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  1. Does the ghost image remain on screen or fade away as you continue to use Designer?
  2. To partially add to this It appears that APhoto has a Layer > Refine Mask command so you can still Refine a mask layer that it not a child layer But both Publisher and Designer do not have this command nor do either of them mention "Refine Mask" in the help file So... 1. Should this right-click command not be in Publisher or Designer at all? 2. Or should we still be able to someway Refine a Mask on a Mask that is not a child layer in Publisher and Designer?
  3. Without a screenshot I'm going to guess it's either excessive alcohol consumption or something to do with your graphics card/drivers/settings
  4. It's now the 3rd item down in your screenshot If you are looking at an old video or tutorial, it used to be called Color Format in version 1.6 of APhoto
  5. I think this macro should still work in versions 1.8.4 and below
  6. Not when you are on a train hurtling towards London for an immediate do-or-die presentation and the boss calls you and says the image MUST have a transparent background - but your Laptop has no internet connection to download Gimp. Sometimes, we have to make do with what we have at the time. Also, in a commercial environment try telling the IT staff you are just going to download Gimp and install it on your PC. To them that is a public flogging offence I know because I was that IT guy and we flogged and sacked many violators of the company's IT policy. 😄
  7. Yes, it can be done but it can be a pain depending on the image (or really easy) Add a mask to the image (make sure the mask is a child of the image not above it in the Layers panel or you don't get the option for the next step - not sure why that is?) Right-click the mask layer and select Refine Mask In the Refine Selection dialogue that pops up click the Background Tab Now adjust paint brush size as required and paint on the green background where you want to erase it (This painting process is intelligent and tries to determine what it is you want to erase and what you want to keep. With a little practice (on the image) you can determine how close to paint to the parts you want to keep to let the program automatically fill in the gaps for you) When done, select Mask for the Output (if not already set) and click Apply You can then Right-click the mask and select Refine Mask anytime, to redo parts you may have missed or correct parts you did not want to remove by using the Background and Foreground tabs respectively
  8. Goto File > Document Setup Click on the Colour tab Change Document format to RGB/8 if not already set Yours looks like it may have been set to RGB/32
  9. I suspect it is because the original sky is not a uniform colour but someone else may have a more technical explanation for you. In the meantime, a Recolour adjustment may be better suited to this task.
  10. Go back into the cropped document screen by using the Crop Tool Make sure the Reveal checkbox on the context toolbar is ticked. You can now drag the handles on the cropped document to uncrop the document by dragging outwards to reveal the previously cropped parts of the document. This approach allows you to selectively uncrop all the cropped document or just parts of it
  11. See this thread, there is a macro in the 2nd post that should do as you want
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