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  1. Hello, I'm using the latest Affinity Photo version on Windows 10 Pro 19042. I've been using a bamboo pen-tablet by wacom. The expected result is that there won't be a border left. Step-by-step: - Select the background with the selection brush - Invert the selection - Refining (refine something in the middle of the image, not touching the borders...). Usually I leave the settings on default, just altering the width of the brush - Apply refined selection as a mask
  2. Hey there! I found an issue with the refining pixel selection edges-tool. This seems to appear on images with a white background when I use the refining-tool and apply the selection into a mask. There is still a one-pixel-border left at the very top and very left of the image. Due to zoom it sometimes disappears, but it's definitely visible on the export after transforming or copying onto another image. Example in the attachment: The image got cut out with a mask, duplicated and moved down-left. With kind regards Florian
  3. Hey there! I'm using the feature to hide the UI by pressing TAB a lot. But unfortunately if the UI is hidden, and I press accidentally CRTL+T (by trying to press CRTL+Z (German layout)), the UI won't come back by pressing TAB again. I have to re-activate each panel on its own or load a saved preset via the context menu.
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