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  1. Agree. Linux has become a mature desktop alternative now. I have myself moved completely away from Windows. The only thing I am missing is a good photoshop alternative. Honestly, that's the ONLY thing now after one year of using only linux and I do love Affinity. I've bought it for Windows (RIP) and iOS. And I'll gladly pay again to get them on Linux. A good approach would be to use the snapcraft package system. That allows companies such as Microsoft, Jetbrains and SERIF to deploy their proprietary software across all linux distros with automatic updates. And it's extremely easy for the end users!
  2. Hi. I cannot store my work to google cloud drive, I get this error message: "Couldn't communicate with a helper application" every time, and then Affinity usually crash afterwards. Google Drive is set up correctly on my ipad, and I have no problems accessing it from other apps. I'm using an iPad Pro 10,5" with Apple Pencil and iOS 11.2
  3. Hi there! I am wondering if Linux support is coming sometime.