
  7. Hello @GatoL0c0, Welcome to this forum. I had a similar problem, I formatted the date in Excel user defined. DD.MM.YYYY (in German TT.MM.JJJJ) I hope it helps. Cheers
  8. Hello Pete, I think you need to set the vector brush to the overlay blend mode. Cheers
  9. Hello all, A small bug in all three beta versions ( When I use the pen tool and want to change the stroke width with the slider, the stroke width values are not displayed. Cheers
  10. Hello into, unfortunately, I only have the file for Publisher Beta left, I deleted the others a little prematurely. The Excel file only has fantasy names, but the same structure as the original file. Cheers Test.afpub Abfrage Kartenausgabe LFV Rückgabe-2023-1.xlsx
  11. Hello everyone, I have a question about Affinity Publisher. I'm using a database, from which some data is exported to Excel. The Excel table is used for data merging in Publisher. Certain data should only be output once, for example, the year, the number of cards, etc. Other data such as name, first name, place of residence, etc., will be output as a list on the pages. I've designed the layout on the master page. Fields that are to be output only once are also on the master page, while all other data will be output on the pages. In the preview, everything looks as desired. However, when I try to print or export the file, then I receive the following warning messages. No Data Sours covers the Page where Field "Jahr" is used. What am I doing wrong? If I ignore the warning messages, everything is output as expected. Cheers
  12. Hallo Sabrina, willkommen in diesem Forum. Um ein Foto in Designer zu bearbeiten, musst du zur Pixel-Persona wechseln. Erstelle eine Auswahl, die du bearbeiten möchtest. Dann gehe zur Menüleiste Ebene Neue Anpassung, dort werden alle verfügbaren Anpassungen angezeigt. Ich hoffe, das hilft. Cheers
  13. Hi everyone, Same here, as described by @Dennison. With a difference, this corrects not itself when the file is closed and re-opened. Cheers
  14. Hallo @Wernyco, Ich denke, hier solltest du fündig werden. Gimic läuft auf Windows 11, ohne Probleme. (Photo 2.1.1 und Photo Beta 2.2) Cheers
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