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  1. Thanks. Works great on iPad (apart from option to select number of colour levels before converting). It is possible to go into adjustment layer later and set it though.🙂
  2. Still not really clear. Affinity stores files in several ways, including the App’s Sandbox, Default storage location (Affinity folder on iPad or iCloud), or any other location on iPad or network drives. Files app cannot access an Apps 'sandbox' storage location. It would suggest that if Files app can’t see your .afdesign files it may be that you have not saved them 'outside' of the apps sandbox. Project icons on the Home Screen can access the apps sandbox. Unless the file is saved externally, the icon will always link to the sandbox file. For clarity, could you describe the actual steps you take to save your files. The method used may be helpful in determining where the saved file resides.
  3. What format are you Exporting to? Try one that supports vectors eg PDF and see if the result improves. See vector circle filled with raster colour one export png one is PDF (same file). PDF maintains vector shape.
  4. @hanshabCould you possibly provide an iPad version (macros) export via macro library? Love to try it on the iPad version as I no longer have desktop pc.
  5. Hi cat lover, your Rulers are not obsolete for us iPad users🙀
  6. Nice and working well on iPad too.😀
  7. You could use selection tool to select outline and the use fill tool to fill outline with black. Simple enough? IMG_5421.MP4
  8. An excellent read. Thank you. Your time and effort in producing free resources for others are very much appreciated.
  9. That’s a real pain.🙁 If you access the Design folder with Files app do you see previews? If not, Its possible that you have installed another app that has possibly taken control of this preview feature. For what it’s worth, I can still see previews of the afdesign files on my iPad after updating. As an example, Adobe apps have had a habit of affecting Affinity. Any of those installed recently?
  10. Hi p_mac, thanks for the pics, I agree that you are correct. Bullfrog had indeed changed back to the View tool. I had tested only by switching to each of the selection tools in turn as I know that View tool does not allow this feature. As such, no issues were identified in my testing. Using all the selection adjustment tools doesn’t switch you back to View, so that was a result of some other action by Bullfrog, intended or otherwise. I have mixed views about how Affinity have set this feature up. On the one hand they have told us that View is just that, View only. Knowing that, I don’t have an issue switching to get menus back. On the other hand, not having menu access with View IS creating confusion for MANY users and as such it would be much easier if Affinity developers simply added View to allow menu access. Hopefully mods will note the high levels of confusion and pass it back to the head developer for reconsideration. In the interim we can only make users aware of this current limitation.🤔 I'm holidaying in a remote coastal town where bushfires have damaged internet cables. Mobile internet is also affected. Slow and very intermittent 😩 Cheers
  11. Or wat. Lock guides not active here.😁 There appears to be different results depending on whether you are using Artboards or not. No Artboard gives the dotted red line when creating guide. Artboard does not. Odd behaviour (or wat!)😁 IMG_5417.MP4
  12. Hi p_mac, the issue raised by Bullfrog is that long press does not work for him/her, after selecting and using any of the 'selection adjustment' tools, not the View tool. Not the same issue? My internet access is very limited at the moment so I can’t check any videos to see what is happening.🙁
  13. Tried Copy then Paste fx. Closer but still not 100%.
  14. Would this approach work for controlling pivot point and rotation angle? IMG_5411.MP4
  15. They work for me. Can you attach sample photo. I notice your blue circle finger touch is not shrinking. That’s odd.
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