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  1. @Stuart FR Thank you so much for the glorious palette! Until one sees it, it is an educated guess at the intricacies of your colors. It is so very kind of you to share it. Pity we can't all share your artistic ability too!!!😷
  2. Yes. They work seamlessly now. I have Watercolor Studio Pro and Impresso Pro. Affinity to JixiPix to Affinity to JixiPix without a hiccup. They updated their plugin files last week. @Don Spady if you are still having trouble, send an email to support@jixipix.com and ask them to send you the latest installer file.
  3. @Dorothy Bullivant Welcome to the forums Dorothy! Since this is a weekend you may receive help faster if you will post your question in the Forum section devoted to questions for desktop users. I am not familiar with Windows, so am not at all qualified to help. But you will surely receive expert help if you create a new topic such as “how do I get my images into Photo from my folders?” Once you get started you will surely love Photo, and as you browse through that same section of the Forums you will find many, many topics that will teach you so much as you progress!
  4. @DannyBCreative According to my MAC version of Photo, you can make your selection, then use this Shortcut - Shift + CMD + I . You should have an inverted mask. At least it works for me. Hope you will try this before you give up on Affinity Photo!!
  5. @AffinityJules I have also discovered that if you want to change the shape with the node tool to create an unusual effect, you must do it before you drag the shape layer down below the grouped Levels Adjustment layer. It takes some fiddling to do this with the image blocked by the shape, but it works! Example - very unprofessionally done, but the procedure works! Yea'a'a'a'ay.
  6. The images were rasterized and not cropped. However, I had a brainstorm 🤯 (mumble, mumble - brain working on one cylinder) and just checked to see if it will work. The thing works as outlined in the video tutorial IF one then exports the finished product to JPG (didn't try PNG) and then places the image back into a new file in Photo. Not too heavy a price to pay, if one is fiddling with various and sundry super-clever effects. Herewith an example. I hauled the odd shape out at random. Not intended to be a real effort, but just an experiment. 😋 Under the circumstances I don't think I will try to reach Olivio. He probably has lots of other things to do. Thank you so much for trying to help me!!! J
  7. Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I did try and yes, the bounding box was smaller than the image, but if I drag the bounding box to fit the image, the vignette also stretches beyond the chosen size and shape. In Olivio’s video the thumbnail for the shape layer indicates that it is on a transparent background (tiny checkerboard effect in the thumbnail). He definitely places his shape well within the inside of his image, and the shape layer retains its transparent thumbnail. My thumbnail for the shape layer shows a solid background. I am really stumped.
  8. Yes. I suggest that you send an email directly to support@jixipix.com and see whether they can send you an installer. They were very helpful to me and really want to work with Affinity.
  9. I have just successfully installed plugins this week for two apps from JixiPix (Watercolor Studio and Impresso Pro) after contacting their support team. They very kindly sent me corrected installer software and also let me know that they had revised all of their apps to accommodate Affinity Photo. Both are working perfectly! I have tried uploading an image, but get the 200 screen.
  10. @Multi4G I have been trying very unsuccessfully for several hours to achieve this effect, and have now given up. Each time I follow the steps exactly, and on the screen the image with the new vignette looks perfect. But then when I try to print the image, I get a dark rectangle superimposed on the image (per the attached). Can you give me a clue to why this is not working? I did it perfectly using Photo v. 1.8.3, but yesterday upgraded to v. 1.8.4. Think that is the problem? (Images were printed, then scanned then converted to JPGs. Sorry they are so fuzzy.)
  11. After I contacted Support at JixiPix directly about the problem I was having with their Watercolor Studio plugin for Affinity Photo they immediately sent me an updated installer download. The plugin is working flawlessly now with Photo. I also received an email from them today, which I wanted to pass along to everybody, because if you had purchased this app before this week you might have experienced the same plugin difficulty as I did. Here is what they said: "All of our products have been updated with the latest plugin that now works with Affinity Photo. Our plugins only worked with the Mac App Store version. But now everything is good to go as they are all updated (and live) to work with both versions [Mac App Store and ordering directly from the website]🙂"We do need to update our site to better explain Affinity support as it seems to be more popular now than Photoshop (in fact that is what I use instead of Photoshop). Will add that to the list 🙂"Go ahead and post to the forum that we are good to go. And thanks for doing that because these types of things are quite beneficial to our company since a lot of people do not even know about us. We are a small company, in fact there are 2 of us 🙂 My wife is the long time artist and I have been an algorithm engineer my whole life. Together we create everything on our site. We have a blast doing it too. Of course when things like new plugins come up its a tad stressful on us... doh..Have a great one!Michael" ____ And so here is my very first Photo/plugin/back to Photo attempt.
  12. Thank you everybody. Sounds pretty scary to me, but as previously stated, I am a wimp at “interface.”
  13. Looks like fun, except that apparently it is for Windows users. "Experimental version for MAC" sounds like trouble for a non-geek like me?
  14. Still can't use the Watercolor Studio plugin, but here is a first attempt. I imported the JixiPix-resulting JPG into Photo, and then had a splendid time using layer adjustments to mute some stuff and enhance some other stuff. Levels and Curves work wonders at sorting some of the blandness. (I wasn't trying for a wet-on-wet look.) Don't think Monet will have any competition!
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