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Found 1,075 results

  1. photos taken near Winter Hill, Lancashire, England Camera: Canon m50 Lens: Canon EF-M 18-150mm
  2. Hello commmunity! How do I delete the selected area in Affinity Photo for iPad - like pressing the del key (since two-Finger-tap is undo)? Unfortunately I cant find any Option to manage this. many thanks for your help!
  3. Hello, I would like advice on how to downsize a photo without losing the sharpness and quality. I have images that are too large for my website - eg 4896x3264 px. I want to have them 900px on the horizontal dimension but when I use 'Resize Document' the quality is drastically reduced with lots of pixillation. I can use Unsharp Mask to improve it a little, but it is nothing like the larger image in quality. Is there a way to downsize without this high level of quality loss? I have attached the two versions of my image for refrence
  4. The tools panel in affinity photo crops out of the window and the rest of the tools are hidden under screen. there's also no way to scroll to it. my screen resolution is 1366 x 768
  5. Hello, I created 25 types to fill objects. Designia Styles.afstyles
  6. silence

    City in the alpha planet.

    render , modeling . and do the adjustments in the affinity photo .
  7. Observed several times a 99% CPU load when opened a 32bit HDR image with 2 live filter layers (vignette and unsharp mask). Mouse pointer moves are very irregular during this problem. CPU load stays at 80-99% even after no more touching Affinity Photo again. After some tests, I remarked: behavior starts after live filters visible/unvisible switching when clicking yellow histogram triangle warning sign. behavior doesn't happen when no histogram visible in Studio behavior doesn't happen with 8bit files Hope this can be solved because sometimes a histogram can be usefull.
  8. unni

    Vintage rusted look

    This is an old scrap diesel electric engine. To give a vintage look, the color and texture were modified selectively. A layer (overlay blend mode) with stampings of a grunge brush was used to bring patches of rust. The patches were selectively revealed through a black mask. Channel mixer adjustment layer is used with its output channel red selected and green slider to +200, red and blue slider around -30. This changes leaves from green to red-yellowish. Again, revealed selectively by painting white on the inverted adjustment layer mask. Similarly, levels, curves, unsharp mask, clarity were applied selectively by inverting each of the masks and painting on it with white brush. Finally, a vignette was applied. ABR brushes were downloaded from internet (Grunge_Brushes_by_Aramisdream) The goal was to lead the viewer to the instrument panel, give a rusted , abandoned and vintage look. The exhibit is actually inside Chennai railway museum, India. First image is processed to achieve the goal. This image below is unprocessed original.
  9. Hi After developed one photo in Affinity photo iPad version, Is it possible to sync all the changes to another photo/photos? thanks in advanced!
  10. I am trying to import a gradient palette (.afpalette) to AP on the iPad. I can access the palette menu and see option to 'Add Application/Document' palette. All this does is generate a new Category heading. No option to navigate to the palette file. Am I doing something wrong or, Is the import option unavailable on the iPad version?
  11. This is a selfie. I shot the photo of myself in the tunnel over a year ago. My initial attempts at adding tentacles did not work out too well. A couple of months ago, I made a new attempt. I rendered the tentacles in Daz Studio, composited in Affinity Photo, and painted in Dynamic Auto-Painter. I created several different versions. This is the one my son likes the best.
  12. Merge Selected doesn't do anything, either using the Pencil or my finger (three layers selected) on iPad Pro. Merge Visible seems to be working fine. Never used Merge Down before, so can't really say if that's as expected or not.
  13. My first test on focus stack. The speed of processing was impressive since the working space was set to prophoto-16 bit. It took only a few minutes to complete 25 images alignment and stacking. To compare, one single frame and the final stacked image are enclosed. Only minimal editing (curves and USM) is done on the stack. The output is very good. Soon I will be testing with 70 to 160 images taken with microscope objectives. Camera- Nikon D3100, Lens Tamron 90mm Macro, f18, 1/3 sec, ISO 200. This is the final stack. The image below is one of the 25 frames.
  14. I am using Windows 10 version 16299.461 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I am attempting to use the brush tool to paint and every so often press the alt key to temporarily switch to the eye-dropper tool to sample some color and then return to the brush tool by releasing the alt key so that I can continue painting with the newly sampled color. This works correctly while using a mouse but does not work at all with the pen (stylus). When I press the alt key and tap with the pen, the color that is picked up is the color directly underneath the mouse pointer (where the mouse/touchpad was last left resting) rather than where the pen is actually tapping. Therefore, I can not ever sample a color while using the stylus. If I can't figure out how to get this to work with Affinity Photo then there is no point in using Affinity Photo. This is a major part of my workflow and I can not use a mouse, that is far too slow and clumsy. Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to turn on? Or is this a bug? (Edit) I can't even use the eye-dropper with the pen (stylus). Each time I tap the screen with the pen tip the picked color is the one where I last used my laptop touchpad. I was hoping I could alternate between pressing "I" and then tapping a color with my pen and then pressing "b" to begin brushing; repeating as necessary. But I can't do that. It is as if Affinity Photo is ignorant that I am using a pen.
  15. Elinor meets a T-Rex. I photographed the model Noor Model Noor in an old factory in Gothenburg, rendered the T-Rex in Daz Studio, and composited in Affinity Photo. A fun shoot with a very professional model, and, as always, a lot of fun to do the composite in Affinity Photo.
  16. HenrikM


    I often use Affinity Photo in combination with other software, like Daz Studio and Dynamic Auto-Painter. Arachnophobia I was fairly easy to do. I shot the background at the Primus Vicus medieval village outside Halmstad, in Sweden. Then I rendered the spider and the viking shieldmaiden in Daz Studio, and composited using Affinity Photo. Arachnophobia II was done in a similar manner. The main difference is that I had help from two live models, Petra Brewitz and Peter Markusson. The castle in the background of the final image is Borgholm castle on Öland. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
  17. HenrikM

    An Elephant in Morocco

    This is a composite done in Affinity Photo. The city is a 3D model rendered in Daz Studio. I photographed the elephant in the Gothenburg museum of natural history.
  18. I am looking for tips, ideas, clues, solutions. For months I have been using Affinity Photo seamlessly with Capture One Pro for Sony, no problems at all. Capture has transferred a file to Photo via Edit With > Photo and then the file has returned to Capture as a tiff following work in Photo. It is not now possible to do this ie when a file is chosen for edit in Photo, a tiff is created in Capture but does not find its way to Photo..... Photo neither opens up, as it previously would, or does not import the file if it is already open. There haven’t been any updates or changes to Capture but recently I updated Photo to the most recent update... I have also recently downloaded and installed the beta version of Publisher, along with the most recent update. I have uninstalled Photo and reinstalled the previous version, but the same problem persists. Similarly so since I have again updated to the most recent update. I have uninstalled the beta Publisher, still no luck. Capture continues to send files to Ps, and the various Google Nik plug ins without any problems. Anybody any ideas ??
  19. Is there a way to retain the transparent background when I do this? In Photoshop that was standard so I'm a little confused right now... Another Question: Is there a way to apply the Blending Mode layer only to one layer or group?
  20. Okay, it was relatively easy to place a new sky layer on an old faded photo but I cannot seem to merge the layers without overlapping the photo. What changed with the new update first. Secondly, how do I accomplish this in the new version? Any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. How/where/what format does AP save edited RAW images from Apple Photos database? This includes both photos editing as an extension and using the Image > Edit with command. My concerns are the ever-increasing size of my local Apple Photos database and the syncing to other devices in the Cloud, and of course the Cloud size requirements. Based on this information I hope to calculate my photo storage growth needs then determine if it can be sustained "as is" or if I'll need to find another solution. Thanks
  22. Mellon

    Kernel panic while saving

    My Mac OS system sometimes crashes completely while saving a file in Affinity Photo. It happened on my old 2011 Macbook Pro with an older version of Mac OS as well as on the (almost) latest late 2017 MacBook Pro with HighSierry Mac OS 10.13.6. It happened about 5 times already, so it seems to be a real issue. It doesn't matter what file I'm saving to: .psd, .tiff, .afphoto I can't reproduce the problem. It just suddenly happens.
  23. I've noticed that Affinity is often gobbling up quite a bit of CPU even when it's the "current" app. My everyday workhorse is an energy saving i3 with 4Gb RAM so sucking 25% or more of CPU time when it should be idle is a bit of a bind. Not being an Windows expert I'm unsure if there's anything that can be done about this. I may be thinking of Mac OSX (it's been a while) but isn't it possible to put a app into a "sleep" mode when it's not in focus - or in particular when it's covered by other windows? I design a lot of memes - they're rarely complex, but it means switching between a web browser and the Affinity window and I find that the browsers are fighting Affinity for a share of the limited CPU and memory. I guess there's not much we can do about memory but surely the CPU usage could be throttled? My other machines have more than enough cores and memory to handle this but they also need a small power station to run so I tend to break them out as an when necessary. I should also say (as this is my first post to the forum) that apart from having Affinity since it's first Mac release it's never ceased to amaze me! Well done chaps - this isn't so much a bug as a feature request!
  24. SalfingerAndrew

    Wokka - 2018 campaign

    Made with Affinity Photo and Designer complete on the iPad Pro (Also used After Effect + Rough Animator for motion graphic) While studying at SAE for my Bachelor of Design, I got the opportunity to work on a re-brand and advertisement campaign for Wokka. (The following body of work is for university work only and are not for a real camping) The campaign is focused around 3 main posters that follow the story of the Dinosaur challenging the Ninja to a fight (Poster 1) so they go to the battlefield in order to fight (Poster 2) Tho they realized that neither one of them knew how to fight, so they ended it on the dance floor. The Ninja won the battle and the dinosaurs did not like this so he takes the ninja into hiding. After a couple of weeks after the posters go up a new poster he be put up over the past posters along in other area's and within the online place, this poster is a "Ninja missing poster" on the back will give some information and a QR code to give information to the "player" about the "transmedia" game where the "player" will need go around the "real world" with the Wokka app taking photos of the ninja's clothes, ninja sword, ninja star along with the use of information around online such as youtube video, Reddit posts, forum posts and more to help give information to the ninja's location, bringing the community together for a single goal. To help find the ninja's location in order for the first 5 people who find him and take a photo to get one year supply of Wokka noddles and to start of 50% off and double points for Wokka products. Learn more about the project: https://www.andrewsalfinger.com/wokka2018campaign Posters. Motion Graphic. Packaging. In-store. Online. iOS App. Website ad's (animated). Showcase. Learn more about the project: https://www.andrewsalfinger.com/wokka2018campaign Check out Beyond Horizon a game made with Affinity Photo + Designer: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/54498-beyond-horizon-game-made-with-affinity-unity/#comment-276535 What do you think? Feed back would be great ^-^ Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a great day.
  25. Hi, Since I'm using APhoto for retouching, I though that it would not hurt to record a macro to automatize a few steps. I create a new layer, fine... I wish to move it, no way... I wish to change its colour, no way... well, I'm already stuck. Or, is there any trick I do not know ? Thanks, Patrick