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  1. If I take your document into Publisher and switch on Show Special Characters you can see you have about 17 spaces after the word "Here's" which is why the cursor ends up there and appears to be outside the text frame. What I can't immediately understand is why the spaces do not simply wrap to the next line when they reach the edge of the text frame. This also occurs on all other lines in your text. If you add spaces they appear outside the frame. I may get a chance to have another look tomorrow but hopefully somone else will figure it out for you before then
  2. It has a colour picker so you can pick any colour you want, is that not sufficient? Or do you require something else?
  3. If I remember this bug correctly you need to drag the HSL Panel from the second screen back to the primary screen then back again to correct it - whenever it happens Or something like that It has been officially reported as a bug
  4. Two suggestions you can try. The second one "should" work to reduce your performance issues - not sure the first one will but worth a try as it's easier/safer. 1. In the parent document switch off the embedded document's visibility in the Layers panel. You will not see any changes in the parent document as you modify the embedded one but I don't know if this will reduce the performance problems you are encountering as I can't test with your configuration. (Switch the layer's visibility back on once finished with the embedded document). 2. Open the embedded document, then in the parent document, delete the embedded document layer. Now edit the embedded document as required and when ready to see the changes in the parent document go back to the parent document and use Edit > Undo to restore the previously deleted embedded document. The embedded document will now reappear with all the changes you have made to it.
  5. One way... Replace the spaces with asterisks, highlight/select the asterisks and in the colour panel change Opacity to zero
  6. Recheck that text box to see if the text has a stroke on it. This bug can occur many times in a document Also, be advised that this bug has already been fixed in 1.9.1 but I understand your reluctance to upgrade until you finish the document
  7. Try switching off Lens Correction. Does this reveal more of the image?
  8. This only occurs for me if I use the Move to Back and Move to Front commands If I use Move Back One or Move Forward One then only one symbol is affected Likewise, if I drag the symbol in the Layers panel only one symbol is affected Definitely some inconsistency issues here at the very least.
  9. If you also have If you also had Affinity Publisher then certain "addons" (e.g. assets) when added to Publisher will also be available in APhoto and Designer via the Studio Link functionality - a useful tip if you are low on space on your main drive
  10. As far as I know that is normal You can't save those sort of changes to existing brushes All you can do is make changes to a brush then duplicate it to create a new brush which contains those changes If you look at your video you will see that immediately you change the Size Jitter the active brush is deselected in the brushes panel, indicating it is no longer the active brush
  11. The Appearance Panel is on the Left Studio by default. So, make sure you also have View > Studio > Show Left Studio ticked
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