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  1. EducationPrinciples

    Dream in a Bottle

    It looks like you learned how to create the bottle from this great tutorial and then went in a different direction with the bottle contents. Your variation looks great.
  2. EducationPrinciples

    Radioactive Tears.

    I can not take credit for the music. Similar to the most recent version of Affinity Photo, LumaFusion has access within the application to a stock media source called "StoryBlocks" and that is where the music came from. There are a number of free photos, videos, and music within StoryBlocks. With a subscription to StoyBlocks, there is access to a much larger selection of resources.
  3. EducationPrinciples

    Radioactive Tears.

    I wonder what happened to the original posting. Hopefully you and others can see it here.
  4. EducationPrinciples

    Gutsiest Move I Ever Saw, Man!

    Cool composite. I would recommend removing the stars that are in front of the aircraft carrier.
  5. EducationPrinciples

    Radioactive Tears

    This video is made up of vector elements drawn in Affinity Designer. I then imported them as separate layers in LumaFusion video editor. I applied various effects to the layers separately. The waving and moving lines were created using “Warp” and “Seurat” with keyframing and moving the effect focus.
  6. EducationPrinciples

    Fast Train

    Garry, you are absolutely correct. In the analog days so many additional steps were required and so many technical skills were needed. Now it’s accomplishable on a tablet computer without the need of environmentally destructive chemicals and trial and error attempts that would be put into trash. Your published work looks great. Thanks for sharing the steps that you used to complete this work. Keep it up.
  7. EducationPrinciples

    A Great Dog

    Layers and filters
  8. EducationPrinciples

    A Great Dog

    Used Affinity Photo.
  9. EducationPrinciples

    I designed an art book in Publisher Beta

    The step by step process of how you created your animation is most impressive. https://www.awn.com/animationworld/dancing-goddesses-how-nina-paley-animated-stone-sculptures-seder-masochism
  10. EducationPrinciples

    Request for App Icon suggestions

    DuchShader, I really like your idea.
  11. EducationPrinciples

    Halloween Pumpkin Asset in Vector Design

    Really impressive and showcases your abilities. As a tutorial it is very challenging to follow. I really hope that you would turn on the "Show Touches" feature in the Affinity app and add screen captions explaining what you are doing. Taking advantage of the features of Techsmith's Camtasia would help others learn from your videos. If you want to save money or don't have a desktop to run Camtasia consider using LumaFusion on iPad ($20) to add captions to your videos.
  12. EducationPrinciples

    Political cartoon

    Bri-Toon, Last year I was watching a tv show called "Superior Dounuts." One of the characters was an art student who's assignment included the need to draw hands. He and his teacher talked about the difficulty of drawing hands. Your comment reminds me of the episode.
  13. EducationPrinciples

    collage of a couple of leaves

    Very inspiring work. Thank you for sharing.
  14. EducationPrinciples

    Calendar 2019

    Kapuan, That first image you created really looks good. Very creative and fun. The evolution into the last image is fantastic! I really like what you did with the water in the last image. The details you added to the foreground in the last image are really inspiring. I do wish you continued the triple line border from image three into the final image. I think they help with the feeling of a PC board. The images and your composition feels like "Art Deco" which I like a lot. I hope you continue to post your creations to this forum. I suspect newbies like myself will learn a lot from studying your work. Thank you.
  15. EducationPrinciples

    Political cartoon

    Phil, Thank you for providing the clarification. I would recommend making the 'people' representative thinner and wearing working clothing. Also consider making the individual smaller and maybe even have several additional figurers representing working 'people.' (that is a technique I have seen with other political cartoon artists. Also consider using the traditional logos for Dems and Repubs on their buttons. The idea of the 'people' not having any champagne makes sense.