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  1. @MmmMaarten Apologies to the logo-guy. I thought it was a really charming duck, and so funny that it was flying a plane instead of flying itself. Oh, well.
  2. @MmmMaarten Genius! This is truly inspired. That hard landing is really a THUMP. Poor duck. I am laughing and laughing. 😂
  3. Back to the drawing boards. I'm trying to give the spooky eyed-man a shadow under his cap, rather like some of the others, without turning him into a garden mole. Another try.
  4. Well, here goes again. @Alfred and @joe_l what do you think of these eyes and lips? Still too spooky and too light? To quote my late father: "We strive to please!"🤔 Actually, thank you for your suggestions!!
  5. Absolutely. “Practice makes perfect”. — or in my case “makes positive steps, hopefully.”
  6. @MmmMaarten These two seem to be having a wonderful time. I think perhaps I like them best, although it is really hard to decide.
  7. @joe_l Here is my latest attempt, using the Baseten converter, thanks to you, and starting all over again, with much inpainting, patching, cloning, and mumbling. I used @smadell's very kind instructions — especially regarding Frequency Separation — and a gentle sharpening at the end. The reason for this is that the person who sent me the image wants to use it for Christmas cards. After some printing tries and errors, I find that the extra detail will probably carry over better on printed media. At least I think so at this moment. This time I even have all the buttons on the coats, and a pair of eyes (borrowed) for the gentleman on the very left. No matter what, I hope it is a far cry from the original grim post. Thank you everybody who have helped so much!!
  8. I deleted that post because I couldn’t make an edit to it, even though I used the proper procedure ( to wit: clicking on …) I have just looked this company up on the Web. They are offering this service free of charge — at least for the present. The company appears to be completely legitimate, as well. One loads an image onto their interactive website, gets a corrected image, which can then be downloaded. I tried a rather dim screenshot unrelated to the picture in this topic and it came back quite nicely enhanced. I was then able to easily download the image to my iPad (working from it at present). So I think neither of us is a villain! Thank you very much for the information!
  9. Are you offering this to @smadell or to me? Or to us both? Any input is most gratefully accepted. This is definitely a learning experience!!
  10. @MmmMaarten Going to look at them closely on my 24” screen. So many are so delightful. Report later.
  11. "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. . . . ." Good advice, but I didn't take it. With zero artistic ability, a tremor in my left hand (my writing hand) and a mouse that I use with my right hand, I thought it would be fun to experiment. I started in Photo with my image of the lions. Then used the Selection Brush tool to remove them from their original background. Then added a rectangle, filled with a background colour, which I placed underneath the lion selection layer. Then created several new pixel layers (one at a time, as I fiddled with new paint colours and brushes) and used several shading brushes (and really went wild with the Smudge Brush Tool). I flipped back and forth between Photo and Designer to try to make some convincing grass with some vector brushes. Major flop! Back to Photo to make a selection of the heads of the two lions, which I placed on top of the entire thing in order to try to make them peer out of the fog. Anyway, with a dolt like me messing around and achieving this very amateurish result, just think what you @Digbydo 2 can do!! As long as you keep putting stuff on individual layers, so you can quickly change or replace something, you should be on your way!
  12. @Kasper-V Magical!! I especially like the first one.
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