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  1. Thank you for the quick response, and look forward to the major release! I also posted a long list of bugs / features in general for AD which perhaps could be relevant for next release, but can't find it in the activity. Perhaps of interest if you have it stored somewhere. Good luck with the dev!
  2. Another accuracy issue on "Geometry" in Affinity Designer Mac. Used "Divide" on simple circle objects, see attached pictures before and after.
  3. Hi. Has also been another similar accuracy issue with Affinity Designer Mac. When doing "Substract" on simple shapes, it creates a gap / overlap. With "Substract" and "Option" for Compound shape, even more gap / overlap. Before it is accurate. This issue seems to occur most kinds of shapes, and visible more when you zoom in. Visually normally not a big issue for one time use, but when working with Geometry and highly accurate content being adapted, outlined, filled etc, it can create issues. Hope you soon get a look at accuracy issues Affinity Designer Mac. When can it be expected to see some sort of changes, and when is the next Designer update? Thanks.
  4. Appreciate the quick response, and look forward to coming update.
  5. Thanks for reply. Attached is the original file in .afdesign before adjusted. Affinity Geometry Bug File.afdesign
  6. Hi Affinity. Issues with using "add" in Geometry with multiple even squares Looks like working ok sometimes before not moved, rotated or resized shape. As soon as any of above adjustments, the "add" geometry becomes uneven and leaves gaps. For some processes, this may be relevant issue and cause unnecessary work. Writing this so Affinity can fix the bug. Not looking for feedback in here on "how to fix the gaps after combined squares". I was sold on "...100 percent accurate geometry". Often this is not the case unfortunately. Earlier mentioned different issues with lack in accuracy on basic snapping and geometry. Not snapping on skewed lines with shapes, sometimes only with the move tool etc. Hope you guys soon can have an in depth look at the accuracy issues, like Geometry and snap not working as it should. Thanks.
  7. Hello Affinity people. Looks like the active brush selection disappears when adjusting brush size in Affinity Photo. (I normally use keyboard + mouse gesture to adjust). Perhaps a fix in next update. Thanks!
  8. Appreciate your super fast reply, and hope you manage to get a fix on the window issue:) Sorry for bothering you with the highlight color, wasn't aware MacOS color settings affected Affinity all into layers panel😂 Look forward to next Affinity update!!
  9. - When saving and the pop up window shows up, the interface often block "save" button etc, until you manually move away interface blocks, or hide interface when exporting / saving. - In layers panel, when selecting specific layer, the selected color becomes the same as layer name = "impossible" to read layer name until you deselect. I am familiar with how to manually avoid, but still buggy. Though it's good for you Affinity people to know, and perhaps fix in later update. Thanks!
  10. Hi Affinity people. What do you think about this thing? Did you manage to re-create and see the issue?
  11. Hi Thanks for getting back to me. After issue with original file, it was tested with 2 new files (1000x1000px and 80x80 mm), with a simple square divided into two. Used both "break curve" and duplicated half the square. Still the same problem - Line in both afdesign and jpg file. Any ideas? Line 1.mov Line 2.mov Line 3.mov
  12. When dividing a simple one color square in Affinity Designer, a white line shows where it's divided (breaked curve), for some reason, both in original afdesign file and exported jpg. Ideas? Bug?
  13. Hey. Still experience issues with snapping when moving + power duplicate + Add in Geometry. Did you manage to have a look at this problem. Accurate snapping would be a life saver. Screen Recording 2021-08-17 at 18.35.41.mov
  14. Thanks for replying. The point of snapping nodes is to only drag one node to shape the curve. When letting go for snapping, it also generates an additional node the opposite side, which is not wanted.I did not find a good snap when trying to undo the unwanted extra node by dragging it back to the main point. Hope this clarifies, if not let me know.
  15. Thank you for following up, and sorry for late reply! Were you able to fix it? I also experience lack of snap when dragging to adjust node with option hold and click. See vide. Something familiar or can be fixed? Or something I am missing here? Thanks! Node Snap Dragging.mov
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