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  1. We may need a sample document (that shows the error), are you able to upload one to the forum?
  2. The MSIX installers install the apps in a different location so that screen you are looking at does not show the correct sizes for them Somewhere in this forum you should find how to display their correct size (no time for me to look now)
  3. Really need more information as regards what App, (Version) and OS you are using. Also, a screenshot showing the issue and what device you are using (Desktop, Laptop, etc?) But you can try a CTRL run up and see if that helps Hold the CTRL key down and start the App. If the dialog "Clear User Data" appears release the CTRL key, leave the first 3 items selected and click the "Clear" button If the "Clear User Data" dialog does not appear automatically wait a few more seconds then release the CTRL key and select the app in the Taskbar, you should then see the dialog
  4. This problem is related to the Rulers If you have the Rulers showing the problem occurs, if the Rulers are not showing the problem does not occur (for me at least) Either the "File New From Clipboard" command or the "Edit Paste" command is getting confused where the center/origin of the screen is when Rulers are set on Someone else can figure out which
  5. I'm getting the same as the OP but my offset is -22, -22 Very strange Windows 11 - AP 2.0.3 PS Exactly the same in Designer
  6. @eobet Where were you opening that file from and saving to (if different) when the error occurred (Local drive, external drive, USB, NAS, cloud, etc It's similar to this one but slightly different
  7. Same issue here 1. Create a text frame 2. Add some words 3. Make any word bold by highlighting it and clicking the bold icon on the context toolbar 4. Create a new text frame 5. Any words you now type are in bold This is different to 1.10.6 where the typed words in step 5 will not be bold Windows 11 APub 2.0.3
  8. Personally no, but I always work on a copy of my V1 document just in case. I also intend keeping V1 installed (for many months) whilst V2 irons out any bugs that may, in the future, force me to have to use V1 again temporarily.
  9. That pop-up is not referring to your V1 documents. It is regarding any custom assets, brushes, styles (etc) you may have added/imported to V1 over the "years" If you say yes, those custom assets, brushes, styles (etc) will be copied over to V2 - Saving you the trouble of individually importing them again In my case yes, but it depends on an individual's notification settings
  10. Yes, the Info panel is just a means to add a sampler to the document Just like the Adjustment Panel is a means to add an adjustment to the document. Adjustment layers do not disappear when you close the adjustment panel. Why should the samplers? You can't Just like you can't manipulate Linked Layers or Layer States in any app other than APhoto Sometimes you need access to the appropriate panel to change/add/delete stuff that only that panel can do
  11. Anyone have any negative experiences doing this? I think the question should be does "Anyone have any positive experiences doing this? What's your logic to even consider bulk converting them now rather than doing it to individual documents as and when the need arrives?
  12. You have placed a png file inside your document that has transparency around the main object When you rasterise such a file the rasterization process is designed to trim away this transparency and just leave the object Rasterise & Trim does something different under certain circumstances but in this particular case they do the same thing If you have a specific need to keep the image at 3000px by 3000px but still need to use tools that would automatically rasterise the image (such as the eraser) then there are other techniques you can use to do this such as, in this case, adding a mask and "erasing" on the mask
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