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  1. I’ve an iPad Pro 12.9 with max memory etc there is no reason why, with the latest tech it can be a problem with my iPad....
  2. Hey look I’ve tried all of those and it doesn’t help. Its really depressing! is there anyone from Affinity reading this stuff?! mine won’t even let me use the tools, or when i use the pen tool, it will show the lines but not draw or fill colour? I feel like giving up!
  3. we should not have to export a file... it should simply work, that is what I paid for, and although I appreciated the low cost (relative to Adobe) I am disappointed in the product as I am having to not work on the go, and that is sad, because I do a lot of work on the hoof! Can we get an update or something that will remove this glitch?
  4. I deleted the app and the reinstalled... it is worse! I do not know what is up with it but it freezes and stops working. I can be working for about 30 mins and then using the pen tool, it stops filling, so I click fill colour and nothing happens. however if I go back to the home screen and then back to the project I am working on it starts to work again, and to be honest, as I prefer to use my iPad Pro over my iMac it is getting really frustrating, I feel like giving up on the app altogether however, it cost of Photoshop is crazy... please help Mathew
  5. Hi I am new to this program on both the iPad and the iMac. I recently bought an iPad Pro and an iMac as I am an artist wanting to start to blend my painting (fine art) with graphic design - I have some experience using Photoshop over the years, however, this program is much (IMHO) better, yet I am on a steep learning curve. Please can you direct me to any tutorials that help with Exporting from the iPad Pro to an iMac and what format I should be doing this in please? Is it possible to bulk export? The reason I ask is because there seems to be a glitch with the App on my iPad Pro and I have been advised to delete and reinstall it, however, I have a lot of work on the iPad and want to transfer files before I do so. Is there a feature within the iMac versions of Photo and Designer that can import from the iPad Pro without having to attempt it from the iPad to the iMac? Any help would be awesome Cheers Mat
  6. Hello i have been using the app for a while now and think it is excellent however, now I am creating images with 100s of layers and in high resolution the app keeps shutting down, and when I turn it back on I have lost some of the work. The main problem is that I cannot proceed with the artwork because every time it shuts down... even after I have tried to reduce the size and resolution???? i have Both programs on my iMac however the flexibility of working on the move is why I bought the app for my I-ad Pro... any ideas? thanks mat
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