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    Hi Jon. Hopefully your explanation and the accompanying screenshot will make it into the official Publisher Help when the release version is ready. I fiddled and fiddled to work this out, and I’ll bet lots of others did too. It is such a slick operation, when we know how!!!
  2. jmwellborn

    Text Wrap Issue

    If you click on every one of those boxes so that they are no longer highlighted, then close out the text wrap panel, then open it again, you may have only the first wrap style “None” highlighted. If so, click on that so that it is cleared, then set your L-R, T-B distances, then click on only one of the options, such as “Tight” or “Edge.” If you don’t like the effect, then click on the “None” box, which should cancel the setting. I am also on MAC OS 10.12.6. Text wrap is definitely working for me.
  3. Thank you, Walt, but there is a slight difference, at least on my MAC. If you check both boxes, "Import as Editable Text" and "Group lines of text into text frames" you will actually get an imported PDF without the paragraph breaks at the end of each line. You will instead get a Line Break (Shift+Return) at the end of each line. You then have to click on the Find box and enter Line Break and then go to the "Replace With" section until it is highlighted in blue, then click once on the space bar. Nothing will show up there but when you then click on FIND it will show you all of the lines with the line breaks. Then hit Replace All. At that point, you will get a nice document with all of the line breaks removed, but a different issue. For the space between sentences I get a blue >> symbol with spaces before and after. (This represents the double clicks which I use AS A PERSONAL PREFERENCE, between sentences.) So then I have to do the find and replace thing again, this time cutting and pasting the blue >> symbol into the Find box and then going to the Replace with box and use the spacebar again but this time spacing twice. With that Find and Replace All done, the text is available for editing in Publisher, except for linking text frames. Even so, this is a very nice way to work from an InDesign PDF straight into Publisher. Hope this helps a little bit. I was hugely confused at first by not being able to actually find a "Space" command in the "Replace with" box.
  4. I would be very glad to know how you do this. Based on the information in this thread, I have been trying without success to import a PDF directly into Publisher, and then get rid of each paragraph mark which appears at the end of each line and replace it with a space. Doesn't work. Previously, I have imported a PDF, saved it as an .afpub file, then opened that file and hand-removed every single paragraph marker. Ver'r'r'r'r'r'ry slow work, but it does make the text workable. If you import the PDF as editable text, you get every single line of the document as a single text frame. Not desirable. Got to be an easier way!!
  5. jmwellborn

    Text Wrap Issue

    Looks to me as though you have hit the nail on the head. The image must be highlighted, not the text frame in which the image is to be wrapped. Good sleuthing!!!!
  6. jmwellborn


    Too add to the info, I have 4 older version USB 3 sockets and 2 Thunderbolt 2 sockets in the MAC. No HDML socket.
  7. jmwellborn


    What confuses me is the picture they show of a cable with three plugs at one end and one on the other. Haven’t a clue. You and Alfred are being so helpful!! It is so nice to be able to ask people who know what they are doing. Product reviews these days are often dodgy.
  8. jmwellborn


    Thank you. I am now clumping through Belkin's website, to see what I can see. It could be that I just need to bite the bullet and learn to use Designer with my iPad and pencil. After all, I bought both versions of Designer! Learning curves ahead!!
  9. jmwellborn

    Symbols panel vanished

    Walt is right. They don't update themselves, but at least you could start with whatever you had created once and saved as an asset, and then drag a copy over to your document and add or subtract from there. Might save you a little time. That was why I said "perhaps."
  10. jmwellborn


    Help!! I am also investigating tablets, and am thoroughly confused. I am on MAC Sierra with an iMac 2017 with Retina 4 display. When I look at the "what's in the box" for the XP-Pen Artist 12, it shows cables, but I haven't a clue whether I can plug the thing in because I haven't got an HDMI port. How did you set yours up? I note that you are on a MAC too Did you have to buy an adapter? The XP Pen site says to use a 30 HZ Type C to USB and HDMI Adapter but their FAQ's are hopelessly unhelpful. This is getting WAY outside my IQ-level, it seems!!!
  11. jmwellborn

    Symbols panel vanished

    Do you think you could create an asset? Would that help?
  12. I am on a MAC too, and the T’s and V’s are working perfectly for me.
  13. Help is working perfectly on my MAC Sierra. All three - Photo, Designer, and Publisher.
  14. There is a symbol for a forced line break. If you are on a MAC, use Shift+Return and you will find a little blue arrow. Don't know what it is on Windows. As for your question No. 1 are you referencing tracking? If so, you can define a tracking percentage using the Character Panel or in Text Styles. Was this what you meant?
  15. Perhaps the big question is, did the reviewer at PC-Magazine get a little outside monetary assistance while writing the article? Rather like the “customer reviews” on websites which are inventions as well. My personal guess is that Adobe is becoming seriously concerned that their confiscatory near monopoly may be coming to a screeching halt. Quality and honor are increasingly rare commodities in today’s world. Affinity has both, so far as I am concerned.