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  1. If I give a layer a different blend mode on the iPad, go out of layers, then deactivate the layer and again reactivate it = the blendmode is not preserved and has to be re-entered.
  2. I have a circle in a photo that I need isolate, much like in the thread below. I am fine doing so with either Elliptical Marquee tool or Ellipse tool, as long as I can adjust the size and placement of the "selection" and then convert to a mask of a given layer. I tried making an Ellipse, but this makes a layer over my target layer. I tried making a mask layer, clicking it and then adding selection with Ellipse marquee, but when I adjust the size of the ellipse the pixel layer above changes too (stretches). I've come close by trial and error, but it always ends up fudged in some way. GOAL: Make first a rough select, then refine it, when convert to mask so that everything around the circle disappears. EDIT: in addition, I'd like the edges of the circle to be smooth, no pixelated. The video below shows what I want, but I don't quite follow the finger taps and there is no text description of the final solution. Thanks!
  3. Affinity Photo V2 - Version iPad 6th generation, iOS 16.2 I can’t sign in to my Affinity account on Affinity Photo V2. In the screen capture below, I put in my account details and repeatedly pressed “sign in” to no avail. Closing out the program and relaunching sends me right back to the sign in/create an account screen. This has been happening since (on all of the software) since I’ve downloaded the software around Christmas time. Thankfully the programs are registered under my account or i’d be out of luck. When I open a document in Publisher, i’m able to use studio link, so I am not sure why I can’t connect my account. I included a screen capture of that as well just in case. IMG_1362.MOV IMG_1363.MOV
  4. Hi, Starting from the below video done by GraphicalFinity I made two dithering templates, vertical and horizontal. Each template has the same structure: 1. background image, named Replace me!. Put your image above this layer, then delete it. 2.Channel Mixer Adjustment, make any tweaks needed for your image. 3. Dithering layer, hidden by default. If you want to apply any effect to it, make it visible. Apply any effect (see video), then make the Pattern dithering layer (see video). Before that, delete the initial Pattern dithering layer (4). 4.Pattern dithering layer, see video how to create it. 5. Treshold Adjustment, no tweaks needed. dithering-H.aftemplate dithering-V.aftemplate
  5. Hi, I've checked around the forum and I've seen this question come up before, so I'll mention it again. Can we please have the ability to have "Save History with Document" as a default in app preferences. I like to have my history saved with my work so I can backtrack if I don't like something in the future, and often forget to click it before I save. Thanks!
  6. Below is my list of written tutorials I have done over the years. The first few were done using early versions of Affinity programs but they should still be ok. Some menus may have changed or tools look different but the basics are the same. Also most are for Affinity Photo, but some could be done in Designer. Plus the "Beginners Look at Affinity Photo" ones will pretty much be the same in Affinity Designer and Publisher as all 3 programs have same basic functions. PhotoPlus and Affinity Photo – make a fake Starry Sky background https://www.dropbox.com/s/3la5z4amc11wcgx/starry-Sky-PhotoPlus_and_Affinity_Photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Silk Embroidery Effect https://www.dropbox.com/s/9h4mpso7i77z1oq/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20Silk%20Embroidery%20Effect.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Silk Embroidery Effect V2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6usbza25vidgmck/Embroidery%20Tutorial%20v2.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Vintage Cabinet Frames https://www.dropbox.com/s/bj2dsmwmy0juazk/cabinet-frames.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Fake Evening Sky with Rain and Lightening https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlcdnducotitp1d/Fake_Evening_-_Lightning_-_Rain_-_Affinity_Photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo - Art Projects Shows 2 ways to make a blank canvas on an easel have what might be a painted image on it, from a photograph. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fx18c77t2dnulb/Art-Projects-sept2018.pdf?dl=0 Infrared V2 – Affinity Photo 3 ways to make fake Infrared images I Needed a project to use in the Affinity Publisher beta, so I thought I’d update an old Serif PhotoPlus tutorial to an Affinity Photo tutorial. It basically shows 3 methods to get Infrared style images. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0c0mgqfrbrdv4q5/Affinity%20Tutorial%20-%20Infrared-v2.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Convert German Video – Film Strip Image in 3 parts pt 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iewleyt95a8qhdk/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt1.pdf?dl=0 pt 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j35gkvxr9emcq6/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt2.pdf?dl=0 pt 3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yvxubgne0kqct4/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt3.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – False Water and Reflection https://www.dropbox.com/s/4sm0qqikvp0hs0a/affinity-photo-false_water_and_reflection.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Chinese Painting Styles in 2 parts pt 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvqn9hf9mo2xwbr/Chinese_Painting_-Pt_01-_affinity-photo.pdf?dl=0 pt 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ovc317ncjjosd0/Chinese_Painting_-Pt_02-_affinity-photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Beginners Look at Layer Masks https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0lsf9e7kdymdyd/A-Photo-%20Beginners%20Look%20At%20Layer%20Masks.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 1 – Better Cloning https://www.dropbox.com/s/a1d283mn7icltzc/ACTIV8-issue1-BetterCloning.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 2 – Spheres https://www.dropbox.com/s/igufcf3unu4z84b/ACTIV8-issue2-spheres.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 3 – Affinity Photo - Select Tree - Replace Sky – 2 ways https://www.dropbox.com/s/lx0ko7f2xjqsg3r/ACTIV8-issue3-replacesky.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 4 – Tri-Fold Image https://www.dropbox.com/s/1iyp59mr3bzjlri/ACTIV8-issue4-TriFold-image.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 5 – Emboss With Lighting https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5r6tiz3c7k7o1s/ACTIV8-issue5-emboss-with-light.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 6 – 3D Text https://www.dropbox.com/s/gif1x6xrtfrp2z8/ACTIV8-issue6-Three-D-Text.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 7 -Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher – A look at Styles This written tutorial, mainly aimed at beginners of any of the Affinity Software made for PC and Mac. It may work the same on iPad version but I don’t own one so can’t confirm that it will. It looks at what Styles are, how to make some Gradient Styles and some Styles made from images. Then how to Export and Import your newly made Styles. After that I do a basic overview of a couple of video tutorials I have made in the past. Using the Mirror Filter and the Equation filter to make new images, to then make Styles from. Lastly, another overview of a recent video tutorial, which looks at using the Vector Crop Tool in Affinity Designer to grab sections of an image to then make Styles from. The end of this PDF tutorial has interactive links to all the video tutorials and links to the downloads of all the Styles I have made in these video and written tutorials. https://www.dropbox.com/s/82szaatnflaw8fk/ACTIV8-issue7-Styles.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 8 – Affinity Photo – Make Sketch Image With Just The Channel Mixer A while ago I made an Affinity Photo video tutorial about making a sketch image just using the Channel Mixer adjustment. I thought I’d up-date it slightly in this written tutorial, which can be done in Affinity Photo, Designer or Publisher. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6etmt3am6ljprwn/ACTIV8-issue7-ChannelMixer-Sketch.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 8a – Affinity Software – 4 Creative yet simple ways to use Blend Modes This is a written tutorial update of a video tutorial I did in Feb 2018. They are fairly basic edits and will work best with an image that has a white background. So, I will use one I got from Pixabay, as are the other images used. Links to the video and image are in the written tutorial. The video was done in Affinity Photo but this will be done in Affinity Designer but I see no reason why it can’t also be done in Publisher. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sluebvjl86nuk8e/ACTIV8-issue8-Four-Uses-for-Blend-Modes.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 9 – A Beginners Look At Affinity Photo part 1 Looking at opening images and saving your edits. Plus, file formats also a look at the Layers Panel and Colour selection Although tutorial is for Affinity Photo all will work pretty much the same in Affinity Designer And Publisher https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ztaxn4siom7evd/ACTIV8-issue9-Beginners%20Look%20at%20Affinity%20Photo%20pt01.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 10 – A Beginners Look At Affinity Photo part 2 Looking at opening and setting up a new document other than an image. The Brush Tool and changing the Brush Tips. Then looking at the different types of Pixel and Vector layers you can make. Layer Masks and their use. Plus, a quick look at Text and Shape layers and the Glyph Browser. As with part 1, most (if not all) of the information in this tutorial will work just as well in Affinity Designer and Publisher as all 3 programs are so similar. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kourodnfojwq26l/ACTIV8-issue10-Beginners%20Look%20at%20Affinity%20Photo-pt02.pdf?dl=0
  7. Hi Guys, Ànd @James Ritson when I was just about to pull the trigger on an M1 Mac Mini with 16GB RAM when Apple and thankfully so has dropped another M2 Mac Mini in the Mix now I am planning to order this against the M2 Mac Mini Pro. Do you guys think M2 Mac Mini with 16GB RAM should be good enough choice to make sure that Affinity Photo Version 2 works smoothly on it and at the same time, it is not too heavy on my budget which would be the case if I go with the Pro ? in short will a M2 Mac Mini with 16GB RAM ensure that Affinity Photo Version 2 the newer version work smoothly on it ? Do I need a Pro Mac Mini ?
  8. I apologize if this has been mentioned before, but I couldn't find it in a search. I have had a problem fairly often when trying to make re-adjustments to an existing live filter or adjustment layer in a document. I click on the layer icon to open a previous adjustment (Curves, Unsharp mask, High Pass, or whatever) and the adjustment window briefly blinks into view, then disappears, making it impossible to readjust my settings. I try again and again, but it always vanishes, at least once this problem surfaces. Other adjustment layers in the same document may open fine for re-adjustment, but the layer in question won't allow me access. I've tried repositioning the layer as a child layer, a parent layer, or and individual layer with no parent and child, all to no avail. The only solution I've found is to delete the layer and recreate it. Sometimes, I need to shut down AP and restart it, then it works fine for a while. This usually happens after working with the program for a period of time. More often than not, reopening and readjusting layers works fine, as expected. But, this problem happens often enough that it is very irritating and forces me to delete and recreated the layer, or reboot the program. I don't know if that is a bug in the program itself, or whether there is a conflict with other programs, utilities, the O/S, etc. I'm running a 2017 MacBook Pro, 15" Retina display, OSX Monterrey 12.6. BTW, I've held off installing OSX Ventura because I have read of some issues with v2 software. I'd like to upgrade to Ventura. Is the Affinity Suite working okay now with Ventura, or should I continue to hold off? I don't want to upgrade the OS if it will cause more trouble. Thanks, Lou
  9. I think I’ve probably ‘faffed about’ with this for long enough so it’s time to ‘release it into the wild’ and “go out and do something less boring instead” (as the song, which some members of a certain age might remember, goes). All done – except for certain stock images – in Affinity Designer and Photo. It’s just an experimental thing, not a real product. (You may need to click on the image and zoom in to see more detail.)
  10. Is there any way to change the radius of the color picker you get with the bottom modifier of the brush tool? I want to blend between different colors without having to switch between the actual color picker tool and the brush tool, but I only get a 1x1 px sample area.
  11. Playing with Blender 3D to create this mockup for a fictional brand of potato chips. Textures done with Affinity Photo and Designer Here's also a Turntable animation. https://www.instagram.com/p/CniJqVVhImy/
  12. Greetings, Affinity Photo 2.0.3 Steps to reproduce: Take any raster layer, 8bit, sRGB Add Live Filter "Gaussian Blur" with eg. 10 px radius Change the opacity of Live Filter to 1% Change blending mode of Live Filter to "Overlay" Until now, everything seems to be fine. You are seeing an almost unmodified layer content. Now, change the Live Filter opacity from 1% to 0% First bug: Despite that blur itself is actually not visible, obviously the image is being applied to itself in Overlay blending mode, while You should be seeing unaltered image. For reference, You may want to convert the document to CMYK FOGRA39, and check there (it behaves correctly). You are still in sRGB. Grab the "Radius" slider and move it randomly. Image is being divided into semi-random areas, similar to screenshot below. Try to "merge" the Live Filter. The artefacts are likely to be embedded into layer pixels. This procedure takes "gaussian blur" as an example. Same glitchy beaviour occurs also when using different Live Filters. KR,
  13. Here's a thread from 2014... It's crazy to think that you would have implemented this by now (2022) unless you're going the Reason Studios route, "We know what you need, you don't!" unless I'm missing something....
  14. Hi everyone! This marks the start of my sketchbook. EDIT; here is the optimized version with shadows, thanks for the tip!@MBWanderer
  15. Hi, In this Affinity Photo Tutorial I show you how to improve the contrast and coloring of a low-contrast photo on a rainy day. For me, this day was emotional but the photo was disappointing because of the rain and the low light. So I found a way to rescue some of my impressions of my hiking day. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  16. In this video I share with you how to fix RTL on Affinity Designer but its work Publisher and Photo as well, Free Fix Download Link: https://leomoon.com/downloads/desktop-apps/leomoon-parsinegar/ Enjoy!
  17. Hello how are you? I need your help. I have some product images from a client and I need them all to have the same color tone. In Photoshop I used Match Color to match the colors of the images, using an image as a reference. Is there a tool that does this automatically in Affinity Photo or do I need to do it manually? If anyone has any suggestions it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
  18. I have V1 Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (I don't have an Affinity Publisher). Will users who have AP and AD licenses get a discount on upgrades from V1 to V2? I just didn't buy the entire Affinity bundle as I never needed a Affinity Publisher. I would like to point out that I have 2/3 programs from Serif. A discount when purchasing V2 upgrade for V1 users would be a nice appreciation. I use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for fun, it's my hobby in my spare time
  19. Hello. I bought and installed the "Affinity v2" suite, and I'm almost satisfied with it, except for a problem with the software crashing when I try to open a file. I'm on macOS 10.15.7 and, when I do: "Right click" > "Open with..." > "Affinity Designer 2" / "Affinity Publisher 2" / "Affinity Photo 2" on a file (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, etc.), the software open before crashing immediately. Now when I open "Affinity Designer 2", "Affinity Publisher 2" or "Affinity Photo 2" directly, sometimes it works fine and I can open my file, sometimes it crashes immediately (regardless of the file type I tries to open). I was therefore forced to reinstall versions 1 of "Affinity" (which work without any problems) in order to be able to launch my software. Do you have a solution to solve this problem? Do you need the crash reports generated by macOS? Awaiting your reply. Best regards.
  20. Currently, when I add a (child) adjustment layer, it appears in a collapsed position. I would like to add an adjustment layer in expanded position automatically. AP2 Thank you.
  21. Hello, I am very new to Affinity products. As I have used Photoshop my entire life and I recently switched to Affinity and I am loving all the great features. This is a small feature but very useful while saving photos for web. There should be an option to enable or enabled default to automatically replace space with - (dash) in the file name while exporting images for web like photoshop does. Thank You
  22. Watch this movie. I am actually typing in 500. Doesn't happen every time but enough that I could get a screen recording. Untitled.mov
  23. So I've been dropped in at the deep end and I'm a little out of my comfort zone! Being the family "graphics" person I must be good at this, no? 😂 I've been given the task of scanning photos and negatives which cover the last 70 years - around 1000. They are both colour and B&W, and of various types, sizes and condition. I've searched the forums on here and elsewhere and although there are really good snippets for specific restorations I can't find anyone describing a general workflow. I'm specifically looking for the order that things should be done and the rationale. For example, one tut said do the dust and scratch removal as a late/last step but my scanner has ICE and that does a pretty good job at that point early on in the workflow. Some of the photos are in good shape and will only need a little colour correction or B&W point adjustment, others are in poor shape and will need lots of work. Does anyone know of any tutorials, blog posts or documentation, especially if it uses Affinity Photo, that covers this type of workflow? TIA.
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