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  1. Photo with iPhone then edited in Affinity Photo on iPad. I created duplicate, then applied mask around the snail. on the lower layer, i added a slight blur and reduced saturation. Added my watermark between the layers and created a custom frame using droplet brush around final project.
  2. Just fooling around with triangles and texture in Affinity Designer. I then exported out layers and added some animation and audio.
  3. There is a consistent issue when using Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo with my iPad. I export images to OneDrive and the date and time is added to the file name. It also occurs when I Save files to OneDrive. I do not have the issue when i Save/Export to iCloud. It does not happen with any other application that can save to OneDrive. Its very annoying. I have not found the issue anywhere. I have tried resetting the iPad as well as deleting the Affinity apps and OneDrive. I use OneDrive for work projects and iCloud for personal projects.
  4. Thank you for continuing to provide these great tutorials. They are very inspiring and give great ideas about how to use the various tools in creative ways.
  5. Jhonatan, As always, your creations are inspiring to those of us starting out.
  6. Wow. The damselfly looked like a photo. Is that a photo of water in the image “bridge over sea”?
  7. Itam, Thank you for sharing your drawing process.
  8. Very cool. You have a great eye. Can you produce some tutorials on how you did some of them? Your style is worth sharing.
  9. The bird and lizard images have an almost illustrative quality that I recall seeing in high-end photo books. They are really wonderful.
  10. Abinash Mohanty, Very nice art work. The style reminded me of The Beattle's Yellow Submarine animation. When looking at GarryP's link, it appears that I am not the only one reminded of the cool art style.
  11. Very cool. Reminds me of the days when people opened and tinkered with their own electronics.
  12. Don, Your creations are consistently beautiful. Keep it up.
  13. almeida_tercero, At first glance, it really looks like a simple elegant cup of coffee. Looking closer and the subtle use of gradients for shadows and reflections is really impressive. It would be great if you could create a tutorial video showing how you did it. Jhonatan Silva has been doing a great job on his YouTube Channel: Vectorize Creative Illustration.
  14. Alfred, I think olmi57 meant that he did not use pixel layers. His creation really is impressive.
  15. Great work. It would be really neat if you could offer a tutorial video of how you crafted these objects.
  16. H John, You raise good question. There is an education fair use within the copyright laws. We are not selling the device, nor selling the training lesson that the image appears in. Rather, teaching researchers what the device looks like and how it should be used.
  17. I create eLearning lessons for a research university. Sometimes that includes creating lessons on how to use certain lab equipment. There was one old piece of equipment and it was in a location that made taking a photograph very difficult. Normally i want to be able to have an uncluttered view the of the hardware and remove the background. that way i can place text around the equipment. Often I can find an online photo taken by a manufacturer on a white background. Since this equipment was so old I could not find one. But i did see a photo taken by another organization created for their surplus store. The original photo had a very busy background with logos visible through the glass and reflecting on the metal work-surface. I pulled the image into Affinity Photo and did what i needed to do and it looked good. I then decided to have a little bit of minor fun which included replacing the background, added lights, and a researcher behind the glass. I would not call what i did art. Just a small practical use of Affinity Photo.
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