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  1. Like I said before, I just use it when I can't seem to find a suitable image to start work from. I use one as a base for a character, then use a different AI to swap the face to the actual actor/actress that I haven in mind for the character.
  2. Sorry if I added to this problem. I just use AI to help me in my creations cause I can't find a suitable image that works with what I have in mind.
  3. @AffinityJules @iconoclast @v_kyr @Dan C @firstdefence @carl123 @TrentL @Komatös Here is a version of the cover composite. I have updated the color grading, and created the art effects. Hope you all like it.
  4. @AffinityJules @iconoclast @v_kyr @Dan C @firstdefence @carl123 @TrentL @Komatös Here is a version of the cover composite. I have added some shading, and added coloring effects to the foreground and characters on the bottom to match with each other. Hope you all like it.
  5. Thanks for all the help, is there any other suggestions on how to finalize the lighting before I start making it look more like a old 80s poster?
  6. @AffinityJules @iconoclast @v_kyr @Dan C @firstdefence @carl123 @TrentL @Komatös Here is a version of the cover. I added a moon on the star side of the background. I adjusted the center characters a bit to blend better with the moon. I have also started adding shading to the characters and background. I also started making adjustments to the text, but won't finalize it till the shading is done to add the final painting effects. Hope you all like it.
  7. @AffinityJules @iconoclast @v_kyr @Dan C @firstdefence @carl123 @TrentL @Komatös Here is a version of the cover. I made the text visible to align people properly, plus updated the coloring on the bottom text to make it more readable. I also added an effect to Georgie's eyes on the bottom that resembles the deadlights effect from the movie. I also moved one of the other ones back and made him smaller to better fit. Hope you all like it.
  8. I was going to work on that part next. I just wanted to make sure I had the characters in place before I added the shadows underneath.
  9. @AffinityJules @iconoclast @v_kyr @Dan C @firstdefence @carl123 @TrentL @Komatös Here is a version of the cover where the background characters are now outside of the background and more visible. I added a space background in the green area, and a screenshot of the sewer entrance from the 1990 mini-series as the background representing IT's lair. I also added characters on the ground as well to make it more like the Stranger Things poster. Hope you all like it.
  10. @AffinityJules @iconoclast @firstdefence @carl123 @v_kyr @TrentL Here is the version of the composite. I added a final police officer and some fog, and added a final color grade to blend everything together. Final effect I added was cropping the image for a 4:3 aspect ratio for a VHS effect when I finalize the VHS look. Hope you all like it.
  11. @AffinityJules @iconoclast @firstdefence @carl123 @v_kyr @TrentL Here is a new version of the composite. I added a couple more characters to the composite, a firefighter and the uncle that saved Georgie from Pennywise/IT. Hope you all like it.
  12. Excellent job on the cards, Happy Easter to you all too.
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