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  1. That's assuming a thing that is not to be assumed (as explained above). I'll leave it here as everything is said already.
  2. Index (as @lepr wrote) would be very helpful indeed. Just use index 0 for the one rendered most below and the highest number to the one on top and everything in between accordingly. BTW I don't see any reason why a NAME property for vertices wouldn't be possible. That way indices could be shown, unless a vertex has a name, than the name could be shown. Sorry, but you're answering a question here that has not been asked.
  3. Ah yes! That SHIFT-one was the one I was hoping for. I thought I read about that some time ago, but now I understand why it didn't work here; I needed to first select both with a marquee first. Thanks a lot for that! That was the one. For more than two points it would definitely be welcome to have a feature to get a list of all (named?) points that lay on top of each other to select one from that list. That seems like it's not often used, but I did lots of interactive maps designs where that was very needed because multiple roads (all individual curves) were ending on the exact same spot. And than it's basically impossible to select the right point quickly without needing to move the other ones first just to see what point is selected and/or select it. So thanks for mentioning this to the devs! For the case today the above method works fine tho. Thanks for your quick and helpful responses!
  4. I get it and that's also helpful and does the trick in this case! Out of curiousity tho: let's say I have three points on top of each other; how do I know by scrolling through them with these shortcuts, which point is currently selected?
  5. Thanks for pasting the link to the shortcuts. But where in there is what I'm looking for? When having the node tool selected none of it shows in the statusbar to do a thing like selecting a point underneath (at the same location). That's why I posted this question here
  6. as title! Two points laying exactly on top of each other, because I broke the curve intentionally. Now I'd like to remove the underlying point. How can we reach it without moving the points?
  7. Today I've finished creating designs for Pajamas for some of the Characters of the Animation Short I'm currently working on. Happily used Affinity designer to create these designs!
  8. It's very straight forward and always reproducable here, so you must have done something differently. There's nothing special about the files and the results are always the same. I just found that also when picking the default SVG exports in the slice-exports it sometimes not even generate the Spine JSON file, while after some clicking around without changing anything suddenly that works. Feels totally unpredictable and unstable tbh. I also reported months ago already that spine JSON files aren't updated when things change and you export again. That's also an issue here. But with my own svg preset it seems to create the spine JSON the first time, but creates a corrupt one; as seen in the video. For the rest it's easy to reproduce the other scenarios too, as written about above. export-spine-issue-small-2.mp4
  9. As written before the point I'm making is not that a preset contains a preset, my point is that the naming is confusing. Using 'export preset'/'preset' on both places (file export menu and export persona) is not a great choice and is asking for confusion and miscommunications. Both names should be clearly distinctable. Like for example 'Export Preset' in the file export menu's dialog, and 'Asset preset' in the export persona. It's not enabling here tho. Otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up.
  10. @walt.farrell @R C-R Thanks guys, however, most of that I already knew, the underlying question, which I didn't ask I believe (silly me sorry for that), is how to quickly set my own export preset (made with the export menu) to ALL slices. I would've expected the 'Export preset' dropdown to be exactly for this reason. But it's not working that way and isn't showing my export preset, which I think is quite confusing. Because what I created is ALSO called 'Export preset' and is always available when exporting a file from the file menu. I already found out that I can chose my own export preset from the 'Preset' dropdown in the Export Options, but that still didn't change the list in the 'Export preset' dropdown. So that again I think is very confusing. Because now several different things are called 'Export preset' since v2 and that's asking for confusion like this IMO. Long story short, I just answered my own question; It seems to be possible to multi-select all slices and change the preset to my own export preset in the Export Options. This changes the output of ALL selected slices (and all outputs within these slices change). Still I think this new UI on this is hella confusing while it doesn't have to be. An easy fix to avoid part of this confusion could be to not call an export preset 'preset' and have another thing that is 'export preset' not named the same. Because it obviously turned out to not the same thing, but something that has the export preset within. Now we have an export preset inside an export preset which makes zero sense to me and is asking for trouble. I get now that the 'Export preset' in the slices tab has extra options above the 'export preset' we create in the export menu. Things like pixel format and color profile. That could be handy sometimes. But I've tried to create a new preset in the 'Export Options' panel for in this dropdown, but in that menu 'Create preset' is always disabled/grayed out here (and I tried many things). Probably when this menu item is actually enabled this would make it possible to create an 'export preset' that is using my own Export preset inside that and shows up in the 'Export preset' dropdown in the slices tab, but how can we enable this 'create preset' option?
  11. Isn't a dropdown list with a name 'Export Preset' exactly that? To select that you wish to export all slices with that preset? Is seems to do that when I select 'Single PNG' there. But none of the SVG export presets show up in the dropdown. Even when I select SVG in the Export Options panel (which is the only panel I can think of which is able to do things for all slices at once) the SVG export presets list changes in the dropdown and it starts to show both JPEG and PNG presets, but still none of the SVG presets show up. So this doesn't make much sense to me tbh.
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