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  1. DM1

    Basic functions don't work

    For such a powerful application iPad Designer is still in early development stages and has just had a major update introducing many new features. I'm hopeful that with time the bugs will be eradicated and some more effort directed at fine tuning controls to make them more intuitive and easier to use.
  2. DM1

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    Stabilise just smooths your movements with the tool. There are two stabilise options. You need to tap the little triangle right side of context menu to find the option. DB92F6E2-9A8C-4444-A17B-52F3A8AD4561.MP4
  3. DM1

    Any ideas

    To be honest Rob, I have never had any issues downloading files to my iPad. Apps like Readdle Documents or Files app (built in) can access all cloud storage, other pc's/Mac via networking. I use iCabMobile for video/utube downloads. In addition to that I can use my lightning/USB memory stick to directly transfer files between devices or set up a 5ghz local network on my WD Wireless Pro for fast wireless transfers. There is plenty of software for PC/Mac that allows direct connection between PC/Mac and iPad, and Apple sell cables to connect to SD cards. Plenty of cheap Chinese card readers too that work with iPad. Not really that 'limited'.
  4. DM1

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    Have you tried the pencil tool with stabiliser set?
  5. Yes it is. You need to select the isometric grid then you get an additional menu option.
  6. DM1

    Any ideas

    You need to be in Develop Persona then you can access the Develop Assistant where you get to choose a RAW engine for RAW processing. iPad version of AP only gets to use the Apple supplied RAW decoder, not Affinity's own version. I don't know if this is a hardware restriction or just a decision by Affinity. Apple do update their raw engine regularly. I guess people who complain to affinity about the iPad not being able to open a raw file would be better contacting Apple and asking them for a fix. There is really nothing Affinity can do about it.
  7. Hi Sean, yep Open from Cloud. When you then rename the document icon on the Home screen, the name there changes. Any edits made in the Workscreen and then saved in Workscreen or the Home screen continue to update the original file (expected behaviour as it was an 'Open from Cloud' Document). The issue I have is that the open file is no longer accurately represented in the Home screen, where the document icon name has indeed changed. Same file, two different names. Not exactly great file/document management.
  8. DM1

    Any ideas

    The desktop versions of AP are not restricted to the use of Apple’s RAW engine. Check your settings and you will probably find you are using Affinity's raw engine instead of Apple’s.
  9. Seeing same here, lab colour allowed more layers but it got laggy too. Deleting layers didn’t help either.
  10. I just converted my blank 8000x8000 px 8bit Document (which has delay with brush strokes showing), to a 16 bit doc and amazingly no delay evident at all!! 3A500FDA-8FE9-47D6-8F50-CCE0EAF721A7.MP4
  11. @Chris B Thanks Chris, Sean gave me a similar response in Designer thread. Worth noting though, that this decision means I can open from cloud, rename the document on the Home screen, (which changes the Home screen Document name only) and save. I now have an open file whose name no longer matches it’s Home screen Document icon name, even though the Home screen icon Save Menu is still saving Changes back to the original file. The document file management scheme is just a tad confusing, someone new to iOS will be totally confused.
  12. @Sean P hi Sean, I'm seeing the same behaviour in 1.7.1 rel. create new document 8000x8000 px. Open and select Pixel Persona. Select at random ink pen and brush tool. Tap and paint. Pen moves over screen and line appears a few secs later. Interestingly same thing occurs in Photo with basic brush (but if you wait before dragging brush the line appears and keeps up.). in the screen recording below I tap and draw immediately. You can see the tap but a delay before the brush stroke appears. Second screen recording shows difference between painting straight away and waiting for line to appear. EDF71E51-243C-4F5C-90D6-47F28CA5F5F4.MP4 DB18F070-7BB4-4DA4-8626-060A7ACD3BFF.MP4
  13. @Sean P Sean I was testing saving a file from Home screen with its default unnamed label, then trying to rename the file. So I guess that explains why it won't change. Workflows clearly need to ensure a file is named when saving if it cannot be renamed. I'm still a little confused though. If I Open from cloud, select a document and edit it, then back arrow to the Home screen, where I then rename the document (the name changes in Home screen) and this newly renamed document icon is still. Linked to the cloud file.I can now save from Home screen but I'm not actually saving the renamed document, I’m updating the originally named document in cloud. So now I have a file on cloud with one name and the same file sandboxed but with another name? Confusing? That doesn’t strike me as.being good file/document management ?
  14. Maybe different hardware? My Pro has 4gb ram. I know people were reporting issues with the bigger/newer iPads that were not apparent on mine. I think the devs still have a lot of fine tuning to do, in addition to fixing some actual bugs. I’m sure they’ll get there eventually.