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  1. I think this question has been asked before on the forum. Previously with the help of google I came across this site. (K.M Alexander) Here which may or may not be of interest to you.. The brushes are .abr and will probably need some tweaking in Affinity...but it is a useful starting point!...
  2. I had play around with some of my brushes to see if there was an issue...I could not find one! Initially I though that maybe the image was imported at a different resolution or that the brush anti- aliasing was creating the impression that the brush is larger than the actual specified size. Also you could try comparing the pixel brush with the brush tool to see if the results you require are better. Zooming in can create some strange illusions!. Also check the blend modes on context menu and | or see if something unexpected is set in the dynamics that would influence the size of the brush.. like 'size jitter' for instance You do get this with brush settings...As a footnote, normally I would not use a brush at 1px as it tends to look too pixelated. 2px with a reduced hardness works better for me personally... Scaling would have influence on what you are seeing! As below the Brush used is the same but red appears to be larger as original pixel object was scaled (Black)
  3. I downloaded your file: I can also change the colour easily. Duplicated the artboard and grouped the lines to easier to change. Are you accidentally trying to change the fill colour rather than the stroke colour on the colour palate? change colour.afdesign
  4. really impressive.. Good to see Blender and Affinity used in collaboration. Also makes me hungry..!
  5. Large vector Grunge Patterns Added 48 Vector Grunge patterns to the template created from the Comic Grunge and Comic Sketch brushes. Visible vectors on test sheets is 100 x 100 mm as single compound curve. Actual size is around 190mm+ x 90mm+ to fit Tier panels of 180 x 84mm inside A4 page mask
  6. Personally! I believe that the option to edit | create pixel images or raster paint within Affinity Designer is one of its greatest innovative functions not only do you have the ability to work totally within 1 application; you can apply options in many different ways. Mixing 2 'creative' options together adds to the versatility of the application The capability and variable options are extremely powerful for controlling and exploring new workflows!.. sometimes just takes a bit of getting used to.: You can (but I am sure there is much more): 1. Combine vector and raster illustrations (Paint in both modes with ease and really useful for conceptual and comic art!) 2. Edit shapes | forms and convert to raster with single key press (Also applied to 'Vector Brushes' if you want to create quick textured shapes!) 3. Re-colour raster and vector images simultaneously.. and apply layer adjustments to vector shape overlays for rapid colour experiments 4. Get complete control over texture effects and painting and re-colour drawings with vector overlays (or combined with layer adjustments) 5. Apply raster painted effects to Masks (Vector or raster) 6. Add vector graduations inside raster objects to re-colour 7. Apply blend modes to shaped overlays to change the appearance of an image using vectors 8. Helps with non-destructive editing 9. Ability to use a large combination of different tools by simply switching personas It would be useful to be able to convert raster to vector but hey you cannot have everything! (Inkscape useful for this and you can just copy | paste )
  7. I thought this is really an issue with the configuration of the selected | used brush. Try adjusting the Head offsets in the brush editor to achieve a better result. The 'Vector Brush' is a bit limited in this respect but you can easily adjust the result. If you really want the brush to blend on the ends or along the edges you can create your own brush with an 'extended' .PNG and apply a transparency effect towards the required edges. or Set the brush transparency or set a blend mode on the context toolbar
  8. There are several ways you can do this but a quick option is to use the Node Tool (A) and join the selected nodes. 1. Select both lines 2. Switch to Node Tool (A) 3. Select end point nodes (Marque around end of lines) 4. Select the 'Join Curves' option on the Context Menu Bar: To Help you: Switch on snapping options: 'Snap to geometry of selected curves' You can also add to lines by selecting the pen tool , select end node and extend the line to the position of the required join. Then marque the 2 end nodes and join
  9. I have been watching this thread for a couple of days now...I am sure a moderator will be along to help you soon. I believe they are extremely busy at the moment. Must be really frustrating not being able to get the apps to run! In the meantime it might be worth posting your hardware specifications in your forum signature. just to see if there are any visible known conflicts there. Also. Read under an earlier comment that you attempted to install via Microsoft Store and cancelled the download. Not sure what the issue is but if you haven't already!... Possibilities There is a list of FAQ + issues here Check this one out (app already installed) here Check in apps and make sure no conflict Could be a conflict with third party applications This is an old thread but worth a look may be an updated version! Could be anti-Virus or Firewall issue Could be Font issue Could be graphics card and driver update issue or Something else!
  10. Thanks for the additional information...I can see your issue now!. mm Nice idea but appears to be not available...could add it as a feature request! Interesting. I had a play around with the same king of scenario.. having objects on separate artboards and attempting to apply FX (outline)..You are correct this does not work!.. But I can see the logic of why it does not work. Simply the FX has nothing to apply.. I had a play with a possible solution to the problem. If you cannot apply the FX to the artboard and content then: Set up a file with xx objects on artboards (mixed groups and layers + a couple with existing FX applied). Nested artboards to see if could apply inheritance.. erm NO! (artboards | symbols are just objects in layers) I would think this is because trying to apply FX to a container that has no content (+ logically the FX would apply effect to the artboard no the nested content!) So to get the FX effect to work you either apply FX to all objects (Slow) or create 1 and duplicate to all object layers (works but not efficient and could get messy) So what if objects were at group level!.. could you apply to all with 1 FX.. yes! if grouped.. This works. BUT.. would need to restructure | organise file to something like: Artboard > Group [FX] > Objects OR Artboard > Group >Objects [FX] Possible solution 1. Set up a single artboard (a lot of artboards just delete the artboards and keep objects!. re-arrange on single board) 2. Add objects to artboard and group (or separate if want different FX) 3. Apply changes on mass ..to group 4. Slice option from original artboard would be lost: a. Make sure have a naming convention for objects (to avoid confusion!) b. In export persona mass create your slices (with objects sometimes I get odd results so check slice is containing object.) c. Outline size change: Check whether Slice size considers FX position i.e. grows with object.. I expected this to fail but if you change the size of the FX the slice will grow to compensate! Then the FX needs applying at the Object level
  11. @walt.farrell is absolutely correct! It is not a bug.. but a file with an incorrect layer structure. The Adjustment layer needs to be inside the group.. then it will work just fine
  12. List UpdateProject Brush 32Added Comic Dot Toolkit to PD 32 Brush Collection (needed for painting patterns on panels) Assets Comic Book Template (s) Started to add the assets and toolkits from Comic Book Templates Vector Compound Patterns Seamless Fill patterns Panels and Tiers (Rectangular and angular) Vector Borders
  13. Template: Vector Assets 01 Adding vector grunge effects to the pages | Panels and Tiers A4 Panel and Page Borders 01
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