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  1. Usually whenever I add something to a document, or when I modify it, I save it right away. That way I don't forget to save it.. Like for example I add an image to a document, then I go to >File >Save I usually do this per change
  2. I actually do both; News information. Checking with Windows Store.
  3. Cool, did a photo manipulation in Affinity Photo. It's a huge bowl in the middle of a hallway. I used the following; Perspective mesh on the bookshelves on the wall. Pasted the bowl image on a different layer. Used color curves to match the hallway atmosphere. added the shadow on the bowl to match the lighting. I drew the square hole in the ground by hand.
  4. Cool, been waiting for lots of new features & fixes, especially the ones mentioned in this post. I have the Windows Store Version, everyday I check for updates, looking forward for version 2.0.
  5. What I usually do in this situation is that I resize the photo manually by clicking on the photo, then I click-n-holding one of the white boxes on each corner of the photo, then I resize it to fit inside one of the square area's in the template.
  6. I made almost 200 in my Affinity Publisher, I have it all in a category called "My Creations" Individual Asset Folders that have illustrations can be exported. Click on assets tab, then click on the hamburger symbol, then select "Export Assets.." then choose a location to save the file to. Then later on they can be imported. That's how I save all my assets. Here's a snapshot demo;
  7. A particular font has to be installed for it to work.. I found the font on 1001 free fonts website; Sans Variable Roman >Click on the Download link. >Save As. >Goto the directory the font was downloaded. >Right-click on the font. >Select "Install for all users".
  8. Tap the double vertical lines || , while holding it down, you can move the dock.
  9. First create the path with the pen tool. Before choosing text to path, 1st turn off the stroke or turn it down to 0 (Stroke = 0). Then, click on the layer that the path "created with the pen tool" is on. Now with the Artistic text tool, place it on the path, then start typing. Note: In Publisher, before text to path can work with the path being invisible, the stroke must be off or set to 0 in thickness.
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