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  1. Hey Dan, thanks so much for the quick reply. So yes, I think I’ve got it figured out. I can soft-proof on the iPad, but then will still need to export to iCloud Files and then reopen on the iMac in order to do the actual printing. Does that make sense? Thanks again, Karl
  2. Hi everyone, forgive me if there’s an answer to this question somewhere on the forum I’ve yet to find, but I’m wondering if there is any way to add/download printer and paper profiles for soft-proofing to the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I always save and then move over to my iMac for printing, but it would be great if I could do the soft-proofing and printing straight from the iPad Pro. Any options out there? Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
  3. OK I needed to upload a lower-res version but hopefully the ghosting will still be pretty visible. Obviously this is a really complicated sky replacement because of all the trees- I was just trying it out to see how it worked. But even with much simpler skylines I’m seeing lesser but still noticeable white tree echoes. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi, yes I always do a refinement, but lately I’ve been finding (and this is usually in the iPad version) these ghosts or echoes above the tree lines once I mask it and replace the sky. Really wish I could figure out how to attach a photo. Gonna work on that.
  5. Hi everyone, I’m new to all this but have found these forums so helpful. Hoping for another win here. So thanks to the plethora of Affinity videos I’ve learned to do a sky replacement even with complex tree lines all over the top of the sky area I want to replace. I’ve even just learned the process of using a single RGB channel, creating a grayscale layer with high contrast, etc, in order to use the flood selection tool to create my original sky that’s to be masked. Only problem is that while the end result is technically working right in terms of layers, I always seem to get a whole lot of what I can only describe as ghosting around the tree lines: white echoes of the tree tops, limbs, etc all over the edges of mask layers. Is this just a shortcoming of trying to create such a detailed mask layer selection? Or is there some way to avoid this even in complicated scenarios like this? (I just tried to attach a photo of the issue but the upload failed. So a secondary question- any idea why I wouldn’t be able to attach a copy of the photo from iCloud Drive to include on this forum?) As always, thanks SO much in advance for any help, Karl
  6. Hey, thanks for making the video. I downloaded iCabMobile just so I could watch it, but when I paste your link into the browser window it asks if I want to download the file. Then I can’t find the file anywhere. Sorry, i’m a newbie to 3rd-party iOS web browsers. Any ideas?
  7. Hmm, thanks for the reply. I wonder if I’m not tapping in the right place. I should have said that this is in the app on an iPad Pro, can’t recall if I’ve had the same problem on the desktop version. But the toggle buttons at the top of each section of develop tools is grayed out so I can’t toggle it. But then once I develop and am sent into Photo persona, I can go BACK to Develop persona and they’re all working. Which I guess is fine, except that the whole idea of the Develop persona is that you get your overall stuff done, develop once, and then move onto the details. Thanks again for your help though!
  8. Oh, since I have you here, one other question on the Develop persona. Do you (or does anyone else on the forums) have the issue that only certain options are available in Develop prior to actually developing? I can use all the sliders and toggles in the “Basic” studio, but the Lens, Details, and other studios within Develop are all grayed out until after I run the development process in the Basic Studio. Is that normal or is something wrong with the way in which I’m importing my files? Thanks, Karl
  9. OK GREAT, thanks so much Lutz. I find the Develop persona good in that all the sliders are there and the fine-tuning of the overall photo goes quickly, but once I get into wanting to make adjustments to particular parts of a photo, I find the selection tool in the Photo persona much easier and more accurate than the overlay tools in Develop. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t tossing out the RAW data when I switch, as AP sort of makes the “develop” process sound very final. Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly. best, karl
  10. Hi everyone, thanks in advance, as this is my first time posting a question to the forums. I’m new to RAW editing on Affinity Photo and Affinity for iPad and I’m having trouble figuring out whether to make certain edits in the Develop or Photo persona. So let’s say I have a landscape that needs lightening in the foreground and darkening in the sky. I know there’s an Overlay tool in the Develop Persona, but if I’m more comfortable making selections and editing for brightness, etc in that manner, is there any disadvantage to jumping through the development process and then making my edits with selections in the Photo Persona? Or does some of the RAW data get removed once I’ve “developed” the image by exiting the Develop Persona? In other words, in order to take full advantage of the data available in the RAW file, must I stay in the Develop Persona, or is there no data loss during the development process? Thanks so much for any clarification!
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