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  1. Accidentally, double tapping or long pressing the "0" key will change the pixel brush's opacity to zero
  2. See this video at about 47 seconds he starts explaining the magnetic lasso
  3. Is it just my imagination or is there a child's face in that picture and if so where is it being reflected from?
  4. You have a lot of overlap in those images I can get a decent enough panorama, from the jpg files, without artefacts, if I recrop them a bit Full size image uploaded in zip file attached (forum would not let me upload it full size as a jpg)
  5. ALT+v (release keys) then d is the quickest way using just the keyboard, I think.
  6. Interesting, if you add text on a curve to a symbol after the other symbols are resized the new text on a curve does not scale But if you then convert that text to curves then the other symbols automatically scale the "text" Had to zoom in and out on my PC to see that happen
  7. When you first resize your symbol make sure you use the node/handle shown in Green below, do not use the one shown in Red or any of the others, then your text should scale correctly
  8. See attached, the 200 has been increased to 400 and is controlled by the B slider at 50% in the slider it will be 200
  9. Use the following settings in the Equations Filter The last number (0.005) controls the strength of the Ripples, you only need very small changes You could easily create a macro for this and change the 0.005 into variable "A" to give controllable (via a slider) ripple effects for different sized documents
  10. @Nekroido As you have modified your response to my 1st post I have modified mine to yours (above)
  11. An interesting question If the circle is smaller than the square and placed inside the square you can select both and resize to 1cm by 1cm and the circle will resize proportionately (see screenshot) Using the above logic let's say you have a square, in your group, 5cm x 5cm that you want to resize to 1cm by 1cm Create a new square proportionately larger than the grouped objects, let's use 50cm by 50cm Place it below your group and select it and your group together, now resize the new square to 1/5th it's size (10cm) and your original square should now be resized to exactly 1cm x 1cm and all other objects in the group resized proportionally. I think that will work but I have only had one coffee this morning so still not fully awake as yet
  12. Yes there is, both Designer and Photo have power duplicate
  13. See this thread
  14. Yes ethics in a company is important But consider that some of the AP users may have trialled AD, some may be watching it's progress on the forums and just waiting for certain features to be added before they buy it or even saving up to buy a copy as they have liked what they tested.. More impotantly, some might have purchased AP directly from Serif but purchased AD from the Windows Store or the Apple Store Both of which you do not have the email address for, so is it ethical for you to try to target (email) those users as well I think so. Microsoft & Apple withholding information on who bought your product, is that ethical? No, I think not. You have a right to try to contact all users of AD by whatever means are available to you. (Rant over, time for some beers, I may be gone sometime)
  15. And what's wrong with sending it to people that just have Affinity Photo - they too would want to support Serif, would they not? Don't risk losing this, if there are Affinity supporters out there target them ALL