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  1. DM1

    Photo printing online service.

    You need to change them from .affphoto format to an image format. One way is to Export each photo as jpg (or whatever format is required), then tap Share in bottom left of Export screen and select Save Image. This will save the photo in selected format, to the photo library. You can then upload from photo library. There are other ways, but all involve Exporting each image first.
  2. DM1

    Increase canvas size

    I do it this way using canvas unclip/canvas clip. 934C9EAF-675D-400C-BE16-4AE34EDE4A17.MP4
  3. DM1

    Color B/W Photos

    Some ideas and the .afdesign file to play with. I just sketched with pen and added some Styles, but the only limit is your imagination. cats.afdesign
  4. Hi Ciavyn, yes this is a known issue and hopefully developers will have a better result in the next update, when ever that is. Currently I suspect the active node ares are set too large, more for finger use than pencil. When nodes are close together this becomes more of an issue.
  5. DB78CE35-09AB-40C1-83FE-9DC3856DBED9.MP4 @GabrielM Hi Gabe, the crash took a little longer this time but still happened after moving things around File is 160mb and upload failed, so may need a Dropbox account to post it to. edit : I have clipped the clip to show last few actions leading to crash. Did pretty much same actions on other side first, then moved the top drawing then moved to right side and crash. 26D53D25-6111-46BF-AFC8-156A36BBDDF6.MOV
  6. Hi Manja 13, the copy paste symbols bug has been reported a few times. The mods have registered the bug with the developers and one day (hopefully soon) they will release a fix.
  7. Try going into Files app, select Edit, turn off Dropbox then turn it back on. Make sure you can access Dropbox via Files app, then try Affinity again.
  8. In the Export screen for EPS there is an option called Rasterize. Have you tried setting that to 'Nothing'.?
  9. Not directly (copy/paste won't work). You can open an .afphoto file in Designer. You could export a slice and import that into Designer.
  10. DM1

    Color B/W Photos

    I made them by sampling various skin tones of different photos. There is a very good thread here on colourising old photos. Several techniques discussed.
  11. DM1

    Air Drop usability

    No you cannot. Yes, you can send it via Files app. You can save the .afdesign file to iCloud, Dropbox etc from iPad using Documents menu Save a Copy. The on either the iPad or Mac use the Open from cloud to access the file.
  12. 549FC902-23E6-4602-83C0-5E8298FDD5BF.MP4
  13. DM1

    Color B/W Photos

    If you are using a colour layer mask you can invert the mask using the channel studio. I tend to use Gradient Mask layers, but it’s the same process. Invert the layer and paint with white to reveal. Here’s how I invert a gradient map layer but same method is used to invert any layer. 5742361F-43CB-4524-B639-B55AA1734C05.MP4
  14. DM1

    Slice Tool

    Did you tap a folder before pressing Done?