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  1. this has been fixed in the current beta. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/131136-affinity-designer-customer-beta-190-1910/
  2. Do yourself a favour, buy the Affinity Photo app. You won’t regret it. 😁
  3. It sounds like you may have accidentally turned on 'Protect Alpha' setting in the Contect menu for brush tool.
  4. No invite needed. Download link on beta thread. https://testflight.apple.com/join/upWelHF7
  5. Have you tried the latest beta? It has been reported by others who had this issue as, 'fixed'. 🙂
  6. Clipping as Paul suggested. Added the file too, so you can see how it was done. microbe.afdesign
  7. @Danjel This can be a pain, but has been fixed in the current beta. Select the text box and in Document menu select Defaults, then Factory Reset.
  8. Could be a specific layer causing issues. Try turning off all layers, then turn them on again (increasing one at a time) then exporting. If you get to one that stops the export process, turn it back off, turn on all the others and try again. A bit of trial and error.🙂
  9. Hi Matt, app is still crashing when adding a global colour without first touching colour wheel. Also no dropper to select an initial global colour from the current drawing.
  10. @Andy Somerfield Hi Andy not sure if this is a bug or by design, but when the applying the High Pass Live filter, touching anywhere on the screen 'resets' the previous settings to zero. Similar to fx studio?
  11. There is no 'Automatic' selection tool in Affinity. Tap and hold the ? In bottom right of screen to see the correct tool names. Multiple selections can be made in different tools. In the context menu just set the Mode to Add. Then just paint/tap in the areas you want selected. Likewise Subtract will remove selections.
  12. I feel your pain. Other have suggested leaving assets in cloud and just loading those you need when you need them. Unfortunately iPads still have limited ram to work with compared to desktops and iOS will swap out ram if other apps need it. That’s why I always recommend saving out to a .afdesign file format rather than relying on the working copy only existing in ram and sandbox.
  13. Use the colour studio gradient filter, not the fill tool. Make selection and export as new layer with mask. Add gradient to this layer. Tap the circles on the gradient line to open up a colour wheel and adjustment line. The line shows shadow, mid tone and highlights (though you can add many more points for greater definition). Pick one of the points on the adjustment line, (shadows) use the dropper to select a shadow tone on the desired face). Repeat for mid and highlights then save as a preset. (Save as Skin tone then you can reuse the setting. ) Use paintbrush on mask (black) to reveal white eyes, lips etc that you don’t want coloured. Rough example: IMG_5102.MP4
  14. Probably just a marketing strategy on their part. Apple are updating their Raw engine all the time to cater for new cameras. I'm guessing Affinity just loads up that 'updated' engine when needed.
  15. Mods here generally do a great job but Covid lockdowns and high infection rates in England are probably not helping. The thing that frustrates me most is the lack of information provided by developers in relation to the priority and current status of reported issues. It sometimes 'seems' nothing is happening when in fact they may be working hard to find a fix. Even mods are kept in the dark regarding progress, and have to keep on re raising reported issues to developers. It’s good to finally see some beta testing going on as hopefully there will be fixes for many of the 'old' bugs and a few new features to keep us all happy. 🙂
  16. I’ll be interest in the mods answer too. I'm guessing that as Affinity Photo already utilises apples raw engine decoder, if Apple enable decoding of proraw using their own raw decoder then Affinity Photo will also be using it. A quick look suggests it’s just another dng raw format containing more data and larger file size.
  17. Dan (serif employee and moderator here) responded (the 4th post) same day OP posted. That’s a pretty quick response.
  18. Hi Nadar, If using photo, and your picture is a pixel layer, you can use the selection tool with a feathered edge to select the face and changes will only be applied to the active selection. You could then use a gradient map to select the high mid and low tones from one of the other faces, then apply this gradient map to the other problem face. The attached video shows selection limiting curves adjustment, but I think the gradient approach will give you a better result in matching skin tones. IMG_5097.MP4 IMG_5097.MP4
  19. Thanks, Good to know! I suspect many of the 'missing' desktop features do actually exist on iPad, but not all have been given a ui control to allow us to access them.
  20. If you type Affinity in utube search there are many tutorials including from affinity. https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=affinity+photo+ipad
  21. Still only two ways to remove projects from Gallery: 1. Remove individually. 2. Delete app (removes all at once). Be aware this method also deletes any files held in the apps local storage folder.
  22. Thanks Sean.This occurs in Photo too. Does it need a post in that thread or will your report to Devs be enough for both apps?
  23. I think it can be avoided by instituting a workflow that involve saving immediately after creating a new file, Saving (manual save) is the only way to get a working version outside of the apps sandbox. That way you can backup/copy/duplicate/share the file.
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