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  1. It's very straight forward and always reproducable here, so you must have done something differently. There's nothing special about the files and the results are always the same. I just found that also when picking the default SVG exports in the slice-exports it sometimes not even generate the Spine JSON file, while after some clicking around without changing anything suddenly that works. Feels totally unpredictable and unstable tbh. I also reported months ago already that spine JSON files aren't updated when things change and you export again. That's also an issue here. But with my own svg preset it seems to create the spine JSON the first time, but creates a corrupt one; as seen in the video. For the rest it's easy to reproduce the other scenarios too, as written about above. export-spine-issue-small-2.mp4
  2. As written before the point I'm making is not that a preset contains a preset, my point is that the naming is confusing. Using 'export preset'/'preset' on both places (file export menu and export persona) is not a great choice and is asking for confusion and miscommunications. Both names should be clearly distinctable. Like for example 'Export Preset' in the file export menu's dialog, and 'Asset preset' in the export persona. It's not enabling here tho. Otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up.
  3. @walt.farrell @R C-R Thanks guys, however, most of that I already knew, the underlying question, which I didn't ask I believe (silly me sorry for that), is how to quickly set my own export preset (made with the export menu) to ALL slices. I would've expected the 'Export preset' dropdown to be exactly for this reason. But it's not working that way and isn't showing my export preset, which I think is quite confusing. Because what I created is ALSO called 'Export preset' and is always available when exporting a file from the file menu. I already found out that I can chose my own export preset from the 'Preset' dropdown in the Export Options, but that still didn't change the list in the 'Export preset' dropdown. So that again I think is very confusing. Because now several different things are called 'Export preset' since v2 and that's asking for confusion like this IMO. Long story short, I just answered my own question; It seems to be possible to multi-select all slices and change the preset to my own export preset in the Export Options. This changes the output of ALL selected slices (and all outputs within these slices change). Still I think this new UI on this is hella confusing while it doesn't have to be. An easy fix to avoid part of this confusion could be to not call an export preset 'preset' and have another thing that is 'export preset' not named the same. Because it obviously turned out to not the same thing, but something that has the export preset within. Now we have an export preset inside an export preset which makes zero sense to me and is asking for trouble. I get now that the 'Export preset' in the slices tab has extra options above the 'export preset' we create in the export menu. Things like pixel format and color profile. That could be handy sometimes. But I've tried to create a new preset in the 'Export Options' panel for in this dropdown, but in that menu 'Create preset' is always disabled/grayed out here (and I tried many things). Probably when this menu item is actually enabled this would make it possible to create an 'export preset' that is using my own Export preset inside that and shows up in the 'Export preset' dropdown in the slices tab, but how can we enable this 'create preset' option?
  4. Isn't a dropdown list with a name 'Export Preset' exactly that? To select that you wish to export all slices with that preset? Is seems to do that when I select 'Single PNG' there. But none of the SVG export presets show up in the dropdown. Even when I select SVG in the Export Options panel (which is the only panel I can think of which is able to do things for all slices at once) the SVG export presets list changes in the dropdown and it starts to show both JPEG and PNG presets, but still none of the SVG presets show up. So this doesn't make much sense to me tbh.
  5. Having my own presets I keep on wondering why these don't show up in the Export Persona's 'Export preset' dropdown. To me it would makes sense the same preset should appear there, but I guess there's a reason why these aren't there. Anybody knows this reason? And is there a way to make them appear there too (preferrably without doing double work)?
  6. To add to the above; when chosing JPG the Spine JSON file isn't even created!! TLDR; To add to the above; I just tried the same, but now with JPG. To my big surprise when chosing the 'Single JPEG (High Quality)' export preset, Affinity doesn't even write the Spine json file... But JPEG files are without a doubt supported by Spine and also here I don't see any reason why this shouldn't output a spine json file when the Spine JSON is chosen in the Batch Builder dropdown.
  7. When chosing SVG the Spine JSON files generated by Affinity are corrupt. [edit] When chosing JPG the Spine JSON file will not even be created (see next post)! TLDR; When chosing to export SVG-files the Spine JSON batch exporter doesn't work as supposed to; no x, y, width and height values are written for the assets to the json. This not only makes the Spine JSON corrupt, but even as a plain JSON it is now corrupt as format and so can't be read by JSON parsers. I understand the Spine editor itself cannot handle SVG files (yet), but other applications using the format can, so there is no reason to limit this output to raster only. Also I recently published an importer script for Moho animation software which uses this Spine JSON output to automatically import assets from Affinity into Moho via the Spine JSON Format. I am working on support for vectorgraphics too in order to import vector graphics from Affinity into Moho with the script, but because of this issue that currently isn't possible unfortunately. All measurement data luckily is already known by the Affinity software, so could this please get a fix? That would be awesome! Thanks in advance!
  8. For those working with Krita too; today I've also created a tutorial video on how to use the script to export and import Krita layers in Moho. Just updated the opening post with the video.
  9. For those also working with Spine; Version 1.1.0 just got published. Now the script also imports the bones data if available and recreates the bone tree in Moho. See the mohoscripts page for more info about what features are supported. It's live now!
  10. Working a lot with Moho Pro I saw myself rebuilding scenes I designed in Affinity Designer or Photo with exported images in Moho again. I never have to do that when using Spine to animate as Affinity has this great Spine JSON batch exporter in the Export Persona. So I was missing that when working in Moho. Until now; I've developed a free plugin script for Moho which let's Moho import all layers and exported cropped images from Affinity Photo and/or Designer via the exported spine.json file! For who is using both Spine and Moho, like me, it is even quite far in importing the setup pose with all images as exported from Spine too. Including all transformations of the images and even tinting of images. There are some limitations when importing spine.json files coming from Spine tho (see mohoscripts page for the script), like images which use meshes aren't supported. But the most important features are supported already! [update] Also when the spine.json file has bone data (like files exported from Spine itself, or when using special layer naming in Krita's exporter), the skeleton will be recreated in Moho during import since v1.1.0! But the main reason for making this was to import layers from Affinity tho. And that all works great now! A real time saver. It also works for Krita, Photoshop, After Effects, Gimp etc. when you install an existing export to spine.json script in Krita. The script is free to download. Downloadlink and more information is here: https://mohoscripts.com/script/wp_spine_import And here are some demo's/tutorial videos I just created. Have fun!
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