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  1. OK I'll let @Callum continue with you since he has the files and I don't use a Mac
  2. Your file opens fine for me in V1 (and in V2), so all is not lost I have resaved and uploaded the file you attached (in V1) See if that opens for you MUTINHIMIRA LOGO-resaved.afdesign
  3. Once you cut out the image you will be able to place it into your main document and size it to fit The image was taken in daylight but your main image is in the evening so you will have to adjust the lighting on the image so it fits in as best as possible
  4. That image will work but you might want to consider just leaving the paramedics and getting rid of Grandpa at the back and maybe even the man on the left (but you would have to reconstruct the boy's head if you do that)
  5. Nope, but the first thing I would try is switching off Hardware Acceleration and fiddling with the Metal/OpenGL? stuff that is on a Mac
  6. Convert to line drawing using any of the free online resources to do this Then add one of various options/ways to add a colour layer to match the other person's background colour
  7. Most likely the font you used on the original computer is not installed on the other computer Just install that font if you can legally do so Or use a different font on the original computer
  8. Can't be done generically The only thing remotely like that is the (very powerful) Undo Brush Tool but that only works at the pixel level. Which, admittedly can be very useful at times (e.g. for removing part of or all of a destructive filter) without affecting steps you did after applying the destructive filter but it is not a generic tool for deleting a history step It's a complicated tool to understand initially but there are a few YouTube videos that attempt to explain it
  9. I think there is a known issue where bounding boxes do not show at times Refreshing the screen (zoom in/out) I think cures it temporarily It has been reported many times but not sure if logged as an official bug as yet (search the forum for updates)
  10. That's nothing like I described, what to try. You should just have a series of "Set current raster selection" commands and one "Inpainting" command at the end of the macro Like so.... (where I made 4 marquee selections of different parts of the image, and then Edit > Inpainted them all at once)
  11. I don't use Macs so don't know much about "permissions" on that OS But saving to the USB seems to be the problem I think the ~backup~ files are part of the new "improved" saving/recovery functions built into the 2.2 release but we don't have much any information from Serif as to how/when they are created and how they are supposed to work. So, it may take a while for forum users to work out exactly what those files are for and when/how they are invoked to recover a file. (E.g. Automatic or manual?) For now, I think you have to find somewhere else to store your files (not the USB drive) or wait for someone with Mac knowledge who can advise you how to check/set-up the permissions correctly, if indeed that is the issue.
  12. In the Colour panel try changing the Fill colour's opacity to 0%
  13. Looks awesome. What is it and which Affinity app(s) did you create it with?
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