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  1. Yes, jot stylus will work fine.
  2. Or in Affinity Settings choose default 'Save to iCloud Drive'. Once a 'copy' has been saved, when you open the 'saved' copy a new menu item (Save Documents) appears in the Documents menu.
  3. You also need to export them from desktop as .macros files not .macro (note the s) or they won't import on the iPad.
  4. Are you using symbols? There is a known bug where copy/paste symbols causes crash.
  5. I get 'Failed to Open, File type not supported'.
  6. Try this.. 59F3596B-99D9-4107-B32B-15124BCC76A8.MP4
  7. On iPad it is easy to add mask layer. Just select layer you want masked and tap the + symbol above layer panel. An 'empty mask layer' conceals everything nested or below. Paint with white to reveal 'masked' content. A 'Mask Layer' is a mask that reveals everything and paint black on mask to conceal. just remember top layer takes precedence on what is displayed and nesting (dragging and dropping a pixel layer / mask layer) over another layer allows you to add the effect to the new layer.
  8. DM1

    Apple iPads / Pencil

    Much easier with Apple Pencil.
  9. If you turn off the wet edges setting (brush with drip below) on Context menu, the brush works (at least for me). Not sure why this is, maybe related to brush you are using. Maybe Mods can explain why. 3611A10D-C857-4FB0-A21F-B98D8EEB0A7F.MP4
  10. @Rushdie You may find the AD PDF help file handy too. Lots of useful info and easy to read while using AD.
  11. If by points you mean 'nodes', you could use the Node tool.
  12. Maybe mods can look at the file for you.
  13. Sometimes brush adopts colour studio colour(white), no context menu colour , black). Check you are not painting with white.
  14. Use an Empty mask Layer (+ icon) and paint in white to reveal. Empty mask is same effect as channel invert in Photo. Make sure you paint in pixel not vector. To invert Selection, make selection then long press on screen to bring up menu. Then tap Invert Selection in menu.