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  1. jmwellborn

    251 Series

    @Don Lee Perfectly beautiful!
  2. jmwellborn

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo (2)

    Easier to select those hairs than to keep them brushed out!!!! Lovely picture, @PatrickM.
  3. @el-bo if you have enough time to learn the basics of Publisher before you start your project, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t just use it! For years I used Pagemaker and then InDesign to write books, and at no time did I fiddle with a “word processor” for anything. Publisher has spell-check too. Why not just do your writing, saving regularly as you go along, and then after you have proof-read your work, work on type styles, formatting, and text flow around any potential images. You can always create the design in a new file, and then FILE>PLACE what you have written and saved in your original document. I predict that you will really like Publisher, once you start!!
  4. jmwellborn

    December challenge - Festive fever

    That little girl is even more charming wrapped in her fur and scarf. Her quality of serenity and stillness is phenomenal. What a beautiful photograph, @v_kyr!!
  5. I rather suspect that the vast majority of us are not suffering at all and assuredly feel that since it is their software, the Affinity people have a perfect right to design it the way they choose. “Persist in knowing better” with “basic stupid decisions” is not a very nice way to solve your issue, even should Affinity decide to do it. (Which I strongly hope they do not!) Why not just use @Old Bruce‘s solution above, and leave the rest of us to adjust our leading to our hearts’ content? Just a thought. Merry Christmas!
  6. Merry Christmas @MEB! I would suspect that there must be thousands of us who would be really happy campers if this suggestion could be implemented.
  7. jmwellborn

    Xmas silhouettes

    @v_kyr Lovely! Thank you so much. And for the beautiful child, now gazing from the envelope.
  8. jmwellborn

    Pinguin Affinity Designer

    Er muss nur der maus zum Thema Dezember Challenge Festivalfieber im Share Your Work Forum folgen. (Mitt freundlicher genehmigung von deepl.com). Frohe Weihnachten!!
  9. jmwellborn

    Pinguin Affinity Designer

    That little fellow needs to find his way into the December Challenge topic as well. Charming.
  10. It would seem to me that the VTI heading would need to include the fact that the postings were created by users, not Serif employees. Otherwise Serif might occasionally be put on the spot for something they hadn’t intended. Could create unfortunate situations if not everyone searching for a solution turned out to be a gentleman or a lady.
  11. jmwellborn

    Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year

    How wonderful! And how well-deserved!! And how fortunate we are to have such an incredible group as the Affinities, creating this masterpiece. The award is a splendid Christmas gift to you all for having created for everybody else the gift of StudioLink. Smooth as silk and a delight to use! Onward and upward. Or as Santa put it: “Up, up and away!!”
  12. jmwellborn

    Love Affinité Designer

    Et moi aussi. Mais y compris Photo et Publisher. Tout un délice. Comme le sont vos coeurs. (Thanks to deepl.com!)
  13. jmwellborn

    December challenge - Festive fever

    @v_kyr I am so glad you were kind enough to include your beautiful designs again here! A few weeks ago I posted a comment about your glorious Christmas trees (which I spotted last year), purposely hoping that new forum members would see it and discover your spectacular work. Here is the perfect spot!! I am in such awe of your genius. And so grateful for your generosity. Happy Saint Nicholas Day to you -- 5 days early!!
  14. jmwellborn

    partially sighted

    If you have not done it already, you might try using the lighter user interface. For many people -- especially those who are older -- the dark interface is really hard on the eyes, and quite difficult to read the printed assistance. Adjusting the three sliders to suit your own preferences might really help.
  15. jmwellborn

    partially sighted

    Perhaps these forum postings will help. I am not at my desktop right now, so haven’t tried them out. Hope so!

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