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  1. Some pretty cool... or well... warm ones in here! Great work! πŸ‘ πŸ˜€
  2. Nice style! πŸ‘ And that phrase is now stuck in my head: 'Plants are friends'. To remind when when being chased by a plant again
  3. Probably they changed it lately as it doesn't matter if you enter a slash or a backslash here. Affinity Designer automatically corrects it on Windows to a backslash when clicking 'Done'. So you can just enter slashes or backslashes or a combination of both and they all will be converted to backslashes on a 'OK'. Which is pretty sweet! πŸ˜€
  4. Like @Old Bruce I wouldn't be for it. Here that behaviour would cause a lot of issues and extra work to correct it, so I am not for it (at least not without being able to turn this behaviour off). This is an assumption that's definitely not working for everybody I'm afraid.
  5. @Karlito Completely agree with your first point. Everything I create is for browsers too and like you I also very much like the HSL mode, but have to switch to another mode, just to see and copy or paste a hex value for that color. I always wondered why Serif didn't just show that hex-input box on each mode so we can reach it from whatever mode we're in.
  6. Having to correct 'semi-values' for positions and sizes is a pain. This is taking way too much time, while upfront I know I want to work with only integer values most of the time. The force pixel alignment toggle is not sufficiant for this as it's not correcting for once. Especially Artboards here always need to be on integer values because they cause issues when exporting to output files when not set to integer values, like graphics that are 1 pixel too high or wide. It would be really helpful if Serif could add this: - Prevent artboard locations to be affected by other artboards (to me this is unnecesarely causing issues and confusion, but also makes the system of artboards feel unreliable, because values are changed that don't need to be changed)!! - Add a setting to preferences to only use integer (pixel-)values for artboard sizes and locations - Add a feature to convert all existing node-position-values (x/y) to integer - Show a clear indication (like a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark) next to textvalue inputboxes to indicate a value is NOT integer!! (a lot of times Affinity doesn't show any decimal, while in fact there are. This can be very frustrating as it's often causing issues when using the outputted SVG's for interactive use, like I do, when needing to rely on thes values. For instance if paths need to 100% start at the position another path ended) My 2 cts πŸ˜‰
  7. Isn't Designer already doing that by itself 'intelligently'? Select the object you wish to align to, than select the object you wish to align with it and it automatically shows alignment lines. It also has pretty great configurable snap features. Or am I missing your 'point'? (no pun intented πŸ˜‰)
  8. Thanks for this nice compliments. This really is 100% created by me as my company. Of course I sometimes use some specialistic tools here and there, which can be very helpful, but in the end 99% of what you see (and don't see!) here is all programming and code. There's just no shortcut and never will be. Flash is away for a long time indeed, but AFAIK the creation tool still exists, but it got rebranded by Adobe to Animate CC long time ago. It's generating some web code now. If you only want to create an animation and add some click interactivity and don't care about standards and real world applications etc. that might be nice for you. If you want more and are serious about it really the only way tho is to learn programming and I'd advise to start with Html, Css and Javascript if you didn't already. There's no WYSIWYG/editor tool for stuff like this and there will never, ever, be. Listing the many reasons why is tempting for me, but would be too long for this reaction, I want to prevent discussions on this thread and you'd probably be happy with using Animate CC! Haha πŸ˜‰ So hopefully this helps you on your way. Have a nice day!
  9. I'm starting to feel like a real magician! To you great honored public; Keep guessing 🀣 πŸ˜‰ It's posted on the Affinity Designer forum tho and I wrote about it in the opening post. Another map I've done in the past was in fact built in 3d tho [find the differences]: I'm missing something here I guess. I'm not a gamer. No clue what you mean by this. 🀨
  10. Hard to say what it would take now, because even though I already have lots of modules and tools built for other maps, this was a lot of pioneering on new technics as I'm always trying to reach higher goals in terms of animations, graphics, performance and load optimizations, deployment and features in relation to user interface etc. And to create my own tools to build things faster. Besides animating 66 animals now and programming, designing, illustrating and animating the application itself. All maps are different, it's fully custom made. This one took me about a few months (including illustrating and animating). Haha, I try my hardest to also rest, haha πŸ˜€ Thanks a lot for the nice words guys! Have a nice weekend!
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