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  1. Can you post a screen shot here.
  2. Can you provide an actual example. I have not noticed any issues applying filters.
  3. DM1

    Removing Part of a Pixel Layer

    Add a mask layer (square symbol with circle in middle) to the plank layer (drag mask over plank layer) and then paint in the bits you want to reveal using black or white colour on the mask layer. Make sure you paint on the mask and not the plank layer. (Black conceals /white reveals).
  4. I would think the limit would be determined by the CPU's 4GB ram in iPad Pro? Storage (512GB) is not the issue, it’s whether AP on iPad has enough ram to work with an image that size. Does AP utilise memory swapping? I don't think it does.
  5. You really should update to ios11. Your iPad will be fine. Ios11 offers significant improvement in file management, allows you to run apps side by side and best of all, gives you back access to Affinity Photo. ios 11.3.1 has been released for quite some time now and works perfectly on my iPad Pro and iPhone se (older tech).
  6. I find many of my answers as to how to find or apply a tool are answered in Affinity Photos built in Help file. The forum is another great source of advice.
  7. DM1

    sharpen brush

    I don’t think this is possible on an iPad? No Assets panel listed in Help file.
  8. DM1

    Night of the Living Dead all vector

    Damn. I was at the back of the queue when they were doling out that sort of talent! Amazing work.
  9. DM1

    Maximum DPI ?!

    I have an app called Big Photo which gives a lot of info on photo including pixel size and DPI.
  10. DM1

    Keyboard Short Cuts on iPad Pro

    Sorry, no external keyboard to test iPad with.
  11. DM1

    Forum Qualifications

    @catlover With age comes wisdom... To be honest, I still don't get the users 'member title' allocated settings. My profile member setting is currently blank, which, come to think about it, sounds about right.
  12. DM1

    Keyboard Short Cuts on iPad Pro

    That’s all mine shows too.
  13. @Dash Yes it’s a bit of a trap. One would expect that files 'Saved' to the iPad would stay saved. Affinity seem to have a different approach. Your projects will be saved in the Affinity Photo folder on the iPad (viewable in Files app) when you tap Save in the Project screen, but as MEB pointed out in the previous post, if you then uninstall the Affinity Photo you also delete its associated 'Save' folder on the iPad. It should at least ask 'Do you want to delete saved projects on this iPad?', before deleting.
  14. Download Easus Mobimover (free) or Imazing (paid) for Mac or pc. These make moving files from iOS devices to pc simple and quick. You can probably use iTunes but I generally find iTunes a pain. If you have a wireless connection you can use Documents (free) on the iPad to connect to the pc and move files from the iPad to the pc. Wireless will be a bit slower.