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  1. I had no idea. So very funny!! Oscar it is.
  2. There once was a goldfish named . . .
  3. To me they are an incredibly impressive company with massive brains and endless efforts to achieve excellence.
  4. Absolutely. If this is a children's story, there is way, way too much stuff in the "blurb." If I were producing this, which I am not, I would include two different and slightly larger images of Blossom and Amos on the "blurb" page , plus a limited number of words. Something like: "Blossom is a happy and curious little orphaned foal. But when she meets terrible danger on one of her adventures, she is saved by Amos, a very unusual Dragon who can talk. As time goes by they become fast friends, sharing love, sadness, and heartbreak during their adventures together." Less is more with children. Make them want to turn the pages.
  5. jmwellborn

    Help with Text Creation

    Both Photo and Designer will update without charge to their respective v. 1.7, when ready. Publisher is now a free beta v. 1.7. When it is ready for retail, you will need to buy it.
  6. Affinity should most definitely recruit you to write "HOW TO. . ." manuals. Your explanations are always so elegantly simple and so easy to understand. For people who learn more easily by reading than by viewing (tutorials) -- me included -- your many explanations in these forums have been a Godsend as I flounder through Photo and Designer! Think I have Publisher pretty well sorted for what I need, but the other two!! My word! So much one can do. So little time.
  7. You might try this. I use this setting and it works perfectly. You go to the Text Styles Panel (VIEW>Studio.Text Styles) and then highlight your text frame. A corresponding line in the Text Styles will be highlighted. With that line highlighted, click on the little icon on the right (3 horizontal lines with the little black arrow underneath) and when the dialog box opens, click Edit Text Style. You will then get a new panel (see example below) with many options. You need to highlight the Paragraph>Spacing section, then in the Paragraph Spacing>Alignment box, choose Justified Last Line Left. That should work for you.
  8. No, unfortunately it doesn't. I was following what Walt Farrell said: "If you are in Publisher." Hopefully you will take a look at the latest Publisher Beta, offered in these Forums, and see if it won't be worth it for you, once the retail version is ready. Having Photo, Designer, and Publisher all working together so seamlessly is going to be wonderful, and all minus the monthly pay-up-or-else from That Other Outfit.
  9. There is also a very easy way to do this if you don't want to fiddle with bullet styles. Just adjust your text ruler, per the example below. ( I didn't bother with a bullet. Just used a period at the beginning.) The ruler adjustment does the trick. Set your tab stop by clicking on the text ruler (you will get the black L), then drag the small black horizontal line from the bottom left of the text ruler directly under your tab stop. Drag the right ruler marker (the black triangle from the right of the text ruler to the point (under the 12p mark in my example) where you want your right margin to be. Hope this isn't as clear as mud.
  10. jmwellborn

    Beta update?

    I’ll take 20-30 people with brains writing code any day over a goliath with “tech support” coming from who knows where which generally descends rapidly from “how can I help you” to “I will have to ask my supervisor” to “you must pay us a $90.00 fee to get a resolution to your problem.” That is, of course, after waiting on Hold for about 60 minutes or so. Good things come in small packages. Old adage.
  11. jmwellborn

    Affinity Designer newbie Progress

    Well at least he can see where he is going, minus legs and an ear. His eyes are lovely.
  12. jmwellborn

    Room of Dreams

    The brush is made from a photograph of an Iris in my yard. Dutifully selection brush tooled to get extraneous stuff out of the background, then turned into an image brush. THIS IS FUN! They shouldn't turn people like me loose on Photo.
  13. jmwellborn

    Room of Dreams

    Thank you. Here is a stem-less Siberian Iris to prove that I have progressed somewhat beyond mustard-colored cloud brushes. Actually managed Selection Brush Tool, etc. and turned it (the flower, not the tool) into an .afbrush. Peonies to follow. Then hydrangeas. Then pansies. Then . . . maybe somebody will put me out of my misery. Having too much fun.
  14. jmwellborn

    Room of Dreams

    Oh yes it was that bad! It was perfectly awful. However, here goes, minus the typed Christmas message. "Two aspirins and call the doctor in the morning!" P.S. You are definitely not obliged to say anything tactful. I still think it is excruciatingly funny. Actually, just excruciating. Hopefully the spring flower brushes will be more The Thing.