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  1. You’re welcome. Maybe a better solution will pop into my head when I don’t expect it to.
  2. GarryP

    Word Balloons

    Here’s an example where you don’t need to expand anything and it’s all easily movable and editable (see attached image and GIF). It’s done using Compound shapes (they’re explained in the Help) and there’s a lot less work than the method described above.
  3. Unfortunately I can’t replicate what you did in a nice way. I thought I might have had a solution using the ordering of strokes but that didn’t work. I can do it with two tables (see attached image, where the top one Erases parts of the one underneath) but I don’t consider that a good solution. More experimentation needed. Maybe someone else can come up with something they can explain.
  4. You’re welcome. One extra bit of advice is, to add to what firstdefence said above, if you make a scale that is as long as you would ever want, you can add it to your Assets and then, when you come to use it, resize the ‘container’ (remembering to use “Lock Children”) to the size you want and remove the text you don’t need; see attached GIF.
  5. You’re welcome. I don’t think there’s a way to find out how it happened in the first place – too many possibilities – but I’m happy to have been able to help.
  6. Welcome to the forums. Try menu “View → Studio → Pages”.
  7. Just out of interest, what is the result you are trying to achieve? In other words, why do you need more than two pages side-by-side? What are you going to do with the PDF (or other output)?
  8. I think this is close to a problem that I’ve been having recently which is isolating blond hair from a white background. It doesn’t sound like the same thing at first but we are both trying to ‘separate’ colours that are very close to each other tonally (if that’s the correct word). I would be interested in hearing any solutions to this in case it helps me too.
  9. GarryP


    Welcome to the forums. There is no functional equivalent of the Page Plus 9 Replicate Tool in Publisher. You can use the Power Duplicate functionality in Publisher but you may need to do some manual calculations (offsets) first. Designer has some Distribution Tools that make things easier but they’re not implemented in the same way in Publisher where you have to drag the Distribution/Spacing tools into the Toolbar from the Customise Toolbar dialog and they only do automatic spacing (as far as I can tell).
  10. mswift: Just to be clear, are you saying that: 1) you managed to get what you wanted without using ‘spacer columns’ once but can't repeat it, or, 2) you couldn’t get the ‘spacer columns’ to work. It’s just that I’m not entirely sure what you meant by “it” in “I actually managed to do it”.
  11. You’re welcome. If you get stuck then don’t be afraid to put your hand up. It can be tricky learning new things; I should know, I’m still very much doing so. There may be better ways to do what you want so look out for other people posting answers too.
  12. I’ve just checked and my Andriod Firefox won’t play the file at all. I get a “No video with supported format and MIME type found” banner. I’m not personally all that bothered about not seeing videos on my phone but I thought I’d add it to the mix. I’m using version 72.0.1 of Firefox on Windows and version 68.4.1 on Android (I have a fairly old phone). Both are automatically updated.
  13. It seems like everyone who has posted here – except me – is using a Mac whereas I’m on Windows. There may be an issue with the Quicktime MOV encoding not being MP4 which could be causing Firefox to not display the file properly. Windows doesn’t come with Quicktime so Windows Firefox may not be decoding it properly, but that doesn’t tell me why it stops on firstdefence’s Mac Firefox too. More research needed, but in the meantime some people might not be able to watch some of the videos directly in the forum.
  14. Whoops. I’ve altered my post accordingly.
  15. Callum’s video – as watched in Firefox – is around 10 seconds long but not much happens after the first second or so. I tried clearing my Firefox cache but it was still the same. However, when I downloaded the MOV file and watched it in the Windows “Films & TV” app it works. I have no idea why that would be. Callum, have you tried watching the video via your web browser? Or asked someone else to on their machine? What happens?

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