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  1. I understand that this depends on Artboards. But can I go back from an Artboard-design to a non-Artboard-design? Thanks
  2. Normally I crop the canvas by using from Designer the "Edit in Photo" command. It works and I am satisfied of that. Then I go back in Designer. But now I have a Designer file that, when I pass to Photo, gets the crop tool disabled (greyed). Why? Thanks
  3. I never had this kind of trouble until today, after updating to 1.9.1. It crashes very often with existing files. If I try again, eventually it goes OK at the second or third try. Any suggestion?
  4. Thanks, I already did it. I believe that the perspective filter and the smart objects limitations are the worst part of AP that do not allow to leave Photoshop or Illustrator. Hope that they will add soon.
  5. I have a simple rectangular image and apply it a simple black outline. It seems that the distort filter works only to the image but not to the outline. Am I doing something wrong or is a limiti of AP? Thanks
  6. I like be fair: the books arrived today. 14 days for the delivery in today world are a long time... but eventually arrived. The are very nice, I recommend you them.
  7. That's is exactly my case... @firstdefence: I am not sure I understood the purpose of what you said. You say that when you had the warp filter you would not to require PS, right?
  8. Hi Friends! Thanks for your help. @GarryP: I tried but my skills are not enough to do that in that way. @carl123 : templates give some extra functionality that I did non understood? @Ray S.: I did not discover that by myself, very interesting indeed. But AP imports the warping effect as a perspective distortion, so it does not work (not by chance the example is for a "flat" book...) I am not a graphics expert but i was a software developer. It seems that converting the mesh warp tool in a non destructive filter should not be so difficult and would greatly extend the ca
  9. I have often the need to produce images like the one in attachment. With Photoshop it is very easy. I have a template where the two pages are smart objects. I just change the smart objects with two rectangular page and it is done. I tried in many way to do it with Affinity Suite (even the beta) but I could not succeed. Any idea? Thanks
  10. Thanks for your comment, I would not to be unkind. I am the managing director of a technology company and, yes, I know even too well the problems of today. But in our Company we try to demonstrate what I hope is some respect toward our Customers, informing them BEFORE and asking the money AFTER. Serif is doing the opposite... My hopes are for a company that is not so customer-indifferent like Adobe. One is enough... It is not a big problem for me, I can live without the books.
  11. Thanks for reply. I don't use it very much, but also if I need it only seldom, I need to keep a Photoshop license. Hope that smart objects will be one day implemented.
  12. OK, but 3 or 4 weeks are however really too much. My suggestions: tell honestly in advance the delivery time when the user place the order; as Apple itself does, charge the credit card only when you ship, not immediately But perhaps you did not need my suggestions. It is a point of fairness. You have or do not have it, disregard the virus. I sincerely hoped in a Company not so similar to Adobe...
  13. I see an automatic answer from Serif support that states "we know we are late, allow two extra week for shipment". I find this behavior really unfair. They should have told me that they were late at the moment of the order (surely they knew). Serif is late shipping the books but they seem very quick taking money from my credit card. I believe myself as a supporter of Serif but this is not a nice commercial practice.
  14. If I have correctly understood, the mesh warp tool is only destructive, right? So, if I want to modify the warping (or if I want to apply the same warping to another image), must I to start over. OK? And this only in Photo, because Designer has not it, right? That seems to be a huge limit. Thanks.
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