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  1. The example provided states a verification message has been sent to the phone number. Messages sent to my phone can be read from my iPad . In Settings Messages I have both my email and phone number entered. I don’t recall needing access to my phone. Just needed to sign in with same Apple ID as used on phone. from apple Go to Settings > Messages, then turn on iMessage. To select the phone numbers and email addresses you want to use with iMessage, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive, then choose from the available options below “You can receive iMessages to and reply from.”
  2. Can Apple not send sms verification, then access it on your iPad Messages app?
  3. There have been a lot of asset losses with V2 suggesting an underlying issue with asset management that has yet to be resolved. If that is the case it would seem safer for now, to create /save project based assets. Only load what you need for each individual project?
  4. More likely it’s iOS printer interface. My Epson printer works fine printing as you are above. The printer interface for my printer has a scale setting. What printer do you have and does it offer any setting options?
  5. 😂 to be fair I suspect it’s more of a 'reminder' to Save your work after returning to Home Screen. Many people don’t save at all, not realising that they risk losing their work with no way to recover it.
  6. Apologies but I’m not sure if you mean can log into account with Safari/Chrome or not? Also, it’s the Affinity Store account details not the Affinity forum account details that you will need to use.
  7. I just offloaded an app at random, then reinstalled and no Verification code required.
  8. Never been asked for one. Did you receive email from Apple with a verification code?
  9. Why didn’t you simply reset the assets? Plenty of posts here referring to ‘fixing asset not loading’. Close app, restart app, when splash screen appears tap twice on screen (one finger). On reset screen select what you want to reset (eg. Assets), press Done. Wait till app starts and then install assets. 🙂
  10. Hi leooosalinas, sorry to hear you are having trouble. Have you tried logging into your account via Safari? Maybe that would help.
  11. Assets are in apps protected area unless you export them. Always a good idea if you create your own assets, as by exporting them you will create an asset file outside of the app(that you can reinstallin the event your assets become corrupted.
  12. Works fine on my iPad too. Did you try Paul’s suggestion to move the files to another folder (on the iPad).
  13. Returning to Home Screen always generates an (M) regardless whether any edits or saves have been made. 🙂
  14. It’s the old “ if you don’t tap the desired blend in the drop down menu it doesn’t stay selected when you change layers. Scrolling the menu to desired blend and exiting without tapping causes this to occur. Easy to reproduce using a high pass live filter (in V2.04) IMG_1408.MOV
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