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  1. I’m trying to make a selection based on the intersection of 2 layers or curves. By grouping 2 layers I can make an additive selection but so far been unable to do other boolean operations. Any suggestions?
  2. I presently have ADez, AFo, and Procreate on my iPad, I’m concerned about file bloat so would like to be able to destructively crop iPad gallery images and display the cropped version in iPad photos. At present selecting image in iPad photos and using the sharing option only shows Procreate, I presume this is because it was the last install. Anyway, Affinity products dont destructively crop, so to do this with AFo I : copy photo from iPad photo paste into AFo, crop to the part I want export the export dialogue has a Share button option to save image=> iPad photo. Is there an easier way to achieve this?
  3. Ok thanx, the share option permits use of APho to open .afphoto in lieu of the default ADez.
  4. Ok thanks Paul, thats good to know. kind regards AR
  5. Ok thanks, mind saying how long in your present contract? Someone! My! that’s a bit harsh. The country must be moving toward a revolution.
  6. Thank you Paul for your experience. I just dont like being pushed into a subscription model. Google, Adobe et al do this all the time, give something free, let users get invested in learning and entrenched then start with the subscription pricing or other unacceptable terms. In your experience have Apple changed their pricing since you enrolled in the iCloud? Thanx for your assistance. Kind regards
  7. I like to open my files via the file manager because I want to know where it is being saved, not like Affinity products that hide that information behind almost useless built in image browser. When I attempt to open an afphoto file it opens in ADez not APho. I suppose a reinstall is again the mo to solve.
  8. Thank you, yes that works in that direction, how about ADez to APho. Yes duh works in both directions with import, but can not copy and paste, via the clip board.
  9. I like using some of the tools both of these but seemingly not so easy to open same file in both. Recent efforts included exporting as svg or psd then opening in the other app, surely an easier way. with desktop I see
  10. I’m still using APhoto added another file into the default directory and now documents down to 10.5GB I as very suspicious of Apple, they seem to want to force users use of the cloud. Screenshot (Not Live) each use 11Mb, this is ridiculous Sharing with local external hard drive plagued with multiple problems not connecting, etc. Providing users with 5gb of free space in cloud, when the os uses all of that space with updates Not deleting cache or temporary files. Default settings putting photos and backups in cloud even when there is no room. Default camera setting to “Live” making each photo a mini video. No automatic immediate deletion of files, manual intervention required. Affinity apps dont support destructive crops resulting in unnecessary file bloat, or exporting a crop and creating a new version with cropped image. I sometimes use screenshots in AP, each about 11mb, and once in AP cant destructively crop, must modify the screenshot in other software then add to AP file. I dont want to use 2 apps and 2 steps for such a simple task. Importing 11Mb screenshot into Procreate and exporting to jpg resultant 700K, after crop 200 K, now can import into AP ughhh. Today I created a screencapture on my Ipad 4 MP and 3.7 Mb, after cropping image using iPad edit the stats were 2MP and 4.9 Mb so after crop half as many pixels but 32% gain in Mb, good job Apple!
  11. Dunno, I’m very familiar with APho but not ADez just started working with the pen tool, was unaware of the appearance studio, expected to see this type of functionality via the layers studio…wrong. When all else fails read the manual.😊
  12. I’m not that familiar with A Dez, you were correct, after hiding one of the fill layers it started working, unable to put it back into non-functional state. It would appear like a bug or glitch. Thank you all for your patience! 😊
  13. Thanx, but I created this on an iPad, dont think I have those options.
  14. I created this curve but cant seem to adjust stroke or fill. The opacity is set to 100%, moving the thickness slider makes no difference and both fill and stroke set to black. Its a puzzlement to me! axe.afdesign
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