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  1. From the menus Layer > New Layer
  2. The last image you posted seems to have some patches of dirt/marks on it but if you want to use it just follow the instructions I gave earlier and have a go at replacing the eyes
  3. carl123

    Locked Cell

    With the move tool selected click to highlight the "table". Then double click the bottom-centre node to resize the text frame(?) to fit it's contents For an explanation of why this works and what is happening, please ask someone else. It's all a bit counter-intuitive to me. Tables in APub seem to work like text frames at times rather than how you would expect a table to behave
  4. There is an abbreviations.propcol file in appdata (search for it) which is updated when you add a new abbreviation I have no idea if you can safely copy it between Windows PCs so you may have to "take one for the team" and let us know what happens. Back up the existing one first
  5. See if this thread helps... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/66217-import-table-data/
  6. Hi @icreate I was hoping someone else would have jump in after your post and confirm if it could be done or not on a Mac All I can say is that I am on Windows and it works as I described. So if it is just a Mac specific problem I would expect a fix in a future beta release.
  7. Hi @Mordechai Nir Just open the eyes-closed.afphoto I uploaded you can see the full image there and export it or print it as you wish The open eyes image you supplied was fine, the original image is too low quality to worry about the eyes in excessive detail
  8. Your original document is small and low quality, which actually helps as there is not much detail there which would be harder to match with a professionally taken image. So in this case I just selected and copied the eyes, added a curves adjustment to help blend the eyes to the same colour of the face then added a pixel layer and painted in the whites of the eyes using a small white brush. AFPhoto file is attached eyes-closed.afphoto
  9. @Mordechai Nir Can you upload the 2 images you have? What you are asking is not a simple thing to explain that will work in all cases
  10. If you try it using Excel does it work for you? If not are you on a Mac or a Windows PC?
  11. and Publisher (beta) But in Publisher we do have a mysterious Lock Colourspace padlock icon Anyone know what it does?
  12. When pasting from Excel you have to select at least 2 cells in the Publisher table for it to work, otherwise it all goes into a single cell if you just select a single cell. I don't use Google sheets, or Numbers so I have not tested them
  13. carl123

    Halloween Help!

    I'm going to stop now as it was all starting to look a bit rude. Halloween massage.afphoto
  14. Pretty sure you need 64bit Windows https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/desktop/full-feature-list/
  15. If you are opening a raw file it will open in the Develop persona which only has 9 tools, once you click the Develop button (top left) you will be in the Photo persona that has "all" the tools