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  1. Check the Scale setting
  2. If you don't have AP it can sort of be done in AD by using the rotation and shear controls in the Transform panel and then converting to curves and adjusting the nodes to fit the laptop's screen. Not as good or as easy as using AP but could be passable if you spend some time on it.
  3. Tips: When using the Place command approximate the size of the area where you are to place the image When using the Perspective Tool, reducing the Opacity of the placed image to zero can allow you to better align the grid to where you want it Once you are happy with that increase Opacity back to 100% and you can then fine tune the position if needed (hitting the space bar will temporarily hide the perspective grid for a better view) Once you are totally happy hit the Apply button for the Perspective Tool to commit the changes
  4. recrop

    Cropping in Affinity Photo is non-destructive, which is why after you crop an image and copy and paste it into a new document you see the image before the crop occurred. When making your collage, after you crop an image, right click the layer and select Rasterise. This will make the crop permanent and you can then copy and paste into another document with the results you would expect to see.
  5. I'm afraid I do not know enough about ICC profiles to answer that but that's how I fix things when I encounter similar colour problems like the one you had. Maybe someone more knowledgeable on the subject can advise further.
  6. On the export screen try changing the ICC profile to the one shown below and see what the JPG's look like.
  7. It works for me CTRL + click on the layer not the tick mark This will deselect the layer Then if you also want to hide the layer you can click on the tick mark next to it
  8. Try CTRL + click
  9. In the Stroke settings, tick the Scale with object box
  10. recolor

    Recolor changes the Hues and Saturation of an image. It will not work on a pure white colour which is what you are selecting Make your selection then use something else (like a paintbrush) to change the colour or select and erase the white in your image and use a Fill Layer behind it to change the colour
  11. I'm now too confused to continue with this thread. Time to log off and get ready for some beers, later tonight
  12. Hi, no I cant see any real difference in the quality of the exports No problem, I like a good mysterious problem every now and again. I guess us Windows folk will encounter the change to how transparency works in a later update
  13. @ Stephenmex Well I opened your png test 1 document Selected just the 3 layers under the artboard Exported with "Selection without Background" Opened the exported png file and as you can see it has transparency PS Just seen MEB's reply so this could be a MAC thing, it seems to still work for me on Windows
  14. Ok then unless this is a Mac specific problem I am not seeing it (I am on Windows) Can you upload a project file (not the PNG file) that has a white canvas, which you can't export with transparency, so we can test it out
  15. Do you mean you don't get a transparent background or you get a transparent background but the PNG quality is no good.