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  1. I don't get it, Pixelmator can export in editable text why Affinity Photo don't? I think Serif is waiting for version 2.0 to release the code then...
  2. this is a tool that was introduced in Aldus Freehand 8.0 on the early '90's Affinity should be working on that tool as a common sense part of the toolbox already. I no longer use Adobe products since Affinity is too advance on Graphic design right now. Things like Extrude Tool and saving editing text in PSD are basic stuff they need to work with so more people can start replacing Adobe for Affinity.
  3. Hi guys. Just wanted to add a 'kind' of solution... for this weird issue of Affinity Photo...This app is so superior of Adobe Photoshop in so many levels that it's kind of shocking this 'pro' real life work need feature is not on board... I got a theory: (this is my as a fan of conspiracy theories) Serif is somewhat trying new boundaries in technology under Adobe's umbrella and that's why a very important feature is missing on purpose. Why I think that? the Adobe app of Photoshop for iPad it basically importing Affinity Photo features in it... like exact features that make Affinity Photo really gain popularity... anyway that's other topic. If you happens to still have a copy of Pixelmator (yes, an old and abandone app that stills runs on 64bits like a baby) save your work in PSD and open them in Pixelmator. Replace your text within Pixelmator and and save them again in PSD. Works like a Charm!
  4. thanks! I just keep it as it is then... Question is if it never be a problem to interact with other affinity apps in the future... hope not.
  5. I bought Designer and Photo (both iPad and Mac versions on the Mac App Store and Publisher on your site. I want Publisher also in the Mac App Store so it will be easier when moving to a new Mac (that's sooner than you think) Another Dev help me for the same thing with his app with a code. Can you do the same? If you need my info and purchase evidence I can give them to you. let me know if you can help me with that.
  6. Hi, I want to suggest a feature I think will be great for all of us Affinity users. You see I've been an Astropad user for a while and also use Screens app as well and then I was thinking why no developer has come up with an idea of mirroring an app or remote control an app from a device to a desktop one. I mean having an iPad version and a Desktop Version that basically are not compromised and are in their full potential with just Wifi or Bluetooth or even usb connected whatever you do in your iPad is happening realtime in your desktop app. I'm not talking about watching your desktop app in your iPad as Astropad does (that even working is kind of annoying needing another interface to use your app) I'm talking like controlling your desktop app with your iPad app. 100% accuracy and no extra interface to master a way to get to your goal. Connecting your apps together will revolutionize the industry and I know you are capable of that kind of innovation. Just think about it.
  7. Finally!!! Woohooo! Thanks! Now it's happening! Super easy and I wasn't able to do it because I was so brainwashed with Photoshop complicated ways to do design!
  8. Ok, we're getting there now. So, I use the separated windows to achieve this and then what? I'm using Photo right now with separated windows, with a PSD open. How I get the other window? The one with the final art that I will be manipulating on the PSD one?
  9. it seems I sounded like a real noob... ok, I know it is an editable format like PSD. I want to know is there a special setting to see the editable window and the one with the final art side by side. like in my sample picture in my original post. I am trying to do that and I can't do it. Can you write a step by step guide so I can understand better? I will really appreciate that.
  10. I use Affinity Photo for Mac and iPad now, I was a Photoshop user for 15 years and now for my freeelance work I only use Affinity apps. they are small, light and more powerful than any app for designing. My question is how I achieve the feature I saw on one of your Affinity Photo promo videos that a person is working on a billboard art and in the other window you can see the billboard updating the changes the artist is doing on the art itself? I want to use that feature (and maybe is very easy to do) so I need your help now. thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, I am a Graphic Designer with 25 years of experience. yes, I started with Mac Paint...I'm that old! but as other colleagues did, I am saying good bye to Adobe for ever. I hate Subscription plans and also I like the idea that I own my software too. Saying that I am happy that Affinity Designer and Photo are here. I'm very impressed. Even my clients that are very 'photoshop only files please' paranoid never knew that I've been sending them Affinity psd converted files instead so, that's is a plus in my book. Please bared with me in this one, I'm learning all the features step by step, little by little with these apps. This question I will ask is embarrassing for me because of the simplicity that may be doing it. How I get the guide lines that help me center an image or layers inside a working document? Pixelmator have this in the view tool bar but I can't find it in Affinity Photo. I thought it was the snapping tool but it doesn't work as in Photoshop or Pixelmator! (and AP is way more professional than Pixelmator IMHO). Here's a picture attached to let you know what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance.
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