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  1. If all you used your iPad for was Designer then 64GB would be ok, however once you have an iPad and you start to realise all the other things you can do with it, you will start to wish you’d paid that bit extra in my experience.
  2. Look for my Mud’s Macros V3.afmacros pack on those forums, they include TextOnCurve macro which provides this Affinity Designer feature.
  3. Paul Mudditt

    Circular text

    This might help. IMG_4050.MP4
  4. Paul Mudditt

    Erase White Paper Filter issues

    Hi Jay, might be helpful to upload your .afphoto file here for others to test. BR Paul.
  5. Paul Mudditt


    You should never need to do this. To show the context toolbar at the bottom of the screen simply double tap the relevant mask layer. Other than the context toolbars everything on the iPad is fixed.
  6. Paul Mudditt

    Affinity Designer: Change Perspective? Mesh Warp?

    The file format for designer or photo are identical so you can easily transfer your work between packages to achieve what you want. Another alternative is to use the Live Filter asset pack for designer, see this thread which provides access to some of the filters you have requested.
  7. Paul Mudditt

    iPad to pc

    Use save a copy to iCloud Drive with save history turned on in .afphoto format, login to www.icloud.com and download from there to edit on PC is one of many ways to do this. All settings are stored in the .afphoto file.
  8. Paul Mudditt

    Affinity for Ipad as demo avaiable?

    It’s a no brainer, it’s so cheap but amazingly powerful assuming the iPad meets Affinity minimum specifications they have nothing to lose !! Best with Apple Pencil too, they will not regret and will be thanking you for ages to come !
  9. Paul Mudditt

    A project inside a project

    Yes, you can use the IOS files app to create a folder structure in iCloud or Dropbox or On My iPad as you would on a PC or MAC. I use iCloud as I can then access my files on my MAC or on my PC version and continue working from there. Use Save a copy under the documents menu and give your file a name and save it to a location.
  10. Paul Mudditt

    A project inside a project

    Very strange, never seen that behaviour before and sorry don’t really have a solution you can work with. As a comment I wouldn’t use the internal affinity sandbox to store so many temporary files, I would recommend you save them outside of affinity in a folder structure you have created yourself because if you ever had to delete the app and re-install it to fix such a problem you would lose all those temporary files.
  11. Paul Mudditt

    Pen Tool on iPad version

    Might be useful to provide an example of your problem either photo or afphoto file or possibly a screen recording of the problem you are seeing.
  12. Paul Mudditt

    How Does Perspective Work

  13. You will find this alternative method a lot easier. IMG_3838.MP4
  14. Paul Mudditt

    Drag and drop image quality

    Didn’t even know you could do that ! Dragging out of the Affinity home screen into photos app is not the way to export to photos app. Use export then share then save image.
  15. Only when you save, if it says Saving "Filename" as "Filename.afphoto" to "iCloud Drive" then this was an imported file being saved to the default auto created Affinity Photo folder in iCloud. but if it says Saving "Filename" as "Filename.afphoto" then it is saving the file back to where it was opened from.

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