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  1. I bought all Affinity programs in the Serif store. The programs from the Microsoft Store are installed in the WindowsApps folder, moreover is the installation folder is hidden and locked. Cheers
  2. After further testing, GMIC also works in the buy version. Cheers
  3. I installed the GMIC plugin for testing. in the current beta of Affinty Photo, works without problems at first sight. Cheers
  4. Do you have the latest version of the GMIC plugin? Click here Cheers
  5. Hello @iconoclast, welcome to this forum. Many Photoshop plugins can only be used on 8 bit files, I think the G'MIC plugins are one of them. Stock files from Unsplash, Pixabay etc. are loaded as an image, they have to be rasterized so that plugins can be used. I hope it helps. Cheers
  6. Hello @Christian Mueller, I mean , here too somewhat unfortunate, the arrangement of the layers. Cheers outline.afphoto
  7. Hello @Christian Mueller, in my opinion it's not a bug, I think that the arrangement of the layers are somewhat unfortunate. I would do it this way, see attachment. Cheers Border.afphoto
  8. Download, installation and registration with no problem. Cheers
  9. Download, installation and registration with no problem. Cheers
  10. Download, installation and registration with no problem. Cheers
  11. Yes, it's possible but only in the current beta version. Toolbar Preferences Tools Enable Canvas-Rotation with ALT + Scroll Wheel In the current customer version is it possible the Canvas to turn in 15 degree steps. You can setting via shortcut. Toolbar Preferences View Rotate Right Rotate Left Reset Rotation Cheers
  12. Hello @PhotoSuprgeon20 , here a similar problem with the FFT filter, it happens even that Affinity Photo crashing . The disabling OpenCL for compute acceleration helps and the FFT filter works as expected. Maybe it will be fixed in the next beta. Cheers
  13. Hello @Geetardude, the macro provided by @smadell works very well in the current beta (903), at all bit levels (RGB / 8, RGB / 16, RGB32). It's worth a try. Cheers
  14. Hello Patrick, Welcome to this forum. One possibility would be as follows, Open the Image and duplicate the Image (I always duplicate the layer to be processed) New adjustment Layer Brightness / Contrast and increase the brightness. Next Step: Filter - Colurs - Erase White Paper. The Layer Brightness / Contrast can be deleted or deselect. I hope it helps. Cheers Tomatoe-2.afphoto
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