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  1. it would be useful if you could select the last documents at the start screen.
  2. How can I insert a tab stop as an end character? «\t» does not work.
  3. Hi DaveHunt At the moment these two buttons do not work yet. see also here.
  4. What's about tabulator as end character? Is \t correct? It doesn't work. Bug?
  5. wobmann

    Bug Drag&Drop Layers to Pages

    fixed in V1.7.0.139
  6. wobmann

    Bug Drag&Drop Layers to Pages

    Same Problem by Style Drag&Drop to Pages.
  7. wobmann

    Bug Drag&Drop Layers to Pages

    There's no purpose, but never forget the DAU
  8. Publisher crashes when I move a layer to the Pages Preview.
  9. Something like that? Plus number of pages
  10. You are totally right. Almost too easy As long as there are no more than two master pages. And you probably do not need more than two master pages.
  11. You can create multiple master pages for one page. I have not found a way to delete a single master page. It seems only possible to delete all master pages at once. It would be helpful if individual master page could be removed.
  12. Preview images from Shutterstock can be included in the document. Is there a way to buy these pictures directly in Publisher?
  13. You are looking for the index function. This allows you to reference a text and output the page number (and text) elsewhere.

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