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  1. Adding to the advice above, if you already have the document open in Designer you can use menu “File → Edit in Publisher”. Or, if you open the document in Publisher you can switch to the Designer Persona (on the main Toolbar by default, at the left) within Publisher and switch back to Publisher later by going back to the Publisher Persona. And, you don’t need to save your document to do either of these things, the software will just pass your open document over to the other application/persona. (But you will need to save at some point if you don’t want your changes to be saved lost. [Oops])
  2. Here's a ‘cute’ way to create the arrow part of the ‘collar’. * Create a Rectangle; * Convert to Curves; * Select the Node Tool; * Create two nodes by clicking anywhere on the vertical sides (position doesn’t matter); * Drag-select the middle nodes on the vertical sides; * Open the Transform Mode (on the Context Toolbar); * Make sure Show Alignment Handles is ON; * Click the Vertical Centre Alignment handle; * Drag what’s selected to the left or right (you may need to alter your Snapping options to make this easier). See attached video. It’s not particularly amazing, but it might come in useful to some people. 2020-08-08 12-33-34.mp4
  3. Welcome to the forums. All of the layers in a group will be rendered at the same ‘level’ within the document in respect to the other document layers. Some layers within the group will be higher/lower than others in the group but they will all be rendered below the layer which is above the group and above the layer which is below the group. I don’t think there is any way to change this. To get what you want (if I have understood correctly) I think you will need to create two groups, one for the layers below and one for the layers above.
  4. That particular Decorations formatting is used to alter some of the formatting of some of the characters in some text. The ‘jagged’ line’ is the Stroke that will be applied to the characters. The line is ‘jagged’ probably because a non-straight pressure line has been applied. To switch it off, if you don’t want it on, press the ‘jagged line’ and press the No Line Style button on the pop-up, or you can alter the settings (see attached video). 2020-08-08 08-53-37.mp4
  5. I’ve just had a quick check (see attached video) on Windows 10 Home (2004) in Designer and it seems to be working fine for me. I also – not in the video – tried a few ‘Save As and rename artboard’ processes, closing and reopening Designer along the way at various points, and it still works. Gary: Try going through the same process in the video and see what you get. If you get the same results as me then the problem may be in the document you are using and we will need more information – the actual document or a video – to see what’s happening better. 2020-08-08_08-33-28.mp4
  6. In addition to the advice above, note that the Healing Brush Tool needs a source to work with. Use Alt+click (left-mouse-button) to select a source, after selecting the Tool itself, to use it. If in doubt, when a tool doesn't seem to be working, look at the Status Bar at the bottom of the window to see what you can (or, sometimes, must) do.
  7. Welcome to the forums. There are three Affinity applications: Designer, Photo and Publisher. Which one did you purchase or download? P.S. I don’t know what you mean by “decay” in this context.
  8. Welcome to the forums. That’s a good question. Double-clicking the thumbnail of a ‘non-document layer’ zooms to make that layer fill the available area of the canvas. Double-clicking the thumbnail of an embedded document takes the user to edit that document. However, double-clicking the thumbnail of a linked document doesn’t seem to do anything. Now I’m also curious as to why this is so.
  9. Once you have applied changes done to a layer with the Liquify Persona those changes are baked into that layer. If you want to apply some colour adjustments you can add an Adjustment layer above the layer you are manipulating and the colour adjustment will stay ‘live’. If you want to keep the original layer then you can duplicate it and hide the duplicate to go back to later if needed. If the Liquify Persona doesn’t seem to be doing anything them you might have the wrong layer selected when you enter that Persona. If this doesn’t make sense within your workflow then you may need to give us a more-detailed list of the order in which you want to do things so we can see if it’s possible and/or advise further.
  10. The answer given by firstdefence above would normally have been my first answer but there seems to be something strange. The thumbnail for the selected layer seems to be blank, whereas the lady looks to be in a layer which isn’t on the master page. Try making the lady layer (bottom in your screenshot) invisible – by unticking the tick to the right of the layer name – and see what happens. If the lady is still visible then the thumbnail of the selected layer is probably not up-to-date and you have duplicate layers.
  11. Welcome to the forums. Unless I have totally misunderstood your requirements you shouldn’t need any software to import the files. If your Macbook Pro has an SD card slot then you can probably just put the card in the slot and copy the files over via Finder. If your Macbook Pro doesn’t have an SD card slot, there are lots of very cheap (some under £4) SD card readers (something you physically plug into your Macbook) available which will plug into a USB slot (assuming that your Macbook has a USB slot). Once you have the SD card inserted into the SD card reader and you have the SD card reader inserted into the Macbook then, as above, you can copy the files over with Finder. As for managing the files, after you have imported them, you may need to give us some requirements as to how you want to manage them as everyone has their own preferences and different software works in different ways. You may find that giving files good names and organising them in nicely-named folders (maybe with a few OS tags) will be good enough for what you need.
  12. You should be able to drag-select many layers at a time but what gets selected depends on what the layers are and how your selection Preferences are set-up. For starters, try setting the Preferences/Tools option pointed to in my screen grab to ON (ticked) and see what happens. If that doesn’t get you what you want then you may need to give us more specific information and maybe a screen grab or, even better, a video.
  13. Are you aware of a good SVG validator which we can use before submitting apparent issues with placed SVGs? It might be nice if we could do some checking ourselves to see if the SVG was ‘bad’ before submitting a problem (when the problem isn’t really the application’s problem). I found this: https://validator.w3.org/ but the issues it comes up with don’t seem to be the same as those mentioned by the developer in your quote, e.g. (for the SVG I mentioned): Line 345, Column 91: Bad value null for attribute stroke-linecap on SVG element g. I also found: https://svgcheck.toolforge.org/index.php but that doesn’t find any problems, which seems odd.
  14. Thanks for coming back to this Patrick. I’ve just placed – in Designer – the graphic I gave a link to in my original post and there has been much improvement. Some things which I have noticed that still aren’t the same are gradients (windows and others) and the door handles; see attached image (not all differences are marked). However, I don’t know what the intent was of the original artist and I don’t know how well that intent has come through to the converted PNG image shown on the web site so I can’t say whether the differences I see are correct in the Affinity apps or not (maybe the website isn’t showing the correct image but Designer is). All-in-all though, it’s looking much better now. Cheers.
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