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  1. Was about to post the same... fonts are displayed in Chinese and behave different in different dialogues. Hope this will be fixed soon.
  2. Hey Dan, thanks for the late reply. It is more or less solved for now - Display Zoom was causing the problem. I have an iPad 5th generation with iPadOS 16.2. I turned it off and it worked perfectly. It would be nice though to have grids working with Display Zoom on too. Chris
  3. Now that l have turned off display zoom snapping is working fine again.
  4. Thank you, that solved it. Hopefully this will be fixed in future in order to use display zoom again.
  5. That's how I want mine to behave too 😃 maybe it's due to the fact that I am using the latest beta on my iPad Pro? Maybe it has to do with the M1 my iPad has? @Dan C
  6. Do all the grids work on your iPad? Mine are all floating around when zooming or moving around - see my video 😕
  7. Hey, it's me again and it's about grids again - and it concerns all three app (AD, AP and APub). The grids just don't work properly at all: RPReplay_Final1668079056.mov Hope this will be fixed with the next update as many people including me work and rely a lot on grids. All the best, Chris
  8. Hey @Dan C, thank you for the tip. Now it's working correctly. So I can confirm it. 😃 PS: there is the same issue (even stranger behaviour) on my iPad - made a post for it:
  9. du kannst nur alte V1-Dokumente in V2 aber nicht umgekehrt öffnen. Also sind neue Files nicht abwärtskompatibel.
  10. Hey, first of all, thanks for the new versions of all your apps! The first little bug (although for me very important as I use this grid a lot) is that the horizontal triangular grid doesn't work properly. It looks and behaves like this: RPReplay_Final1668010698.mov All the best, Chris
  11. Hey, first of all, thanks for the new versions of all your apps! The first little bug (although for me very important as I use this grid a lot) is that the horizontal triangular grid doesn't work properly. It looks like this: All the best, Chris
  12. I always use the betas on my devices and it has some pretty nice new features 😃 Especially the Stage Manager is awesome
  13. I also tried different performance options and also without better results. Hope this gets fixed in the next version as this can be annoying to waiting just for minor changes of the corner. 🙂 Chris
  14. I will try and see how the different options work. Uploaded. For example: Try to adjust the corners of the S1 stroke - this one always causes freezing of the app. Thanks again 😃 Chris
  15. Hi Dan, thanks for the fest response. As it is an work in progress for a commission (not yet approved by the customer) I would only share it privately and only with the layers containing the multiple lines. Here is a screenshot of my preferences: Chris 😃
  16. Hey there, sometimes when I want to adjust many node corners (the radius of curved corners in my cases) at the same time AD tends to freeze for a few minutes before it has been able to make all changes. Is this normal behaviour? The strange thing is that it only occurs sometimes in some files. It also seems to happen more likely the longer I am working continuously on a file. Anybody else having this sort of issues? Chris
  17. it's really a downside as I have to type text in another app and then copying to AD...
  18. Okay, hope this will be corrected with the next update... which is hopefully coming this year... Attached a random file. Having more than one stroke not all strokes have draw behind/in front selected. I thought this is normal behaviour as only the most top or most bottom stroke can be in front/at the bottom. In between it wouldn't make sense to have the option selected, would it? All the best, Chris stroke.afdesign
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