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  1. Paul Mudditt

    Inkdropper buggy

    Are you using Apple Pencil ? If so remember it responds to pressure, I found that the colour studio alone ink dropper requires a gentle push to select the colour.
  2. That’s good to hear Pankaj
  3. First import a photo from IOS Photos, this should make photo ask for permission as DM1 states then you should be able to export ok. If not I would close all apps down then restart iPad by pressing home and power continuously until you see the Apple logo, then try to load from IOS Photos again.
  4. Assuming you posted the problems you found on the iPad bugs page, the developers are very good at picking up such issues, with some known issues with IOS12 still to be resolved I’d think an update may well be due by the autumn when IOS12 is on general release. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/40-bugs-on-ipad/
  5. There is no current Affinity Photo Beta active as far as I am aware, this version was released 4 months ago.
  6. Yup, need to get moving now public beta of IOS12 released, received email today.
  7. By any chance is your camera set to RAW+JPG when you shoot ?
  8. One of the ways is if you rasterise your text, you can use the mesh warp in the filters studio, simple example shown here. If you can upload an example of the effect you require others might also be able to help. This is example on iPad but it’s similar on PC and MAC. 442D5638-6EDC-4BDF-8B14-7B840FA480ED.MP4
  9. Paul Mudditt

    iOS photo editing extension

    I use the Apple Workflow app, it allows you to select a photo in IOS then transfer to AP. DF7D8030-CDE8-4952-9C59-F424C975299B.MOV
  10. Compared to the alternative, all versions are an absolute bargain! I actually bought my second hand Mac just to try Affinity Photo and Designer after I had used iPad version! My home PC is ancient but still runs AP well but hardly use it now since iPad came out. Still use PC at work unfortunately.
  11. Paul Mudditt

    this feature does not work “cut”

    As well as what MEB mentions regarding rasterising the imported image, I didn’t see you use the pasteboard cut or as I show here the duplicate function, also I show the rectangle selection but follow with the smart selection tool that I believe you will want to use to remove the white background. 3799F74F-6770-400B-8F03-FACD0D120B50.MP4
  12. You just need to get an iPad micro sim, in the UK I use the 12 month 12GB iPad SIM card from a Three so I can use it in most countries in the world, it’s often on offer about £35-£40. Obviously other sims are available. Once installed just got to settings -> personal hotspot, set a password then connect you laptop up to the iPad hotspot.
  13. I have all three versions PC, Mac and iPad, all are built on the same software engine and have almost identical features. The professionals tend to use the Mac or pc version mostly but as a hobbyist I tend to use my iPad because I always have access to it, even when I’m watching the football match on the sofa.
  14. Most likely is that you don’t have the right layer selected in the layers panel when you are applying the filter.
  15. Just download the App Store version it’s the same as the GM version but since it’s the official release will work fine.