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  1. Google drive is the worst cloud service, use Onedrive, Dropbox or iCloud on your PC, anything but Google.
  2. Try moving your files to another folder, that often triggers the thumbnails being rebuilt.
  3. I don’t think there is anything Serif can do on this, it is Google who need to make their software more Apple compatible. All the other cloud providers interface properly with the files app, google doesn’t last time I looked.
  4. These maybe the ones you are after, search You Tube for James Ritson Astrophotography
  5. Bit worried that the Forced Restart didn’t work, you did ignore the swipe to power off message and instead continuously held the power button without letting go until you saw the apple logo? It is so easy to get it wrong. I would try the other options I mentioned above as well. Also close all open apps and delete photo if you can after saving all your work in an icloud folder, then do a forced restart again, then reinstall. If none of these work the next step would be a full backup and restore cycle.
  6. Correct I never release the mouse button in line mode I click then drag the line out with the mouse button held down, maybe because I am used to using the apple pencil on the iPad version and that is how I imitate what happens on the iPad version on the desktop.
  7. Try uninstalling it !! It clearly intercepts key presses so may be incompatible with Affinity.
  8. Why do you get a pop-up saying SHIFT on your screen recordings, I don't. Have you got some key help system running for screen recording?
  9. Try making sure your rectangle is selected in the layers panel to ensure it is a snapping candidate. Also see if these settings change anything.
  10. I had problems initially with your design, then I realised every line that was not snapped properly was causing me problems with snapping because every wrong end point becomes a snapping candidate and caused more errors. One I realised that on your document, I removed your "bad" lines to stop their end points becoming snapping candidates. Then my new lines added were perfect. Screen Recording 2023-01-28 at 11.22.17.mov
  11. OK, try slowing down a bit, as you can see here I occasionally had the snap indicator not appear but when I slowed down a bit it re-appeared. Since you also have an M1 it can't be you have a slow machine, unless you have something on your computer that is slowing things down like google apps such as Chrome ? or perhaps or one of these fancy high resolution mice that oversamples and kills the CPU? Screen Recording 2023-01-28 at 10.50.32.mov
  12. The line turns greens so it is ready to snap, try moving your cursor closer to where the lines cross. Can you upload your .afdesign document as maybe it's dimensions or units are making the difference here.
  13. Ah, the star cross thingy is maybe a red herring I messed around with the snap: options on the context toolbar and then I got the cross like you, when I tried the constrained line again it still worked fine. It looks like it shows a cross because your first point is not snapped to the line either. If I click in mid space then my cursor changes to a cross as well. EDIT: Ah well mine is now broken like yours lol ! Need to play with those snap options again!
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