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  1. Interesting...I just tried this with some personal brushes....been avoiding using pressure setting as it can lock up AD But... 1. Choose your brush 2. Draw paint (keep selected!) 3. Set pressure to active in context menu (works) 4. Being able to adjust with brush setting window also worked for me!....although Controller on the context menu was set to brush defaults! [This changes your brush settings!]
  2. No Problem...I was surprised! but hey that's what betas are for!.........and 1.9 is looking good!
  3. Ok checking! had a look through list. It is recognising and finding graphics card but skips some colour profiles.
  4. Hi Walt Thanks for that...hadn't considered it!.....Just checked though...and no basically the last crash report was from July The previous beta was working fine.... I had also had a look at windows update to see if Microsoft was being a pain but nothing there either!
  5. Hi Adam Thanks for the update...but! having a bit of an issue getting to boot This is a first! Just installed the update....seemed to install ok but when I click on the icon it tries to load then quits NB Restart=failed Clear previous data also (Control Click)=failed Ok tried uninstalling! Uninstall | restart | download new version then install =failed any ideas?
  6. The data file (.csv) stays connected to the original file.. You should have a master or template file with the layout | datasheet | variables assigned from the fields panel. Save it before going to the Data Merge Manager and generating the file (save this separately!). The generated file does remove the connected once assembled.
  7. Interesting idea for adding images directly from internet..I haven't tried that kind of scenario...most variable data templates rely on locally sourced files and information. Even when using Pageflex or Chili Publisher haven't approached or experienced that technique...Personally I would not recommend it.!. there is a lot that could go wrong... a. the links could be incredibly long with a collection of unacceptable weird characters!.. b. Images tend to be dynamic to accommodate multiple visual platforms c. They could be easily broken d. images vary in quality and resolution e. there could be copyright issue! I am not sure whether their is a limit on the data layout tool ..and without seeing the files /data structure the second question is difficult to answer...It could be that there is an error in the CSV file.. or a bug APub... or the records are limited in the Data Manager
  8. The Data sheet and file can be made to work.....Reuploaded the original file with the addition of a container for the data layout tool. Each cell Contains Background image and 4 txt elements. Just build the layout in the first cell and it will get repeated to all others. With regards to the text..Suggest the layout is adjusted slightly to accommodate the variable data..Also you could try and place all the txt into single paragraph box and then apply variable data. File as below (basic but works!). Generate from the Data Merge Manager NB for some reason could note get Apub to recognise the CSV file to deleted and reattached.... also had a crash of APu on second attempt! File names changed to generate (data merge_edited | import_data) with merged data as results data-merge_edited.zip
  9. Excellent!...you have them now! So with regards to the assets file...are you on a Mac?
  10. Hi Hayley, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the files...I don't want them! I just tested the .zip file on by downloading, extracting and re-importing the .afassets file. It seems to be working ok!.. [but I am on a PC] Imported the file into all versions this morning ( and the latest Betas just to be sure...It all worked fine including dragging the assets from the folder. I cannot perform the same tests on a Mac! However there is some information regarding importing assets on this OS here! (been asked before!) importing assets on a Mac Sample sheet Try this...Upoaded the Sample Sheet file for you...These are the assets as displayed above on the sample jpg's. This one is a AD file which you can open....but you will have to create your own assets by dragging the objects into your own asset categories! Let me know how you get on.. Monster_World_-_Document_Vector__Assets_Plants_Shapes.zip
  11. So it does...Thanks for highlighting it!... Interesting workflow! I tried it with layered vector patterns | Symbols | Detached Symbols etc..in Publisher.... Can be used in Designer Beta you copy but no tools to edit it!....yet!
  12. Updated A. Updated list with new brush sets | styles and Seamless Patterns B. Fixed some broken links C. Added new brushes and assets to list Undergrowth 1. Renamed 'Poison Brush Set' to Undergrowth....much larger than the original now! 2. Added new Vector Base texture Set similar to 'Render' and used as template for completely new vector brush set [Mushroom | Grass | Rocks | Moss | Leaves] 3. Added Set of Monochrome styles based on patterns used for updating the set 4. Added 30 Seamless Vector Patterns (with square Mask) 5. Updated to 1.7 Brush Engine 6. Re-worked most of the raster nozzles (all vector Nozzles) 7. All vector brushes are new using only vector objects and removing any blending/Transparency Project Brush 16:Grunge Updated to new layout sample sheets Added a new set of 30 Vector Brushes using same method as 'Undergrowth' (All vector based nozzles and named as Raster Versions) Project Brush 19: #inktober Inker Added new set of Brushes (to build a single set that could be used for Inktober)....consequently larger than usual with 60 Brushes. 21 line art/inking brushes supported with a collection of Organic painters | Micro Patterns | Texture Painters | Basic Comic Patterns
  13. Inktober Inker A break from drawing...cleaned up the new brush category! Finished the #Inktober Inker Brush Set (Project Set 19) A bit larger than usual with 60 brushes including 21 ink Liners wanted to limit the brush use for the project and accumulate into 1 category...interesting exercise in playing around with the dynamics to construct the liners...with cycle and inversion!
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