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  1. Ah yes of course.. :-) Thanks a lot, works again now :-)
  2. Hmmm.. this is all I see in settings for Designer.. same with AP
  3. After reinstalling both AD and AP on my iPad Pro, both apps crashes when trying to export document - share - save image. Same if I share as jpg or png.. i didnt have this problem before reinstalling the apps.. because of another problem with a font I could not delete. I also tried to save the document first, and then reopen it and share, but still crashes.. So what to do now? 90030615-F76B-4C5D-B104-12918F041EEC.MP4
  4. 276ccm

    Remove font from AP and AD

    I installed some fonts in AD preferences and they also appear in AP.. I don’t have to repeat, it looks like :-) reason why I preferred in the app, was that I had an experience where the font installed in the iPad profiles, suddenly a profile was gone and I iAd to redo it.. and I was a place without WiFi.. Anyway, I think fonts only need to be installed in one of the Affinity apps and they will appear in the other :-)
  5. 276ccm

    Remove font from AP and AD

    I sent the font in a PM for inspection.. and in the process of backing up AD and AP, delete and reinstall all.. Maybe it’s betrer to install the font I’m making with AnyFont.. at least until it’s all finished, because I don’t want to reinstall all again :-)
  6. 276ccm

    Remove font from AP and AD

    Ok, I’ll try to send you the font tonight when arriving home. I only have the the latest version tho.. and not the ones I tried to delete from the affinity apps. I guess to share a dropbox link would be ok?
  7. 276ccm

    Remove font from AP and AD

    I tried again.. deleted the fonts, closed the app, in both AD and AP.. when opening the apps, they are still there, and I can choose the font from the list.. but it’s still the old one.. (see video) it it would be a big hassle to reinstall all.. CDE2A6F4-0F35-4F1F-9F28-EB71E104FDC5.MP4
  8. 276ccm

    Remove font from AP and AD

    @DM1 I just tried it a couple of times.. but no, they are still there. I see I have 4 different versions there, and I was installing a new version after trying to delete the old, but it looks like Affinity collects them all. I also tried to install the font by AnyFont, but when using Affinity, it looks like the font installed in the AD and AP overrides that.. so now With the Affinity products, I can only use the old version without kerning and redesigned letters.. Strange the delete button doesn’t work!? Well it deletes, but when opening the app, the fonts are still there.. Any suggestions?
  9. I have a little trouble to remove a font from both AD and AP on the iPad.. I go to the font section of the apps, and hit delete, but after reopening the apps, they are still in the font library in the apps. The reason I want to remove it, is because I'm designing a new font, and I want to put the latest version, to test it in some designs, but the old is still there.. And special tricks to remove fonts from the AD and AP on the iPad?
  10. After the visit at the amazing The Box SF store in San Francisco, I was so inspired that I started to work on the design for a new font on the plane back to Barcelona.. It was an 11,5 hour flight so I had quite some time to start.. and a few late nights more, I have the base.. Still need to redesign some letters, and make a lot of glyphs.. but had to test it out and made a quick emblem for a box in the garage.. :-) The letters was sketched in Procreate, then taken into Affinity Designer for vectorizing and the emblem is of course designed in Affinity Designer. Just a quick mock up. Unfortunately the printer is a little crap, but.. :-)
  11. @Mith you have the rope or window stabilization.. it doesn’t work exactly like in Procreate and I n the beginning I missed this feature too, and I didn’t like the stabilizers in the Affinity apps. But after a while I got used to it, and now I actually like it a lot.. :-)
  12. Oh, thanks a lot, I’ll try that as soon as I get home! :-) Appreciate it! :-)
  13. @MEB do you know if they changed anything in the download link you posted? A few few months ago I downloaded the old free NIK and installed it on my MacBook Pro, and it worked fine.. yesteday I was going to download the same for my iMac, but after installing I got only the option to buy or use it as demo.. Do you know if the old version is not free anymore? :-)
  14. Another shot from our USA road trip.. this is from Algiers, just across the Mississippi river from New Orleans. When we first arrived, it looked like a abandoned place.. and though our "booking" must have been wrong, but after a while, we found some local bars and restaurants, and the locals where super kind. A 5 minutes walk to Algiers point, there where a 5 minutes ferry close to French Quarter.. The shot was taken the morning after we arrived.. Processed with Affinity Photo
  15. 276ccm

    Grave Etcher Brush Pack

    I bought these brushes yesterday too.. didn’t have the chance to test them before now. I see this problem too, and the longer the stroke is, the more visible it is. I’m agree with @janopen too, the quality wasn’t too good. Edges looks quite blurry. On a sale, it wasn’t too expensive, but still.. Hope there will be an update to these brushes to fix this problem.