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  1. Unfortunately affinity won't give us any release dates. It’s been so long time since we had ANY bug fixes for 1.7 that I'm beginning to think it’s no longer supported.
  2. DM1

    Organising into projects

    Keep in mind that these 'Project' files are stored in affinity's iPad sandbox, and not accessible any other way. They are not saved files. A simple glitch while using one of these files can render your file inaccessible. Much safer to save outside of affinity where you can organise in folders, access, copy, move, backup your project files.
  3. Betas are installed via TestFlight. There is no current public beta to my knowledge.
  4. Some USB devices get the sads when incorrectly ejected. They become unreadable. However when plugged into a pc you get a 'card not ejected correctly' type of warning and an offer to repair. They can be 'repaired' without reformatting. It would be interesting to see if you put the sd card into a pc and repair it. Your data should they be accessible again.
  5. Fortunately there are work around for previously mentioned issues but it does slow workflow. Re HDD access, I use a WD Wireless Pro (which sets up its own 5G network. iPad connects to WDWP and The WD MyCloud app browses locations AND opens files directly into affinity apps. Transfers are very fast too (my iPad Pro doesn’t have USB but the USB3 camera accessory works with standard HDD - albeit with Files apps current limitations.) The current range of WDWP offers SSD drives for extra travel reliability. Pricey, but they work well.
  6. In addition Affinity apps are not recognised by Files app when trying to open the files. Major oversight indeed. I can navigate to an affinity file with Files app but not open it! That really need s fixing!
  7. DM1

    Improrting Macaos

    Hi Peter, You need to export them via desktop macro library as .macros files ( note the s).
  8. This is a known issue which will hopefully be addressed in a future (next?) release. We wait with bated breath.
  9. Not what you want to hear but... If you haven’t used the Save or Save a Copy option then your file exists only in AD's 'sandboxed' memory area. It can’t be accessed by other apps. It seems it has been corrupted. I suspect your file is a lost cause . Maybe the mods can open it for you? My number 1 suggestion with Affinity apps on iOS is 'always save your file', and preferably, not in the Affinity folder. After saving, delete it from the project screen and reopen the Saved file using Open from Cloud. Now you will always have an up to date file that you can copy/backup elsewhere.
  10. Are you selecting the correct layer on which to draw? Perhaps a screen recording showing your steps would help resolve the issue for you.
  11. Can you post a screen recording of your steps as this is currently working for me. Remember that after selecting you need to draw a rectangle in the work screen to actually place the photo.
  12. As a temporary workaround you can access the HDD, copy the file to your iPad and then open it with affinity. Clunky but does provide a form of access.
  13. In the bottom image it is on. Disappointing to see desktop has similar issues though. If you want a solution, you should probably post in the desktop area as this is thread is specific to iPad versions
  14. DM1

    Join two nodes???

    A screen shot might help explain your question. Two ‘parallel' lines cannot have 'overlapping' nodes, as they never meet? Note to OP. You can only join 'end' nodes.

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