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  1. Try the following. Hold down the CTRL-Key and open Affinity Photo. Select all Option and then delete all Option. Remember that all user settings, such as brushes, macros, etc., get lost. Cheers
  2. Cheers@Jane P, open your document activate the menu filter colour erase white paper Another tip, save your file as a PNG file, only PNG can save transparent background. I hope it helps.
  3. Hello @Biggerfatboy, If I understand correctly, you have no category in the Bililothek. Create a new category in the library, then can you save your macro. Cheers
  4. Is only an idea, could it be that the option "high precision tablet" is activated. If yes, then disable this option Cheers
  5. I think so, Photo, Designer and Publisher, one floor each
  6. Then I would recommend you to buy the workbook from Affinity or look at the tutorials by James Ritson. Cheers
  7. Hello @rorando, To decrease or increase the brush width, press the Alt key and the right and left mouse buttons. (Movement left or right) To decrease or increase the brush hardness, press the Alt key and the right and left mouse buttons. (Movement up or down) I hope it helps Cheers
  8. Hello @imagegod , Welcome to this forum. Yes Affinity Photo can open RAW files, as well as JPEG, TIFF etc can be edited in Develop persona. Download the 10-day trial and see if the program meets your needs. Cheers
  9. Hello @Pattou, yes, I copied the following directories from the beta in Costumer version. in Windows 10 User AppData Roamning Affinity 1.0 (Beta) User Workspaces Copie the dirctorry User and Workspaces in the User AppData Roamning Affinity 1.0 Make a backup of the directories, safe is safe. Remember that you do this at your own risk. For me both AP versions are now in sync I hope it helps. Cheers
  10. Hello @merivera2001, welcome to this forum. For me, works very well the new denoise filter. What does not works for you with denoise filter, can you the bug make it more specific? Cheers
  11. Gnobelix

    Burn tool not burning

    I also think that, the Burn tool a revision is needed. see image. As you might expect, Photoshop does the best job followed by Gimp. The bottom line is unfortunately Affinity Photo The test is done with similar setting of the Burn tool.
  12. Hello @Pietro Quadrelli, I can confirm your observations. With active exposure correction, i only get a plain white layer. if I disable the exposure correction, I get a normal layer. I think the post belongs in Photo Bugs for Windows Cheers
  13. Hello @Roger terry no wonder, Affinity Publisher is still in the beta phase, unless I have missed something. It can not be too long before publisher can be bought. Cheers
  14. Ron.P it already explained that the HSL adjustment layer is larger when the canvas. I had not noticed this, that's why I was a little confused. Cheers
  15. reuse the command "new from clipboard" and not the shortcut CTRL+V