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  1. Try it on an iPad with Apple Pencil. There’s no going back.
  2. DM1

    EXPORT LUT BUG... still there :/

    I'v read somewhere that when exporting, affinity inverts two of the setting values. If you Export, then import the lut and export it once again, the 2nd exported lut file should be correct. Invert only occurs on export so double invert on same file puts values back where they should be. I haven,t tested this myself.
  3. iPad Settings, General, Accessibility, Zoom (toggle off).
  4. DM1

    Importing vector brushes

    @Callum Has there been a change to importing macro files in affinity photo for iPad? Just reading the instructions in your link: it says to navigate to the .afmacro file. In the past we could only import .afmacros (note the 's' on the end). Installing Affinity Macros on iPad Open Affinity Designer on your iPad. Go to the Macro Studio—you will find the Macro Studio on the right-hand side of your workspace. Tap to open it. Tap the small Preferences icon at the top and choose Import Macros. Using the Files Browser, navigate to the .afmacro file you wish to import and tap to select it.
  5. DM1

    AP Autosave taking too long/not working

    You can increase and or decrease the autosave time in settings. The interval is set in seconds.
  6. F9930450-5DD1-41A0-AAEA-E759BB4427EE.MP4
  7. Have you tried hard resetting the iPad. Hold power and home button down for 10 seconds and device will restart, hopefully clearing any cached memory.
  8. DM1

    Turn off magnification ?

    Magnification - You can turn it on/off in iPad settings accessibility.
  9. DM1

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    Unfortunately emphasis appears to be on use of fingers rather than pencil. A happy balance is yet to be found. I would prefer a switch in settings to select pencil input in place of finger input for using all tools.
  10. You can use Fx Studio. Outline. 472B3B71-6E9D-473C-BF05-D699A5C26B5D.MP4
  11. Will it install using something like Anyfont?
  12. - is that Desktop version, not iPad?
  13. Do you mean delegate an affinity photo project (.afphoto file). If so go to the project screen and tap the 3bars at bottom right of the project. Then tap close. If you had previously saved the project you will need to go to the folder (on your iPad - Files then navigate to Photos folder, select and delete .afphoto file), if on iCloud go to Files iCloud and Photos folder, select file and delete. If you want to delete a photo (that you have exported from your project) use Files to navigate to where the photo (jpg, png,PDF etc) is located and delete it.
  14. Like this? Add a brightness contrast filter and turn brightness up to 100 %. If that is not good enough, use the magic wand to select the off white areas and cut/delete them. Then add a white background. I have attached a sample .afphoto done on a copy of the image you provided (the resolution wasn't great) the outcome is not too bad. Shows what to do in video. 8966963A-3C4E-4BFF-BC87-BC421508B415.MP4 Untitled_6.afphoto