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  1. Hi, how do i create a mask with a gradient? Here is what a tried: I' would like to blur the background of a picture. But the bluriness should be near zero at the bottom of the picture and at the top 100%. So i added a live filter gaussian blur to the picture, the went to the mask, klicked on it with option/ctrl so i'm able to paint on it. If i'm now choose the gradient tool to create a black&white gradient i'm not getting the desired result, the gradient is appearing on the mask, but not persistent. What am i doinf wrong or is there any other way to get a gradient mask? //huebi
  2. If you have several layers you can recombine the stack. But if you try to inpaint after you have applied the perspective filte you will have trouble to do so. Disabling the filter might help... need to give it a try.
  3. Hi, i'm just wondering about the live filter/perspective.Looks good at first sight, but subsequent corrections are nearly impossible. When the live filter perspective has been applied, any further mouse click is no longer related to the picture. Depending on how strong you corrected the distortion any tool you are usinf after the filter is no longer in sync with the mouse click. This makes this live filter useless to me. Or am i doing something wrong? Currently i'm using the normal filter for this, but this is destructive and cant be re-adjusted if you are not satisfied with the first attempt.
  4. Hmmm, as this should work with different sizes of the picture i would like to leave the size of the growth value to the user. But i'll take your answer as "if you want to have a user selection, you will get a preview" they i cant habe the one without the other. At least right now. As i have the possibilty to rollback if the result is not convinicing I would have preferred to be able to turn off the preview.
  5. Hi, here is the macro. It changes the current layer to a rasterized one, then selects partially transparent regions, then enlarges the selected area by a user defined amount of pixels, and finally is doing an edit/inpaint. Useful when you are rotating an image or straighten the horizont. //Huebi MyMacros.afmacros
  6. Hi, i have built some macros. Affinity Photo is showing me a "Generating Preview" window when i start the macro. After approving the dialog box the macros fulfills the task. This takes two times the time. I dont want a preview to be generated. If it is showing unwanted results i still can go back in the history. How do i turn this feature off?
  7. Hi, thx to everyone, i will take all into account and start a new approach. Again, thx for all the input. //Huebi
  8. Depens on how you select the sky... do you do a refinement?
  9. Hmmm, i tried a lot of stuff, like HSL on red or Black&White corrections... bun never tried with levels
  10. Hi, i now went through dozens over dozens tutorials on Youtube and learned a lot about AP. But... the only thing i figured out that my photos do have enough information in the red chanelle, but i'm still unable to improve them. Everything i'm trying out results in a more worse phozto than before. Any help appreciated. //Huebi
  11. Hi, I have a bunch of fotos taken under water and they are really crappy. I found some tutorials for photoshop like this one: The foto is like mine and its astonishing what can be done... unfortunetly I am unable to translate this tutorial to affinity, can somebody halp me out what was done and how to do this in Affinty? If necessary I can upload one of mine fotos.. Thanks in advance
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