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  1. If you also have a Mac you can use a smart folders to gather up all your RAW files into folders that you can then see on your iPad. At the moment I don’t think that can be done directly on the iPad but I’m optimistic that the new IOS Shortcuts app might be improved to allow selection of RAW from there, it already has a select all LIVE photos so should be just a small step to add that functionality.
  2. Paul Mudditt

    Downloadable Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

    Hi Alfred, just a loose use of words, iCab can mimic other browsers eg Firefox and I was hopeful it might be able to download by simply select the design file link, but like you, I also got the network error page. However I did find a work around with iCab, and that is to simply press and hold the link until the pop up menu appears, then select download. It still gets the file extension wrong but that’s easy to correct in iCab 33E5DA58-81FE-4168-B3B4-DE416AFE1073.MP4
  3. Paul Mudditt

    Downloadable Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

    Thanks, yes I see it is a safari bug although I also similar in iCab browser in safari mode on the iPad. However as mentioned in the article, using Chrome on the iPad provides the correct file names. Many thanks !
  4. Just post it here, select Click to choose files at bottom of a new post.
  5. Paul Mudditt

    Sharpness with unsharp mask...

    On the iPad, it’s the exact same filter UnSharp Mask.
  6. Paul Mudditt

    High resolution photo file issue

    I can’t open this 131MB raw file either on my iPad Pro 9.7”.
  7. Sorry, again not in Designer but in Photo you can use equations :-
  8. Paul Mudditt

    Perspective filter render bug in Designer

    Seems to work fine in IOS12.1 beta 5, don’t see any problems as you show in video. What IOS version are you on,? Do you have lots of apps open?
  9. I just did a quick test from Dropbox, and used the IOS files multi file select method to bring multiple photos into Affinity Photo in one operation. Note I am using IOS 12.1 beta. 35639FB3-A88E-4E24-9F24-DF3810B7C790.MP4
  10. Miguel has created a list, not sure if this helps. http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/
  11. Paul Mudditt

    RAW colors wrong on iPad in Affinity Photo

    I agree with DM1. Did you know there are 2 methods of loading photos into AP, which will help to prove this. If you use import from the Affinity home screen you will access the original RAW photo. If instead of doing this you use IOS drag and drop from photo to AP home screen you will access the optimised jpg that IOS displays.
  12. Paul Mudditt

    Designer v update fixes and fails

    I agree, we need a release history, the trend on many many apps now is to give a bland, “we continue to improve our product”. It’s so annoying, every time they release a new version I convince myself that the colour picker in the colour studio is working fine with the Apple Pencil, at least this time I waited 5 minutes or so and yup it’s stopped working again. In my video I start by showing that it has stopped working, I close it down and try again and it starts working again for several minutes. It then it stops again.shortly after the video ends. I am also on latest IOS beta and am finding Dropbox etc working fine, see video below. 92D5D841-680F-4CC2-AC43-194A7C82E26C.MP4 8710F7EE-1557-4D66-B8DA-93D26B8AB714.MP4
  13. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    FYI: I’m running this weeks IOS12.1 beta 4 and found both Dropbox and Drive working ok now with Affinity.
  14. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    Affinity can’t fix it, this is a Dropbox IOS issue which needs fixing by Dropbox or Apple.