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  1. Hallo @michkur, Welcome to this forum. Download the 10-day trial of Affinity-Photo, then you can judge for yourself, whether the program meets your requirements. Note, after the first program start, the time is counted down. The program has during the test phase no restriction. Cheers
  2. or look here a very good video from User @Multi4G Cheers
  3. It doesn't matter what kind of text is used whether Frame Text or Artistic Text, the error occurs in both text types. Cheers
  4. yes, I knew that. The problem is confusing for my workflow, this is not good for an old man. Cheers
  5. The problem described by Rick I can confirm. I can in the customer version, the font to change before the text input, this is not possible in the Beta ....293. Cheers Test.mp4
  6. I see the difference, and nevertheless I would the color profile of Windows for test purposes, set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. I have no differences in the color representation, when I the upper layer with the below layer compare. Cheers
  7. Hello @CarstenM , Welcome to this forum. I'm afraid that will not work, unless the touch ring can simulate the number pad. The quickest way to change the opacity of the brush is the number pad. 1 for 10% opacity 2 for 20% opacity intermediate steps 18 for 18% opacity 25 for 25% opacity etc etc etc Cheers
  8. Gnobelix

    Pap Pap considering Affinity over PS

    Hello @TJC, Welcome to this forum. I think your question would be better posed in Support & Questions Forum. Now to your questions: Affinity Photo and Designer, can not create an animated GIFs. Yes, Affinity Photo is similarly complex as PS. Cheers
  9. In Windows 10, is a new Clipboard Manager been introduced, this is usually activated. This manager causes some problems in Affinity-Photo. The Clipboard Manager do you find under Settings, then System and then Clipboard Manager, here can you the manager deactivated or activated. I hope it helps.
  10. Hello @IPv6, Disable the Clipboard Manager in Windows, then everything should work as usual. Cheers
  11. Which OS do you use? Windows or Mac. If you use Windows, check the color profile there as well.
  12. Hello @bonjin, welcome to this forum. I can not confirm a color shift, all colors taken with the color-picker show in Affinity and PSD the same values. see the screenshot. Check the set color profile in Affinity Photo, it should be the same profile as in PSD. Cheers
  13. I would try the suggestion of walt.farrell. Very strange, the crash with dng files. Note, if affinity photos is reset to default, all user settings are lost. Cheers
  14. Hello @rich22, welcome to this forum. I can not confirm crash described by you. I use several Pentax cameras from the K10 to K3, and opened all PEF files without any problems. Try converting the PEF files to DNG format,and see what happens then. Cheers
  15. In fact it looks like the clipboard manager of Windows the wrongdoe is. Is the clipboard manager activated, then crash and at deactivated manager no crash. I never activated the clipboard manager. Cheers Cheers