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  1. Sorry, it was my fault. The point is that: in V1, the "NONE" position let the image still, or at least so it seemed to me. in V2, the image is moved to be kept in the centre of the frame and in the beginning I thought it was going to be resized. The solution is simple, but with my screen it was beyond the left border and I did'n note it: to get that the framed image remains still, it is sufficient to flag "lock children". Thanks anyway for your help!
  2. Thanks for replying. The problem is very simple, a video could be misleading (or at least respect to my capability to do that). I want just to resize the picture frame without resizing the image inside it (i.e. cropping the image). Sometimes it works setting the frame property to none, sometime it doesn't.
  3. My book is free and I will not lose credibility for such a warning. You earn credibility in decades of work, not in DTP but in the matters you write about, and I dare to believe I have got it. It is funny that the problem seems to be me, and not an unstable software that in its second release lacks features that even old DTP MS-DOS software had. If you think that it is right so, well, it means I am wrong. Without resentment...
  4. Thanks Walt, as I said I accept gladly different opinions. Unfortunately the instability problem is a matter of facts, I really lost weeks and if you want I can publish a video to show the last one systematic crash (V2.0.3 is a little more stable however). But I would be very happy if there is a turnaround. I try to be pragmatic and what I want is just to solve problems. On the topic, I read a lot but (surely my fault) I didn't understand how to add simple page references (see page...) among chapters of a book or anything else (hyperlinks? (keeping in mind that my book is 600 pages long and with ton of photos - going to book structure was not a choice, without it I was completely stopped for continuous crashes, even one every one-two minutes). Any help is welcome. Thanks anyway
  5. I am going to add a warning like this to my books (they are very large and don't allow to change manually the page references). Never buy Affinity products I used Affinity Publisher to create this book. Besides weeks lost for continuous crashes, after two major versions I am not still able to add page references or hyperlinks as any desktop publishing software allows. I apologize for the trouble it will bring you, it was my fault having not checked when I started using. Do you think that I am wrong? It is not ironic, it's a real question, I don't want to write it if I am wrong.
  6. But most of the times it does not work. Am I doing something wrong or is it just one of the many bugs?
  7. With version 2.0.3 Publisher has somewhat improved. Working on single. not too big, documents is no longer a nightmare, now that I was forced to pass to the book structure. Working on books has still an indecent instability: crashes are almost systematic when you use Table of Content (I don't know if that is the trigger or something else) I cannot modify more that one document and the AP crashes (it locks or refuse quitting, asking always to save already saved documents). Very unsatisfied.
  8. Is any shortcut (or can I create it) to convert curve to selection, instead of pressing the toolbar button? Thanks
  9. In V1, I just moved and reset the zoom slider of the picture frame, to make the content (image) independent from the container (the frame) resizing. In V2 this trick does not any longer works. Is there some quick way to do it? Thanks
  10. Sorry, I did'n want to produce this important reaction. My aim was very small: if Publisher 2 was stable, I never would ask a way to save in the previous format. But when you release something like that, without a proper test, it should be nice if at least you leave a door open to go back.
  11. I completed the payment for V2, I entered all the PINs, codes etc. and... the page remained stuck (see attachment). What can/must I do now? Thanks
  12. No, Boston, you are wrong seeing a bad willing from my side. I decided to buy the new release in first moment I sow it. As I said, software development costs.... The biggest point is selling something that does not work correctly. I believe that if you buy a dishwasher that chops your dishes, you were not happy. My company manages electronic payments. If we loose your money, are you going to simply forgive us? The other point is that many of us hoped that the new update could bring features that we were expecting since years. "Hundredths of improvements". A Publisher V2 not able to simply cross-reference pages as it should? Even free packages do that. You must admit that it is a bit disappointing, isn't it? In my absolutely personal opinion that I hope does not offend you or others, it is a mistake, more than a trick, to use the trust of the customers to sell something that was not adequately tested. I should have been more prudent before buying, you are absolutely right. And obviously I will try to be not so dumb in the future.
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