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  1. Paul Mudditt

    162.42 update ?

    I also had it appear but only after using the gradient/fill tool.
  2. Paul Mudditt

    Photo editing on ipad

    Yes of course, go to document —> export then share —> save image to your photos album.
  3. This isn’t defined as a bug, it just doesn’t support line “trim” so a missing feature compared to some other packages. Geometry only works on 2D shapes not 1D parts like a line.
  4. Paul Mudditt


    You can create an IOS 12 shortcut which gets you directly into AP via the sharing icon from photos. You can shorten the scroll list by going direct to the distortions group. 2EBE53C0-1163-44D7-8096-543474934414.MP4
  5. Paul Mudditt

    Clone tool and healing brush not working

    Yeah just had this reported on my Facebook groups too.
  6. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    Once I realised you weren’t on IOS 12 by your signature I knew it must be something else, what else do we do on a Sunday morning/afternoon anyway
  7. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

  8. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    Edited again: The design you are using is protected from export, I also picked one of the Serif vector samples and repeated your problems, my fail. To check, you should see this warning message on a simple export, they really should say the same warning message on slice export too but it appears to be missing hence both of us chase an export bug, sigh.
  9. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    It’s not Affinity it’s the way IOS files work, it took me ages to figure out but once you do things in the right sequence it works. What you don’t do is browse into the folder you want to use, instead you browse to below the folder, then press select and you will see the folders with a white dot, select folder you want to use then press open. Reread this twice.
  10. Paul Mudditt

    Undo and redo arrows

    Look to preferences to bring them back, alternatively use the 2 finger tap gesture to undo, 3 finger tap to redo now.
  11. Yes me too but Patrick won’t be happy that the colour picker tool in the colour studio using the Apple Pencil tool still does not work on 9.7” after a few minutes of use, annoyingly it works every time they release a new version then stops working soon after. Probably works just long enough for a quality spot check and that’s all.
  12. Sneaky, no beta, hope it works, look under preferences I expect to turn the undo, redo icons on.
  13. Paul Mudditt

    Automatic Outline effect?

    There are many macros about that automate the pencil drawing effect, they can’t be created on iPad but any created on desktop version can be easily imported and used on iPad version. .
  14. Paul Mudditt

    Document size AD iPad

    The app’s internal storage really shouldn’t be seen as somewhere you save all your work, it is a sandbox which manages auto saves but will be completely lost if you had to delete the app for any reason. Your important work should be saved to another location, I use iCloud Files which is accessible from my Mac or PC for simple file archival and recovery purposes.
  15. There’s at least 2 ways, firstly you can stretch out a rectangular selection box to select the nodes you want or you can use the multi touch aspects of the iPad to select individual nodes and add to your selection by placing a single finger modifier on the screen whilst selecting the other nodes.