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  1. Using macro's now to batch process images I just found out that - It seems to only work to use a macro for batch processing when it's added to the macro libarary. Even if we only want to use a macro once for a single batch. - It doesn't seem to be possible to overwrite an existing macro - When writing a macro to the library with a same name as an existing one, it's not overwriting the macro, but adds the macro with the same name to the list, so now there are two macro's with the exact same name in the library. Which obviously is confusing. - we seem to only be able to export a macro to file when we'd just recorded? not if it's already in the macro library? So it would be appreacted if we could: - Get a way to use the current macro which is currently open in the Macro panel in a batch job without us needing to add the macro to a library first to get it in the macros list of the batch job dialog. - Get a way to overwrite an existing macro, OR if using the same name as an existing macro giving us the choice to either overwrite it or let Affinity add a postfix number to the name so it's recognizable as a different, and later saved, macro - Get an 'Export macro to file' menu item in the context menu when rightclicking on an item in the macro libaray list: - Get checkboxes in front of the macro items in the macro libary and a button on top to do a remove macro's on selected items (it's taking forever to remove 50 macro's now, that we didn't want to add to the libary in the first place, but had to just to use it in the batch processor) - Could drag'n'drop our files from outside of Affinity (on Windows: Windows Explorer) into the Sources-list on the 'New Batch Job' dialog. That would be a great timesaver as we now need to browse to the same root folder every time when clicking on 'Add', while that folder is already open in a window next to affinity to drag'n'drop files from Affinity Photo 1.10.5
  2. Thanks for the nice words @jmwellborn! You should've seen my chicken animation (chicken in a rowboat) too... if you like this one sure you would like that one too! Didn't share it here on the Affinity forum because there's not much Affinity in that one, but that one was also quite fun (also to make) and made completely 'conventional' by drawing each frame by hand (frame-by-frame) 😀 Anyhow, I'm also pretty satisfied with this one too 😀
  3. Hi, Last weeks I've been back on drawing on paper and digital inking. And recently I started animating one frame-by-frame. This time, although not painted in Affinity, I used Affinity Photo extensively to edit, process and clean lots of frames and happily used the Export Persona to export. For these types of things there's definitely nothing easier and faster than Affinity! 😀 It's an endless loop! Hope you like it! And don't forget to turn on the sound!
  4. Exactly as I concluded for pc, so it's the same on mac. Thanks for checking It's just sRGB, nothing weird about that. Also this obviously has nothing to do with this issue. Could be, but shouldn't be in this case IMO; 1) There are no errors after importing the PSD in Affinity 2) Everything shows exactly as it should, including the layer names 3) Affinity is capable of displaying the layer names the right way perfectly fine in the layers panel, so I don't see any problem just glueing the extension to it. If we can workaround this issue by renaming to the exact same layers names, so could the code base I would think. Although there might be a reason to keep two variables of layer names internally I can't reason? I suspect it's just a matter of sanitizing the layer name internally before adding the file extension when creating the slice name. Probably the layer name internally isn't trimmed after import, has some unexpected ascii character, like carriage return or line feed or something similar. If that's the case it shouldn't be that hard to fix it in code. Anyway, thanks for checking on your side and hopefully Serif could take a look at it to make it work!
  5. Looks like you missed my latest posts. Don't think this has to do with Mac vs Windows. Did you try the PSD in the opening post?
  6. Okay, did some more tests and it looks like this might be easy to solve for the developers (or at least I hope so); Please see video below: First you see the imported PSD in Affinity. As you can see the layer names show perfectly fine I add slices from the two layers You can see the output slices are getting the layer names, but aren't getting png extensions, making them create wrong filenames when exporting Now I change the layer names in the normal photo persona to different names (which look the same in the layers panel) When I remove the old slices and create slices from the renamed layers, now suddenly the new slices DO get PNG extensions So it looks to me there's a difference between the layer names as displayed and the internal layer names used internally in Affinity to create slice names from. Perhaps internally the layer names aren't stripped from white spaces? Or some similar small issue like that causing this to fail, like illegal characters used in the layer name string? If the visible layer names would be used instead to create slice names I won't see any reason why this shouldn't work from these PSD files as it is showing the right layers names and when changing the layer names to the exact same string-format it is working. Hope this makes sense. slice-from-psd-issue.mp4
  7. Alright, I just created a PSD file now with a different program (MOHO this time) and tried the same in Affinity. THIS psd file DOES in fact work in the Export persona, so doesn't throw this issue in Affinity. And these are also pixel-layers, just like the krita-created psd file. Which is weird, because the PSD file created with Krita is importing just fine in Affinity, doesn't throw any errors, looks exactly as expected, all layers are there, including their original names etc. I'm no expert on the PSD file format (guess nobody really is as it's propriatory to Adobe, but at least the PDF part could be known), but it looks like, by this short/simple test, that the PSD Krita creates throws an issue in Affinity (eventhough everything else works just fine and no issue can be seen in the layers), while the PSD Moho is creating is not throwing this issue in the Affinity exporter (or at least not as I can see here with this simplified file). So beats me what the issue could be. What I can tell tho is that I don't see any reason why Affinity shouldn't be able to add the right slice names with extensions; all layer names are imported just fine, just like their content, so I would say it's only a matter of adding an extension...
  8. I just created a very simplified new PSD file with only 2 simple layers. It's making Affinity having the exact same issue after importing in Affinity in the Export Persona as the file I was working on. So this is a file the developers can bugfix with. So I updated the opening post here and added both this new PSD file as well as the created Affinity Photo file from it with the slices without extensions issue, as an attachment to the opening post.
  9. BTW The 'main' export, so the sum of all layers (the 'master' so to say), which Affinity always automatically creates in the Export Persona, DOES have an extension. So it's only the slices we created that don't get the extensions we normally do get (and need). This is the 'main'/'master' export in the slices tab:
  10. Until now I mostly created graphics inside Affinity and exported it with the export persona without any issues in both Photo and Designer. Today I imported a PSD file into Affinity and created slices of all layers (without even editing inside Affinity). But to my surprise the Slices don't have extensions in the Slices tab of the Export persona and export to files without extensions, eventhough PNG is selected on each slice. When creating a new file and create slices of the new layers everything still works fine; all slices get the PNG extension, because PNG is selected. So there is an issue in Affinity when starting with an already created PSD file to create and export layers as slices. This is how it looks when layers are created inside Affinity (pixel-layers) and we create slices from those layers: This is how it looks when layers are made externally and imported from PSD (to pixel-layers) and we create slices from those layers: As you can see the files don't get an extention when exporting either: The issue is already in the slice-name, so it looks like we cannot even change it [Edit] Added a test PSD file in the Attachment which throws this issue AND the Affinity file created from it where you can see the issue in the export persona. For the record; the PSD is created in the latest Krita (5.1.1). test.afphoto test.psd
  11. @Old Bruce, thanks for the like, I just see you too reacted about SVG's before already. For some reason I missed that. Looks like we're on the same page 😉
  12. You know you can just import SVG, so vectors, in the Fusion tab and do anything you like with it right? It's by no means perfect and Fusion is by far not ideal for making animations (there are lots of other way better tools for that), but it's not time consuming and done in just 2 minutes.
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