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Found 923 results

  1. Hello I can't find a topic about my problem so I decided to open one. I created a water mark for my pictures and it works well with the brush tool. Now my problem is if I am close the brush tool to continue work at the picture and open the restore tool I get the restore tool and my water mark also as brush. So I can not restore at the moment. Above the Picture in Affinity Photo you can adjust your specific tool. In the restore tool there is a button called "More" With a click on it a new window is open and my water mark is deposited as brush but it is not able for me to delete it to get back the good old restore tool. Deinstalling and reinstalling Affinity also doesn't work Since the last Update I think I have that Problem. Can anybody help me please? Alex
  2. Made entirely in AP with the help of the excellent videos of Serif ... Amazing (slightly boosted) colours. Patrick
  3. Hello, I like to use Affinity Photo at the end of the workflow to make final adjustments. It always starts without any trouble but after a few corrections, AP freezes and I can not do anything but wait... until it becomes functional again. I do not have too many adjustment layers (only two in the last photos, see ScS). Do you experience the same problem ? I already allocate the entire ram for AP performances (see ScS)... what else can I do ? Thanks for any advice, Patrick
  4. Hello, After hdr tone mapping, I ended with a 32 bit file and I made correction on this file before converting it to 8 bits. At the end, the conversion created slight artefacts (see scs, before/after). I guess I should have converted the photo before making corrections. The artefacts are very limited but I prefer to let you know. Patrick
  5. Hey Community! Just bought affinity photo, but now wanting to use a laurel, rope vector or brushes and I don't see any! I now see this is in designer and not photo How can I export this brush or vector to affinity photo? Or should I get affinity designer? Please help..
  6. The screenshot is rather blurry but the original is sharp (5.4k x 4.6k px). I did heavy retouching to test the stability of APhoto (the flood selection brush is still unusable). Thanks for reading. Patrick Edit : I did not see I left uncorrected errors
  7. Hello, It would be nice to have highlights/shadows clipping warnings in "Tone mapping persona". Patrick
  8. Hey guys! Here is my first post here, and this is my video about painting the Monster in Affinity Photo. Hope you like it! Feel free to share and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Best regards, Andrew Bzh.
  9. When setting the custom scaling on windows (currently 140%, but can be anything), the images all seem to have the strange scaling effect into the top left of what looks like a transparent area. When I change the windows display settings to any of the non-custom ie 100%, 150%, 200% it works fine Its an easy enough fix, but not sure if anyone else had this, and I actually need the scaling at 140% as it solves a different small issue I was having with my laptop
  10. OK, I'm in love with AP on my 10.5 iPad Pro. A bit buggy, and I've crashed it about a dozen times in 24 hours but... It's a great start and I'm diggin' it so far. Here's a quick wedding photo edit. 100% iPad and Affinity Photo.
  11. To keep it simple and without cluttering the forum with different topics for each project, I will post everything some of my work here. Feel free to comment and give any feedback that would help me improve, as I feel I haven't even scratched the surface with Affinity Photo after about a month of using it. Cheers. EDIT:
  12. Still learning AP, from hdr to final adjustments. It can be improved but I have to move on. Amazing flowers... Patrick
  13. Hello, Is there a way to know whether shadows/highlights are clipped during adjustments in AP ? Thanks for reading. Patrick
  14. I like using Affinity Photo so far. But I need a suggestion for a replacement for Adobe Bridge. I have tried iSmartPhoto, but Affinity Photo documents do not show in iSmartPhoto for whatever reason. I do not want to go to renting my software from Adobe, so if anyone has a suggestion for a Bridge replacement I will appreciate it.
  15. Hello, Nice to have a vignette filter but it could be useful to be able to modify the shape both horizontally and vertically independently of the photo size ratio. Thanks for reading. Patrick
  16. I've wanted to keep all my projects in one topic, but I think it won't hurt if some of them get their own spot. So here's "Vacations in Paradise" - composition that I've just finished for some "Monthly Challenge" (but mostly for fun). I'm actually proud of this one. It was a little tricky to put the dog and a woman into the car (had to remove side mirror, mess with her arms, tinker with the perspective and windshield etc.), but apart from that, it went rather well. Took me about 3-4 hours. Enhanced with Color Efex Pro (Pro Contrast profile).
  17. Hello, This might be a stupid question (of course it is) but I am a bit confused on this subject. I have to prepare some photos for printing and I'll certainly clip the photos in a vector square/rectangle to get a border and text, etc. I am dealing with 16 bits ".tiff" and/or ".afphoto" files for adjustments and I have to export the finished figures in "tiff" 8 bits for printing. I suppose that exporting rasterize and merge all the layers but do I have to rasterize anything before exporting ? I never thought about that in LR but I triy to do everything in APhoto now and this is not clear to me. Thanks for reading, Patrick
  18. Hello, I've recently finished an iPad app that I would love to turn into a plugin. Are there any resources for a "simple" way to get started with a plugin that would work in Affinity Photo. I think my best bet is to create a desktop app ( easy enough ) and then have the plugin mechanism launch that. It seems that Photoshop plugin creation is quite obscure, information wise, specially when wanting to simply share image data with a standalone application. Thank you.
  19. Hi everyone, I put up a blog post about using blend ranges in the way people often use luminosity masks. You can check it out here: Hope it's of some use to you & cheers, Simon
  20. Whenever I try to use the gradient tool to apply a tiling pattern, this is what I get instead:
  21. Hi All, As announced in a recent blog post we have launched the Affinity Photo Workbook to accompany the desktop versions of Affinity Photo Affinity Photo Workbook Launch Announcement November 23, 2017 We are proud to announce the launch of the official Affinity Photo Workbook, our first ever guide to Affinity Photo on macOS and Windows. Painstakingly put together over many months, the long-awaited Workbook teaches you everything there is to know about Affinity Photo and mastering its powerful tools and capabilities. . This is a big book - 488 pages, in hardback - and it includes fantastic projects created by some top photographers, as well as a comprehensive reference to all our tools and panels, and a set of core skills tutorials. For those who are interested, there is a further blog post describing the creation process Behind the Scenes: Creating the Affinity Photo Workbook November 27, 2017 As we released our glossy full-colour Affinity Photo Workbook last week, we thought you might like to take a look into how it was created… You can find more information about it here. Usual price is $49.99 / £37.99 (+ shipping and handling). It's available in English and German. Hope you like it!
  22. When editing an image in Develop Persona the Crop tool does not offer an accept/reject (tick/x) option. How do I 'initiate' the crop while remaining in Develop persona? Solved. After setting up a crop how do I cancel it?
  23. I am trying once more to get to grips with Affinity Photo and have a question about metadata. How can I view the metadata of a photograph and to add keywords?
  24. Hi everyone, This is from a year ago or so. I'm now doing something else with this brand so I thought I should share the older ones. I hope you like it. Some older iteration:
  25. I am still on 11.2.6 and would like to hear from people who have updated their iPads to iOS 11.3 general release. There appeared to be some issues with the earlier 11.3 betas and Affinity Photo. I like to keep iOS up to date but don't wish to create issues with AP.