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  1. Edit: I accidentally had PSD set for export to photo album, all dimensions respected. With PNG or JPG I confirmed your defect. PSD IN photos added, dimensions respected. PS: Never realised PSD files could be stored in IOS Photos !!
  2. Sounds like a memory problem have you tried restarting your iPad, press volume up, volume down in quick succession then press and hold power continuously until you see the Apple logo. On older iPads its HOME+POWER continuously until the Apple logo appears. If the slide to power off appears the you haven’t done it right.
  3. Paul Mudditt

    Deform and mesh warp problem

    To deform live why don’t you convert to curves then use the node tool to deform it? Also for such a simple stripe, you can create directly in photo as I did here.
  4. Paul Mudditt

    Please help, lost all files.

    Did you try restore from backup, you may be able to recover all your files that way if you still have a backup in cloud or on desktop from before you deleted app.
  5. Paul Mudditt

    Affinity Photo iOS: no split screen?

    It takes both apps to support split screen, if the other app already supports split screen then you can bring it in on top of Affinity as a floating window as a work around.
  6. Hi Dave, good to know !.I bought Pixave over a year ago but haven’t used it much as I was so dependent on IOS photos compression capabilities. Might give it a try again now I’m on 2TB iCloud...
  7. Paul Mudditt

    My new toy broke :(

    If you resize your document say x10 then this affect is substantially lessened.
  8. Paul Mudditt

    Macros install

    Are you using IOS12? If your on the iPadOS13 beta everything is broken apart from using a dropbox folder which you can import macros from.
  9. I’d suggest loading a couple of your raw files here for moderators to test. I use Canon CR2 without problem.
  10. The RAW data, is just that, data, its not really a photo yet as its hasn’t been developed. Once developed you can manipulate it as a photo. Each RAW file is in a proprietary format that programs can read the data from but generally only the OEM can create the original file. Hence more RAW file formats in the world than the “standard” photo formats like JPG,TIFF etc. Writing and much more importantly, testing complex photo manipulation software like AP, PS etc tends to stick to an output format in one of the few standardised file formats otherwise the effort involved in testing would be restrictive.
  11. Only the RAW file holds all of the RAW data, once you have developed (some people say cooked) the photo is no longer RAW. Develop is like cooking a steak, you can’t reverse it to get back to the raw steak.
  12. As Dave states above you can drag many photos into Affinity but please don’t try to use AP as if it was Lightroom, it is similar to Photoshop so really designed for one photo at a time editing. One second warning is the drag and drop method pulling multiple photos will not import the RAW files but a JPG version of each file. Only using your first method can you import a RAW file, you can tell because a RAW file will open in Develop Persona, if the file opens in Photo Persona it isn’t the RAW file. And to re-iterate Dave’s warning, you can only close and delete one file at a time from the Affinity Sandbox so not a good strategy to pull many photos in at once.
  13. All files shown within Affinity Designer are inside the Affinity Designer sandbox, stored on your iPad. You need to save each document separately by pressing the 3 bar hamburger icon and choosing save. This will save to the Affinity Photo folder in iCloud Files with your current settings. To free the space up in the sandbox you must press close on the hamburger icon after you have saved each file. You should also be aware, the sandbox is only a convenient location while you are working as this is where designer auto saves your work. But, if you ever had to delete the app and re-install you would lose everything in the sandbox so do not leave completed work on the home screen, save it to a cloud service or in the On my iPad folder.
  14. Paul Mudditt

    IOS 13 iPadOS 13 Public Beta Available today

    It’s way too buggy, wait until another couple of releases of iPadOS13 and Affinity have been released.
  15. Paul Mudditt

    Photo persona in Designer

    Yes file format is compatible across all platforms and packages so long as they are on similar version numbers e.g. 1.7x