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  1. double clicking in the screen swaps between actual size and last size. the Mighty Mouse is quite triggerhappy.
  2. Thx it helped. Still I would like a select all option in writing mode. I think you should be able to make text with a font height of 15 mm. Not having to calculate it to points.
  3. Hi readers of Forum. i have two isues with fonts. i have a hard time selecting text in a text-box, very often i want to select the entire text to change the size or style of the type. I select (while in artistic text mode) by dragging my finger over the text in the text-box. But either miss the first (or last) letter or change and scale and size of the box. Is there an alternative for selecting all letters? (I think a bug ) in text studio mode it is possible to set font-size from px to mm. But when using mm it it still uses points. So when I set type-height to 15 mm I end up w
  4. I am having this problem too. Only with Lens Blur no split view or mirror view. it's important I use it quite often. (it's half a year since reported. ) -workaround: edit in duplicate layer ( on top of original) and switch layer on and of to compare-
  5. I found what the problem is. I use zoomed mode on my iPad because I want a split keyboard. Switching zoomed mode of solves the problem. Also, the image doesn't start at the left bottom when opening a picture. (to switch: 1. Tap on the Settings app. 2. Tap on Display & Brightness. 3. Tap on View. 4. Tap on Zoomed.)
  6. Hi JFischer I added the files. Am I really the only one who has this problem??? Hardly Can believe it, it so consistent with me
  7. Hi, I enclosed the document although I don't think it's document related. grid test.afphoto What happens too is that the document starts in the bottom left corner but when you zoom or interact, like add an image, it jumps to actual scale.
  8. Hi dear reader, When trying to use ”grid” in one of the affinity apps they are only showing in the bottom left corner. And when moving the document the grid moves slower. I can obviously draw my own grid. I think this is a serious bug
  9. If you print the image on a printer the grid is on it tooooo
  10. Hi, I just found that I cannot use velocity (in dynamic brush settings) as an option to change hue, saturation and luminosity in photo, yet it does in designer. i see it doesn't work in any dynamic setting in Photos.
  11. I have the same problem, and the photoshop workaround doesn't work for me.
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