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  1. Thanks Walt, my files generally have many grouped layers, vectors content and masks, so PSD probably best approach. Most of my work done on Ipad, as vector graphics seem easier to me, but I have the desktop version of APho 1 but not 2 yet. Only occasionally work on desktop Wish Serif would allow an export from APho 2 in old format.
  2. I’m aware there are some new features not supported by APho 1, but I would like to know the best compatible method. I tried an export and import of PSD, and that worked but is there a better technique?
  3. Maybe, not sure, wish I could answer that question!😁 Apologies, this question was targeting the iPad. It looks like you were personalizing the interface.
  4. I see you are using the share option to save/export I’m using the direct export menu option.
  5. Immediately, after selecting export the normal export menu appears, clicking OK immediately brings up the move page, at top of image 2 can see it says “Export”.
  6. I recently upgraded my iCloud quota, and started monitoring device and iCloud storage and the results were disturbing. After multiple sessions and hours with Apple support they couldnt figure out what was wrong, finally by uninstalling or offloading the apps my device storage dropped 80 gb. Apps involved included Affinity Photo Apple Books Apple Photo I also found, deleted files were retained in APhoto sandbox. Offloading Affinity Photo fixed that too. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/167914-affinity-sandbox-data/ My photos also had a huge disparity between cloud and device. After numerous Apple support session’s off loading the apps fixed the problem, Apple support gave no explanation. This was not a temporary problem, but went on for weeks.
  7. A lot of appreciated responses here, but curious why the ability to export a macro if you cant import one? only a library.
  8. So that leads to the question, are there user created macros for iPad squirreled away somewhere users can download?
  9. If you are zoomed in the brush is off screen, must zoom back out to see it.
  10. Dont have desktop v of A Pho2 yet but in effort to reduce clicks looking into macros in APho 1. I’m only interested in old features found in v1.
  11. Oops forgot all apps here, Ipad APho2, yes, subtract with rect marquee tool. thanx Just check it worked this way in v1 also, It was because where I dragged didnt already have a selection, and I was expecting marching ant as I dragged even if no selection present…..getting my graphic apps mixed up I guess.
  12. Attempting to subtract from a selection using rectangle tool, nothing seemed to be working. The issue was that I didnt drag in an area where the selection was, therefore didnt see anything happening. My expectation when dragging the rectangle, the app would display a growing rectangle, but nothing. If dragged over a selected area, still no growing rectangle, but the effect of dragging does subtract from selection. Also using a brush gives no idea on screen as to size of brush.
  13. Floating toolbar, with user configurable commands I dislike constantly navigating the menus for commands I use routinely like: invert selection reselect deselect pen tool (used when in node mode) mode tool (used when in pen mode) layer palette rename layer ** HSL adjustment selection from layer Basically for any commands buried in a menu, as always an attempt to minimize clicks. Of course voice activation for a limited selection of commands would be far preferable. 🙂
  14. In v1 when moving a layer a blue line under the layer confirmed exactly where the dropped layer would go, while the blue line still exists it no longer seems to hover over the middle of the desired target layer but either above or below.the desired group but not on top of the group. Once the group opened no prob.
  15. This is the perfect example (new sliders) of what Microsoft does that I hate, force me to learn a new interface, for a change something that is clearly inferior and insult the users with having to learn how to use it! These controls requires more clicks to check all parameters, are more difficult to use I grade this as an absolute failure. Irritation summary the new interface is slower to use, must click on each parameter to check setting control is more difficult, given the narrow “drag window” to make a dynamic adjustment, try adjusting document size with slider. If you must type in a value why need a difficult to use slider? Insult to injury, I must spend time learning it I have no choice in its usage or implementation Its buggy in its display It forces my hand to cover brush size adjustments every brush alters all parameters so they must be checked prior to use. cant see settings without clicking attempts to make small settings fail because as I lift finger from the scream the number changes
  16. If I was exporting an image fine, but I work with multiple images from other files in one APho file and this necessitates I crop each image before bringing into APho, and IPad photo also does a non destructive crop. To avoid this I must bring image into APho crop it then export it and bring the cropped file in. Look below at image I uploaded above. If I wanted to rotate the cropped layer, I have to zoom way out to even see the rotate handle. Yes I know there are work arounds for this, and some cases much more extreme when working with very large images. In addition the cropped file icon is so small cant see what the layer is without having to names it. Its all about ease of use.
  17. You might try to connect this way if connecting directly to iPad iPad > Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter > USB Hub > external flash drive
  18. I regularly connect wirelessly to my desktop external drive (not ssd), which is NTFS which allows me both read write access, but the connection is very flakey, sometimes takes multiple attempts to connect, the ipad also makes this a permanent link to the drive this causes a lot of problems if the drive is not available. Saving any file anywhere it attempts to connect to the disconnected drive snd take minutes for the process to time out before the save is finally made.
  19. Apple doesnt play well with others, is this an Apple device? What format is the ssd, if the disk is NTFS it is read only to a ipad. Use APFS to work around it. Apple cant have you saving on a Windows formatted disk, FAT may work dunno.
  20. In my zoomed in beach image above, the brush wasnt even visible, and sliders only partially visible.
  21. I would like to say great, but this no longer seems an option. Open. ….a particular file or Open in an Apple app, but no option to open in 3rd party.
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