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  1. Also worth noting that while not essential, the Apple Pencil is a great accessory for Affinity Photo. The Apple Pencil only works on iPad Pro models. Worth considering if purchasing a new iPad.
  2. I was viewing a utube tutorial on shadow removal using Affinity Photo for Desktop. I thought it might be useful (for an inexperienced me) to document how to achieve the same result on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. The image used was made available for download and personal use so hopefully I am not infringing on any copyright. Admins please remove if in doubt. Others who are new to photo editing and AP on the iPad may find the technique useful too, hence posting it here. Removing_facial_shadows.pdf
  3. After opening a photo (Photo persona) Apply a gradient map from the colour adjustments panel. Cancel (bin the adjustment. The gradient tool now appears in bottom left corner. Close the photo and open another photo and the gradient tool remains visible in the bottom left corner. Shut down AP and restart, now the gradient tool is no longer shown. Is this intentional behaviour, if so why not just leave the gradient tool visible in bottom left corner?
  4. When using tone map presets in a normal size photo, the displayed preset gives a good idea of colour effect. When using on a 'panorama', the tone presets resize to panorama only too narrow to actually judge effect without applying. Would it be better to show a larger sample even if it was not the full panorama? It just doesn’t look or feel right at the moment (to me at least).
  5. Chris, as an aside, is there a trick to opening these videos in iPad safari?
  6. Not on the IPad version
  7. That is excellent news!!
  8. Hi manufjesus, I need to have a file open in AP on iPad in order to access the brushes and import menu. Have you identified a way to import brushes without having to open a file?
  9. I should point out that with the WD wireless drives it is possible to use Documents app or MyCloud app to access files on the drive then Share to Copy to/Open in Affinity Photo. So you can access local cloud files, just not directly from AP.
  10. Interesting. I opened Dropbox and reset the cache. Now I can Open in to AP from main Dropbox app. Tried Files app but still not working. Noticed that nothing stored on Dropbox would download to Files app, just endless spinning wheel. Searched Google, seems fairly common (issues between Files app and Dropbox), but no solutions offered. Powered off iPad and after restarting I could now use Files app to download files on Dropbox. Went into AP and used Open from Cloud, Files app appeared so selected a file on Dropbox and success! The file opened in AP. Perhaps a combination of clearing Dropbox app cache and powering off iPad to reset Files app. At least it is now working for me.
  11. Thanks Lee. There are some excellent presets already included so it is probably not a major issue. Just thought I was doing something wrong.
  12. Unfortunately I cannot even open a JPEG from Dropbox using AP on iPad
  13. I have tried reinstalling Dropbox and still not working with AP beta. Tried JPEG, RAW and TIFF Files. Also can't import brushes or macros from Dropbox but move them to iCloud and they import as expected. In AP I have tried Open From Cloud, which presents the Files app. Navigate to Dropbox and folder with required file. Select file, endless download. Arghhhhh..... The same file opens in ACDSee Pro and in BigPhoto, just not AF.
  14. Current beta, from the help file it states: The Tone Mapping Persona contains a number of presets that appear on the left hand side within the Presets Studio. Simply tap one to apply it. You can also create your own presets, or import new ones. I can find the very good provided presets, but I can't see how to 'import' a set of presets into AP iPad. The menu offers ability to create category and save current preset, but I don't see any import option. What am I doing wrong?
  15. Yes it is annoying. Sometimes waiting a few seconds helps lock on selected colour, sometimes not waiting works. No consistency so hard to work around. Many good things in this beta release BUT... painting on masks is nigh on impossible now.