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    Issue with Paint Brush Opacity

    Turn off wet edges
  2. Where are your documents stored? Locally? or are they on iCloud or on a local drive synced (backed up) to another external drive somewhere?
  3. If you ever have a need to simply resize lots of documents at once, then File > New Batch Job should do what you want. It has the flexibility to be able to only enter the width (or height) and the aspect ratio will be maintained
  4. Bear in mind that when you record the macro it hardcodes the values from the document you are working on into the macro. So if you change the width to 4000px, whatever value change that makes to the height will also be recorded. If you then replay that macro on another document that does not have the same aspect ratio of the original document you will get distorted results The Mac 1.7 beta has an update listed as "- New ability to control how macros are scaled / aligned when playing back." But Windows users do not have that update as yet so I cant say what that does or if it will cure the "problem"
  5. carl123

    Keyboard shortcuts - Tools

    Maybe he exported and imported his already assigned shortcuts from the released product to the beta
  6. carl123

    Keyboard shortcuts - Tools

    Just noticed this (below) on the Mac screenshot posted above. Windows users dont see that message on the beta
  7. See if this workaround for a simple data merge helps (using Publisher) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/75332-dynamic-text-in-publisher/&do=findComment&comment=393091
  8. carl123

    Keyboard shortcuts - Tools

    I suspect the new option in Preferences > Tools... "Use shift key to cycle tools groups" Means you can't use the keyboard shortcut Shift key now for selecting tools
  9. Close Aphoto rename the macros.propcol file to macros.old Restart Aphoto, it should create a new macros.propcol file with the default macros in the library panel
  10. Ah, you are correct. With my setup showing 6 decimal places I did not notice the pt at the end in the Transform panel. Which explains the 96/72 mismatch I was seeing in the export persona. I wonder if the OP was misled by this as well? Maybe the export persona should automatically use/display the same units as used in the document?
  11. Your document is 96 DPI... The Export persona is reporting the dimensions as if it was a 72 DPI document, hence the increase in size Someone else may be able to explain why it does this as I ain't got a clue and it's Friday so I really don't care at the moment
  12. Check the DPI in the SVG export screen and document Looks like a 300/72 mismatch somewhere
  13. The misspelled words contain the letter F followed by the letter L or I (or another F) Such as "profiles" and "reflect" If you try to put your cursor in-between the letters "fi" or "fl" you cannot It is as if "fi" and "fl" are being treated as a single character, which would explain why the spell checker fails I have no idea why/how the above happened. Someone else may be able to offer an explanation for that.
  14. I would like to respond but my Grandmother promised to teach me how to suck eggs this afternoon so I have to go now.
  15. Just leave these complexities to us web designers. We've been doing this for years and we know how to design websites thanks.
  16. I design for the web so all images I create are created at the size they will display on a web page and as such my screen is effectively my canvas size. Reopening previously created images invariably enlarges them to fit my screen which is not what I want. Imaging a 100px x 50px button suddenly opening at a perceived 1000px x 500px size. It means nothing to me and I have to adjust my zoom to 100% just to see the button at its correct size to determine if it will fit into my design. Likewise, if someone sends me an image or I download one from the Internet I want it to immediately open at 100% so I can determine straight away if it will be too small/large for the design and what the quality is like at 100% Also, APhoto files containing adjustments like sharpening/blurring etc will sometimes only give you a true representation of the effect when viewed at 100%. If I open such a file and it automatically zooms to fit my working space I cant be sure what I am seeing is what will be exported. So I have to waste time hitting CTRL+1 to make sure it is being displayed at 100%. Like I said, it's annoying but I am used to it now
  17. Reducing the width to 2000px usually cures the 200 error code (not sure what the maximum width allowed is)
  18. When you open a document or image etc, Affinity automatically "resizes" it to fit your screen. It does this by zooming in or out on the document/image by whatever amount is necessary. (different for each document/image size) This zooming can make the document/image look pixelated or not what you were initially expecting to see. To see the document at its exact size on screen you need to reset the zoom to 100%, either via the Navigator Panel or CTRL+1 on the keyboard. It's annoying most of the time but you get used to it after a year or two. Could the above be what you are experiencing?
  19. I think this is now available in the 1.7 betas, using Ctrl + Shift + Click on objects in the Layers Panel
  20. I think this was a Bic pen poster advert done in 1961 or 1962 and shows the 4 Bic pen colours used on the left. You can scribble on the right to try to match the blue (Those pens were not perfect so you might want to add some Random Accumulation Jitter to the brush to simulate that)
  21. On the rectangle you have Absolute Sizes ticked in the context toolbar. Untick that and it will resize correctly. On the Decorations for the stroke setting, tick the option to "Scale with Object" and it will resize correctly
  22. The "New Layer with Mask" output option in the Refine screen has never worked properly. Just use the "Mask" output option instead, for now
  23. On my Windows (ver 8.1) when you create a new document in Affinity then save it, the thumbnail showing in File Manager is the Affinity logo not a thumbnail of the image. To get the image thumbnail to show you must also close the document in Affinity, whereupon the image thumbnail is updated automatically. This only occurs the first time you save a new document. Is this what you are seeing or something else?