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  1. The help file image has black samples on black background (invisible).
  2. Is there a reason why some remarks use a lightbulb and others use what looks like a 'bomb' with a burning fuse? Something that looks like a 'Bomb' is probably not the best choice given current world circumstances
  3. Under 'Object Control' menu heading are a list of object control options. Not listed is the 'Aligning Objects'. Currently only way to find the info on aligning objects is to follow a sub link on one of the other pages, or use search bar.
  4. With most tools there is a before and after sample showing effect of adjustment. With Arrow tool only the before adjustment photo is supplied. Is there meant to be an 'after' photo showing the changes ?
  5. @Anthonyricco PDF file is finished. Only drawback is that it’s only in English language. I personally find the ability to access and read the Help file as a 'book' with working links, makes it so much easier to follow. The ability to access the Help file while working on a document in Designer is also very helpful. As the material is copyright to Serif I have asked Sean (a forum moderator) whether it will be ok to post a link to the PDF file. The head of 'Documents' is on leave for 2 weeks so I am waiting to see if I get the ok on his return. I hope Serif will allow it to be distributed to owners of Designer for IPad,at least until they produce an alternative solution for users........ anyway, we should know shortly. Teaser sample page.
  6. Are you merging pixel layers? If layers are vector I think you need to rasterise them first.
  7. DM1

    Macro recording of iPad?

    Note too that macros exported from desktop for use in iPad photo must be in .macros (not .macro) format. They can be either on the desktop.
  8. If you drag and drop the Photos app on top of AF Photo or Designer, then on Export screen just drag the JPG button (or other output format) onto the Photos camera roll screen to place a copy there. 0C1BD97A-E20D-451C-B95F-9854E73540F7.MP4
  9. I'm pretty sure that .afphoto Files will open in Designer, and vice versa.
  10. DM1

    Node Tool Accuracy

    Yes, this needs a little more refinement. Zoom in helps but....
  11. DM1

    Bleed on Designer for ipad

    If Bleed has been set on desktop and file imported to iPad, I'm under the impression that Bleed settings will be honoured.
  12. To be honest I am limiting my endeavour to English language!
  13. I'm just finishing the Closing, under Get Started..... so a long way to go. So far 8mb but when converted to PDF even that would shrink.
  14. DM1

    Importing styles affinity designer

    I recall a similar issue with Dropbox when Photo was first released. The solution for me in that instance was to open Dropbox go to a Settings and reset the cache. Might be worth a try?
  15. DM1

    Help file Image issue

    Image supplied for Saving shows wrong language image used for Closing also uses wrong language image.