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  1. 276ccm

    Refine mask ?

  2. 276ccm

    Refine mask ?

    Did you remember to hit the “hook”, after refining? Sometimes I forget this.. hitting the hook, is like pressing ok, this is it.. sorry my English, a little difficult to explain. But after refining, it’s a little hook on the right, at the bottom.. of this isn’t good explained, I’ll get a screenshot :-)
  3. It was only me liking your input about the mesh tool! :-) I could have said +1 too :-)
  4. 276ccm

    Empty mask affects layers

    Yes it looks the same.. but the strange thing is that it didn’t happen (as far as I can see or remember) with the two first layers I made the other day.. but today it happened. I tried several times to delete the layers, and paste it again.. then AP crashed and I had to save a copy to continue.. but the same thing happens. But that’s another bug I reported, so hopefully we’ll see both of these fixed in a update soon :-) that was my spare time today to try to do some creative.. now back to work that pays the bills.. :-) i know the dev team are working hard to give us a good app, but a little frustrating the last creative moments I had, ended up trying to figure out strange behaviors.. anyway, thanks for tips! :-)
  5. 276ccm

    Empty mask affects layers

    I was going to spend some minutes to try to make my tattooed pin-up a little more complex.. and I experienced something strange (can’t remember this happened with the other layers) If you see the video, I copied and paste the scroll design I was drawing.. and when adding a mask layer, it reduces quality.. it like it puts a mask over? Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a strange behavior? :-) uploading the video from my iPhone as I don’t have WiFi in my workshop.. so hope the quality isn’t too bad :-) B7CC6A04-7F4F-4472-A1A5-FCA9510B2B7D.MP4
  6. 276ccm

    Tattoed pin-up

    Trying to learn and get used to this.. I’m not really an artist, but more like a crafts man.. but love to draw acanthus scrolls :-) Some months ago I was drawing some scrollwork for a skull project in Procreate, and today I was learning a little more about masking.. so I combined these in affinity photo on the iPad Pro :-) hope it’s not too bad!
  7. Aha.. yes now I understand :-) Thanks a lot :-)
  8. 276ccm

    Affinity Photo/Procreate .psd problems

    Just got Affinity Designer for Mac, and I just want to inform that the same thing happens here.. well there, when I export a .psd from Designer and tries to import it to Procreate.. it crashes. Maybe its the same thing, but just wanted to inform :-)
  9. I just got Affinity Designer for Mac, and I got the Grid Builder (which was really cool assets) I tried 4 times to impart some brushes from Grid Builder too. They say they are made for Designer.. It says successfully imported, but doesn't show up.. Am I doing something wrong? :-)
  10. Yes, this would be great! Two finger for undo, three for redo, and we could have two finger long press for the other options :-) +1
  11. Just bought Affinity Designer for macOS today, and had a nice supiese in Affinity Photo for iOS :-) I made a document in AD, with text on path.. saved it and opened it in AP on the iPad. and discovered I could edit path and edit the text, even if the AP for iOS doesn’t have this option, I mean to create text on path in AP for iOS. So I made a document in AD with some sample text on a path, saved it in the iCloud Drive, and when I need text on path in AP for iOS and dont have the Designer available as it’s not for iPad yet (hopefully soon).. I can just get them from this document :-) this also means it shouldn’t be to difficult for the dev team to implement this feature for AP for iOS.. I guess :-) Maybe a little clumsy explained, and obvious for some.. but a nice surprise for me :-)
  12. 276ccm

    Affinity Photo (iPad) - Crashes every time

    First I hit save on the document from the home screen in Affinity Photo, then used the Safari in the iPad, clicked “click to choose files” browse and then chooses the document in the Affinity folder “On My iPad” or am I miss understanding something :-)
  13. 276ccm

    Affinity Photo (iPad) - Crashes every time

    But this was supposed to be the original file that made the crashes, not the saved copy :-) Or maybe I saved it as a copy from another file, before all this happened.. :-)
  14. 276ccm

    Affinity Photo (iPad) - Crashes every time

    Oh, i was sure it was on.. if I go to the “clock” I can look at the undo’s or is it another history setting? I can see if I can upload it again if it is something I can do, or if not I’ll wait for an update and see how it goes :-) thanks a lot again! :-)
  15. 276ccm

    HB pencil brush - request

    At this stage, I prefer to buy or just download one.. I’m sure it’s easy when you know how, but I’m struggling doing the basics, so for now i just want to draw :-)