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Found 639 results

  1. This is a still life photo l took using as a central focus one of my turnings and elaborated with affinity photo. I really appreciate any comment and ideas. thanks.
  2. Hello, Do you think you could tell me what "Soft Proof" is? I click on it and the default preset looks quite nice on the photo. Should I use it for just getting a certain look or is "Soft Proof" something else that I shouldn't touch? Thanks!
  3. I download trial but dont start! Why? I wont to buy but if dont start.... (mac pro + macosx 10.7.5) many thanks!!!!! Help!
  4. I'm using Affinity Designer and Photo since it was released on Windows, and am really satisfied with both programs. In addition to my wacom cintiq I'm using a Microsoft Windows Dial to manipulate brush sizes and other tool properties. This works because you can create custom menu entries for the dial and attach keyboard strokes to those entries. But ultimately I'd love to see direct integration of the dial directly into Designer and Photo like Drawboard PDF or Sketchable have, where the Surface Dial UI includes direct Information about available bruhes, or that I could utilize the Dial to select tool colour directly. (For reference: Windows Wheel Interactions (MSDN)) Is that something that you consider for an upcoming version of Affinity Photo / Designer?
  5. Masks, everybody has to do them, why not manage and utilise them in a meaningful way? We could bring in external masks/alphas paint grayscale layers or have selections saved as channels. We could bring them in as linked images or embed them to the document. Each time we create a new adjustment or filter layer we have to either go through the channels, create a selection from a channel or rasterise an existing grayscale layer to a mask. That's the inefficient time-vampire kind of way. How about letting us store and manage channels in a meaningful way? Example: I have a mask drawn and want to move on from it to recall later. I could right-click and select "Store as Single-Channel… > Select / New channel" or "Store as Multi-Channel" for additional RGBs like normals or object coordinates for relighting. (In the channels list RGB sets would be displayed as a channel group, users can also create channel groups, RGBs are just automatically generated for the user) When I need that selection in a tool, the tool would just have a dropdown menu listing all the available channels (incl. RGBA) and I could select the mask I've just made. If I make changes to that mask, all tools using that mask update automatically. No hassle, no extra time cost.
  6. Hi guys! I played a bit more with AF Photo and tried to import files from AF Designer. A look at the screen reveals that on iOS AFP seems to have problems with text within symbols. At least within duplicated ones. In the desktop version everything is fine. It's a minor thing, but it should be mentioned. Cheers!
  7. Is it posible to import pdf-s as image in affinity photo? Because many times client don't have all fonts what is embeded and used in pdf-s.
  8. Hi, TL:DR Set Fill / Paint / font colour change crashes the program when applied to a block image e.g. not a font. Attempts to paint the entire A4 page but takes 15 minutes perhaps more. Why does it take so long to paint a page. Why did it paint a page when it was only a small portion that was selected. Improve logic to prevent this? Hardware i5 2500K overclocked to 4.1gHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB ssd, Intel onboard Graphic 3000, 4TB ssd/plater HD, AMD 5770 1GB video card Creating another master piece and was just changing the colours of the fonts. I then clicked on a block of graphic image and clicked on that to change its colour. Once I did this the computer started to play up with the mouse becoming erratic e.g. not moving smoothly. This got worse to the point I had no response from my computer. After a minute approx I could get taskmanager to start and I could see that Affinity Photo was reporting it is "not responding" At first it was using 1% cpu and 1.5 GB of memory Being patient I waited perhaps another 5 minutes perhaps 10 and noticed that the program came back sort of. I checked taskmanager again and found that cpu use had risen to ~32% and 4.5GB of memory with 0.3% of disk activity. The entire Affinity Photo program screen had a transparent grey all over the entire screen. Normally when I see a program in this state I would conclude it had crashed. I waited some more and found the program returned to a functioning state however my entire image had be painted the font colour. At first I didn't realise it had done this but as I clicked on the image I noticed handles responded. I saved the file "which had ballooned from 2MB to 27MB" in this state and restarted the program and found the entire image was still completely painted in the font colour. I used the undo feature and managed to get the image back to where I wanted it. I then attempted to change the colour again of the block image and guess what it did exactly the same thing and "crashed" I took screen shots including the taskmanager if your interested. The saved files seemed excessively large as for an A4 size page. It is a very basic image with text a certificate of a swimming milestone for ABI swimmers. Thought I would have had this done and dusted in say an hour or so but I have spent a considerable amount of time on it due to the "crashes" and writing in this forum. Images blurred for privacy reasons.
  9. Strangely A-Photo for MacOS (versions inc. 1.5.2) change the Byte Order of TIFF files from Macintosh to IBM. Not very cool. Side note, wish export panels and personas would somehow highlight when a property (e.g., 16-bit sampling DOWN to 8-bit or 80% JPEG compression UP to 100%) has been changed in a way that will result in (perhaps unexpected) data loss. Love A-Photo!
  10. Hi Affinity Community. I would like to share my first work made with Affinity Photo. I hope you like it. More work in progress pictures: Old Wheels on Behance
  11. Modals (such as the Document > Resize Canvas or the File > Export...) should be dismissible with the Esc key. This works fine if you bring up such a dialog and do nothing (or choose something from a dropdown) - it works as long as you don't give focus to some input box (by using the mouse). After doing that, pressing Esc key once exits the inputbox, but pressing it again won't dismiss the modal at all. The Esc key can no longer dismiss the dialog. (It's minor bug of course, but one that deters from the smooth experience - it breaks "the flow" when you work;-) ) Hope this helps -Fotis
  12. For the magazines I produce I frequently make the background of a drawing transparent so that when I export it as a PNG and place it into InDesign CC, I can wrap text to the edges of the drawing. I have been using Photoshop until recently, but would like to use Affinity Photo in future. However, in AP a faint line appears around the edge of the transparency when it is exported into InDesign. It happens whether I use the lasso tool or the eraser. I am exporting as PNG 24 (usually Bilinear but it's the same result whatever method). It makes no difference whether I export the document or a slice. This does not happen with the same image when processed and exported as a PNG in PS and then placed in InDesign. I tried inserting the AP exported PNG into a Word doc and discovered that the line does NOT show. But if I copy and paste, or use Save as Picture, from Word and then place that image into InDesign, the line comes back. This would point to it being an incompatability with your PNG compression algorithm and InDesign. As I say, it does not happen with PS. It's a shame, as I would like to use AP in my workflow, but cannot until this is fixed. I attach an example of a PNG as exported from AP and an example of the same image as exported as a PNG from PS.
  13. SO DARK THE NIGHT: pretty dark, halloween. For those who like it (FHD Wallpaper 1920 x 1080 px)
  14. Quick question; So I make a bunch of adjustments on a photo and then I try making those adjustments into a LUT. So I select; "Export LUT" and drag the quality slider all the way up and export it as a ".cube" file. And then I undo all the adjustments on that photo and import the LUT i just made into the LUT adjustment thing. But the colors of the photos are nothing like my original adjustments. What am I doing wrong? (For visual reference, I attached a few images of the steps I took) Thanks!
  15. I have installed Affinity Photo 1.6.2 on my home PC with Windows 10 recently and cant work without pain in my eyes. Fonts are pixelated, thick. The look ugly. My display is LG 22MP65 with 1080p resolution hooked up to ASUS N73SV laptop. I have no problem with any other software but Affinity Photo. How to fix Affinity Photo UI fonts on Windows 10?
  16. I have made 10 free tone mapping presets. I have not seen any tone mapping presets for affinity photo so I made some for anybody who might want them. Of course they will not all work with every photo like all presets but I hope someone finds them useful : ) To upload them just click on the zip. file, then in the tone mapping persona on the presets menu; click "Import Presets", Enjoy! Thanks! Hanan Edwards
  17. Hello, here my Workflow for faking acrylic paintings in Affinity Photo using FotoSketcher(Freeware). I'm using FotoSketcher(.com) for the brushstroke effects. (PhotoArtist, AutoFX AutoMagic or Topaz Impression should work too, but not tested) Form the source image i generate 4 images with different minimal brush sizes, normaly 40, 20, 10 and 5. FotoSketcher settings: Painting 7(Gemälde 7). Have a look at the attached afphoto file. (It's simple, but complicated to explain) The images with thick brush strokes(40, 20) are used for the background and the remaining two images(10, 5) are for the subject und fine details. In Affinity Photo (or Designer) the image with bigest strokes gets loaded and used as main background and the others used as layers on top. My next step is adding layer masks and inverting (strg + i) them. A white brush on the mask is used to paint back the details. The Layer with fines strokes is only used for the face/eyes and other important details. Affinity Photo only: Now i combine the layers to a new layer for a paint effect. Dublicate the layer and apply "find edges" filter. Invert it (strg+i) and use curves to intens the borders. These two layers are needed for Lighting-Live-Effect and texture settings and notice the layer blending settings. Because i used a bw image as sample, i added some colour with extra layer ("Basecolour"). The last three layers adding some artistic feel to image. Colour variation layer: Colour variation are often used in paintings to fake details and add more life to a images. Warm layer: Add a warm orange colour tint to sun lit surfaces. Cold layer: To add a blueish ambient tint to some shadows. ps. You can use load you own brush as image in FotoSketcher. In are my test brushes. Max_Schreck.afphoto
  18. When I use affinity Designer, the menu "edit in photo(File->edit in Photo)" is not active. So, I can't run affinity Photo from affinity Designer. (and I can't run Designer from Photo, also.) Are there any settings which I have to do.? I bought affinity Photo and Designer. *affinity Designer... windows version 1.5.3 *affinity Photo... windows version 1.5.2 (I use both soft in Japanese)
  19. Hi there, I would like to create text following a curved line. I have found a tutorial to do it on affinity DESIGNER but cannot follow it. I have affinity PHOTO. Am i able to write text on a curved line and if so how do i do this? Thank you, Kate
  20. So every time a upload a RAW photo it take AGES to load. But when I try to upload multiple files, it will either crash or stop responding and the computer will just freeze! Is there anyway that I can speed up Affinity Photo?
  21. This is just an idea for later versions of Affinity Photo; I was thinking it would be really nice to have Lightroom Presets compatible with later versions of affinity photo. Although they are different applications, they are still similar so maybe Lightroom Presets could become usable in Affinity photo! (Just an idea but would be very useful) Kind regards! Hanan
  22. - Launch Resize Canvas dialog box - Change the canvas to any size - Launch Export dialog box Bug: The Export Settings is still showing the original canvas size (resolution) - Export (save) the file as JPEG (it also happen to other file formats) Bug: The file will be saved in original resolution, with: i) If the revised canvas size is smaller than the original, the saved file will be cropped and enlarged. ii) If the revised canvas size is larger than the original, the saved file will be shrunk down leaving transparent pixels at sides. iii) If the ratio is not fixed when revising the canvas size, the saved file will be stretched/compressed in one direction. The file will be correctly saved only if both Canvas and Export dialogs are manually set to same resolution values. My guessing is the revised resolution values from Canvas dialog box is not passed to the Export dialog box. System info: Windows 10 home 64-bit ver. 1703 Acer Aspire S7-392-74508G25tws
  23. Hello Affinity community! I'm using Affinity Photo on Windows 10. The soft proof adjustment offers me the following options: select profile Rendering Intent Black point compensation Gamut Check Opacity Blend Mode Blend Options But where can I enable or disable "simulate paper color"? I can't find it. Thanks for your help!
  24. When editing RAW files, changing the black point and contrast values always make the image extremely dark, even though I’m only changing the value by about 1% or 2%. I’ll link a video to show what the issue is. 525508CB-DB4E-4150-A864-C4BF87CF487D.MOV