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  1. @Katiestephoto I am not staff, just a user, but on my MAC I am having absolutely no problem with refining selections in Affinity Photo 2. Granted, I am sticking to Big Sur at the moment, rather than the latest MAC OS, because it is so stable. It might help if you could explain what "glitching" means. Also there isn't a refine selection tool, but there are several selection tools: Selection Brush Tool, the Marquee Selection tools, the Flood Select Tool, and the Freehand Selection Tool. Could you narrow down which of these you are using, and possibly explain what the "glitch" is and at what point it occurs?
  2. @catlover since the palettes are now arranged alphabetically, a very simple way to make your Default palette always appear at the top of the list is to rename it: AAA Default. Sort of a clumsy solution, but it would work!🙂
  3. Welcome to the Forums @Patriq. I am just a user, but I am confused. Your topic title says V2 but your signature says you are using MAC OS 10.13.6. The two are not compatible. Have you upgraded your laptop but not your signature?
  4. @masterofninja i have a trusty, rusty “guillotine” known in years of yore as a paper cutter. Not sure it would enjoy trying to do the curve though. As for the suitable sized punch . . . . .
  5. Welcome to the Forums, @masterofninja! Guess we are all set for Christmas 2024! Thank you. I was a bit puzzled at first, but then figured that I'd better color a wee bit of the stroke on one tag just to see what I had there. (Helps with scissors!) Just to be on the safe side, I opened your file in Designer V.1 first. When I opened it very successfully in Designer V2 the lines were beautifully visible without adding any black.
  6. @srg I am completely stumped! I have tried and tried to replicate your issue, but can't. Is there any chance that when this happens you have brushed outside your fill layer onto your initial layer, and that it is a placed image layer and not an opened pixel layer? If so, then the Assistant Manager will provide the popup message that it has rasterised the image layer and you will get a new empty pixel layer. At least it does here on my MAC.
  7. Rats! I will have to regroup, after several appointments today, when I can get back to my desktop. Using my iPad right now. Hopefully another user will figure this out long before I can attempt it! I am so sorry.
  8. @srg That is very strange indeed! Is the Assistant icon on your Toolbar? I had to manually add it with my download of Designer2. Photo2 downloaded with the icon present.
  9. What a spectacular painting! Digital or manual, it is remarkable.
  10. @zeeloop Wonderful! I am such a happy user of the Affinity apps, and MACS too, and when I spotted your message just now, I really wanted to be sure that you are happily up and running! Isn't "interface" a pain? I used Migration Assistant to copy from my iMac to my Macbook Pro, and then had to delete a ton of stuff in order to save some storage space. Now I am keeping my Macbook Pro on V1 for the time being, until I have everything 2-ish sorted out. At that point, I will just do a fresh download of each of the V2's from the Affinity Store, and also wrestle with the settings. Happy New Year!
  11. Welcome to the Forums @Affinity_Pro You can definitely attach the crash reports to a post here. Also, may I suggest that with so many people posting since the arrival of V2, your post is far more likely to be seen if you will give the title of your topic a more descriptive name? I hope you will be able to resolve your issue quite soon, and am sorry that it has been "lost in the shuffle" with so many thousands of new postings in the last five weeks!
  12. @piter2039 Welcome to the Forums! Are you on Windows or Mac? If possible, could you provide a video to demonstrate this issue?
  13. @zeeloop Did you solve this? I have used Migration Assistant, but am sure that there are other wiser souls who might have another way to do this. I hope that bumping your posting may attract the attention of those who know more about delving into the depths of computers!
  14. @R C-R Just giving this a bump so that more recent Forum members will see it. Happy New Year!
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