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  1. Don’t know if it’s a bug or by Design, but you need to tap on of the nodes in the pressure panel to select it (turns blue) then tap it again to get a menu. End nodes gets a reset option, added nodes have reset and delete options.🙂
  2. For disappearing brushes assets you can tap the screen twice while opening the app. When splash screen appears do two quick taps with your finger. This brings up a reset screen where you can reset brushes and assets. Then let it finish opening. Now you can add brushes and assets again. Hopefully devs will sort out what causes this issue. Hopefully this saves you wiping and reinstalling.🙂
  3. After making changes, open Files app and browse to original Designer file. The changes are apparent in the preview. Open Designer and file is unchanged. So, it updates the actual file but not the version in sandbox.
  4. I haven’t had time to test this but the help files states that the original resource must be updated via resource panel. It’s not clear if this needs to occur in Publisher or the originating app.?
  5. Only comment to add to above would be choose a model with sufficient ram. Pro models generally had more ram (I haven’t looked at new model specs). My old pro has 4 gb Ram which seems to work well but newer 8 gb models would be even better.🙂
  6. Hopefully devs will work out what’s causing this. Seems to be happening quite a bit.
  7. Ahh, my bad. Just went to last (new) post and read that. Missed the reference to External “Persona” in the OP’s initial post..🤭
  8. WEBP and JPEGXL were made available in last update.😁
  9. Apple Photos is non destructive editing. It allows you to revert to original image. A couple of options. 1. Select image in photos. Tap Share Sheet and select Copy photo. Open Affinity Photo, long press on screen (for Quick menu), tap Paste. Done🙂. 2. Tap select and select the photo you want in Apple Photos (don’t open the image), use share sheet to save as file. Save to Affinity Photo folder or wherever. Open Affinity Photo and import ot place the saved file complete with all edits.🙂
  10. Have you tried a Gradient map applied to a selection. It has a colour picker. You can also adjust opacity of various tones using destination curve in layer options.
  11. You should export as PDF and use one of the many document converters. Pages will output in epub format. Calibre should also do the job.🙂
  12. V1 pic looks sharper to me. Are these showing AP raw screens or exported photos? Can you attach the raw file here.
  13. What settings are you using on the colour picker?
  14. You can check by tapping Doocument menu/Convert Document. The context toolbar will show current settings.
  15. Isn’t it higher resolution? Perhaps the camera trims the sensor and affinity sees the full sensor.
  16. No, just long press anywhere on screen to bring up Quick menu.🙂
  17. Double tapping on adjustment opens controls normally but not when reduced.
  18. Hi JodyC, that must be extremely frustrating. There seems to be a lot of brushes/assets missing reports. Mods are aware of the issue and in other posts have mentioned an update is due out soon. 🙂Hopefully it may address this issue. In the meantime could you note if there is any specific triggers that causes this? Are you using default brushes or added brushes? Does it occur with any particular brush? Any specific file? The more details you can provide the better.
  19. That’s probably the jpg associated with raw image. I can’t open the raw in Apple or Affinity with Apple or serif raw engines. Have you checked list to see if format used is supported?
  20. Edited symbols are contained in a group folder (named symbol). If you open the Layer studio and look at the edited symbol it is in a folder Tap to open folder and you will see your ellipse and text in a seperate folder (assuming clipped together). Select these layers/sub folder and you can add as new symbol.
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