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  1. Ha ha our bad, we missed the rasterise step out
  2. It seems to be something to do with brushes, I have the same inpainting issue. However, I have Jim Welsh’s inpaintcrop2 macro which automates this procedure and it works perfectly ! Need to get on my Mac and have a closer look at the steps Jim makes in the macro! Try it from here SelectionFromLayer - convert a layer into a pixel selection SelectAllLayers - select all layers quickly DeSelectAllLayers - de select all layers quickly PencilPortrait - Convert Photo to pencil sketch (Credit: Alpha Sierra, YouTube) InpaintCrop2 - fix edges after a straighten crop (Credit: Jim Welsh)'s Macros.afmacros?dl=0
  3. I was so surprised that duplicating a selection on a placed photo didn’t work so reverted to 1.6.5 and see same behaviour, so if it is a bug, it’s not a new one. Unless it is an IOS beta issue. The work around to create a mask layer to make a cutout still works however.
  4. Another strange one, open any photo, then place another photo inside it. Select that photo and make a quick selection on it. Make a duplicate as you would normally do. Instead of the selection only being duplicated, the whole placed photo is duplicated as if you had never made a selection.
  5. Can you fit more RAM ?
  6. I know I said everything was good to go, but I seem to be having problems with perspective projection tool. I keep getting into a state that my only way out of the projection is to undo everything I’ve done. Has anyone else had any problems with this?
  7. On my Facebook Group Affinity for iPad Users, Linda asked “I hope that they added the erase blend mode. In the help section it is mentioned on the list of blend modes. But it is not there.” On checking the help section it is mentioned but doesn’t appear to be available. If it’s not planned, maybe revise the text?
  8. Looking good to go Andy, my reported defects all working fine. Many thanks, great job.
  9. Colour picker now uses on screen modifier. The press and hold method which nearly worked seems to have gone. A shame as it just needed a little tweak to the delay before paintbrush autoswitched to colour pick mode. Correction, seems to have gone from Apple Pencil, but still works with long finger press.
  10. Totally agree, original image in project is far to low a resolution to make a successful cutout. Garbage in, garbage out.
  11. Not sure if this is what you mean but all seems fine on beta version. 5F2BBE73-C6E1-495B-9827-9CE51E5CEFEC.MP4
  12. Quick demo on your partial photo, with a little more care I could have corrected a few of the nodes to give a smoother appearance. 3B5877C9-7378-4C47-9792-C54C1353C79E.MOV
  13. I have just done this cutout as an example on the Affinty Photo Facebook group, took me 10 minutes using the pencil tool in smart mode. Not really sure what the anti -alias issue you have. If you can post the full photo I can do a video of the steps.
  14. Yes I agree think you have found another bug I get exactly the same behaviour although it doesn't seem to affect normal slider behaviour. I think they may just treat this as a quirk rather than a full fledged bug. I'd rather they fixed my canon raw import from photos problem.
  15. Glad to be of help :-)