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  1. Pleased to hear it. I am deleting Designer1.8 (drastic) and associated folders and will reinstall to see if that helps. No... that didn’t help. Still won’t install!
  2. Paul I’m not seeing this in designer 1.8 with vector brushes. Can you provide more details?
  3. Paul, I hope that’s it. It’s odd that Lee had no issues but others have confirmed they also cannot load abr. its a bit like luts . Others were unable to load them but I had no problem doing so. obviously differences in hardware and installed apps has an effect too.
  4. No, I currently have both store versions installed. So it’s not that.
  5. The issue occurs when rounding the corners of the rectangles prior to subtracting. I got i to work once but couldn’t repeat it. It works correctly though if you subtract the rectangles from the circle first, then round the corners. IMG_3491.MP4
  6. Found my short tute. (The black and white plus blur step gives great result but is not essential.) Hope it helps someone.
  7. Does it do this on all files or just this one? Mine is working fine. Perhaps you could save a copy and upload the .afdesign file here for testing.
  8. I suspect this is effecting certain models only. Still not working for me regardless of File location or storage location setting. Believe me I have tried ALL possible combinations including drag and drop. Strangely, drag and drop method still works in AP (where import method fails too).
  9. The fix for removing background colour on imported text blocks no longer works. The long press pop up menu no longer offers paste style and the Edit menu paste style does not appear to change the style, screen recording shows text with white background. Style copied from clear background does not apply when pasted. This worked in 1.7 IMG_3489.MP4
  10. Try resetting your iPad. Hold power off until you get close message and then shut it down. On restart you should see Apple logo. This will clear any ram held by apps.
  11. Paul, My iPad is set to store locally. I’ve tried moving a brush to iCloud but get same greyed out result. If I drag and drop over brush panel the icon just bounces back to file folder as I release it. Strangely this drag drop approach worked on Photo after all other methods failed. Dave
  12. Unable to access any pexel images. Access ok with Safari. IMG_3486.MP4
  13. Unable to import these brushes. Vector or pixel mode, makes no difference. IMG_3484.MP4
  14. Working ok for me. Draw a circle and subtracted a rectangle. Video shows now subtracting a heart shape from previous subtraction result. Second video adds another rectangle instead of heart. IMG_3482.MP4 IMG_3481.MP4 IMG_3482.MP4
  15. 1.8 release is waiting on Apple to add to updates in the next few days. It should address many issues as the beta has been very stable.
  16. There are quite a lot available. IMG_3480.MP4
  17. I haven’t tried it but Help file suggests Creative Stacking may give you the result you seek as it adds differences rather than removing them.
  18. Great. I had been able to load them in Designer previously prior to deleting 1.7 photo so I’m thinking its having the mix of versions. I still can’t load them on Designer 1.7 by any method from any location but have loaded them in new Photo. Time will tell. edit: designer 1.8 still not importing abr 😩 IMG_3484.MP4
  19. @Lee D Lee, I was able to finally load them into Photo GM1.8 by opening Files app on top of Photo and doing the drag drop. Still unable to import via menu. Had them in Designer and removed, now unable to load back. Maybe a conflict between 1.7and 1.8 version?
  20. @Paul Mudditt hi Paul, could you try this one. I’ve tried both vector and pixel modes. Makes no difference. I was able to load this brush at one point in time but not now. SNAKE_SCALES.abr
  21. A minor negative. It seems we cannot import abr brushes. This also effects Designer.
  22. Unfortunately It seems no longer possible to import .abr brushes. I know it has worked in the past because I have imported abr brushes. Now I cannot. Maybe an iOS update killed it?
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