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  1. I liked the old circle controls too. Compact and effective. Good design. I suspect the sliders are more in line with the desktop look? The slider setting won’t take effect until you tap the tick. I agree the dpi box at the top and the dpi slider control should be linked to show the same value while adjusting. At the moment they don’t appear to be. A possible bug?. @Lee D At present you can set two different values at once (Slider and context menu dpi setting). Whoa! The last value set will be honoured.
  2. Hi Bryan, as you stated initially, docs are not capped to 400dpi, only the initial dpi selection in the New Document window. You can set it higher once you open the document. It’s been that way for ages. Previous requests to remove the limit in the new doc window have unfortunately fallen on deaf ears. It just adds an additional (seemingly unnecessary) step in document creation process.
  3. Hi Giourmen, the app definitely shouldn’t close until you swipe it away. Try doing a hard reset of your iPad. That will clear out ram (in case anything left over from iOS update.)
  4. 1 have a PDF that I am unable to open in Publisher but opens in documents.- File is attached below My Passport Wireless Pro copy.pdf
  5. Good news. Confirming that the OCIO loading issue has been resolved in the latest photo beta. 🙂
  6. @Chris B, @walt.farrell, @Patrick Connor Thank you all for persevering with me. I can now also confirm that this method, when applied as per your instructions 😊, works on my older iPad. This method also loads my earlier v2 OCIO packages. Their is a issue with the drop down menu display being cut off, (see image) but the selections do work on colours.
  7. @Chris B And therein lies the rub Chris. If you look at the video closely you will notice that the Open button is “greyed” out. It is not possible for me to actually open ANY config file. This has been the issue all along. So frustrating….
  8. Yes, if you use the folder info Open option it simply opens the folder. You can then see the config file but it is still greyed out. The File info Open option shows it as a config file but the Open button is greyed out again. No way to open the file. Believe me, I’ve tried every possible method to try and open the config file. Maybe it’s like the issue we had with some Adobe apps where the extension is allocated priority to another app. Tell me, what do you see on iPad when you use Files app directly to open the config file? I see an empty file. Files app:
  9. @Patrick Connor Hi Patrick, creating the OCIO folder and renaming the config file didn’t help. Still unable to read the config file. I suspect it is related to the Files app inability to view content of a .OCIO file format. It should read as text but appears as an empty file. Documents app, file viewer shows the file content. RPReplay_Final1691065780.mp4
  10. @Ash Hi Ash , unfortunately this is not working on my iPad. The config file cannot be opened by Affinity Photo ( beta 1931). iPad Pro 10.5 running latest iOS 16.5.1 cheers Dave RPReplay_Final1691044255.mp4
  11. Good news. If I have read it correctly, it is planned to revert to original colour picker operation and be available for testing in beta 2.3.
  12. Same behaviour currently in the 2.2 beta. (3 taps).
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