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  1. @Dennis Nisbet See if the attached macro does what you want as regards resizing the canvas height to 200% Install the macro via the Library Panel (Should work on 1.6 and 1.7 beta but I have only done limited testing, as I have a hot date with a beer right now and will be gone for the rest of the night) resize canvas.afmacros
  2. Nice but boring, please bring back the sexist naked females, models need to work too
  3. I calculate the angle of your triangle to be 26.6 degrees not 30 degrees as you have stated
  4. @BluestarCK You have driver version 417.35 (release date 12/12/2018) As AiDon has said... driver 418.81 is the latest (release date 4/2/2019)
  5. carl123

    I need help

    You can try a curves adjustment
  6. When you link to a review you should always use the headline of the review. If Serif had deliberately change the linking text to something deep in the review which Serif wanted to use instead then that would have been misleading, unethical and manipulative. There is nothing wrong in Serif linking to reviews where the reviewer may (or may not) consider it as a replacement for some Photoshop users.
  7. @andyjones Have you looked at the Export Persona You can open the PDF, switch to the Export Persona, select all the image layers, create slices then export them all at once to a folder
  8. carl123

    Macro crashes and closes

    I think the OP is talking about the Presets in the Develop Persona which cant be recorded in macros at the moment
  9. To search for... dog AND walk enter +dog +walk in the forum search box (Ignore the suggested links it gives you after the search, they will now be irrelevant/wrong) Now if there was only a way to search for... dog NOT walk The first person to figure it out gets a free copy of the next Affinity Publisher Beta software
  10. If I understand you correctly you can hold the CTRL key down and move any of the end nodes of the gradient around and that will maintain the angle of the gradient (if you are looking to copy/paste the gradient to another object just copy it then Edit > Paste Style on the other object) If that is not what you want please provide more information or some diagrams/screenshots
  11. Keep an eye on the Affinity Publisher home page for any changes https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/ "After thousands of hours of development time we are thrilled to say that our professional desktop publishing app, Affinity Publisher, is now in beta and available for you to try FOR FREE! We are still a few months before we release this first version, but we’d love you to try it out and let us know what you think"
  12. Well meaningful names are only really guaranteeable if you created/named the original documents But I am open to your idea of a list as long as there is a clear visual representation of the document that relates to an item selected in the list
  13. I would have to disagree with that The way it works in PS and in Affinity when you do a File > Exit, is that the document about to close is bought to the front of the screen so you can what file it is and make the correct decision to save it or not. If you were presented with just a list of say, 50 file names it would be impossible to remember which ones you want to save or not without some sort of visual representation of the file
  14. Close all should close all files that have not been changed Close all should prompt to save (or not) any file that has been changed Close all should prompt to save any unnamed file that has been created within that session The application should remain open after close all has completed