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  1. Thanks, @NathanC, that indeed solved it! What a strange workaround. Is this knowledge expected of us users? I've been using the Affinity Suite every day (well, every app from day one, as soon as they where available, that is), and I've never encountered this behaviour or heard of handling this setting in such a way. 🤔 I guess you never stop learning. 😅 And I guess @NotMyFault was somewhat on the right track after all!
  2. Sure, I just tried – no difference in behaviour. 😕 But even if it would make a difference, setting it to No tips shared does seem like a workaround for the actual problem rather then the solution. Maybe I do want to share some aspects of brushes. RPReplay_Final1697990176.mov
  3. Thanks for your tip/suggestion, @walt.farrell. It’s not really what I’m after, and since it’s already set to Smart tip sharing I guess it’s not working as intended? But that’s a topic for another day I guess. 🫥 I experimented to see how the other Affinity apps manage this. And surprisingly, the Photo Persona within Publisher behaves just as I would anticipate the standalone Photo app should and what I think how it also worked at some point; choosing the same brush from the library in different tools shows a consistent image, whether it’s the brush or eraser. For the brush with a smooth edge, it appears as follows: RPReplay_Final1697987878.mov
  4. Nope. Die individuelle Einstellung jeder einzelnen Brush ist definitiv nicht das, wonach ich gefragt habe.
  5. Again, I don’t want to change any individual brush settings, not sure how to articulate this any clearer. 🤔 Well, I don’t want to change the setting for every individual brush in my 100+ collection. Literally every brush behaves like shown in my video, having wet edges. So it doesn't matter which brush tip I choose, because almost all brushes come without a specified specification in their settings. And since wet edge is not specifically defined in most standard brushes, the global setting is applied, which, as now mentioned several times, has been activated somewhere for inexplicable reasons. ––– Noch mal auf deutsch, vielleicht ist das besser nachvollziehbar? Ich möchte eigentlich keine Einstellungen für jeden einzelnen Pinsel ändern oder Duplikate erstellen, ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie ich es klarer formulieren könnte. 🤔 Also, ich möchte nicht für jeden meiner mehr als 100 Pinsel individuelle Anpassungen vornehmen. Denn wirklich alle zeigen das gleiche Verhalten mit den nassen Kanten, wie in meinem Video. Es ist also fast egal, welche Pinselspitze ich auswähle, weil bei den meisten Pinseln diese Einstellungen standardmäßige nicht gesetzt wurde. Und wenn die »nassen Kanten« nicht ausdrücklich im Pinsel definiert wurde, kommt die allgemeine Einstellung zum Tragen, die anscheinend irgendwo ohne erkennbaren Grund aktiviert wurde.
  6. Thanks, but you outlined the precise steps I'm keen to avoid. 😅 I have no intention of adjusting this for each brush individually. There must be a way to toggle »wet edges« globally for the eraser, similar to what's possible with the paintbrush, as seen in my initial screenshot. Essentially, I want to utilise the standard soft-edged brush as the eraser. However, it seems the eraser's (hidden?) global settings have switched to »wet edges on,« unless the individual brush has a different preference within its settings (the settings you mention). Again, I'm not looking to adjust this setting for every single brush. I just need the global »wet edges« setting deactivated. I've screen captured my current process: Draw using the soft-edged brush without wet edges, then switch to the eraser – exact same brush, 100% opacity – with no option whatsoever to adjust wet edges. Yet, the eraser operates with both transparency and wet edges, even though you should expect it to mirror the paintbrush counterpart just used. Does this make sense? RPReplay_Final1697973105.mov
  7. Hey everyone! For some reason, every brush I'm using is set to »wet edges« when I select the eraser tool, and I can't find the option to disable it globally for this tool. I don't plan on setting each individual brush to »wet edges off,« as that's super impractical and bothersome. There's a dedicated button in the toolbar for the brush painting tool: But it's missing for the eraser tool, and according to its behaviour it must have turned on somehow at some point: Does anyone have any idea? Am I missing something? Greetings Dennis
  8. Sure, a lot of people have taken the discussion in a different direction. Maybe those folks just aren't the right ones to answer my question since I'm not bringing up spreadsheet tasks or issues with data merging. I'm asking about the feature that this thread originally focused on, and I believe it still does, according to the first page and the thread's title. It's still custom date formatting for fields started by Ash to highlight and help with this exact feature, isn't it? (Just wondering if it’s actually me being the one off-track with my question here.) Anyway, you might be right, and there seems to be no way to achieve what I want, at least none that I've found, which is similar to what =TODAY() + 30 does in Excel – too bad!
  9. I was focusing on an option within Affinity Publisher since we're in the thread (regardless of all previous spreadsheet comments) for custom date formatting in Affinity, aren't we? 🤨
  10. Hey everyone! Is there a feature or workaround for automatically setting a date to display a date that is N days in the future from the current date? What I mean by that is something like this: Definition: dd.MM.YY +Nd Example: dd.MM.YY +30d for today would get converted to and effectively displayed as 19.11.2023 (20.10.2023 + 30 days). Thanks!
  11. It's been a couple of months now and I still have this issue everyday, all latest updates installed. @Callum, I'd really like an update on this, if there is any. You initially said you'd address it end of June, but there wasn't any update since. 😐
  12. I was just about to edit my reply. 😄 So, yes, I checked – it's not locally available on iPadOS, there's always the little cloud-download-icon next to it. If I try to make it or the whole folder locally available it prompts me with a subscription. So I guess this settles it then? I wish this was communicated more clearly in the Affinity Handbooks. 😞
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