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  1. @Nicole Hurst To achieve what I think you want to achieve make your selection click the mask button as normal Go to the Channels panel right-click on the Mask Alpha layer and select Invert
  2. @Ashley_W Well the good news is that the quantum-entanglement issue is real It took me a couple of tries but I can create the duplicating text box issues you are seeing by using different copy and paste methods The Orange vertical bar on the Text Frame layers looks to be symbols related So maybe at some point symbols were created in the document and then deleted/detached leaving just the "symbol text layer" without the usual symbol group icon When you copy and past the symbol text layer it is just a duplicate of itself and as such any change to one affects the other, which is what you were seeing. It's very easy to recreate this is a new document using just one text frame. And it can be done in Publisher (using the Designer Persona) or in Designer directly Not sure if you have Designer or there were any symbols in the document previously but everything is acting as if symbols were involved at some point. Can you recall if you ever played with symbols in this document? The text frames can be changed back to normal text frames (non symbol) in Publisher thus curing the quantum-entanglement issue but it's a little complex and you would need to do it for all such text frames and since you have already created a new document I wont bother with how to do it but it's good to know it can be done.
  3. The initial image (layer) you use for the Apply Image step is always hardcoded into the macro, I don't think there is a workaround for this You could try splitting the macro into 2 separate macros E.g. 1. Run the first one up to where you Apply Image 2. Apply Image manually 3. Run the second macro which does the steps after you Apply Image
  4. It's fixed in the Windows 1.7.3 beta - released this week But the 1.7.3 MAC beta has not been released as yet
  5. Export an image as an 8 colour GIF file to reduce the colours (Use the MORE button on the export screen) Open the GIF file then add a live Dust & Scratches filter and a live Unsharp Mask filter and twiddle with the sliders Still not as good as the Photoshop filter but an alternative to using Posterise and there may be other ways to further enhance things, trying it this way, which you/others can experiment with.
  6. Did that ever work? I just tried it on 1.7.3, 1.7.1 and 1.6.5 and I get the same results you are seeing Or was it something that worked on MACs but not Windows? I'm on Windows, cant test on a MAC
  7. The Section Manager icon in the Pages panel will let you specify certain Number Styles for page numbering
  8. Attached is a 5 min job using a soft (normal) brush and some blurring It all depends on how realistic you need it to look as to how long you spend on it smoke.afphoto
  9. carl123

    Publisher Crashes Big File

    Are your image files linked or embedded?
  10. One way. There are lots of free Photoshop smoke brushes (abr format) that will load into APhoto All depends on what sort of smoke effect you are after
  11. On https://wetransfer.com/ create a link there and upload the file, no registration required. Just click the 3 dots next to the word Transfer Paste the link to the file back here in the forum
  12. This thread is about Photo, not Designer, hence the answers given are about what's possible in Photo
  13. What your describing should not be happening unless it is somehow connected to your use of Master page elements Can you create and upload a simple document that shows 2 text frames that are linked as you have described so we can see what is wrong? Before saving the document switch on "File > Save History with Document" so we can see the steps you took when creating the document Alternatively, you can upload a video showing the problems you are having
  14. Select > Selection From Layer and Delete Is a relatively new option and one less step
  15. Just double check, in Designer, that you don't have the option "High Precision tablet input" enabled in Edit > Preferences > Tools If I enable that option my Wacom misbehaves a lot
  16. You can create a 1 line macro to change the DPI and run it when you run the batch job
  17. The main Toolbar at the top of the screen has 4 icons/buttons for Auto Levels Auto Contrast Auto Colours Auto White Balance You can record one or more of them in a macro and replay them in a batch job as required.
  18. Can you upload a couple of screenshots showing what you have and what you want when you "add 1 or 2 lines and maybe change the spacing a bit"
  19. 1. How is that synchronization taking place? 2. Are your images linked in the Publisher document and if so are they linked from a networked location or from your local drive?
  20. carl123

    Masking Issues

    You should duplicate the Left shape and nest that into the Right shape You appear to have duplicated the Right shape and nested that duplicate into the Right shape
  21. You can draw and duplicate your diagonal lines manually then use the Alignment´╗┐ button to align them horizontally and to set spacing etc