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  1. For shapes. The base box is the maximum size a shape can occupy when you manipulate its adjustment nodes The two shapes shown below are exactly the same except that the second one has moved its (red) adjustment nodes to their maximum values, hence it now occupies the full area of the (same) bounding box.
  2. I don't have video but if you want to record one I will have a look to see if I can see what (if anything) you are doing different to me and why you can't recreate it. Just need to see the full Layers panel (with expanded groups) and the macro panel
  3. carl123

    Add pages from a .afphoto file

    The context menu option called Page Box seems to have an effect on that The TrimBox setting shows the cropped image
  4. Yes, I can reproduce it (make sure the group layer in the Layers panel is unticked, then do the macro steps)
  5. If there were no limits what incentive would you have to buy Version 2.0
  6. carl123

    "Minus" symbol

    Aren't the Minus, Plus and Equal keys ( - + = ) just standard keyboard keys? I don't understand why they would be in Text > Insert > Maths or would inserting them that way do something different?
  7. One last question (for today) are your documents synched to an online cloud service like Google docs or do you have a backup running that constantly monitors for changed files and backs them up automatically at any time.
  8. Where are you saving your files? Locally or some sort of non-local storage?
  9. Selections on image layers are perfectly valid Try making a selection on an image layer then adding a Live Filter such as a Gaussian Blur or add an Adjustment such as Curves or Recolour
  10. Are you able to upload the file to the forum?
  11. Haven't you already answered your own question? Start it in Publisher - you can always use Studio Link to switch to APhoto to do the things Publisher cant
  12. carl123

    Corrupted File

    There used to be a problem where documents stored on non-local drives could get corrupted if the link to them was broken (even for a second). The recommendation at that time was to work on them locally and then save a copy back to where you wanted it stored Not sure what the status is now as to if there are still problems in this area or not, as I only work locally so I have never encountered any issues with corrupt documents due to drive disconnecting issues. A staff member may pop along later with more up to date information or a request for more information.
  13. carl123

    Corrupted File

    Where are your document files being opened/saved from/to? Local drive, NAS, External HDD, USB drive, Network Drive, Cloud storage, etc and are your working files being synced to any cloud service? (e.g. Google docs, Apple, etc)
  14. With the mask layer selected and the selection active use Edit > Fill and fill with white
  15. If you make a crop preset (Resample) at the fixed size you want then when you select and use that preset it will remain the default setting for any future crops until you close Affinity

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