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  1. DM1

    Synchronised drawing - vector or raster

    That is very clever!! I seem to recall someone asking if it was possible to do mirror image in AD and being told no. It seems that you can after all. Thanks for sharing
  2. DM1


    Hi Moises, it’s nighttime here in Oz but good morning to you too. check out the resources link here for brushes (and many other great resources). Many are free and some links to paid stuff. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources/
  3. @Lee D Thanks Lee that fixed it for me. Hopefully Soper reads your reply
  4. Should be lightning fast. Are you loading 'huge' files or is it slow for all work? I'd try a reset on the iPad first. Hold the power button on until you see the Apple logo, then let it reboot. If it is still slow, I would uninstall AP and reinstall it. Settings should not effect speed, though file size and layers might if you are running low on memory. Having said that I have not experienced any slow down during photo editing.
  5. DM1

    AD no nodes with node tool

    Try converting to curves, then nodes appear. You can also use the corner tool. 96E902A2-1F40-4132-9C05-4BEDC133C83C.MP4
  6. I'm pretty sure their is/was an issue reported with accessing Google drive. Maybe mods can confirm.
  7. @Lee D Strange I tried an Export JPG in IPad Designer and chose Dropbox as the destination. As @Soper stated the Dropbox icon is greyed out and cannot be aced. I then tapped Share button and chose Dropbox. I was then asked to choose a folder and though I didn’t actually complete the Save I'm sure it would have worked.
  8. It lists Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II not Olympus e-m1 mark 2. What does the D signify?
  9. DM1

    Grid does not match page size

    They would probably agree with your suggestion
  10. When you switch between vector and raster Persona, the app will create a new layer for that Persona's tools to work on. Yes the app has CMYK colour options available.
  11. As the mask is already white, use channel,studio to invert the mask, then paint in white.
  12. DM1

    Grid does not match page size

    Seems like a 'bug'. Hopefully mods will come and take a look soon.
  13. DM1

    Curve Inside Corners Of Shape

    Copy the first shape and resize ir to fit inside the first shape. Select both layers and in menu select subtract.
  14. It similar to a smooth node but 'smart' in that affinity determines the shape of the curves required between the nodes. with pen tool in pen mode, draw a rectangle. Now with node tool convert each corner node to smooth. Now set pen tool to Smart and draw a rectangle same size as before. Note the shapes are the same but no conversion needed. There's a good description of the various nodes here. https://www.shortcutfoo.com/blog/affinity-designer-pen-and-node-tools-tutorial/
  15. DM1

    Grid does not match page size

    That's odd behaviour. The grid should fill the page automatically. Only the number of grids is variable. No artboards in use? Can you upload that .afdesign file and I will check if the file appears the same on my iPad Pro.