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  1. Hi Hangman Thanks very much for providing the background to why this is happening. I am still a beginner really, but it makes a lot of sense to me now. It is always good to understand the underlying issue of the problem. Your solution is indeed workable. I will play with yours and Lee's approach and decide which way I want to go. Great to have a forum like this one where likeminded people are willing to help each other. How would you otherwise navigate through the maze of SW packages that never quite do what you want them to do :-). Cheers Phil
  2. Hi Lee Creative solution, great, thanks very much for that. Kind regards Phil
  3. Hi I have ghost lines in exported PDFs that are driving me nuts. I tried everything to get rid of them but I was unsuccessful. OS: Windows 10 on latest patch level Application: Affinity Designer Issue: Ghost lines in the white areas of the GEM logo part that I cannot see when I am in Affinity Designer. The actual logo is an embedded .afdesign file that doesn't contain any stroke for the curve object. I tried multiple approaches to create the PDFs, but the lines are always there. Interestingly, if I re-import the PDF back into Affinity Designer, there is actually an outline object and if I hide this layer, the lines is removed. If I then re-export (see 2nd export) the file, it appears to be clean. However, I am not sure if it is still intact as far as colour space, etc etc. is concerned. I really want to export it correctly from Designer first time! Am I doing stupid? Can anybody help. This is driving my crazy. Thanks very much for your time and effort. I really appreciate it. Kind regards Phil GEM Window Cleaning Business Cards_Rectangle Design_Support.afdesign GEM Window Cleaning Business Cards_Rectangle Design_Support.pdf GEM Window Cleaning Business Cards_Rectangle Design_Support_2nd export.pdf
  4. Hey @NotMyFault, thank you very much for this! This is the answer to this part of the problem. I did notice quite heavy lens breathing and your explanation hits it on the head. As the image shifts, the lower section of the image indeed lacks enough in-focus image. This shows my lack of experience with this, but one can always learn :-). I am currently playing with Helicon, too. Comparing what it does to Affinity, it simply crops the image with the out-of-focus section (actually a lot more I found) to be on the safe side I assume. If I manually crop the Affinity result with a tiny bit at the bottom, I end up with more estate than with Helicon, which tells me that Affinity does indeed a good job. This forum is great. Having a big pool of folks that know what they are doing and can offer sound advice is fantastic! Cheers Phil
  5. Just installed Helicon Focus 7 and got a 30-day test license that allows me to save files. Got it to work in 2 Minutes! This solves my immediate problem and allows me to test Helicon properly. I was interested in trying it out anyway, so this is a good opportunity.
  6. Thanks for your effort Richard, this makes me feel a bit better. I genuinely thought I am loosing the plot here. Photo wasn't too bad for me for the last two years from a stability and bug perspective. However, the merge tool seems to be completely messed up in the current version. The stability is not great either at the moment. When I use the Inpainting Brush to clean-up an image, I have regular application freezes. I never used to have that in that past.
  7. Hi guys Focus merge is just not much working for me right now, so bad that I started to think it must be me. However, after spending about an hour with this and re-doing the stack multiple times, I am still getting nowhere. So I decided to create a topic. Happy to be told I am an idiot. If I just can get this image properly stacked, I need it urgently. Here my setup: Dell XPS8930 Nvidia 2060 GPU Windows 10 Pro, 21H1, latest patch level 19043.1348 Affinity Photo (latest version as far as I am concerned) What am I trying to do: Focus merge 14 TIFF images, RAW developed in DxO Photolab 4 It kind of works but have multiple issues Issues: Issue No 1.: There is a blurred line at the bottom of the image even tough there is enough in-focus material to produce a top to bottom sharp image. (see image 1) To see if I can improve the qualityOriginal Files.zip, I went to Sources and toggle source preview. Issue No 2.: If I click and select an image at the bottom of the stack, it always jumps somewhere into the middle of the stack and I struggle to see what I actually have selected (see image 2). Issue No 3.: Even though I cannot see it anymore, it still seems to keep its selection however. So if I toggle the source preview, a white page appears when I have selected the very bottom image. It is as if this image hasn't been used. If I choose the second from the bottom, it works as expected (see image 2). If I use Issue No 4: If I select/toggle images from the top of the stack, they show strange artefacts around the edges, something that clearly is not present in the original images (see image 3). The lower I go in the stack, the less pronounced the artefacts are. To make it easier to replicate the problems, I have attached my original images. Thanks very much for your help. Regards Phil ============================================== Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 2034909115_OriginalFiles.zip
  8. Hi I bought a couple of assets and installed them into Affinity Photo, via the new direct account assets link feature. Easy, great stuff! But then, I opened Affinity Designer and naively assumed that the ones that are compatible with Designer, those would automatically be shared and available in Designer too, since they are generic .afassets. For example Light Artefacts or Atmosphere by James Ritson. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. I can download them, but that would download a generic .afassets item a second time which seems really strange and a total waste of local HD space. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks for any help. Kind regards Phil
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