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  1. Just download the App Store version it’s the same as the GM version but since it’s the official release will work fine.
  2. Paul Mudditt

    Cannot Save to iCloud Drive!

    Try deleting the folder then creating it manually in iCloud on Mac and/or iPad to see if that fixes it? I think I’ve seen this bug before and that was my workaround.
  3. Paul Mudditt

    IOS 11.3 and affinity Photo

    Yes I think I may have watched a similar video quite a while back, quite a convoluted method of inverting a pixel layer. I could have sworn I’d made an INVERT PIXEL LAYER macro at some point to reduce it down to a single step. Just on my way out for some beer and a meal with my wife up to Newcastle, I’ll have another go later and add it to my macro file if it works.
  4. Paul Mudditt

    IOS 11.3 and affinity Photo

    Yes we reported problems in the 11.3 beta but they were all fixed for the gm release.
  5. Paul Mudditt


    Just tap to place full size or tap and drag to place a scaled version.
  6. Paul Mudditt

    Backup of projects in affinity ipad

    Correct, perhaps in a future version of both apps as both would need changes to make that work reliably I feel. Edit: After playing with the new pages app that came out yesterday which now works well with Dropbox I’ve changed my mind, it should be possible in AP in a new version as per how the Apple apps work now.
  7. Paul Mudditt

    Best Resample Method?

    As per this video Bicubic works well
  8. Paul Mudditt

    How to fade edges of a photo and it’s canvas?

    I guess it depends on the background you want, if it’s fade to black have you just tried using a soft texture brush all around the edges? Or you could use a gradient tool but I had more success with a paint brush. Depends on the effect you are after in you minds eye.
  9. Paul Mudditt

    Still brush tool issues

    Why do you say, the way it’s supposed to work. I see that procreate uses the hard and soft taps but I never knew that was supposed to be in Affinity? I don’t think I’d want to bash the glass with a sharp object, what does it give you that a longer press couldn’t do the same and not damage the iPad?
  10. Paul Mudditt

    Selecting objects inside groups

    Oh yes, I see it now with Apple Pencil only, just hadn’t noticed it still there. Agree it’s not much use as there doesn’t seem much magnification there but doesn’t really affect me modifying nodes etc. I guess it will be on the list of things being worked on to improve the actions that can be performed when using the pencil.
  11. I’ll watch this thread with interest...
  12. Paul Mudditt

    Selecting objects inside groups

    That was a problem in one of the 1.6.7 beta releases but isn’t there now in the released version.
  13. Paul Mudditt

    Get Older Version

    Unfortunately these ad based sites don’t care what load of crap they publish. IOS 11.3 Beta 5 all great on my 5s, 7 and iPad Pro 9.7”.
  14. I was an anti Apple person and thought that the iPad might be interesting when it was first announced but would never have made that step to buy Apple. The decision was taken out of my hands however by my elderly mother buying one on the first day release in the states as a gift for me as she was visiting my older brother who’s lived there for years! I’ve never looked back. Of course I use PCs at work but hate them with a vengeance after Win98 and WinXP were scrapped. Bought a 6 month old MacBook for half price and love it. Onto my 4th iPad now and of course umpteenth iPhone now. I have a 12 year old PC at home that I turn on now and again to warm my study up in the winter ! But I still tend to use iPad more than either. I upped my storage to 200GB on iCloud but increasingly other cloud storage solutions also work well with IOS files.
  15. Sorry to say but just use iCloud. Everything is set up to work smoothly with IOS devices. Best not to buy an Apple device if you want to still work in an independent way. I’m DOS and PC background for 35 years and I agree it’s a really tough changeover, feels like starting out learning how to do things all over again. However I have all three versions of AP and work seamlessly on each device via iCloud file sharing. It does, just work. I agree it would be better if filename access was more readily available from photos however. I feel your pain, it really is difficult to operate an Apple device like a PC, why not give iCloud a try at least.