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  1. Amazing, thanks for updating the apps, it rocks, love it! 😉
  2. +1 Sounds amazing! Would like to see this feature in Affinity Designer.
  3. I just named it that, becaus thats what it looked like, using warm colors.
  4. Cool, thanks. Just checking. Found another way to do it, Create a solid shape using a pencil tool that surrounds another object. Left-Click on the shape, then Right-click on the solid shape & convert it to text frame. Resize the fonts to fit in the shaped text frame. Then type anything. You can notice that I created a shape around the waterdrop, I converted it to text frame.
  5. Amazing: Thanks for the update, I enjoy using it alot.
  6. Cool, i've been curious of what miter is? I noticed it in the settings.
  7. Most definitly love using the mask method, it's so easy to use in Affinity, I even used it to decorate Art Text.
  8. Remember the famous blue dot from Windows 3? I recreated it in Affinity Photo.. I created a blue rectangle for the background of the image. I used rectangles to create these 4 shapes the image had. I lined them up accordingly where each corners touch each other. Then I rasterized the image to flatten it, & exported as PNG.
  9. I agree. Right now, I've been manually counting the words in my document that I create in Publisher, Designer, Photo & I rename the layer to number of words that I counted "402 words" for that individual layer for example.
  10. Oh, Ok. Thanks for letting me know. One way around is first create the text on a curve in Affinity Designer, left-click on it to select it, then right-click on it to get a context menu, the choose copy. Then open up Affinity Photo, choose a new file. Then right-click on the canvas "Or work area" to get a context menu, then choose paste.
  11. To create path text: Select a previously drawn line, curve or shape. From the Tools panel, select the Artistic Text Tool. Do one of the following: For text running outside a shape or above a line: Click the cursor outside (or above) the object's outline. The cursor will change to indicate path text will be created. For text running inside a shape or below a line (right to left): Click the cursor inside (or below) the object's outline. Click or drag on the page for a default or custom 'sized' text size, respectively. The line, curve or shape is converted to a path ready for accommodating text. Do one of the following: Type your text. Paste previously copied text. From the File menu, select Place. In the pop-up dialog, navigate to and select a file, and click Open. Alternatively, select a previously drawn line, curve or shape and then, from the Layer menu, select Convert to Text Path. To modify the flow of path text: With the path text selected, do one of the following: Drag one or more path text handles. On the context toolbar, set Baseline to adjust distance of text baseline from path. On the context toolbar, click Reverse Text Path.
  12. Cool, I created this cool Spirograph called Spring Fever.
  13. Hi, been wondering where the text wrap option went to in Affinity Designer? I cannot find it anywhere.. I cannot seem to wrap text around an object..
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