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  1. carl123

    AP future updates?

    Versions 1.7 of AP and AD are both expected to be with us next year and will contain some new features, maybe not all of which we have heard about in the forum. I think we can only expect bug fixes for version 1.6 until then If, as Alfred mentions, "Affinity Designer for iPad and Affinity Publisher for Mac and Windows are both expected in the not too distant future" then I would expect future development of all products to then be even slower as there will then be 3 more products to support, maintain and upgrade and the Affinity team is only a small team to do all that work. It may be best to find alternative ways to do things if the features you want are not in AP at the moment. Alternative ways either within or outside of AP
  2. carl123

    Remove Glare in Photo

    Alas, I have no more time for pedantries today, I need to take the girlfriend to the vets to have her de-wormed and I promised the dog I would take him to lunch at a new restaurant that has just opened up in the area. Or could that be the other way around, I have not had my second coffee today as yet.
  3. carl123

    Remove Glare in Photo

    Well I guess you could "wallpaper" a room with them but they are definitely curtain fabric https://www.grahamsandersoninteriors.com/fabrics/iliv/imperio/imperio-stripe-teal
  4. carl123

    Remove Glare in Photo

    Why not just close the curtains?
  5. carl123

    Export Bug

    If I export using PNG-24 it looks OK Are you using PNG-8 to export it?
  6. @Kensi13 Someone previously created a protractor for use in AD, maybe you could adapt/simplify it or make something similar for use in the Origami world of 22.5 degrees , until AD version 1.7 arrives next year.
  7. Alternatively, if you have just added the wrong type of layer Delete Layer 1 in the layers panel Then Layer > New Pixel Layer That should fix it and will simplify things a bit
  8. carl123

    Divide Image into Layers

    Alternatively, using the Selection Brush Tool, just copy the front of the box (as shown below) onto a new layer. Place your image below this layer and adjust as necessary.
  9. carl123

    Cut a poster out of an image

    You need to Rasterise the layer after Step 1 then the perspective tool will work correctly. Then just tidy up Sign up2.afphoto
  10. carl123

    Windows 7 will no longer boot

    Try booting up in Safe mode If that works you can roll back to a previous restore point or uninstall Affinity to see if it then boots as normal
  11. One quick way.... Use the Selection brush to select the main part of the string ( don't worry about all the individual strands) Make a new layer with this string selection Add your text, in black, just under this new layer Change blend mode of text to Overlay Reduce text layer Opacity to about 90%
  12. Why bother building an entry level PC just to learn how to use affinity software, just go to your local computer store and buy something that has the minimum specification Affinity requires or buy a second hand PC somewhere with the required specs.. Normally you would build you own PC when you wanted something super fast but not wanting to pay a premium for it in a store. Alternatively if you intend upgrading your self built entry level PC in the future, spend the bulk of your money on the best CPU and Motherboard combination you can find. Just make sure you have the spare slots needed to add SSD and additional drives and memory later. Maybe even a better graphics card if Affinity starts using it more in future versions of it's software
  13. If you first resize the canvas vertically to about 3600px the Rectangular To Polar filter will work without clipping the image (see attached screenshot) From then on you should be able to do what you want to do I completed it once as shown in the attached file and if I use Layer > Live Projection > Edit Live Projection I can pan all around the image with no distortion. Strangely I cant seem to do again, hopefully with your (or others) experience with these sort of images you can get it to work, if not let me know and I will try to remember/recreate what I did the first time I got it to work correctly. (No more time at the moment) Edit: Forgot to mention, when you do the Rectangular To Polar filter you get a small Transparent area at the Nadir which you just have to Inpaint or Clone out 360pano2.afphoto
  14. carl123

    Image not showing

    Since the program worked before and stopped working after you not using it for a couple of weeks, it's possible a windows KB update may have done something to make it stop working If you are comfortable working with PCs and can roll back your PC to 2/3 weeks ago this is probably what I would try next Unless someone else has other stuff you can try first - I'm running out of ideas!
  15. carl123

    Image not showing

    The beta is the same as the retail version so since you have reinstalled it already, I don't think installing the beta will work