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  1. GarryP


    Really nice work.
  2. GarryP

    Logo Design

    Sorry, but If you didn't tell me that it was a camera I would have guessed that the company did farm machinery as it looked like a tractor cab to me. With K and T as the initials I would have been temped to start with something like one of the attached - very quickly and crudely done - attempts. They look a bit "tripod-y".
  3. GarryP

    Font Missing & More

    You're welcome.
  4. GarryP

    Train logo design

    You're very welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this kind of thing.
  5. GarryP

    Train logo design

    I think the heart symbol works very well by itself symbolising "Love Food". It seems a bit of a shame to me that you had to "waste" it - if you know what I mean - by including it here. A lot organisations seem to be trying to forcefully cram "social interaction" into so many things these days. If you have to ram it down people's throats - pardon the food-based pun - that you're fun and social and inclusive and "down with the kids" then you're probably not. Just how things are I suppose. My preference would have been the first one - top-left, but maybe with the altered shadow - but as long as the client is happy it's a job well done. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
  6. GarryP

    Train logo design

    Yeah, I think I can see what you mean. Assuming that the train isn't in a pitch dark environment with only one light source - or maybe even in that situation - there will be some diffuse(?) reflection of environmental light rays that will hit the viewer's eyes from the other side of the dome making it look like the light is coming from that direction. Or something like that. Anyway, it's a nice logo and I hope the client likes it too. P.S. It would be very interesting to hear what the client's views are on the different variants. It might give some insight that would be useful to other people.
  7. GarryP

    Train logo design

    You're welcome. I got the idea that it was a dome, I just didn't know if the train had similar roundedness to it or not. If the black is shadow - with the light source on the left - then shouldn't the shadow extend to the right edge of the dome? Otherwise it suggests that there is another light source to the right and/or behind the train which doesn't also show on the engine. I realise it's a stylistic depiction - and a very nice one - but there's something that doesn't quite sit right with me for some reason that I can't explain properly. I couldn't find an image of a metal dome lit only from one side so I don't have any evidence to give any credence to my thoughts. I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill so there's probably no reason to think about it too much. It's just something that popped into my head that I can't now "un-see".
  8. GarryP

    Train logo design

    As others have said above, I think the smiley faces make the design look too "child-oriented" (whatever I mean by that), and they look like they've been added as an afterthought rather than being integral to the design. I also think that including the "linkage circle" - as in the bottom two logos on the last shared image - looks better than having no "linkage". Otherwise the train and the carriage look like separate items. I don't think you need to add any extra food-based references to the logo. The chef's hat and domed platter are enough to get the idea across. One extra thing I would say is that the right-hand side of the carriage and the right-hand side of the train front and driver's cab don't look consistent. The shadow/light on the carriage doesn't reach the edge of the carriage while it does on the train front and cab. Maybe this doesn't matter but it doesn't look right to me. Having said all that, it's a really nice cute logo.
  9. GarryP

    Font Missing & More

    It looks like the lettering has a transparency applied to it. If you zoom in to the first image you can see that the characters on the left actually only have an outline - probably supplied by the AD "snapping show candidate" function - while the characters in the middle and on the right are filled in. Removing the transparency should do the trick, unless I've misread the situation.
  10. I've not been using AD for very long but I've not seen any interactive mock-up functionality like this anywhere in it, except for using Constraints to automatically resize/move items. I can't remember seeing anything in the Help Files about roll-overs or links to other documents or artboards. I don't think APh has anything like that either. If that functionality was anywhere in the Affinity range I would expect it to be in AD (which doesn't, as far as I know as I said above, have it). P.S. I think the title of this thread might be wrong.
  11. GarryP

    set up columns, rows & gutters

    I think the short answer might be to wait for Publisher to come out. AD isn't really a page layout application, but Publisher will/should be. I'm fairly sure that you could probably set-up a layout in AD that would suit your purposes - using guides etc. - but it might take a bit more work than you probably hope it would.
  12. Assuming that Affinity software uses right-click as a way of getting a context-sensitive menu - not all applications do - I would agree that the items in that menu should be limited to those that are only related to the tool/action currently being used/performed. However, looking at the right-hand menu in your "Other Vector Software" image, I'd say that - without knowing which software it was - the other software doesn't give what I would expect from a "properly contextual" menu either. For example, when I'm using a Node tool, I would not expect to the able to: export; create a web animation; add text inside, or many of the other things. When using a Node tool I would only expect functions that related to manipulating nodes, E.g. snap to grid; snip; make smooth, etc. The other functions related to the line I was editing - further "up", contextually - would be available in Select mode instead, perhaps, but not when I was editing nodes. That's just my opinion of course, and more seasoned vector artists will probably have better ideas.
  13. Ah, I think I understand now, thanks Mithferion. The video on the other post is very helpful. It's not something that I would use often but I can see where it would be very useful when needed.
  14. Just out of curiosity, what would a "Pages" feature do? Do the existing artboards not do you what you want? They're very useful.
  15. A "text file created in Windows Paint"? Sounds odd. Anyway, to add to what MEB said, in Designer you can get any item to revert to the defaults by pressing the "Revert defaults" button (it's the fifth from the left on the main toolbar).