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  1. Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having issues.You may get a better response posting in the affinity windows area as this is the iPad forum. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/53-feedback-for-affinity-designer-on-desktop/
  2. That the middle of winter here🥶
  3. Your file size is generating a 450 mega pixel png image! I doubt that the iPad can handle that file size. I set the output to 10000px and generated an output in a few seconds. Try that 🙂.
  4. I just tried this and placed 3 images without issues. Just select, tap and draw to place. Can you do a screen recording and post it here.
  5. Lato was the problem. I have sourced another copy from Font squirrel and it has installed successfully 👍👍
  6. L Unfortunately Lato (a Google font?) doesn’t work. So it appears to be specific to certain font families.
  7. I just tried installing another font. Installed the profile and can see it in settings. It worked. I can see it in affinity. It must be something to do with the Lato font family itself that prevents it working.
  8. There is also a new location under Settings/General/Fonts, but mine says no fonts installed. The screen links to the AppStore where fonts can be purchased and installed (without using profiles - I think).
  9. Hi Alfred, that’s Interesting. I’ve got Fonteer, Phont, iFont, Fontinator and Fontcase and can’t get any to work.☹️ I think I had Anyfont at one stage. I’ll suss that out and give it a go. I can still see the profiles installed in settings though. They are now listed under Settings/General/VPN and Device Management.
  10. I’ve noticed a change since iOS 15. I think it’s something to do with Apple changing how iPadOS imports fonts. My font installers (I’ve tried several) say they can import fonts , using the old profile method. I install the profiles but no apps 'see' them. Under settings there is also now a Fonts setting. Mine shows no fonts installed and refers me to App Store to purchase fonts.
  11. I’ve found the only way to see the menus is to turn brightness up high. Downside is sore eyes☹️. Why Serif/Affinity don’t change from the current grey on black to a white on black is beyond understanding. So many users having reported this issue since the apps initial release and still no fix.
  12. Keyboard shortcuts available in AP are listed in Help file. You can download a searchable PDF copy of Help from my post and print the shortcuts out.
  13. A known bug and not related to your vector brush issue. Does the problem occur with all the brushes or a particular brush or set of brushes? Are you using an Apple Pencil or your finger? If AP, do you have touch for Gestures only, turned on. A brief finger press without moving the finger, will bring up the colour picker reticule (sounds like what you describe). Press finger and after a second or two, the brush reticule changes to colour picker. Touch briefly and quickly move finger and the paintbrush is active. It may just be a timing issue. Personally I use AP and turn on Touch for Gestures Only in Settings/Tools. Avoids this issue 🙂
  14. Is there likely to be an update fix for this or will we be required to wait for the next major app release? This bug was first reported some time ago. The app not exporting/saving edits should be considered a major fault issue and dealt with quickly!🙁
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