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  1. @Ron P. Thanks for the response. I am surprised because having this dialog popup isn't very convenient and I can't imaging Serif not seeing this while in the test phase. So I would expect at least a checkbox somewhere to turn this behaviour off.
  2. Hi, I created an adjustment preset and want to apply it to each layer. But everytime I apply the preset to other layers this adjustment panel with sliders pops up. This is a pretty inefficient workflow like this because the whole point in having a custom preset is to apply the same preset, so we don't need to change its settings. And if we would like to change them we could click the created adjustment layer anyway. How can we turn off this automatic popup-behaviour of the Adjustment layer settings when applying a preset? Thanks in advance!
  3. Sorry, kan daar geen zinnig woord over zeggen want heb daarin zelf nooit instellingen gemaakt (ik gebruikt amper tot geen spellingscontrole). Sorry, can't say a sensible word about that because I've never changed any settings in there (never really use spelling checks).
  4. Love these warps! That Twist Deformer is pretty sweet too 😘 Let's do the twist! 🎉👯‍♂️⭐ 😀
  5. Come on Let's twist again! - The Serif Stars ⭐ 😀 🎉👯‍♂️ Don't forget to turn on the audio! 🔊 😉 twist-again-edit.mp4
  6. My 'Likes' are done for today on the forum, so can't like your posts, but wanted to let you know; great list and fully agree! Besides all the great new features and great changes, there are also some seemingly little changes which are pretty worthwile and great IMO. Haven't worked my way through the new Photo and Publisher yet, only Designer. But I'm pretty impressed at the level of detail of these changes. Even the little details that have been changed in Designer are clearly well thought through and based on requests on this forum. You can tell they heard it all last years and took the chance to put these changes in v2 to address them. Some of which I'm very happy with, like the toolset which was contantly getting seperated from the interface when double clicking in v1 wich now conveniently stays fixed! And the redesigned export and settings panels that are much more streamlined now. Seemingly small things that really make a positive difference when using the application on a daily basis. Have to explore further but very happy with these changes!
  7. I am Dutch and all softwareinterfaces I use I always set to English. Dutch software terms many times sound weird in technology AND it's way easier to use search terms in google in English because there's way more information about everything in English out there! 😀
  8. I am surprised to see so many salty comments here on this forum complaining about a gift they got in the form of a brand new version with many great new features. With weird arguments about the incredible price and about features they wanted to have but aren't there yet. There are so many negative comments that I felt the need to write a little counter balance here: I was very happy to see today the email about the new Affinity upgrade which, when looking at the commercial page about it, has a lot of great new features a lots of people were missing in v1 and asked about and now are there! And besides that I also read about lots of great changes that really make a difference. Way the go Serif! Great launch of a full complete package clearly a lot of effort have been put into. And having all applications for all platforms together for just 120 euros is a great price! Would be nice if some people here would show a little bit more respect and understanding about what software development actually means and what things like this cost to create in real life. Maybe then there would be a little bit more understanding in how great this price - value actually is. From me: thanks Serif for all the hard work! 👍 😀
  9. What are you talking about? ALL applications together for all platforms you can buy for just 120 euros, which is 122 dollars. When you're having a business it's even cheaper when having more users, than it's only 108 euros per person for ALL apps on ALL platforms.
  10. For an upcoming animation in 3D I needed blinds for in a kids room. I made a sketch of two loving sheep on paper and vectorized them in Affinity Designer which I now use on the blinds in the 3d scene. Sleep well kids 😀
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