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  1. Paul Mudditt

    Access to Control Centre restricted

    Agreed Alfred, I can do it but need 2 swipes. Absolute pain. Totally none standard for IOS behaviour.
  2. iPad Pro 9.7”, anyone else having trouble bringing down a Control Centre, works fine on V1.6 but not latest V1.7 beta., I end up sliding my photo about. 3E13BCB3-C95D-4C12-B4C9-2864D49E2389.MP4
  3. Unfortunately the stroke studio is not available in Photo on iPad, the only work arounds are to also buy Designer (it’s cheap) and do that part of the edit in Designer since the afdesign and afphoto files can be opened in either app. Alternatively you can make a square brush which you can change the spacing to rudimentary draw text, apologies from my poor effort on the V1.7 beta.
  4. Paul Mudditt

    [] A few bugs by DM1

    I have always had that behaviour on V1.6 as well. The only work around is to use save copy option, close it down on home screen then reopen from saveas location to get the new filename to stick.
  5. Paul Mudditt

    [] A few bugs by DM1

    Hi Dave your flow is set to 56%, if you set to 100% it removes the overhead line in one go. I also see the weird pull back of the red trace. 8FD60318-49FD-43D7-88CB-271AEA93B4B8.MP4
  6. Paul Mudditt

    Layer effects not sticking

    When using FX because often you use multiple FX at the same time having to confirm each one would be a pain. All you have to do is select one of the other FX to lock in the previous until you return to it. Double click on the FX to bring back the context bar and adjust as necessary, remembering to tap on another location on the FX bar to lock it in. EDB26EBE-40D5-4D0D-92AB-75B52B220936.MP4
  7. Paul Mudditt

    Number of duplicated

    I have the Smart Keyboard why don’t they just implement ^J on it
  8. Paul Mudditt

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Yes the samples appear to be very large going by the time taken to download. A new style of sample files, very educational looking at how they were constructed.
  9. Paul Mudditt

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    All samples loaded ok on my original 9.7” iPad Pro running IOS 12.3 beta Alfred. Overall very much like the new features, seen a slow down at one point but ok after restarting app. New document screen still has artboard icon but not text even though artboards are not supported. Also my pet hate, the colour studio colour picker problem when using Apple Pencil persists, once defect triggered after working ok for a few minutes it still stops working showing the black ring, works ok when using finger as usual. Question, I forget, where do we report bugs again, via TestFlight or here?
  10. Check Designer has permission to access you photo albums. If you try to import a photo from your photo album IOS will ask you to grant access.
  11. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export not working for me

    Pay special attention to my screen recording, I am exporting to my slices folder, note how I “select” the folder from below then press “open”. Do NOT browse into the slices folder. It is not an intuitive step. B791D0D2-BE71-48AB-B10D-4A3083C85B22.MP4
  12. Paul Mudditt

    Pattern fill

    As gdenby points out and the you tube video points out it’s all about alignment and positioning to ensure accurate repeat.
  13. Paul Mudditt

    Pattern fill

    Lots of YouTube videos on pattern repeat strategies
  14. Paul Mudditt

    Making a pixel selection from a curve

    Just make sure you have correct layer selected, that’s the mistake I occasionally make wondering why there was no snap to edges working. In this case a curve has a nice edge which snap to edges has no problem with so long as I remember to select the curve layer not the image layer when making the selection. In my test I gave the curve a nice red fill since its sole purpose is to make the selection and I found that makes the snap to edge work very well.
  15. Paul Mudditt

    Making a pixel selection from a curve

    Yes that’s what I was going to suggest too with snap to edges selected, it’s a decent work around. Another option is to get Photo as well since your afdesign file will open in photo too and vice versa, it’s very good value!