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  1. Affinity Publisher may be and is lacking a lot of things necessary for professional publishing. That, however, doesn't excuse your attitude, even if the French are known for that. Or do you think the folks at Affinity don't know what's lacking? They aren't Gods either, so the stuff comes when it's ready. Either it suits your needs, or it doesn't. If not, use Adobe's products, but for goodness' sake stop bitching here in the forum about all its shortcomings. As if that would change anything to the better. Helmar
  2. Thank you, @MEB. That did the trick. Learnt something new - again. 🙂
  3. Creating a compound shape results in the two circles remaining, with everything else gone.
  4. Can someone please check why this shape "combines" so horribly? Debug Doc Shapes.afdesign
  5. Here, too, THANK YOU! It was indeed an orphaned master page, which I could delete in the original document, then add again without crashing. Never suspected that, but that's why you guys are doing such invaluable work! Hat-tip!
  6. On that note, it would be nice if a document can be made backward compatible again. I didn't use any 1.9 features in my document, but it's still no longer openable in 1.8.
  7. Sent you a PM with the Dropbox Link so that you can check the file. I can't add/delete pages without the document crashing. And there's no way to check the document for integrity. @Gabe, if you're interested in the file, check with @SPaceBar. Alternatively I can PM you the dropbox link, too.
  8. Other thing: Can you please check: if you have a document with missing resources and the resource manager open, then open another document with missing resources and open the resource manager, too, does the app become unusable (apple system bleep)?
  9. Crashes in the latest Beta, too, rendering document editing useless. Any ideas/hints?
  10. Addendum: adding pages crashes, too. Version: lastest official. I will now try the beta.
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