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  1. You did it! Congratulations! Regarding Google, it's a trade(-off). We get stuff for free while they have to pay for what they are offering us, so they (have to) get it back by some other means. As an aside, I read an interesting product rating at Pixelmator (Apple App Store). A German user said that Affinity Photo has been "treading water" for the past years, and that Pixelmator offers much more innovation (including support of Color Fonts). That's why he went for and recommended Pixelmator over Affinity Photo. This may tie in nicely with the issue we're having here regarding supported file formats.
  2. Bruce, this is totally OT here, but I just wanted to give you the chance to post your 3000th post here on this forum. :-) At the same time I would love to see new file formats added to the Affinity Range, and yes, even though Google is not our friend and does do evil, as long as the majority uses it in one or another way, it's the piper to whose tune we play.
  3. If you drag an object underneath another one (subordinating it), it will be used as a fill layer to the the parent. My question is: why can't this also be applied to the stroke? Or am I missing something here? Helmar
  4. Is it a bug or intentional? Every time to select a different brush, your storke with gets reset, making it a pain to check the look of individual brushes, as they mess up the object you're trying to apply the brush to. This just in... Helmar
  5. @MEB Can you perhaps tell me what is the best way to turn a luminosity layer into an alpha mask?
  6. Hi MEB, I know my response won't be appropriate, but the subject is more than 4 years old now, so I'm not sure where "time" comes in. WRT resources, can you put a handle on it in terms of man-hours and Euros? If you can, and if getting the right programmers is not a problem, then why not crowdfund the baby? I am sure the money will come in fast, so that you can allocate resources to it. You know, where's a will, there's a way, and even if you charge 30 Euros for this feature alone, it will be taken up in a heartbeat, because it allows lots of PS users to finally cancel their subscription. Re: embedded objects. No, not yet. Will check out the video right away. Cheers, Helmar
  7. @MEB - valid point. Any response? And if you "struggle" to read PSD files, then why not create your own smart objects functionality, allowing 3rd party developers to create templates and mockups in .afdesign format. Cheers, Helmar
  8. I do. Uploading it to the same Dropbox address as we speak..
  9. Done as per your request. If you'd like to order one, just let me know. :-D :-D
  10. "Fixed" it. I had the stroke dash set to 0 2 0 1, and when I took the 1 out and set it to 0 2 0 0, it exported correctly.
  11. Convert to curves makes no difference. PDF still messed up. :-)
  12. Hi MEB, yes, please do (upload link), and thanks for the conversion hint. Cheers, Helmar
  13. Please look at the two screenshots. The left one is the design as laid out in AD, and the right one is the one after the PDF export. You'll notice that the dotted line is messed up. Please investigate and fix. Thanks so much, guys! Helmar
  14. +1 on this one. Definitely great for anyone working with web graphics / mockups / product shots etc.

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