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  1. Rolodex card: Cool, I created a rolodex card in Affinity Designer. Rolodex Card.afdesign
  2. mpowell

    New Discovery Optical Illusion

    Cool, thanks. Will check it out.
  3. Wow As I was aligning these images perfectly in Affinity Photo, It still looked out of alignment, soon I discovered that it was an Optical Illusion, these images are actually perfectly aligned both vertical & horizontal. Cool, I even took a longer look & sure enough it's an optical illusion of uneven spaces. (Top left & right corner) (Bottom left & right corner) The 2 vertical images are actually the same size & The 2 horozontal images are actually the same size.
  4. Cool, I did my 1st amazing drawing after I purchased Affinity Photo.
  5. Cool, finally purchased Affinity Photo, & it totally rocks. Now I have all 3 purchased; Affinity Designer Affinity Publisher Affinity Photo
  6. mpowell

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Michael Lee Powel, I'm new to Affinity: I purchased Affinity Designer, Publisher from Microsoft Store. Soon I Will save up for Affinity Photo later on.
  7. mpowell

    8 Asset varieties

    Cool, I finally saved up for Affinity Publisher & it totally rocks: I created 8 assets, all from scratch. 8 Varieties.afassets
  8. Here's another trick: You can also save a table as an Asset. Here's the screenshot that tells you how..
  9. I tested the file out & my Affinity Publisher Windows App crashed too.
  10. I got Designer, it's amazing & planning on saving up for Photo & Publisher from Affinity via Windows 10 Microsoft App Store.
  11. Cool, thanks, just checking, thanks.
  12. Oh, Ok. Thanks, just checking.
  13. Speaking of updates: Was wondering how often is the Windows version of Affinity Designer updated? I have from the Microsoft Windows App Store & noticed that there's a version but it's in beta, how long will it be in beta before the stable release?
  14. Cool, please add this feature to the Artistic Text Tool, a Text Art feature that can stretch into any shape, like the heart Shape for example. See image demo..

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