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  1. I'm not sure that I understand your issue. Could you describe what it is you are doing.🙁
  2. here and no width and height controls either?
  3. No, unfortunately it is not. You simply create the shortcut yourself to suit any app. I’ve shown the settings for affinity photo. Then in share sheet, scroll down and select edit actions to add in your own affinity shortcut.
  4. Does the logo image have a white background or are you just seeing the white canvas? If the latter, you can set the canvas to transparent. Jpg don’t allow transparency so use png. I have removed white from your image and saved as a afdesin file. 🙂 logo.afdesign
  5. The solution is to use Shortcuts app to create an Open in shortcut for affinity apps and add them to the Share sheet.
  6. The only way I could see was to convert the two lines to curves then select the two nodes at one end with node tool and join them. Repeat at other end. You can keep the ends off the canvas so they don’t show. Now draw a coloured rectangle larger than the the curve boundary box. Go to layer studio and drag the rectangle layer over the curve layer. When you see a blue line, let go. The curved lines will clip the rectangle, filling the space between the lines.
  7. Yes. You can close affinity/reboot iPad and the icon on project/Home Screen will still be available. But if you haven’t manually saved, your edits won’t be updated to the afdesign version of the file that can be backed up etc.
  8. Tap the white triangle at the side of the context (bottom) menu. Select no stabiliser.
  9. The only way currently available is to create a shortcut with the Shortcuts app, then add that to the share sheet. I have them working for photo and designer.
  10. Try setting your auto save to 30 secs. The app default is 5 mins (300 secs). Keep in mind auto save only updates the sandbox file version. You need to use menu Save manually to create/update the .afdesign file.
  11. Have you tried hard resetting on the iPad? If not, hold the power off button down till you get the slider to power off. Slide to power off and reboot. Fixes a lot of issues.
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