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  1. Thanks guys! @AdamStanislav @jmwellborn It was! πŸ˜€ I personally like these two and their interaction the most πŸ˜„ What character do you like the most?
  2. This was the original drawing on paper. I scanned it using an ordinary flatbed scanner and I used the original scanned raster graphics, after isolating them, to animate:
  3. I made this drawing 24 Years (!) ago. And it recently started begging to animate it. And so I did! 🀠 This took quite a lot of cutting, slicing and editing in Photo (around 200 parts)! Long live the Affinity Photo Clone Stamp, non-destructive vector masking and the always great exporter (thank god it's also there in Photo!) which directly exports to Spine, which is just wonderful! πŸ˜€ BTW Not only the animation on paper is endless, but the whole video is also a seamless loop! πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘ Hope you like it!
  4. Yeah, I saw that one. That one is also pretty useful! πŸ˜€
  5. Wow, guess I have to dive into some Photo tools and features after working so much with Designer and other software: these background removal tools are pretty amazing πŸ˜— remove-background.mp4
  6. @Jtyoung510 I totally get that it can be intimidating at first, but once you practise this one it's way faster AND non destructive, as you never need to get rid of a handle. I use this way faster than shown in the video and don't even need to think about it anymore. But in the beginning I had also a hard time. It was just training. In the end I think this works much nicer than having a shortcut to get rid of handles, while the only thing I want is to make a steep corner. But it's up to you how you do it of course. Good luck! πŸ˜€
  7. When I want what you're after I rotate the handle so still never need to click the node. What I do is: - click - move mouse to second position - click and drag the pen/mouse until I get the right curve - press ctrl and alt (on windows) while still holding the mouse or pen down to change the angle and length of the last handle to make a 'hard turn' (this keystroke makes sure the other handle keeps its length and direction) - click and drag the pen/mouse until I get the right curve - etc. Hope this makes sense (you can also look in the statusbar on the bottom perhaps to see what's happening) BTW at first this takes a while to get used to, but in the end it's second nature and you don't even think about it anymore Also an important reason to doing it this way: you never loose the handle, so you can always correct or change the curve later if needed path-drawing.mp4
  8. yes, I saw that one and liked. But perhaps you have more πŸ˜‰ Up to you of course
  9. If you want to start a new curve, you just hit escape and draw another curve. But normally you want to continue drawing a curve right? I don't get what you're after. Perhaps you could explain. What I see you do in your video is clicking the same node after drawing a segment as if you'd like to continue the curve, but that's not needed. Just a quick'n'dirty example (I'm eating at the moment, so not really working precisely, haha πŸ˜„) where you can see I never hit a node to continue drawing quick-and-dirty.mp4
  10. @Jtyoung510 Watched the video now and see you click each node to continue drawing another, but that's not needed. You can just continuing drawing. Wait.. I'll show you
  11. @Jtyoung510 thanks, I'll watch it. Quick tip: if you post MP4 videos we can watch it in the forum without needing to download it to see it locally with software
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