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  1. 276ccm

    Synchronised drawing - vector or raster

    I’m very happy you found it useful! :-) I’m not an expert either, but learn a little here and there, and Affinity makes really great tools for us! :-)
  2. Just found out how to do synchronised drawing, both in vector and raster.. I'm sure this is old news, but.. for me this is very useful :-) Once in a while, I'm doing real pinstriping on motorcycles and cars, but I always like to design the motif before I do it with real paint, and its always cool to test with different colours, so for me this was very good news.. and I'm sure it can be useful for a lot of other things too :-) I´ll post a picture of a car I one pinstriped, so everyone knows what pin striping is, and a video of how it works, and the synchronized.afdesign file you can use too test it out, as I'm not very good at explaining :-) ScreenRecording_10-14-2018_20-57-59.MP4
  3. Tanks for the feedback @Wosven :-) The first picture is the unedited original from the iPhone X, and it’s acrually taken in the afternoon.. 5:04 PM to be exact. I totally see what you mean about the road and river too light.. and will keep that in mind :-) I guess I was too focused on changing skye and colors and “forgot” about the whole picture. But this feedback will help me to remember the importance of it :-) hopefully.. Luminous I have to look up.. seen it many times, but to be honest I don’t really understand what it mean/does.. but I’ll educate my self. Thanks again!
  4. Very nice! :-) I find my self drawing a little in AD pixel persona too, and its great! But still, I totally love Procreate for some things... Both AD and Procreate have different qualities which I love, so for me the combination and using the best of both is perfect tool :-) At least when Affinity will fix the .psd creation in their products so I can open them in Procreate :-)
  5. Hi all, I have AP and AD on my Mac´s and iPad Pro.. but with the Apple Pencil I find my self working a lot more on the iPad, but I try to learn more on my Mac´s too.. got a MacBook Pro and an iMac.. anyway.. thinking of posting all under one thread, to see my own progress, hopefully :-) I normally live in Barcelona, but spending some days in Oslo, Norway.. and I start with a photo I took here the other day.. the result might be a little overkill and sweet.. the autumn can be really nice, but maybe not that sweet.. anyway here it is :-) Original and edited in AP :-) Constructive criticism is always welcome!
  6. Thanks a lot, will try to install it now :-)
  7. And a little funny thing, the two that says its working, is none of the two working :-)
  8. Downloaded the demo version of NIK Collection.. It looks like most of the plugins doesn't work.. I got a couple of them to load, but most of them doesn't.. they just freezes loading (picture) I can close the plugin window, but after AP doesn't really work anymore.. I can't choose another plugin, neither quit AP. I have to force quit and reopen the program. Is this a common thing? Thought I wanted to test before buy.. Using a MacBook Pro with macOS Mojave 10.14. Affinity Photo: 1.6.7 Anyone?
  9. 276ccm

    Move layer

    Can you just use the undo gesture (two finger tap), or do you mean if you have to drag it up again at a later point. :-)
  10. 276ccm

    iPad Apps Sales

    I bough mine borh for macOS and iPad.. and they are worth every cent.. actually quite cheap, even at full price.. you won’t regret! :-)
  11. So far, works fine hare, but haven’t had too much time too rest all. :-)
  12. 276ccm

    Poster made in Affinity Publisher

    Agree that picture takes a little too much attention, but at the same time, is this is the art from this artist, it can’t be more painterly or muted, as it is the artists art.. but maybe this artist has another picture to use :-)
  13. 276ccm

    Poster made in Affinity Publisher

    Yes last one from @Wosven looks better and less “heavy” on the left side.. and a lot more easy to read. Personally I’d choose a little more “stylish” and interesting font/typography but it’s more eye catching than before :-) Im not sure, but I think maybe I would (at least try to) switch the side of the two bottom pictures to weight it even more too, but do t know before tested :-) Maybe try to play a little with different colors of the text too, to try to make it a little less hard. I’m not an expert, but.. hope you take it only as constructive criticism :-)
  14. 276ccm

    Poster made in Affinity Publisher

    I think both the white, and especially the smaller black text disappear and is “difficult” to read.. even as a Norwegian with a summerhouse in Sweden :-) Also the placement of the text and the choice of font is not too good, in my opinion. It would need some work I think, unless I would probably just walk by the poster without notice.. It need a little attention:-)