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  1. Even though I don't think the saucer should be there, I like the fact that you added the reflection on the saucer and I can see a bit of the saucer on the paper case too. Nice touches that some people might forget to add.
  2. Lovely work. Shows how you can use the same assets in different ways very nicely.
  3. It's nice. The little stars are cute and the colours really stand out. I would suggest removing the "table" - it doesn't really add to the design - and putting the name around the top of the cupcake on a circular path. Maybe just the top half of the cake, not all the way round, or put BETTER CREAM round the top and put BAKING at the bottom (like the Starbucks logo for instance). Also, does the saucer need to be there? I'm wondering if the cupcake would look better by itself. My suggestions might make things worse but, with the power of AD, it should only take a few minutes to try and see.
  4. Yeah, I just got round to watching the first episode a couple of nights ago. I wasn't sure about it at first but it started to grow on me. I'll see what the next episode is like before I make my mind up.
  5. Welcome to the forum @iMax. I'd say you were off to a good start with Designer. Looking forward to seeing more.
  6. @Kasper-V It seemed like a good place to stop. @Jens Krebs Expect it in a bargain bin near you soon.
  7. You're welcome.
  8. The latest official NumberWang annual is almost ready to ship. Packed with all of the numbers that really are NumberWang. You'll find some old favourites - 3, 4.2, 17, and who can forget 84? - and some surprises - 92 and 4008 anyone? Don't let your NumberWang parties get bogged down in arguments, get the official list and you'll know exactly what is NumberWang. P.S. If you're not a fan of "That Mitchell and Webb Look" then you probably won't have a clue what's going on here, so sorry for that. This is not for a real thing, it's just a bit of fun. P.P.S. I know I didn't get the logotype quite right. I couldn't be bothered to take the time to create it properly for a silly thing like this.
  9. I like this as a piece of abstract art. It's nice. Wouldn't look out-of-place on a gallery wall. There are three small things that slightly mar it for me: 1. The gradient on the dark blue shape on the left doesn't fit the rest; 2. Some of the edges are a bit close to being in the same direction, e.g. the bottom-centre blue pentagon and the green triangle next to it; 3. There seems to be a tiny bit of "underlap" near the centre of the picture. None of these things is a deal-breaker though. Just me being a bit too picky. All-in-all, nice work.
  10. Really great work. Looking forward to seeing more like this.
  11. Thud. Chin hits floor. Well... that's... just... well... I don't have the words. How about a standing ovation instead?
  12. If Serena lives in the UK then things have turned really weird in 2060: Public transport passengers talking to each other! Whatever next?
  13. I like the new version. The ship looks better in the background and the sky has more 'personality'. The dragon looks better too. I think even more vivid colouring would make it really stand out but that might not be something you want. All-in-all though, great stuff.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to comment @ronniemcbride I would agree. The "Fire" cover is a more 'complete' thing than the other. I think the "Chocolate" title font goes with the background - smooth and dreamy - but not with the logotype. The whole idea was a little exercise in "What can I do with this logo?" rather than anything serious but these things do need to be considered and it's worth pointing them out. There was a third cover which I thought used the logo better but, considering recent events in and around the US, I didn't think it was appropriate to post (these covers were made ages ago).
  15. An interesting art style. The mix of photo and illustration works well. (I'm assuming that the iceberg and sea are from a photo and haven't been drawn in Affinity. If they have then they're absolutely fantastic work.) I have a few comments from a personal view but I'm not an artist so feel free to ignore them: If some of the red text could be "bent" round some of the ice it would add a really nice touch. It would look more like the man has been painting it on rather than it just being overlaid. The dragon is great but I get the feeling that it's too much "in the background". I think it would look better if the background was darker and the dragon was larger, maybe with part of it behind the iceberg so that it looked more a part of the overall composition rather than a separate item. Have you tried making the dragon a bit more, I'm going to say "neon" for want of a better word? If the dragon looked like it was using energy and giving off light it might work better with the environmental theme. A bit like this: It's just that the dragon seems to be a bit "lost" in the background and might benefit from being more prominent. It's great artwork so why hide it away at the back? As I said, I'm not an artist so I might be wrong about everything I've said above so don't worry about doing anything about it. I certainly couldn't come up with anything as nice as you have done so there's no need for you to listen to what I've said. My comments are just what has come into my head and doing anything along these lines might not make things better. All in all, it's really nice work and I wish I could make something like it.