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  1. This symbol clearly has an outline / stroke, but neither the width nor the colour is shown in the panel. Only after applying some new setting to it (colour), it is respected, but with the wrong values for those attributes not yet changed. Example: the stroke width of those squares is 0.9pt. When I applied a red colour to the stroke, it applied it to all symbols, but then it told me the stroke width is only 0.2pt, which is clearly not correct.
  2. Disclaimer: I may be missing something or could be completely wrong. Now: we have isometric grids for laying things out in pseudo 3D space. We have a cube feature in it, where we can rotate the grid in space. Next? If you link the drawn object to the "snapped to" point on the grid, and THEN rotate the grid, you should get a fully editable 3D object (space). Not?
  3. Just to close and finish up this thread, thank you to all of you who contributed and enlightened me. Much appreciated! Helmar
  4. Thank you. That makes things easier. Can you please confirm the bug that the Undo (at least on Mac) via Cmd-Z doesn't work when the Layer Effects panel is open? I only get a "beep", but no undo effect. TIA, Helmar
  5. Text layer effect is applied to text box, not to mesh bounding boxes. Pasting the FX into the mesh layer yields no result. But even on the text layer bounding box, the effects are faulty, see the artefact on "geistige".
  6. Outer Shadow effect also seems faulty when applied to a meshed text frame.
  7. Picture says it all. Try to edit this text without first turning off the warp layer. Also, if I select the text and then apply a mesh warp from the sidebar, the Text layer gets rasterized to a Pixel layer and is therefore no longer editable.
  8. For your info, I moved all my books from InDesign to Publisher/Designer, about half a dozen of them, then added another half a dozen in the suite. I got them all done, printed and published just fine - some with over 600 pages. Yes, there can be improvements, and I always posted them here in the forum. I'm happy to now have the book feature, footnotes and mesh warp. Very happy, in fact. To use the word "shameful" about this inexpensive and well-supported software suite tells a lot about you, and it's not complimentary. If you're frustrated, get over it and use something else. I'm sure you'll find something that suits you. Bad-mouthing Serif isn't getting you anywhere and isn't doing yourself any favour either.
  9. That's life, I'm afraid. To expect perfection for this little money is delusional. Bugs will exist as long as software does, and yes, it would be nice if v1 was bug free. It isn't. Period. If you feel v2 is worth the cost, order it. If not, move on. Complaining here doesn't help or change anything. Good luck!
  10. Buy Adobe. End of story. You can win awards without RTL. The world doesn't revolve around it.
  11. I tend to support the small guys, knowing they don't offer everything the big guns do. But the big ones are the abusive ones, and Serif has thus far pleased me no end - feature- and price-wise. I'm happy to be Adobe-free, and I'm looking forward to more great Affinity features, while respecting the disappointment of those who expected more. For them there's always Adobe. In terms of money, my financial support of Serif is a given, for obvious reasons. I'm grateful Affinity exists, and offers what it does. Here's to more!
  12. All editions, all platforms, no subscription. 120 Euro for the coming years. I paid over 200 for InDesign alone - for one year. It's a no-brainer - for me, and thousands of other customers, too.
  13. Inform yourself before you buy. Don't come and bitch. Express some gratitude for all the effort made. I didn't bitch, and I got with V2 what I needed: footnotes and 3d mesh. Everything else is bonus. Happily paid for this new version. Looking forward to more!
  14. I'm sorry, I deleted my entire YouTube presence, and therefore that particular video, too. I'll check if I still have a copy on my disk. If I do, I'll upload it to Odysee, where I found a more welcoming and friendlier home. If not, I'll create a new one for you Cheers, Helmar
  15. Nothing has happened since, I may add. Same thing in the latest version. Cheers, Helmar
  16. It would also be useful if there was an "Auto Section" Checkbox and Text Style Selector that automatically turns each selected style into a new section. This way the Section Manager could be bypassed almost altogether. It would have the added benefit of never having to change the starting section page number because of changes further up in the document. Just saying. 🙂
  17. That can't possibly it, can it? I mean, if there's a fancy cog builder, what am I missing to not see a grid builder?
  18. If I press Cmd/Ctrl-F, I expect not only the search dialog to open - which it does - but also the search field to be focussed - which it doesn't. Cheers, Helmar
  19. I was just about to post the same, so a +1 from me for this feature.
  20. Thanks, Walt, much appreciated! The funny thing is that I constantly use that search and replace using regex in other documents, and I even used it in AFP. So thank you for the heads-up, because that will make it much easier in the future. Ideal, of course, would be an additional feature that allows prefixing certain elements, because then - as in my case - each style would start with a TAB, making the regex search&replace unnecessary. Cheers, Helmar
  21. Below you will see a TOC formatting in one of my (many) books. In order to get the page numbers right-aligned, I need a TAB in front of them. However, when the TOC is generated or updated, it messes it up because the manually added TAB is being removed in the process. Is there any way to avoid/prevent this? (NB: the vertical line is accomplished via an indented "decoration") And: there is a "bug" in Publisher as I cannot select ONLY the TOC contents and do a search&replace on it. Publisher searches the entire document, although only the TOC is selected. That brings us to another missing feature.... search&replace in only the selected text. Or have I just missed it somewhere? TIA, Helmar
  22. Solved it myself. does the trick. 🙂 Silvoc, would you be able to help me with this regex, seeing that you are using it already. I have this "format" where I would like to extract that which is between the four hashes and the three stars and turn it into one (quote) style, and that which is between the three stars and three hashes into a quote author style. ---- Die Wahrheit ist seltsamer als die Fiktion, aber das liegt daran, dass die Fiktion verpflichtet ist, sich an Möglichkeiten zu halten; die Wahrheit ist es nicht. *** Foo Bar, 16. Jahrhundert --- Is there a regex that can effect this in Publisher? TIA, Helmar
  23. If you could share the .afdesign file, that would be awesome. Even better with a paypal or crypto address.
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