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  1. @Shaylagee Attached seems more stable, best I could do as I'm out for the rest of the day You just need to redo the Section Names Support staff may be able to recover it better when they start work later today EDIT: Can't attach the file, error code 200 when trying to attach (multiple attempts) Problem seems to be with Master Page, support staff should be able to recover document for you later (Or delete the master page, add new one, redo master page objects from scratch, do not attempt to copy/paste from existing master page, reassign new master to all pages when done)
  2. @Barrowman Works fine here When you switch to the white brush, try painting on a normal pixel layer and see what you get
  3. "Open Publisher, switch to Designer Persona, and import them into the Brushes panel." They will show up in the Photo Persona (Logical, but I was not expecting that to work, for some reason!)
  4. If you install brushes into APhoto they do not appear in the Photo persona of Publisher You will need to install them again when in Publisher (Photo persona) This is currently by design - it may improve in the future
  5. Holding the ALT key down and clicking the ruler will place a guide at that position. I guess if you are accurate enough (on the ruler) you could space guides equally using that method. That's the only modifier key I know of when using guides You may need to find that video you saw
  6. Not sure why with such a small screenshot supplied But can you drag the History and Channels tabs next to the Mask Tab (above) or even next to the Navigator tab even further above
  7. We will need the document uploaded or at least that page in the document uploaded
  8. Or View > Studio > Reset to get all studio panels back to their default positions
  9. Doing that gives you the screen below, which is quite confusing as there is no Cancel button in the "liquify live filter persona" as there is in the normal Liquify persona. Think we either need a Cancel button or a different message
  10. The "liquify live filter persona" has its own (dedicated) History Panel so just scrub back to the beginning and click Done Also, see next post below
  11. Bear in mind You also have the New Document from Snapshot option which lets you duplicate a document without actually saving it to disk. Useful for temporary comparison purposes or experimentation on a copy of your document
  12. Also available here in tiny text, for those that like tiny text links
  13. How old is she? Where did you buy the software? E.g. Bear in mind if your daughter lives with you and does not want the software for commercial use she can legally use your existing license on her PC at no extra cost. In fact, if you have 80 daughters in your household, they could all do the same - not bad for $50 Always read the EULA and T&Cs before purchasing, there's normally good and bad stuff in them
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