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  1. If it's not changed by the end of the week.... we march on Nottingham.
  2. I think that's something only the forum administrators can change. I agree it is annoying as I also don't want the emails and would prefer only the in-app notification But I believe it to be an oversight rather than a deliberate action by the administrators to force you/us to receive an email for this particular notification. Hopefully when they have some spare time, someone will find the setting and change it.
  3. background colour

    If you want italic text and want to keep the background a "square" shape, just add an extra "space" character to the end of your text In my attached example I have added an extra "space" character to the beginning and end of the text.
  4. Yay! I now have 1.91GB also (up from 200MB) looks like someone was listening
  5. You can go into any of your old posts, hit the Edit button and delete the attachment BUT if we all have to start doing that then in a years time this forum will become an abomination of unanswered questions as important attachments in posts will be missing. I think the Forum moderators urgently need to rethink this limit on attachments. Since users are already experiencing the need to delete previous attachments I would suggest removing the limit immediately (until a more permanent solution can be found)
  6. It's not a "weird function" as such The distance the last (4th) element moves is the distance from the 1st to the 3rd element. Whether this is functioning as designed or a bug I have no idea
  7. on Windows, with the Move Tool selected, you can also right click on the layer (in the workspace not the Layers panel) and select... Transform > Flip Horizontal to just flip the layer
  8. Document > Flip Horizontal Will flip all layers even if just one is selected Arrange > Flip Horizontal Will just flip the selected layer(s) Works as expected for me (on Windows AP)
  9. More info
  10. What you are trying to achieve is called watermarking rather than copyright marking Search the forum for "watermark" or "watermarking" for some more ideas on how to do what you want Here are a couple of threads... Once you decide on a method to create your watermark you can look at creating a macro to (for example) place the final watermark onto a new layer on top your image but bear in mind the macro facility in AP is still in its infancy so many things don't work as expected at the moment. (like positioning stuff) If you are looking to batch process lots of images, with your watermark, in one go then something like FastStone Photo Resizer is, in my opinion, better suited to the task
  11. No one can really tell if you have improved them sufficiently without seeing what the originals were like. If you were going for a silhouetted look for the bird and the post then it looks fine But if you wanted to get a bit more detail out of the bird and the post try playing with the Shadows adjustment. (as per the attached) If you can upload your original smartphone pictures other people may be able to show you what they can do with them to "improve" them
  12. View > Studio > EXIF You can view and delete it but not edit it
  13. You can also try 1. Make your selection 2. Copy Selection 3. File > New from Clipboard 4. Use the plug-in on the new document, then copy back to original document
  14. Looking at this again, during an afternoon coffee break It looks like you have a 1 x 1 pixel selection located at X=1171, Y=1080 The "bug" is that once you save a document which has an active selection, when you reopen the document there are no marching ants showing to indicate you still have part of your document selected. Using Select > Deselect then Select > Reselect will reactivate the marching ants on the selection but you may need to zoom in to see it, as the selection is only 1 x 1 pixels
  15. There are no preset text warp effects - they may come later But there is a Mesh Warp Tool (in Affinity Photo) that you can use to distort the text