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  1. Some Publisher files are recoverable. You can upload it to the forum to see if that is the case for yours (assuming it's not private)
  2. When you hire a Grahics guy you would expect him to want to use software he is trained in. If you are hiring an accountant and want him to use specific software you already have in house you would specify that in the job advert, same with the Graphics guy
  3. Lots of companies have to cater for the specific software needs of individuals working for them, in addition to the generic software that everyone gets... E.g. The accountant needs accounting software Whoever pays the wages need Payroll software Whoever does the Invoices needs Billing software And the Graphics guy needs Affinity Photo etc etc etc
  4. Thanks, yes it looks like previously you may have been applying transparency to a group your table was in rather than directly to the table itself In the future if you only have a table, you can just group it by itself and apply transparency to the group and that should provide the effect you want
  5. Hi Steve We need a copy of a previous Affinity document (i.e. the .afpub document, not a screenshot or jpg/png file) where the table has the transparency correctly applied to it. Any old document will do, it does not have to be the one you are working on now
  6. Where are your files stored? E.g. Internal drive, External Drive, Network, NAS, cloud service, USB drive etc PS your attached documents work OK for me. Modifying the linked file seems to work just fine in a quick test
  7. Do you have one of those documents/tables you can upload to the forum? For comparison
  8. If a business gives you permission to install a legal copy of software you have purchased onto one of their PCs I don't see a problem with licensing. You effectively have control of that PC at that time for that purpose Licensing is there to primarily ensure a company gets paid for its software. If there's no attempt to defraud you don't/won't need lawyers I think the, related, issue of freelancers installing software onto a work PCs was addressed and approved in the past (But still, the OP needs a way to install it without having to purchase (multiple) business licenses.)
  9. Not entirely sure what you are requesting but if it is Isolation Mode (soloing) you can do that as per the instructions below.... To activate isolation mode: On the Layers panel, hold down the and click on the thumbnail of an artboard, layer, group or object. To exit isolation mode, press the Esc key, click another layer (from outside the isolated content, if the content is a group), or click away from the selection in the document view.
  10. Your file previews and exports here as a red jpg for me Have you actually tried to export a jpg and reopened that jpg or are you just looking at the black and white preview? Just trying to ascertain if your preview is wrong or you don't get a red jpg when exported
  11. No, the Affinity Photo document when you save it. It will have the .afphoto extension
  12. Can you upload that Affinity document to the forum or just a cropped part of it if you don't want to reveal the whole thing? As long as it still shows the problem
  13. For reference, the clone tool does have a Scale setting in the context toolbar which may be useful in future projects
  14. On Desktops you have Select > Top and Select > Bottom Not sure if that is "hidden" on iPads somewhere or just not implemented (as yet)
  15. Marquee selections don't snap to much. Drag a guide onto the margin(s) then snap the marquee selection to that
  16. The "Last Used" wireframe mode now has the default shortcut of CTRL+Y which was previously the Edit > Redo shortcut I can see a few people getting caught out by this in the future @Desireephhn Might be best to remove that new (CTRL+Y) shortcut, if you used Edit > Redo a lot in the past, to prevent this accidentally happening again in the future
  17. Select the text then in the Character panel try changing the Leading Override to Auto
  18. On one of the pages that has the watermark on it right-click the Master page layer and select Edit > Linked Then do Layer > Arrange > Move to Front and click the Finish button at the top of the screen You may need to scroll through the pages to see them update If you add more watermarked pages repeat the above or wait until the end of the project and just do it once
  19. Duplicate of this post, please respond there
  20. We may need a sample document (that shows the error), are you able to upload one to the forum?
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