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  1. Yeah, challenged myself to see what I could create sticking to the pen and using gradients etc
  2. Love this software, never used it until a few months ago, it's so intuitive! Created this vector this week, hope you like.
  3. Any way around this, I don't want my logo to look crap wherever I use it?
  4. Just using AP on the desktop and also Ipad, did a photo composition earlier and wanted to add my logo, could it be because the layers in AP are pixel? Also saved as both png and jpeg to use as my profile pic on Facebook and same result, badly pixelated.
  5. Yes but it's when it's added to other programs such as photo or procreate it then rasterizes, I need it to remain vector? Am I being stupid lol
  6. No, it's just text, I changed one letter to curves to change the shape but that's it, I've even tried changing everything to curves but it always rasterizes, I'm baffled.
  7. Hi all, made a logo from text and it looks perfect in designer, once I export (tried eps, svg etc) it pixelates badly, tried turning the text into curves but no difference, what am I doing wrong? Just presumed text would remain vector?
  8. Hi can anyone help, having a brain frazzle moment and can't figure out the best way to achieve this style (other than to cut up a photo into sections and piece back together). Any help greatfully appreciated!
  9. All the same size and yes all solid colours and I have all the apps Windows and Ipad.
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