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  1. Hello. I was simply curious, when is the next build update? Will there be a version 2?
  2. Even though start is a word, spell check says that start is not a word & it marks it as not spelled correctly. Notice the squiggly line under the word Start. (See Picture)
  3. Oh, that's why.. I didn't put spaces between letters or words, sorry about that, it's been so long since I used Affinity & forgotten how to use shape text..
  4. Shape text does not work.. I followed the tutorial & I cannot get it to work, the textwrap in designer is missing, I cannot find it anywhere in the settings..
  5. There are many tutorial on YouTube. They can be found by typing "Affinity Designer" or "Affinity Designer Tutorials" in the YouTube search bar.
  6. Amazing, thanks for updating the apps, it rocks, love it! 😉
  7. +1 Sounds amazing! Would like to see this feature in Affinity Designer.
  8. I just named it that, becaus thats what it looked like, using warm colors.
  9. Cool, thanks. Just checking. Found another way to do it, Create a solid shape using a pencil tool that surrounds another object. Left-Click on the shape, then Right-click on the solid shape & convert it to text frame. Resize the fonts to fit in the shaped text frame. Then type anything. You can notice that I created a shape around the waterdrop, I converted it to text frame.
  10. Amazing: Thanks for the update, I enjoy using it alot.
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