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  1. Not sure if this was ever meant to work but snap to margin guides does not work in latest beta.
  2. Yes agreed, this doesn’t appear to be working, best to report in bug reporting section.
  3. The macro files you show have an ‘s’ at the end, ie .afmacros not .afmacro. An .afmacros file is a macro library containing one or more macros. As such you must import into the macros library, you have it on the tab next to macros at the left hand side of your screenshot. Click the libraries tab, then there are controls on the top right of that tab to import your macro libraries. EDIT: Sorry I have just described how to load on desktop. For iPad see the image to do likewise, login to your affinity account and download your files using safari, your downloads will be in you downloads folder in iCloud Drive as shown. Alternatively if you have already downloaded .afmacros files to desktop you can create a folder in iCloud Drive on Mac and pick them up from same folder from iPad. . IMG_5155.MP4
  4. On the affinity iPad home screen preferences change default save location to be iCloud Drive. Press the hamburger icon 1. rename your .afphoto or .afdesign file, 2. save it then 3. close it. On desktop look in finder and find Affinity Photo or Designer folder as appropriate in iCloud files and load your .afphoto or .afdesign file from there. You can reverse the sequence to transfer back to iPad.
  5. Start drawing the line then place two fingers on the screen and you should see the line snap to 45 degree snapping angles. Alternatievly press small triangle on context toolbar twice and put figure on constrain button whilst drawing.
  6. Open via Open from Cloud. You may have to go into IOS Files app first and enable Google drive to be integrated into IOS Files. FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Depends how many projects you have in the sandbox. AFPhoto files can be quite large in the sandbox as they will have full history. Save the projects you are not working on somewhere else, such as iCloud, Dropbox, external USB drive etc then close them in the Affinity project sandbox..
  8. But the Adobe apps for the iPad are cut down apps in comparison to Affinity which is desktop class and performance on iPad. Android can’t at the moment deliver such performance.
  9. Now having read this article https://2dgameartguru.com/vector-orientation-understanding-a-frequent-problem/ I have a different perspective of this issue, previously I had literally flipped the letter T, now I show the solution with simply reversing the NODE ORDER using the Reverse option in the Node tool. Certainly now a handy tip for me. FullSizeRender.mov
  10. I think that is harsh when people are trying to help you replicate the problem. I am looking at your ink brushes in your original post, they do not seem to line up with my ink brushes. Did you make a lot of modifications to the new V1.8 brushes? Did you try a Forced Restart of your iPad? Did you try forgetting your Apple Pencil then re-connecting?
  11. I have tried loads of times to replicate this but it doesn’t happen for me, I wonder if something triggers it?
  12. There is a workaround to get your new LUTS transferred into LumaFusion and that is to use the Files app, select the LUTS files and then use the Share sheet to share the LUT to LumaFusion. IMG_4979.MP4
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