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  1. (Another Possible Solution) Temporarily... Resize the missing file to its full size as specified in Resource Manager (if it was initially placed smaller) Edit > Copy Edit > Paste Special (Paste as Portable Document Format) A new file in Resource Manager will be visible and called something like clipboard1.jpg It will be embedded, so change status to linked and you can export it to your required location. Edit: the Paste Special options of PNG and Device Independent Bitmaps, seem to produce tiff files (Works in Windows, Mac users' options may vary)
  2. You can look into using symbols in Designer or global variables in Affinity Publisher (free beta available for testing)
  3. Switch to the colour panel (on the right) and change the Stroke colour there
  4. In your layers panel, right click each image layer and select Rasterise, then go into the Export Persona There may be a quicker way but I have no time to look at the moment
  5. carl123

    Invert Layer Bug.....

    Once you have applied the mask, make sure you only have the mask layer selected in the Layers panel, then use Layer > Invert to invert the mask If you have both the pixel layer and its mask selected, then the Layer > Invert command will produce the colour negative effect you are seeing
  6. carl123

    AD: Recent colors don't show in swatches panel

    A link to one of the videos may help resolve the mystery
  7. carl123

    Rasterizing not removing outside of crop?

    Confirmed: Windows users are still awaiting a beta "fix" for this, Mac users already have the updated beta https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/73062-inpainting-after-rotation-crop/
  8. Set... Layer > Fill Mode > Alternative before doing the Combine or Add
  9. On your background layer, use the Flood Select Tool to make a selection of the part you want to paint. (Make sure contiguous is set to on) Make a new pixel layer, select the Flood Fill Tool, choose your colour and Flood Fill the selection. Reselect the background layer and repeat as needed for other areas/colours.
  10. Arrange > Insertion Behind You can add your own shortcut to this such as CTRL+SPACE
  11. Is this a Mac thing? I cant see an Extract blend mode on Windows
  12. carl123


    If you can stitch 2 of the images you can the stitch the 3rd but working with the screenshots provided does not show how best to tackle the OP's initial problem. The OP needs to upload the 3 images (straight from camera) that he was trying to stitch when he got the 'no Panorama Detected' error message
  13. The Arrow Shape Tool set to Square Tail and then adjusting the nodes will give you the "inverted arrow" shape you need. Not necessary in your case but you can fill in the missing bit in the middle with a Red rectangle, if needed.
  14. See if this thread helps with importing assets in APub https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/71492-import-folder-into-assets-as-in-ppx/