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  1. Hopefully indeed. It is an essential feature for larger environments and encouraging users to copy/paste files around is not really the safest method of handling this. We are already moving around the printer profile config file. I have considered mapping %USERPROFILE%\.affinity\ back to a network share using a soft link, but that's a bunch of trouble when the app really should handle this sort of thing. It would seem that a global export method in your code could easily be adapted to export <whatever-you-like>. Thanks for listening!
  2. Adding the ability to export document presets would be extremely helpful for environments that use multiple installations of Affinity apps. To clarify to what I am referring here is a pic:
  3. That does not appear to be on my installation. The only folder is "2.0". Since there is not a straight forward solution, I just recreated the doc presets in my beta install for now. Thanks again @walt.farrell!
  4. Hello! Is there a way to export/import document presets? To clarify exactly which presets I am referring to, below is a pic. I know that APub stores such things under the user profile, but cannot find a location where these particular custom presets are stored. Thanks, Chris
  5. And considering the nearly non-existent concern by Serif for wide ranging bugs, we are seriously considering moving back to InDesign. You get what you pay for as they say.
  6. I am experiencing duplex printing issues using HP's universal print driver (both PCL and PS) which is the only driver they provide now. Affinity does not set duplex for long edge at all and when short edge is selected it sets the driver to long edge resulting in 180° rotation. This occurs both in v1 and v2 for me using this driver. There are other anomalous printing behaviors by Affinity when using the HP universal driver as well which I am generally able to work around. I do not have these issues using the same driver in InDesign.
  7. That pretty well isolates it to a printer driver problem. I'm using the latest version of HP's universal print driver and the problem occurs regardless of which workstation I run AP on and regardless of which printer I print to. I've been way too over-focused on the problem and completely missed thinking of this option. This does result in the document printing correctly. Thank-you for your help @Lee D!
  8. I am having this problem when printing to both my HP 9050DN (monochrome) and HP M551 (color) printers. Once the stroke width is set greater than 1 pt the resulting print copies are randomly correct or incorrect with most being incorrect. Perhaps I'm missing some parameter somewhere, but all parameters seem to be set identical in the case of these two rectangles. Any help is appreciated. Kind regards, Chris Here are some images as well as the Affinity Pub file used for these images. First, the printed results (HP M551 w/Affinity handling the color): Next the rounded rectangle parameters in Affinity; note that there is a screenshot for each of the two rectangles on the above print copy. Rounded Rectangle Issue.afpub
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