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  1. Why an image layer does not behave like a pixel layer is probably one of the most confusing/frustrating issues that new users to the Affinity software encounter Image layers have some advantages over pixel layers but for a lot of people who don't need those specific advantages then rasterising the image layer so it becomes a pixel layer is just something you get used to doing very quickly in your daily use of the software The attached video goes some way to explain some differences with "pixel vs image layers" but it fails to explain the reason behind some common issues users have with image layers, such as trying (and failing) to copy/paste a selection from an image layer to a new Layer. (Whereas Copy Flattened/Paste does work!) https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/365012457/ See also https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Layers/layerImage.html?title=Image layers https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/146720-image-layer-and-pixel-layer/#comment-817088
  2. Technically, yes you can use drag but it's usually easier to copy and paste from one image to the other one. You can then use the Layer > Merge... commands to merge it should you wish to do so
  3. Yes, you can add as many adjustment layers to the image as you want/need The HSL adjustment contains a saturation slider
  4. Hard to say, but... Edit > Inpaint requires a selection on a pixel layer (not an image layer) selected in the Layers panel If that is what you are doing then please upload a full-sized screenshot showing the Layers panel
  5. There is an option (on that same screen) to save your "custom keyboard shortcuts". Doing so may be beneficial should you ever lose then in the future (e.g. possibly during an update/upgrade)
  6. Hard to say without knowing what's in your document but these 2 Designer options may help in what you want to do Select > Select Same... Select > Select Object...
  7. First switch off hardware acceleration in Edit > Preferences > Performance (it can do weird things sometimes) If not cured, then uploading the document to the forum may yield some further insight into what is going on
  8. Things to try... 1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Performance and switch the Renderer to Warp This will bypass the graphics card Let us know if it still crashes Keep Hardware Acceleration OFF 2. If you are getting no Affinity crash reports run Event Viewer immediately after the next crash and look there for any clues If you don't know what to look for in Event Viewer. I believe you can export the logs and upload them to the forum for further analysis
  9. Recovered file attached No time to check it in-depth for any damage but it opens and saves Ok 944301550_Corruptedfile-recovered.afphoto
  10. You can try using Select > Selection From Layer or Select > Selection From Layer and Delete But I believe your pen tool selection would need a Fill colour for that to work correctly
  11. You will need either Designer or Publisher to, natively, add a Layer layer, it can't be done natively in APhoto But there are various hacks such as copying & pasting an existing Layer layer from another Affinity document
  12. The CTRL & Shift keys affect the nudge distance and the precise nudge distance can be set in Edit > Preferences > Tools
  13. If you placed the image on the document, they will be image layers and you will see a "Replace image" option in the context toolbar, once you select that layer Alternatively, make a note of the x/y coordinates of the original pixel layer in the Transform panel, add your new pixel image and change the x/y coordinates to those noted previously, then delete the original pixel layer Alternatively, give us a full screen screenshot (or document) showing the Layers panel with one of the pixel layers you want to replace selected
  14. The images posted are very small, without the Designer document it's going to be difficult seeing what is happening Can you upload it to the forum?
  15. There is no scripting and macros can't do it either but you can create an export preset(s) in the Export Persona which may do most of what you want
  16. Pretty sure that's not possible at the moment
  17. Approximately how many CR2 files are you batch processing? Does it work in small batches or when trying a single CR2 file? In Edit > Preferences > Performance how much RAM is allocated to APhoto? Also check your C drive is not running out of space during the batch process
  18. If by "bulk" you mean "batch" you can try switching off "Parallel Processing" in the New Batch Job screen In addition, in Edit > Preferences > Performance try switching off (untick) Hardware Acceleration (if enabled)
  19. Recovered files are attached and they look OK to me but it's impossible to know for sure In file "_fenix-uniform-recovered.afdesign" the group near the bottom of the layers stack looks a bit dodgy when you try to move it. I have disabled (hidden) it in the recovered file as it does not appear to be part of any of the Artboards. You may want to consider deleting it if it is not needed (If you had no backups for these files NOW is the time to start doing regular backups on all files you work on) Can you tell us where these files where stored, such as a local storage device or non-local storage device? And, if local is that drive/folder synced to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive? Note: Most corrupt files are not recoverable, you were lucky, do not rely on this forum to be able to recover all corrupt files in the future, do backups! _fatima-iv-recovered.afdesign _fenix-uniform-recovered.afdesign
  20. Not entirely sure what you are doing but if you are using an Artboard, you can add a second Artboard and then rotate the view 180 degrees Then File > Place your reference Designer document onto the second artboard and it will appear the right way up Now there is no need to switch document tabs as both your working document and the reference document are on the same screen
  21. @Danold I'm pretty sure there is a way to exclude Invisible layers but I've only used it on relatively simple designs. Do you have a sample map document you can upload to the forum, so I can see the document structure/layout you work with to see if it will work for you?
  22. After you place the rectangle, select the small colour well just to the right of the colour picker in the colour panel. (Shown as blue in your first screenshot in this thread) This will then set the fill of the rectangle to that blue colour
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