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  1. 276ccm

    DXF Files

    You can if you want... I’m sure they want, but are working hard with the recourses they have available, and I’m sure there is other priorities that are more important for them at this point.. even tho I’d like to have it now :-)
  2. Yea, good point! :-) Thanks a lot! I might be back to ask for advice when I try to export to DXF :-) Oh one question.. do you think all the vector lines should be expanded, (Crete’s into curves) before trying to make a DXF? i don’t know much about laser engraving.. I only do hand engraving.. and it’s veeery different hehe
  3. Thank you! :-) Is there other options too? If I could I would prefer not to install Inkscape on my machine, but if I have to, I have to.. :-)
  4. Hi all, im working on a project for a client in Designer.. I’m vectorizing a drawing for a product that will be CNC and Laser engraved.. and now the engraving company wants the finished file in a .DXF format.. I see that Affinity Designer doesn’t support.DXF. What is the best way to get my document converted into a file that the company can use? I’m using macOS Mojave and iPadOS Thanks in advance! Marius
  5. Thanks a lot, Ill see if I can get that! :-)
  6. Hi all, just a question I'm not sure anyone can answer, but I´ll try :-) I'm working on a design in Designer, for something that will be laser engraved.. The client said they needed the file in .SVG when it's done. I guess they need the .SVG file to program into the laser engraving machine.. Does anyone know if I have to expand all the lines, to be laser engraved, or can they be like un expanded vector lines. Will the laser engraver understand that all that is black will be cut out? Or is there anything else I have to think about.. The client knows that I don't know much about laser engravers, but he said only he needed the file is .SVG Any tips or ideas? :-) Here is a little screenshot part of the design I'm working on..
  7. Can I please send it as a PM as soon as I get home? .. It’’s a work in progress for something that will go in production, for someone else.
  8. Why is it so extremely difficult to hit the node for some of the lines I have made.. I want to edit it, but some times it's almost impossible to hit it.. I sometimes have to click far outside the line to "activate" it?? MacBook Pro with macOS Mojave and latest version of Affinity Designer Please see video Affinity_click_nodes.mov
  9. Hi all, I just took a clean install with macOS Mojave on my MacBook Pro as it started to be really slow and full of old crap I never use anymore and I only wants to use it for creative work anyway.. but it means I don't have Photoshop installed anymore..and I would prefer not to. Can I still install the NIK plugins and use with Affinity Photo plugins, even if I don't have the Photoshop plugin folder on my Mac? If yes, can anyone please explain how? :-)
  10. Procreate will support CMYK very soon.. but anyway.. if you are drawing in vector, you can add a node in your line and break it, and then erase the part you don’t want. But there is no eraser.. but then again.. comparing Procreate and Deaigner is a little strange.. it’s two different types of “drawing” couldn’t live without any of them, but for different projects :-)
  11. The thing is, it happens with different files.. but only on my iMac. Using the same files on my MacBook Pro, it never happens.. (knock on wood) and there are no specific files. :-) And it’s strange, because I always save.. but I’ll look into the crash reports.. :-)
  12. Very often when I'm opening the AD on my 2017 iMac, it asks if I want to restore.. I quit the program in the normal way, and I don't get any crash report.. I'm not sure if its a bug or what happens, but if I get the answer, I guess its because its crashing?
  13. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    Unfortunately not, but I’m working on some new and better ones.. :-)
  14. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    A little more in my research for achieving the Victorian style.. Three layers of different shadowing, but with the same lines.. hatching and crosshatching :-)

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