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  1. Thanks Walt, some of these digital asset management suggestions were relevant to my inquiry.
  2. I presently have thousands of jpgs, psd’s and Affinity files and would like to manage them from a single interface. I presently own LR Classic, refusing to buy into Adobes subscription based business model. It would be nice if a 3rd party dev, would create an addon for LR Classic, but short of this, what software allows file management, of jpg, png, tif, psd, pdf, afphoto et al file types.
  3. I have just a couple of files in the sandbox, but should move them out since not in active use. Apple software has many convenient bugs that support their business model. I took my iPad into a support center because it wouldnt allow me to copy files Error (no user rights) originally from a pc, they concluded it was a bug, get a mac. Files accessed by ipad on a PC leave 100’s of .dat files behind on pc, again another annoying bug. Its just the way Apple does business.
  4. The title says it, when to use these adjustments under which circumstances, and what to consider in their usage. ,
  5. Is there a technique for minimizing the A Pho footprint. I dont save anything in the default location, yet the size (GB) sandbox grows daily. My mo is to start by opening an existing file and modifying it, then saving outside the sandbox. After a while the sandbox becomes too big, and I end up reinstalling the app which means loss of configuration data et al. Is starting a blank doc and then saving to another location of any benefit?
  6. I believe this behavior is by design. The intention being to make the device more secure. Apple customers seem to be of 2 camps, those who love Apple and the way they do things, and those who really dislike the Apple way of doing things. Your comment could appeal to either camp.
  7. Not sue what you are hoping for, a fix or the obstacle to copying from files.
  8. I was attempting to copy from files in lieu of from photos. I like to know where my photos are located and not have multiple versions after every edit utilizing 2x or more space.
  9. Ipads create HEIC files by default, but cant paste from clipboard ie from files. Is this a sandbox issue? Can import from photos of course, in addition to using import from files. I suspect this is an Apple limitation. Will the ability to paste between apps ever be resolved, or is this an intentional Apple design obstacle?
  10. What I did is not a valid comparison since pixel sizes on different devices are not the same size. I spose I need to determine pixel size on both devices using physical screen size and pixel count to make a size comparison.
  11. Ok thanks Walt, I yes the Navigator Studio, I was expecting it in the Transform Studio, but silly me this is not a transform.
  12. I was considering a new device with a different screen rez from my current device and want to assess what it would look like in various apps that I frequent. I had the idea I could take a screen shot then adjust the pixel rez and view at 100% zoom. So how can I determine the percent zoom level in APho 1 or 2? Thanx
  13. Ok, the only 2 options with the smart selection brush are Add and Subtract.
  14. Currently there are only 2 options in the selection drop down, Add and Subtract. I propose other options to include: new invert intersect New is especially relevant, since if you already have a selection, to create another must first deselect the existing selection, not to onerous with keyboard. These may apply more to the iPad, since no keyboard control.
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