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  1. Lichens and mosses give each other a rendezvous, 99 Jpeg Shots and Affinity Photo
  2. While I was art streaming last night I made this quickly for fun. Felt pretty happy with the art considering the short time put into it. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ooev1k
  3. My first digital painting all in Affinity. Made it yesterday for May the 4th be with you. Not perfect but I'm excited.
  4. Hi! I would like to ask how to prevent Affinity Photo from resetting it's toolbars each and every time I'm opening the software? It also resets it's location on my monitors to it's default, but that's what least concerns me. I'm running the latest version on Windows 10 and I'm also logged in to my account. Thanks!
  5. Randomly my document will flicker while I am working, but the flicker does not extend to the tool bar, or anything other the main canvas. (this happens in designer and publisher as well and not on any other app I use) I had updated my windows OS about a month ago and this same issue occurred. I reverted windows and it fixed my problem so I kept delaying the update but windows wont allow me to delay the update anymore. After updating a few days ago, the issues has come back. Affinity is updated to the most recent build, Nvidia Driver is up tp date (466.27) and my Windows OS is on 19
  6. I would like to see an option to set a fixed aspect ratio when using the slice tool. Right now I can set a width and height and then link them, however, when I draw a new slice if it's not the same dimensions I have to unlink the H&W and manually type the correct dimensions and move the slice into position. Ideally I would set a fixed aspect ratio, draw my first slice, maybe move it into place, then line up my next slice with the first and draw it to match the width or height of the and already have the other dimension set correctly based on the AR.
  7. Get it here: https://www.oliviotutorials.com/laser-delight-pack/ The Laser Delight Pack gives you up to 110 amazing Laser Light Styles for Affinity Photo. Masterfully designed colors will give you the perfect glow and lights to make your photos shine. The skillfully assembled Styles Pack comes with a free Online Course. Explaining everything from Installing the Styles to using them creatively in your workflow. A perfect Addition for Hobbyists and Professionals alike. Enjoy All Version also includes a free Online Course. INFO: This product was NOT tested with the iPad. Please t
  8. I am working on three different multi-layered images in Affinity Photo 1.9.3 and using the Freehand Selection Tool without any issues until, suddenly and only with one of the three images, the FST will only make selections like it is in Polygonal mode. Regardless of what I do with the settings, it will not make any selections in Freehand mode. This does not happen with the other images I am working on, just this one particular image. I have tried closing/re-opening the file, copy/pasting all the layers into a new document, restarting AP and rebooting the Mac – all without any success. The
  9. Create texture using Voronoi. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 23 of the Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. https://youtu.be/DJvrszzygzk
  10. Oh My Gosh. All this time, I did not realize that it is possible to add Affinity Photo to the list of external editors provided in Lightroom (LR). I'm using LR 6, so this likely would apply to Lightroom Classic (sorry can't vouch for HOW to do it in the LR Classic version, but it might be similarly done). In LIghtroom 6, simply go to "File / Preferences / External Editing" - On that dialogue, look under "Additional External Editor / Application:" - then click the "Choose" button on the right of the dialogue. Navigate to the pixel editing application you want (Affinity Photo in this c
  11. When I open a RAW file in the Develop Persona, it is not automatically selecting the lens profile, even though (a) Develop lens profile is set to Auto-select in Develop Assistant (b) the camera and lens model are correctly identified in the line near the top of the screen (just to the right of the Cancel button) (c) the exact lens model can be manually located in the pull down profile listing The first screen shot Camera-Lens-01.jpg below shows the issue for a Sony .ARW raw file, and it is not just one individual image, but all I have tried from that particular camera, and is als
  12. It would be great if Affinity Photo could create a gradient map from the colors in a selection. The use case for this would be to do an expert level recoloring or color matching from another image. The gradient map should be created from an analysis of the darkest values/darkest tones to lightest values/lightest tones. Affinity Photo can already do color analysis of the current image or other an imported image. It would take a few extra steps to create this. This is something I do using a plugin for Photoshop called Infinite Unity - please see below:
  13. Hi Affinity Community, I am looking to create a circular visual with text and a profile (which shows elevation and distance) that curves around the edge. I have been looking at this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/131951-text-alignment-in-shapes/&tab=comments#comment-726530 And have found useful info for setting out and aligning text. I am also looking to warp this rectangular image onto the outside of the circle. I'd want to adjust the scale of it, so would transforming into a donut would be the best way to manipulate it? These would
  14. Passthrough Vs Normal. This tutorial shows the difference between passthrough and normal in grouped layers. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 22 of my Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 22 of my Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. https://youtu.be/gRZ1vFhwdss
  15. Hi, how can I save images in next-gen formats (JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP) using Affinity Photo? Thanks!
  16. Hi guys, in this video, I'm doing a simple photo composite about how to make an object coming out from a text/alphabet. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  17. If I need to lay guides for a project, how do I do that if the measurement is not in pixels? Examples: inches, millimeters, etc...
  18. Also I really want to be able to feather masks (as I am able to in Photoshop's mask properties). Right now I can apply a Gaussian live filter to the mask but it just doesn't create the same effect I'm after. Please take a look at this video - I want to be able to do this exactly. What ends up happening is that I end up vignetting the whole image.
  19. Feature request for Affinity Photo: Embed changed linked files until an update by user Situation: If you load a project file, then all missed linked files will be displayed pixelized. This is extremly contra productive. Better: To avoid missed linked files please embed the visible result into the Affinity project file. If there are files missing, you can still inform the user, but please don't destroy the implemented material by pixelizing it. This solution would secure the use of the files by 3rd parties, without having the original assets. You don't need to save the origi
  20. I've been working on some more clouds, and as it turns out, once you are decent at clouds tree tops come along pretty similarly. Maybe not all trees, but certainly the ones used in my Torii Gate illustration.
  21. I've lately been doing a study on drawing clouds in Affinity Photo. While I do enjoy the ease of using assets and merging other photos in to get clouds, I want a more Ghibli style look, and as far as I know that does require drawing. Having a tablet for this does help immensely. It does turn out clouds are pretty tough to draw. Each piece took me a few hours just on the sky. And I don't think I'll ever truly feel content with my work. I just want to keep making little tweaks and changes. But that is part of being an artists isn't it? Let me know your thoughts.
  22. I'm a beginner in astrophotography processing. I have watched the YouTube videos by James Ritson but I do not understand all the terminology or how to get all the files (Light frames, Dark frames, Bias frames, etc.) or even what they are. I really need an introduction to astrophotography processing in Affinity Photo. Thanks very mch.
  23. My style is typically centered around being similar to that portrayed in Ghibli films, but today I chose to draw some snow for the first time, as well as in a new way. I wanted some story in it, so I chose to add a baboon. Is it a statue? Is it alive? Both? My main qualm with my piece is I think I could have done some better shadows. But that is something to try out in some future art.
  24. When I create a mask, then paint on that mask in black, it is as if I am painting in dark grey. The masked layer shows through dimly and is not removed completely until I paint over it again. In the attached file, you can see that I have a red layer with a mask and a blue layer below that. When I paint on the mask, you can see that the result is a deep purple but if I paint over it again all of the red is removed and the blue shows through correctly. Brush opacity is 100%, Flow 100%, and hardness 100%. I must be missing something in the settings but I can't figure it out. Suggest
  25. I am Adobe Illustrator user from many years and using Affinity Designer and Photo from beta but never made logo from basic to finish in Affinity. I was previously made basic vector in Adobe illustrator and then put some colour and gradient in Affinity Designer. oday i thought i sjould give a try to make this logo concept all in Affinity and i made basic drawing in Affinity Designer and then used Affinity Photo brushes to paint. Hope you like my first try
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