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  1. Nothing has happened since, I may add. Same thing in the latest version. Cheers, Helmar
  2. It would also be useful if there was an "Auto Section" Checkbox and Text Style Selector that automatically turns each selected style into a new section. This way the Section Manager could be bypassed almost altogether. It would have the added benefit of never having to change the starting section page number because of changes further up in the document. Just saying. 🙂
  3. And another one. Correct "hyphenation" would in this case be "hochentwik- kelte" or at least "hochent- wickelte", but certainly not "hochentwi- ckelte".
  4. I found another one. See screenshots, line 5, right at the end "Militäreinrichtungen". In "Auto" and "German" it's incorrectly hyphenated, in "Latin" it's correct.
  5. @stokerg : That should suffice, methinks. I would have to send you an entire book, so please check with tomaso's file, and forward to the dev team, including the Spanish issue mentioned above. Thanks so much for all your help! Helmar
  6. A cursory glance at the end of the second line of each embedded screenshot points to a bug, because only one (the first one) is correct. Happy fixing, Helmar
  7. That can't possibly it, can it? I mean, if there's a fancy cog builder, what am I missing to not see a grid builder?
  8. If I press Cmd/Ctrl-F, I expect not only the search dialog to open - which it does - but also the search field to be focussed - which it doesn't. Cheers, Helmar
  9. I was just about to post the same, so a +1 from me for this feature.
  10. Thanks, Walt, much appreciated! The funny thing is that I constantly use that search and replace using regex in other documents, and I even used it in AFP. So thank you for the heads-up, because that will make it much easier in the future. Ideal, of course, would be an additional feature that allows prefixing certain elements, because then - as in my case - each style would start with a TAB, making the regex search&replace unnecessary. Cheers, Helmar
  11. Below you will see a TOC formatting in one of my (many) books. In order to get the page numbers right-aligned, I need a TAB in front of them. However, when the TOC is generated or updated, it messes it up because the manually added TAB is being removed in the process. Is there any way to avoid/prevent this? (NB: the vertical line is accomplished via an indented "decoration") And: there is a "bug" in Publisher as I cannot select ONLY the TOC contents and do a search&replace on it. Publisher searches the entire document, although only the TOC is selected. That brings us to another missing feature.... search&replace in only the selected text. Or have I just missed it somewhere? TIA, Helmar
  12. Solved it myself. does the trick. 🙂 Silvoc, would you be able to help me with this regex, seeing that you are using it already. I have this "format" where I would like to extract that which is between the four hashes and the three stars and turn it into one (quote) style, and that which is between the three stars and three hashes into a quote author style. ---- Die Wahrheit ist seltsamer als die Fiktion, aber das liegt daran, dass die Fiktion verpflichtet ist, sich an Möglichkeiten zu halten; die Wahrheit ist es nicht. *** Foo Bar, 16. Jahrhundert --- Is there a regex that can effect this in Publisher? TIA, Helmar
  13. If you could share the .afdesign file, that would be awesome. Even better with a paypal or crypto address.
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