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  1. Hey there! I do transit diagrams and maps for fun. Here are two recent fantasy/proposed future metro networks which I wanted to show in nice and clean style. For both I found data and maps online but they weren't appealing. 1) Possible metro line for Brno 2) Planned metro line with alternative routing for Krakow Feedback appreciated! Enjoy them! Chris
  2. Thank you so much 😃 really glad to here you like my works! The answer why I do transit maps for fun is surely that I need to relax and in making those diagrams I have found a way to accomplish that. Also I am a fan of public transit so this helps to find always new stuff to work and create something. There was also a feature about me which is more detailed - maybe you are interested in reading it: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/chris-smere-i-always-needed-change-to-get-on-even-if-it-meant-starting-over-again-with-something-completely-different/ I know Beck and his works, of course and it's a bitty what has become of the London Tube map nowadays... If wanna know more I am always happy to answer your questions! Chris
  3. Exactly 😃 I could do it in rainbow colors on white... Actually I prefer it compact as it is for now. I see your point tho. Maybe for another revision in the future. Thanks for the idea! Happy to hear 😃 I do post too little here. If you go to my Instagram, Twitter or Reddit you may see even more of my stuff - you find me on all three under "transitdiagrams". Thanks for your kind words and support!
  4. Thanks for you input! Used some of your remarks. Here is the new version - it's more compact and better now, I think:
  5. Thank you for your feedback! And happy to hear you like it! The arrows are merely a second level of information to show which network is which. I had also a white version but a rich dark gives it another quality. Maybe you would have liked the white version better. Interestingly I get sometimes the opposite feedback when using a brighter black - then people ask for a richer black. What you do you mean by redistributing elements? I used the space quite efficiently I thought. What would you change?
  6. Hey! I make transit diagrams and maps for fun. This one shows what is left of both electric systems (2 trolleybus lines and 1 tram line) in Vladivostok, Russia. It features a small geographical map for orientation, so both networks are only peripheral and none of them goes into the center anymore. Constructive feedback is appreciated - enjoy it! Chris
  7. Hey! A transit map of a near future light rail letbane system in Odense, Denmark Phase 1 in green is near opening. The stations are fixed. Phase 2 in turquoise is not yet fixed and a bit speculative. Constructive feedback appreciated. Chris
  8. New edited photos:
  9. Hey you all! I did this one for fun as usual Constructive feedback and corrections are appreciated! Enjoy it! 🙂 Chris
  10. Thank you so much 😃 Unexpected but highly welcome 😃 Keep up the great work and stay safe and healthy!
  11. Updated version with corrections in the Millbrae and Daly City area 😃 Now I have also included the bright version. Have a great Sunday!
  12. And here is another one:
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