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  1. Somehow I don't think a new iPad will improve your affinity photo experience. I suspect an update will be available shortly following release of iPad OS tomorrow. Maybe that will improve user experience.
  2. I wonder if you can save the frame text style as a symbol. If so, edits to one would apply to all.
  3. Select an object and go to Symbol studio. Tap the hamburger menu and tap add symbol from selection. Tap the symbol and tap insert to place it in document. 836A6189-89FF-4C72-B5F0-97608865767C.MP4
  4. Import assets using import category. Files should be .afassets
  5. When you 'close' the document by returning to the project screen, the file is only saved to Designers 'sandbox'. You need to either use the Document menu in the workspace (with the file open), tap Save a Copy, which will open Files app and allow you to select a save location or; from the project screen, tap the Hamburger menu bottom right of image icon and tap Save. This saves a file to the default storage location. (iCloud in your case). Now delete the file on the Project screen (it’s the original and only accessible via sandbox), then use 'Open from Cloud' to navigate to your saved file. Now you can edit the file and now have a 'Save' option in the workspace Document menu, or tap Save the hamburger on the Project screen to save the changes. Using this method create a .afdesign file and will save changes to the stored file location as well.
  6. States to use two fingers but three are required.
  7. Set up a document with guides/bleed. Add an artboard via Document Menu Artboard. (due to a bug you can no longer adjust Bleed on the artboard but the settings will be honoured). Now select the Artboard layer in Layer Studio and using Edit menu select Duplicate layer. You should now have two artboard layers with identical guide Bleed Settings . Just duplicate the empty artboard as often as necessary.
  8. Can't import Pallettes, can’t (easily) reset text background colours.
  9. @Earlytheory This one works ok (not crashing). I saved it without history and reloaded. Something in history must have been messed up causing crash. Hope this helps. WeddingWinie-1.afphoto
  10. The filters menu is a little odd at first use. Don't scroll for a specific filter/Adjustment menu title as that just brings up the presets for that type of filter/Adjustment. As you have found, many filters/Adjustments don't come with presaved presets. Instead leave the top menu at the All Filters or Adjustments levels and then scroll through the filters/adjustments until you find the type you are needing. These are the actual filters, not presets. Tap to use and a Context menu appears at bottom of screen. You may need to turn on Live Filters too.
  11. Try Sean P's suggestion re iMazing. It can recover files from iPad apps 'sandboxed' memory.
  12. DM1

    iPad issues

    Masked blue blur over yellow circle. On iPad, can't see any pixelation in the png.
  13. Did you save with history? I'm pretty sure when you do the first save you get that option.
  14. Sorry to hear you have lost work. It pays to save outside of sandbox or a crash may cost you dearly. Use the Save or Save a Copy Options, then close the work file and then open the 'saved' version. Now when you save, the .afdesign file will be updated. This way you make copies and store them as backups.
  15. It’s a known bug. Hopefully fix coming in next release.
  16. DM1

    Probably a dumb question

    Just press your finger on the icon. Slide up for increase and down to decrease.
  17. DM1

    Perspective on Designer?

    You could try importing the live filters as assets. It works quite well. Details here:
  18. Double tapping on the rotation handle (little empty circle at top of boundary box) will reset the rotation. Then just reposition it.
  19. @Sean P I’m seeing this effect too. Perhaps another regression an from earlier version? I think the earlier beta was ok.
  20. Eraser removes pixels. Use a normal brush when using colour/black or white.
  21. The first upload failed (appears as blank vid) the second attempt worked. Glad it helped.

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