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  1. @Patrick Connor This issue has been hanging around for over five years. Are there any plans to bring APs print engine up to standard?
  2. We are having similar issues when printing to an ImageRunner Advanced C7565i III. Converting to RGB8 and rasterizing the entire document seems to work around most of the issues mentioned here. Though the text still looks a bit screened under a loop. We do not have this issue printing from InDesign. Another interesting aside is the fact that AP will not print oblique text created via 'Character > Positioning and Transforming' unless the document is rasterized. This has been true regardless of the make/model of printer we use.
  3. Perl regexps do seem to work for the most part, but it is compiler switch dependent. I wonder if someone from Serif could respond. Certainly its not a trade-secret and it would be nice to see it added to the docs. Both sites referenced in the docs deal with all syntax variations.
  4. Hi @Patrick Connor At the moment we're under a very tight schedule. As mentioned earlier in this thread, we rolled back to 2.4.0 because of this problem (mainly). I will need to upgrade and then build a demo. I have it on my list, but it will be several weeks most likely. I'll post the results under the Windows V2 bug forum and link to it when I do.
  5. This is a real headache. Down grading is much quicker and more efficient. This issue simply highlights the fact that Serif's entire development and release cycle needs managerial help.
  6. I can confirm this issue is affecting our shop as well and on Windows. There appear to be other issue as well with the book feature now in addition to this one. It would really be nice to have an umbrella thread on Book feature bugs which simply links to every Book related bug report. In reality, Serif should establish a separate bug reporting/tracking system (ie. Bugzilla, etc.) This is much more efficient than attempting to use a forums setting for bug reporting and tracking.
  7. FWIW, this bug manifests in a variety of circumstances. Most likely it is because each of those paths passes through the section of code which is buggy. Thus it will not matter what the source or what the specific user-procedure, the bug will manifest if that portion of code is traversed. The nice thing about having different paths which intersect the buggy code is that it should be pretty trivial to locate.
  8. I'll be working on a publication in the next few weeks where the issue appears. I'll probably open a different thread and post some pics there.
  9. There is a real issue with the entire text wrap in that it does not reliably play well with the text flowing around the object. Its a bit complicated to describe which is why I've not taken time to open a bug report on it. And it is possible to mung around with things until the optics are acceptable. Text wrap and flow are complicated interactions to handle programmatically I'm sure.
  10. I was able to duplicate this and concur with the suggestion that the default distance should be 0mm and the edges locked on as in other places.
  11. Which further supports my conjecture that an underlying code change introduced a regression in the "default" anchor point coordinates. That or the original behavior was a bug in and of itself. Either way, it sounds like a straightforward fix. Thanks @Dan C
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