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  1. Good news is the batch process now exports to iCloud. Bad news is it still won’t export to Dropbox....
  2. @aeropg Sorry for the bum steer. For some strange reason you were referring to changing measurement units in the Resize context menu. Must have been past my bed time! It shows for example inches, but switch it to pixels and enter a figure then it still reverts back to inches. In this instance the measure entered will be correct pixel size but instead shown in inches. I see what you mean now by Interface tab (the one in Settings) issue.
  3. DM1

    Clone Brush

    In the Clone context menu, tap white triangle at side and then tap Aligned. Set clone point. Position pencil press and pause then drag. 3068CD73-A89A-417D-B530-5DFBF6753727.MP4
  4. DM1

    How does eyedrop work?

    Fabrizio, There is also a Colour Picker tool (another eye dropper at bottom of the tool list). This dropper can auto fill the active foreground/background colour. It can also select an average colour by sampling more that one pixel. You can sample from current layer of globally. Tapping the little white triangle at the side of the Context menu reveals a Modifier key (if you have Modifiers turned on in Settings), the tapping the key adds the selected colour to the palette.
  5. If you do the iPad iTunes backup can't you save the ipa that way? (Older iTunes only). Alternatively the only current way to download and save .ipa files is via imazing. See here. https://imazing.com/ios-app-management
  6. @We'll C Not sure about Ricoh but generally jpeg will be lower quality than raw. Why not use the raw and simply apply the black and white
  7. DM1

    Aspect Ratios of Symbols

    If the Symbols are synchronised, according to Affinity Help, any edit or adjustment made to one symbol will be reflected in all other linked symbols. As to locking the aspect ratio .... There does not appear to be a direct control but could you perhaps nest the 'to be symbol, object' in a rectangle with 0 pix outline and no fill. Then lock it’s aspect ratio in relation to this rectangle using constraints in Transform studio. Then make the whole thing a symbol? Adjusting the object box should now lock the symbol 'object' aspect ratio although you may get clipping if you adjust boundaries too small.
  8. DM1

    Inpainting Not Working

    @Sahlsmith When you import a photo (Place) image into AF it is placed as an image. The easiest method is to open Layer studio, select the image layer, tap the Layer Option menu (little circle with 3 dots) and select Rasterize. Your layer will be converted to pixel and can be modified directly.
  9. DM1

    Freehand Selection Tool

    Hard to tell from pic but is layer 4 a pixel layer? This may be why the selection tool is not working the way you expect it too. Selection tools only work on raster (pixel) layer, not image/vector layers. If in doubt choose the layer and use the layer studio options menu (little circle with 3 dots) then tap Rasterise. This will convert your layer to a pixel layer. what exactly are you trying to achieve?
  10. Is this only visible when opening a publisher file?
  11. Unable to export slices to Dropbox(works ok with iCloud.
  12. DM1

    Loading LUTs in 1.7.0

    It’s been fixed in the beta and a release is due soon.
  13. I think it’s preferable, as it allows you to select individual shapes and add to or reposition them easily. @garywi The attachment explains it pretty well but I can never remember which is what, cropping/clipping, usually get a result by trial and error. Clipping vs Masking v2.pdf
  14. Surprised to see that setting Bleed has significant differences in max size between sides and top/bottom. Is this by design?
  15. @garywi Select the group and drag it onto the icon of the image (no blue line, icon turns blue). Now let go. 9ACCD1FE-1F19-4E10-92E9-9B1FB905F92E.MP4
  16. I think iCloud was fixed in the current beta. None before that.
  17. DM1 Bleed limits

    When setting bleed the same for all,sides, the bottom bleed line seems further away from page than the others. Alfred I changed from inches to mm without crashing.
  18. The ui has changed slightly in the latest release. When you open the Filter studio you will see a Control to show Live Filters. Easy to see which filters are now have live capabilities. You can turn it on or off to save having to scroll many filters. When you apply a live filter the only actions required are to make settings in context menu. No lightning bolt to convert the filter as it is already 'live'.
  19. DM1

    A step backwards?

    @Angelos58 I think it’s now three fingers (not two). Same with node selection.
  20. I was making a screen recording to demo how to change corner radius of rectangle after a mask had been added. Poster was asking how is it done. Anyway, I did it for myself to see what was involved, then deleted and started to record, drew rectangle added empty mask, switched to raster brush and went to set colour to white with hex sliders, then. ...crash. Edit: Appears to be repeatable as I tried again and set hex slider to FF FF FF for raster brush caused app to crash again. AA0901DA-D779-4D3F-83DB-D3B850C96899.MP4 Designer iPad-2019-06-16-163920.ips.beta
  21. Ok, I can recreate the crash. Start a new document and draw a rectangle, fill with any colour. Use corner tool to round two opposing corners. Draw a second rectangle and fill with colour. Add an empty mask layer and select a raster pen. I used default ink pen large. Tap brush tool. Using Context menu for paintbrush tool, set colour to white by dragging each hex slider. The keypad entry came up at one point too but I didn’t use it. Now paint on mask to reveal rectangle. Next draw another rectangle. Fill with different colour from quick pick. Add an empty mask. Select the same raster brush (ink pen large), and tap brush tool. Slide the hex sliders all the way to left (they should still be white when selected), Now slide each hex Control to the right Tap the black circle in context menu and paint over the empty mask. Now paint elsewhere on the screen. I think you get the ips. crash files via TestFlight but if not I can attach them.
  22. Starting with a new document I can do the mask over layer. Using the existing document it crashes every time. Saving the the dodgy document and reopening it works fine. Open original (sandboxed) dodgy file and selecting the colour causes it to crash. Copy the layers from dodgy doc and paste in a new doc, make changes and new document crashes.
  23. DM1

    Releasing/Editing Masks

    Your rectangle is a vector. Your mask is pixel based. You paint on your mask in Pixel persona with a raster brush and then switch to Designer mode where you can now select the vector (rectangle) layer with the Move tool and readjust/apply corner adjustment with Corner tool. 5B496802-F7E9-4D6D-A08D-F00EB5DCEBBF.MP4
  24. Unfortunately rulers have yet to be implemented in iPad version.