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  1. Or possibly draw one side in vector, copy, flip and reposition, then join nodes.
  2. Thanks for the explanation Sean, I didn’t have access to desktop version for comparison . I understand now. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi Kairene, is it just this file you have the issue with? If you are prepared to attach the afdesign file, members here would be happy to check it out.
  4. Yes, it’s true. The feature has been requested but not yet implemented.
  5. Sorry to be slow, but what do you mean by 'a composite'?
  6. I'm hopeful that at some point these issues will all be fixed. An eternal optimist 😉
  7. Use one of the 'merge' options in layer studio. This will flatten the layers.
  8. Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by this? obviously, not this.☹️
  9. The little jigsaw icon on the layer studio is used to place selected layers into a folder. Is that what you are wanting to do?
  10. Could you provide a screen shot outlining the issue you are having? Clipping and masking are two separate functions in Affinity’s apps, having different outcomes.
  11. Context menu Lightning Bolts were replaced by a Live filters switch in Filter main menu several iterations ago. I can confirm that not all filters are 'live'.😀
  12. The new copy should appear at the bottom of the menu list. IMG_4498.MP4
  13. Yes, I have to agree. Either snapping is not working or the grid display is still off when zoomed. The fix list for 1.84 states: Fix for incorrect rendering of grids past certain zoom levels??
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