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  1. Not much I could do to recover this image but here are the steps I used - you may have better results with more time spent on it Haze removal Colour Balance Adjustment Clone brush around edges Dodge & Burn
  2. carl123

    A few questions

    No, not automatically (snapping) but you can use View > Guides Manager to precisely place a guide centrally between two others - if you can do a little maths
  3. Shouldn't that be the other way around? Download speeds are usually faster than uploads
  4. carl123

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    Yes I noticed that but did not have time to fix it yesterday, GRUA-18 is also corrupted I basically just patched the file so @sorinciupitu, could get his work out on time Yesterday I was thinking it was some sort of weird DPI problem, but also saving history and a few other things were preventing me from even saving the file to a new name, eventually just had to give up on it and patch it. I was hoping the Devs/Support could explain what went wrong with that file as I had not seen anything like that before so it would be useful to know what could have / did cause it.
  5. After you select the picture change the Opacity as shown below.
  6. carl123

    [ADe] Book Cover - The War Of The Worlds

    Sorry but if you had not wrote the words "War of the Worlds" on your image I would not have had a clue what it was supposed to illustrate. War of the Worlds (the original) was a classic . There is so much uniqueness and imagery now associated with it that any new attempt of a book cover should be instantly recognisable as War of the Worlds. Forget the book and it's description of the spaceships, death rays and aliens most people will remember the film version of the book and will base their perceptions/expectations on that. Currently your book cover could have been anything Alien related.
  7. carl123

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    Not sure what is going on with that project file, but see if the attached gets you out of trouble for today ok3.afphoto
  8. Don't use the Slice Tool for this Go into the Export Persona, click on Layers, select all layers at once and hit the create slice button, then into the Slices Tab and click on Export Slices button Takes about 10 seconds.
  9. Affinity have said before that they do not automatically apply any sharpness in the develop persona unlike other raw converters which do. You should apply your own "sharpness" before leaving the develop persona. If you have not done this, try it then compare the results again, if you have done it upload one of the raw files so others can see what they can do with it.
  10. By design means that was how it was initially intended to work but you can still log an improvement request if you think it could be better.
  11. You can have the same non-live filters under the Filters menu which are destructive and will bake in the result once used Some of these filters were "upgraded" to be Live filters which are non destructive but they do require more processing power at times
  12. @Zbigg You should upload a sample file or two if you want help with this
  13. carl123

    AD Layers change into unexpected order…

    Moving any of the 2 Ellipses in the Hintergrund group with the cursor makes them jump to the Artboard but not if you move them using the Transform panel's x & y values (strange)
  14. carl123

    AD Layers change into unexpected order…

    Shouldn't the Hintergrund group be part of the main Artboard? Either move it to the main Artboard or create a new separate Artboard for that group if you want to keep it separate for some reason