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  1. That did the trick. Thank you! @Dan C Must have been my mistake, because I had the document profile set to my external monitor whereas I'm currently using the MBP display only. So I did as @anon2 said, and created a new profile, and also changed the doc profile back to the newly created one. Then did the screenshot, imported it, and all is well! Cheers, Helmar
  2. Why is it that if I screenshot a section and drag it into Designer, that the colours are off? See screenshot.
  3. I downloaded Sylfaen from fonts.ge, installed it, and APhoto shows it just fine. You will obviously have to change to a Georgian keyboard layout, otherwise you will see Latin characters. 🙂 Helmar
  4. I shall oblige and report back. Thank you so much for addressing it - much appreciated!
  5. I feel for you. 🙂 I had the same affliction for over 20 years. Seriously, well sort-of, that's why there should at least be a plain text export, then a RTF export, perhaps even a DOCX, OTF, Pages export. Thus far it's only image format export, with the semi-exception of PDF.
  6. Why not get AFPub to export to Apple Pages in a rudimentary way? There's not even an TXT / RTF / HTML export, which one could use as a base for EPUB creation in Pages. Right now, especially if you work with Sections in AFPub, you're pretty stuffed when it comes to extracting formatted text to use in other applications. Just my 0,02.
  7. MacBook Pro 2017, 16gig RAM, 500Gig SSD, i5 2,3Gig Dual Core. Book interesting? Oh yess! 🙂
  8. That's correct. AFP can't - as far as I could see thus far - handle bent geometry. Flat is fine; bent is not. Looking forward to one of the next releases. Until then you and everybody else may want to try Photopea.com. Cheers, Helmar
  9. @MEB What shall I do when AFP "mishandles" a PSD with smart objects? Notify you? Cheers, Helmar
  10. You asked for it. Here it is. Bug confirmed. Setting of "Vertical keep within bounds" is not remembered between "Saves". Screenshots attached: one edited and saved. 2nd one: after re-opening the document. BUG CONFIRMED: AFP DOES NOT SAVE THE VERTICAL KEEP WITHIN BOUNDS SETTING! AFP_VA_bug.mov
  11. @thomaso The problem is that AFP forgets the (vertical) pin setting, therefore moving the frame into a territory where it shouldn't be. That's impossible to convey on a video. The screens I showed were taken straight after opening, and you can imagine that I didn't deliberately place them over the page number. As it has happened every time thus far, I decided to log this bug. Cheers, Helmar
  12. Heaven knows how many times I have turned "Vertical keep within bounds" ON, and still, after a reopen, the frame has moved down again. The only way to keep it in place seems to be turning "preserve manual position" ON, but that buggers up the position should the paragraph move to another column/page. Please check!
  13. It would be nice if I could copy guides to use in another spread. It would be nice if I could keep the Guides Manager open when switching to another master page or spread.
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