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  1. If you have used File > Place to place the images in Designer you can use convert to curves on an image layer then use the Node Tool to slightly adjust the image from the corners
  2. When you first add the Mask it stands out as it is the only highlighted item in your layers stack, which makes it easy to see where you just put it. When you reselect the Mask it highlights other layers that are affected by, grouped with, that Mask so you can immediately see what you are affecting. In a busy layers panel this looks advantageous to me. Likewise, If you subsequently drag an existing Mask to another position it will initially be the only item highlighted which again makes it easy to see what you are moving and to where. I see what you are saying but for me, I prefer the way the Devs have designed it now I salute the visual feedback.
  3. "New Layer with Mask" Output has already been reported as a bug and acknowledged as such Just use the "Mask" option instead, for now
  4. Just checked 1.6 and it's the same as it is in 1.7 and 1.8 (beta)
  5. Doesn't filing a geometric shap using the gradient tool with type set to bitmap do that?
  6. carl123

    Rotate Canvas

    You can assign your own keyboard shortcut to "Rotate Canvas" in Affinity Including the letter R
  7. Releases 2 / 3 / 4/ and so on will be paid upgrades not free, hence the money keeps rolling in as they release new major features Upgrading will be optional as your existing version will always continue to work, so you will only pay to upgrade if you like what they have done/included in the new version
  8. Bug? Attached is a simple APhoto document with 2 identical text frames, a shape with an outer shadow effect and a Brightness & Contrast adjustment layer Problem: When exported to PDF (for export) the lower text has a bold like effect (file attached) The adjustment layer will cause the lower text to be rasterized (understandable) but the inclusion of the outer shadow on the shape makes the lower text look bold. If the shadow on the shape is switched off then the text no longer looks bold when exported to a PDF. I've recreated the above in APhoto beta (file attached) but I think it is what the OP is also experiencing in his Publisher file due to the outer shadow effect on the ruler image and the Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer below that. Switching off the outer shadow effect in the OP's file also eliminates the bold like effect reported on the text. bugdemo2.pdf bugdemo2.afphoto
  9. Your file still has the same problems with the "bold looking text" Actually there is a bug here to do with Drop Shadows & that Brightness and Contrast adjustment layer I would need to recreate it in a simplified document to explain it, so maybe tomorrow unless someone saves me the trouble overnight (please!)
  10. This post explains why you get half the size at 144 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/83492-export-persona-scale-problems/&do=findComment&comment=441920 I also saw we get half the size at 96dpi when it should be 192dpi but I had lost the will to live by then
  11. I know, there are special DPI's such as 144 & 192 that will always work differently to other DPI's Serif says this is deliberate and has given an explanation for it but I really don't see the need for it, and it is just majorly confusing whenever someone encounters it in the Export Persona
  12. What does 'alt-cmd' , when resizing an object, do on a MAC?
  13. Change the DPI to 190DPI But keep the document the same size 1008 x 680px Now export in the Export Persona Is the exported pixel size correct?

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