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  1. jmwellborn

    show text ruler

    This seems to be an erratic problem. I have experienced this too, and have found that if I save the file, close Publisher, and then restart and open the file, the text ruler will appear after I select the text frame tool, and either click into existing text, or place a new text frame. On another subject, various people have suggested in these forums that we should not put our email addresses in our comments for fear of spammers. Probably a very good idea. You might consider editing your entry above to remove yours to be on the safe side!
  2. jmwellborn

    Van Gogh's colour palette

    Really nice! Thank you so much.
  3. jmwellborn

    photo edge fading

    Hi @toltec. Just got around to this, in my peregrinations learning Photo and Designer. I like your method best. Works like a charm. Thank you so much. It is amazing the things one can do if one has a clue!!
  4. @EdK Definitely better, I think!
  5. @EdK When I am attempting to learn something new from written information, it is always easiest for me to progress from the simplest to the most complicated. When I first started with Photo, "personas" was the great mind-boggler. Personally, were I using your book, I would put pages 18-19 before 12-13 so that I had an inkling what the sundry Personas are meant to do before I was stunned by all of the details for each. After pp. 6-7 "Workspace Overview" I would (personally) put p. 22-25 "Workspace Customization. Last, I searched for Menu>Edit>Preferences which is noted on page 22 and cannot find it. Did you mean "Affinity Photo>Preferences"? It is a Herculean job. Hooray for Publisher!
  6. jmwellborn

    MB Photomanipulations

    @markbowen. Lovely!
  7. . . . . And it is only Thursday . . .
  8. Double laughs, if it were possible!
  9. Those look like misbegotten girl scout ties. Tut, tut!
  10. I did a web search and got the Affinity Photo Help which discusses the "Mesh Panel." No such panel! Haven't used the Mesh Warp Tool before, but I found that if you rasterize the group that you want to warp (i.e. @Larry3d's flames) then click on the Mesh Warp Tool, then use the Convert to Curves option in the Context Toolbar, you can very nicely wiggle the selection around to accomplish what Larry3d wants. (I used a simple rectangle.) Which, is of course, what you had in mind! Neat trick!
  11. Hi Jim! Used to live in Sunny San Diego (La Jolla) myself! Miss the ocean and the sound of the Point Loma lighthouse on nights when the breeze was just right. Anyway. The text wrap settings unfortunately cannot be synchronized and saved, even though Publisher HELP has stated that they can. I have tried again recently and have posted this in the Publisher Bugs Forum. For the present, each time you place an image you have to start from NONE. It is a pain, but at least the wrap works beautifully!
  12. Have you tried using the Artistic Text Tool, creating the X, then with it highlighted selecting Convert to Curves? Then drag the X on top of the inverted triangle. At that point and with the x still highlighted, you can use the Node Tool to skew/shrink/whatever the various points of your X to fit your inverted triangle.
  13. jmwellborn

    Multiple LUT uploads

    That is the $64,000.00 question! Why not load around 20 — or some other handy number — one by one and then view them to see which ones you really like and think you will use regularly, and then write down the file names. Repeat umptyump times! 2,000 is going to be one big chore, no matter what!
  14. jmwellborn

    Multiple LUT uploads

    And if I remember correctly, when another person asked this question a few days ago, the response was that a) you have to load each one separately, and b) you will get the spinning beach ball for a very long time when you open the app, because it will be working away to load those 2,000 LUTs. I believe the recommendation was to load a few of your favorites.
  15. I ran the update 3 hours after the notice was posted on the Forums yesterday. That was around 1 PM US eastern standard time. Previously I have usually updated around 6 hours after posting, or when I happen upon the notice. Next time I will simply wait a bit longer. In this case the early bird didn’t quite get the worm! Glad it wasn’t a bug.