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  1. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    This is too much fun! :-) I forget to do my real job.. Still sketches and learning a lot! :-) Stay cool! :-)
  2. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    More than welcome! :-) Glad I can contribute:-) Stay tuned, and I’ll make some more and better :-)
  3. They have plans for it :-)
  4. Thanks a lot!! :-) This was very helpful for me! I’ll experiment a little and see what comes out of it.. so far I have a lot of fun! :-) I design the brushes both on AD and Procreate.. I have one more question, but it’s better with picture/video explaining, so I’ll come back to that if I may? :-) thanks again, really appreciate your well explaining post :-)
  5. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    We’ll see what I can come up with.. :-) I’m sure they will offer assets in AP in the future tho, and that would be interesting! Anyway, I’m redesigning, and making more and better brushes.. it takes a little time tho. I’m not sure what they are called in English, but also designing and making some “frame” line brushes, which is often used in those old signs/posters, like these.. (still just on a sketch) :-) I have so many ideas now.. :-) thanks for feedback!
  6. I’m a newbie, but I have fun trying to make some vector brushes.. so my question, if I’m making a new document, for making a brush, what would be a good size to make the document? So the things I’m drawing will fit best in the brush editor? :-) does this make sense? :-)
  7. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    Yea I saw that too.. :-) I’ll make more and better :-) stay tuned.. Thanks a lot for trying, testing and feedback!! :-)
  8. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    I see now they can need a little more work... but I’ll fix, and update or maybe make a version 2.. I see some lines can be a little static.. so I’ll figure out how to make it better. But they can be pretty cool for vintage shadowing too... :-)
  9. Im not sure how useful or good they are, but I made some vector brushes.. useful for me, and if anyone can use them, here you go :-) i made them for the love of vintage lettering styles, and I use it for backgrounds, like the old Sanborn Maps style.. Anyway, as I’m quite new to brush making, I’m sure they can be improved, and if I do, I’ll update them here :-) hope it it will be useful for some :-) and they can be downloaded from here.. feel free to give feedback.. good or bad is welcome as long as it is constructive:-) 276ccm Vintage Lines.afbrushes
  10. 276ccm

    Vector masking - AD iPad?

    And if I want it to work as I expected it to work, like pixel masking, I can cover all the canvas with a vector layer, then make another vector shape, and combine then, like this :-)
  11. 276ccm

    Vector masking - AD iPad?

    I’m not so smart as I thought I was :-) but anyway, I’m trying.. Im going to try as described above.. but just to confirm, this how vector mask is supposed to work? If you see the picture :-)
  12. 276ccm

    Vector masking - AD iPad?

    Thanks a lot, I just have to think different! :-) I learned something really useful now :-)
  13. 276ccm

    Vector masking - AD iPad?

    Ah i see.. I did a quick test, but it looks like it mask everything outside the shape I’m drawing, and not inside, but still might do something wrong.. :-) is that normal? I would guess it would mask mask everything inside the shape, when I use black fill color? :-)
  14. Is it possible to use vector shapes as masking in AD for iPad? Ive tried, to make a new mask layer (the same way I do it in AP for iPad) but when I add a shape or dra lines, it won’t mask, only makes a new curves layer.. so if possible, could anyone please explain or link to a video how to use vector masking in AD on iPad ? :-) and if it’s possible, it’s only me that doesn’t quite understand how to yet.. :-)
  15. As for the most I use the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, even on the Mac’s via Astropad, so I don’t think the repetitive mouse clicks is going to be a huge issue for me.. I already click double of what I need too with the Magic Mouse Just something that feels good in the hand, and of course is very accurate. I used to have (a cheap Wacom (without the screen)) but never liked it.. :-)