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  1. Cool, thanks anyway, when v1 expires, I may look for alternatives, since v2 is not free & has annual subscription...
  2. Cool, thanks, but unfortunately, I'm on disability with lowest income & it could take years to save up for version 2. The same with version 3 & so on.
  3. I was saying that ~ I figure since Version 2 costed money after I purchased Version 1 awhile back, then I figure Version 3 would also cost money. That's why I figured that there's an annual subscription fee... (Version 2, Version 3, Version 4 ~ ETC.)
  4. Which means that it has annual subscriptions... I've noticed the date that I underlined in red. See Pic.
  5. Cool, thanks. Will do. When I have enough, I will purchase V.2 in Microsoft Windows Store. It will be a while. Oh, will this also happen on every version "V. 3, V.4 etc.." in the future?
  6. Cool, thanks. Unfortunately, I'm on disability & it will take a very long time to save up for it...
  7. Which means that updates are no longer free? I checked the Affinity AD & I see dollar sign to update the product, I saw that it costed $99.99 to update the product that I already purchased a while ago.
  8. Hi. I already purchased Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher awhile back... I was wondering why updates cost money even though I already purchased Affinity?
  9. Oh, that's why.. I didn't put spaces between letters or words, sorry about that, it's been so long since I used Affinity & forgotten how to use shape text..
  10. Shape text does not work.. I followed the tutorial & I cannot get it to work, the textwrap in designer is missing, I cannot find it anywhere in the settings..
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