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  1. a similar problem has already been reported Cheers
  2. Hello @HGM, Welcome to this forum. A screenshot or sample file could be very helpful. When I Images in Develop Persona develop, they are passed on to Photo Persona one-to-one, without any loss of sharpness and other adjustment are not lost either. Cheers
  3. Hello @Neoziox You can also punch a hole with a mask if you convert your text into a curve beforehand. Cheers Mask.mp4
  4. The displayed of overdriven highlights, midtones and shadows is a kind of madness system, when this is displayed there are no details in this area. cheers
  5. Hello @Andrew Crawford, No you are not doing anything wrong All overdriven highlights are marked in red on the display. All overdriven midtones are marked in yellow on the display. All overdirven shadow are marked in bue on the display. With a click on the icon, the display can be activated or deactivated. Cheers
  6. Hello @JeffreyWalther, This problem has been reported several times. I hope this bug will be fixed soon. Cheers
  7. Hello @Powaysteve, I wish you a happy new year. The shortcut J is set by default for the Inpainting tool, likewise for the Red Eye Removal Tool, the Healing Brush Tool and the Patch Tool. The individual brushes are activated by repeatedly pressing the shortcut Shift + J I hope it helps. Cheers
  8. Hallo @Gaudee, Willkommen in diesem Forum. Um reflexionen zu minimieren ist mein Favorit die frequenztrennung. Schaue dir auch die Hilfe an. Kurze Beschreibung: Wende den Filter Filterfrequenztrennung an Stellen Sie den Radius auf 4 px Aktiviere die Ebene Hohe Frequenz Mit dem Auswahlpinsel einen Bereich auswählen der bearbeiten werden soll Deaktiviere die Ebene Hohe Frequenz Mit dem Malpinsel aus der nähe des zu bearbeitenden Bereich Farbe auf nehmen (Shortcut ALT + linke Maustaste) übermale den ausgewählten Bereich (die Deckkraft nach bedarf setzen) wiederhole dieses für andere Bereiche. Das Bild ist mit der aktuellen Beta bearbeitet. Hello Gaudee, Welcome to this forum. to minimize the reflection is my favorite the frequency separation. short description: Duplicate the opened image Apply the Filter Frequency-Separation set the radius to 4 px Activate the Layer High Frequency with the selections brush to select an area to be edited deselect the layer High Frequency and select the Low Frequency Use the paintbrush to pick up paint from near the area to be worked on (shortcut ALT and left mouse button) paint over the selected area set the blend mode in hue or color (set the opacity as needed) repeat this for other areas The image is edited with the current beta. Cheers Gurte-Frequenztrennung.afphoto
  9. I cannot reproduce this. What operating system? Is the graphics driver up to date? Cheers
  10. I use a Huion H1060P tablet without problems in Affinity Photo. Try the following when using Windows: Download the latest driver from Huion (here the Link) uninstall the old driver don´t connect the graphics tablet install the new driver with administration rights (possibly deactivate the virus scanner for the time of installation) connect the tablet to the computer again, he pen should now works. I hope it helps. Cheers
  11. Hello @nater973, The macro is OK for me disable parallel processing in the batch processing then it should work. Cheers
  12. Gnobelix

    Raw Photo is very dark

    Hello @BmrBird, from my point of view, Affinity-Photo opens the image properly. It should be known that every RAW converter develops the images with its own parameters. I opened the image in different converters. All converters show that the shadows are cut off, see histogram. the exif files say that the exposure compensation is set to -0.7. see screenshot. Affinity-Photo DarkTable RawTherapee Photoshop 2020 Cheers
  13. Gnobelix

    affinity photo move tool glitch

    Hello everybody, maybe this helps. Select the layer in the layer panel Make a selection with the shortcut CTRL + A, the layer can be moved and scaled with the Move Tool. Merry Christmas
  14. I think it's not a bug. The ratio of the image is 3,0026 : 2 Hence it results 5100 / 3,0026 * 2 = 3397,1 the decimal places are rounded to 0.1 Affinity would save the image to 5100 x 3398 px Maybe can Serif comment that . Cheers

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