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  1. @ctekk How many pictures per row do you want and are all the pictures exactly the same size (i.e. 60 x 60 px) ? @iMacKalle You have posted your question in the wrong thread you should have posted it here in your previously started thread
  2. Easier if there is just one tooth missing But in general just a combination of... 1. The liquify persona 2. Creating new teeth by freehand selection of an existing tooth and duplicating and resizing it 3.Cloning
  3. I think there is a bug in the retail version where items are duplicate on the context menu in Develop persona Fixed in this beta Also your screen looks small, click the far righthand arrow to see if there are other items on that context menu
  4. Check in Preference that "Reopen document on startup" is not selected. It may be trying to reopen a document that is corrupted. Or it may be trying to open some recovery files Or you may need additional help from the developers on this one as I am now out of ideas
  5. If you just open designer without opening any files do you still get the message when you close designer?
  6. The attached macro should give any image a 5px (black) external border. Note: It will add a Fill Layer which you also need to change to black as the macro cant do that as yet Note2: If you know how to pause a macro you can adjust the size of the border when you run it Note3: You can assign a shortcut key to a macro to make it easy to run instantly Note4: If you routinely add different size borders to images just make more macros Note5: Unlike the Model T Ford you can have any border colour you want when you create the macro, it does not have to be black Note6: Take dog for a walk 5pixelborder.afmacro
  7. A quick attempt (on the soldier) using Inpainting and cloning. To do it professionally would take several hours.
  8. You may be able to achieve what you want using text on a path. In my example I used Windings 3 font, character "p" which is a black triangle. You can adjust the Horizontal Scale, Baseline etc in the Character panel to adjust the shape, size and position of the triangles.
  9. Sorry, it's fast approaching beer time over here and I still have things to do first, so as long as the OP is happy with the solution, then so am I
  10. Nope, that would be silly But suppose you place a photo on a 1000 x 500px transparent document. Then decide to reduce the picture to 500 x 250px by dragging on one of the corner handles then do a clip canvas, you cant control the sampling method then either, so what's the difference to that and the Distort Equations Filter method?
  11. I have a feeling that the Distort Equations filter is more useful than it initially looks but there is very little written about it as regards the different things it can do and the formulas you can use.
  12. You set them in the File > New Batch Job dialogue box settings
  13. It's a shame the Displace filter never seems to work properly for stuff like this or you could get better results
  14. See attached.... shadoweffect.afdesign
  15. Hi Robert You can use Filters > Distort > Equations to reduce your image to half its width and height Just use the settings shown in my screenshot After that step, use Document > Clip Canvas to get rid of the transparent areas You can record the above steps in a macro and when replayed it will half the width and height of any size image you give it. Then just run the macro in conjunction with the batch facilities in Affinity Photo on your hundreds of photographs