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  1. You can transfer files between iPad and Mac using iCloud or other supported services. But since the desktop programs are at a lower version than the iPad app you may have some incompatible things in your files.
  2. Good day (evening/night/morning)! What should I say... Hopefully I am not the only one who is missing the grid settings in the iPad app.
  3. That is in the desktop app, right? But I meant the iPad app.
  4. Hello lovely ones! I am curious if I have missed a button and/or an entry in the manual which points me to some grid settings? I wanted to set up an isometric grid. But I couldn't find anything. [insert sad face here]
  5. It's to hot in the office, says my duplo.

  6. Hi guys! I played a bit more with AF Photo and tried to import files from AF Designer. A look at the screen reveals that on iOS AFP seems to have problems with text within symbols. At least within duplicated ones. In the desktop version everything is fine. It's a minor thing, but it should be mentioned. Cheers!
  7. I cannot answer all your questions but I try a few. I am using an iPad Air 2, too. I think AF Photo runs quite well on this device, though some things seem a bit sluggish. For instance if I want to scale an element either horizontally or vertically it takes its time to recognize what I want to do. Sometimes it won't work at all and I move the element instead. Another minor annoyance is that the pixel brush is a bit slow. Photo seems to ignore every second tap or so. (I tap in fast succession.) But I think its more likely a problem with the app. And it takes a while to load large image
  8. Good to know. Thank god, that I am not the only one who forgets to implement things. ^^
  9. Hi guys! Unfortunately I didn't find any clue how to remove a color stop with the gradient tool. Adding and moving additional colors is no problem, but how do I get rid of them? I tried to tap and hold the circles, double tap and hold them and dragging them out. But neither of that works. The context menu deletes the whole gradient. I had a look at almost every studio and menu - I hope - but I found nothing. The unofficial manual ( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/34556-affinity-photo-pdf-manual-for-your-enjoyment/) didn't help, neither the tutorial videos.
  10. Okay, great! And when they're working on it ... maybe they could implement that one doesn't has to import the images one by one as it is right now? :unsure: Just asking.
  11. Hi guys! First I must say that I am surprised how good Affinity Photo runs on an iPad Air 2. Good work! Second I must say that I am surprised that one cannot import images from the photos app when creating a new panorama or stack or Focus merge or HDR merge. My only choices are iCloud Drive, Documents by Readdle and Dropbox. Is that an oversight on your part or was that made on purpose or did I miss something? Thanks!
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