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  1. I thought they were in the document!...you can move them around between documents but not be specific. So either have to be efficient with naming convention or cheat..a bit
  2. I was wondering this some time ago....couldn't work out an easy fix. Depending on size of document...I did try and get a clean stylesheet some time ago. Only way I found was to clean down styles in blank doc (detach and delete) and copy the required text boxes into blank file (they get listed in stylesheet when pasted). Then export/re-import...not ideal and certainly not for large documents. Or add Text boxes to assets panel and drag those into clean file (again the styles get remembered) It would be useful to have: 1. select used/unused styles and those options when using import/export options 2. Import/Export styles from selected in styles panel 3. Select all used styles
  3. StuartRc

    [] Pan (hand tool)

    Sure no problem!...I should have done that..Sorry.. Overall...1.7 AD has been pretty stable for me...so far!...liking the new brush changes (being able to drag and combine)...excellent step forward...and can save a lot of time...
  4. StuartRc

    Ducati Pantah

    Wow..that's amazing..you could almost pick it up off the screen!
  5. There are so many ways you could achieve this using layers/masks/brushes and vector elements: Personally, Using just the graduation tends to look a but flat...you could try adding some texture or creating some additional vector elements to be layered with the text: Added a sample sheet with a number of options...I am sure there are many more...but that's part of the fun! 1.If you want to just stick to vector..try combining small irregular shaped elements into a group and apply subtle transparencies and colour graduations separately to each element (You could use the style panel to help you with this). Use Text as Mask Overlay (Mask to Below on layers panel)..so non destructive effect 2. Create a Pattern Brush using a tiled pattern and add to Base Texture of Brush. Again use Text as Mask Overlay (Layers)/or Select text element in Pixel Persona (Selection Mask)..and paint into shape 3. Same method as 2 but use a textured brush (combine a selection of nozzles) created from other images or found in resources! 4. Use a combination of graduated overlays (graduated rectangular elements)+Vector textures (Grouped random patterns created from multiple shapes) + Texture Brush in Pixel Persona Hope this helps
  6. StuartRc

    [] Pan (hand tool)

    Good question...It was the first time I had seen this. I was actually testing to see whether the occasional 'stalling' brush (1.6) was still present in 1.7..[It's not] when the update surfaced on Saturday..So I just closed app and applied the update... When I re-activated the app I could not pan across the screen....with the Wacom initially...then tried the mouse..just as bad! Created 4 Artboards then tried..still same Opened live version (1.6.5)...was OK! So I closed app...and restarted with clear Defaults (Control+Open); checked on Wacom Updates (still as December 2018) ..and then was working OK! (I just put it down to a glitch..)..it's when I cannot get out of the problem...would concern me a bit more!. Has not re-occurred..but was the first time something like this had happened....I had a look to see if this had been reported before...but not as I could see.. I will keep a lookout for it....and update thread accordingly....but I use these apps on a daily basis...I think I would have seen it by now!
  7. StuartRc

    [] Pan (hand tool)

    OK Had to restart and reset to get it to work!
  8. Afternoon, Just installed the latest Beta... Installation OK but has presented an issue with artboards and pan/hand tool..I don't seem to be able to pan across artboards at all (working fine in live version) 1. Create new file (default A4) 2. Add artboards.. I added 4 3. Try to scroll in window with (hand) 4.. Seems to be stuck (With Wacom and Mouse)
  9. StuartRc

    View from the big cave

    Nice!...wish I could see that out of my window..
  10. Thanks for the latest update...been playing around with hyperlinks today..found there is an issue with selecting styles 1. Create a new hyperlink on text element (Text frame tool and add some text) 2. Add new hyperlink 3. in options for character style select none(avoiding hyperlink,Strong,Strong Emphasis). So you have link with no identity 4. Then either double click hyperlink in hyperlink panel (character style dropDown is now dimmed out so you cannot go back and change the option)...but....5 5. OK!..Select from context menu (Character Style)..where you can change the style options (change to say hyperlink).... 6. Go back to hyperlink panel and the change does not seem to be reflected in the dropDown list..Still dimmed out Notes Going to be a fantastic feature...I know it's only the first introduction...but.... 1. There does not seem to be a way of identifying the type of link from the hyperlink panel (couldn't you add an icon to right?) 2. If you have a lot of hyperlinks... as it stands at the moment users are going to get lost in the list...you can rename but not identify the type (There is a sort for pages..but not for link type!) 3. When you select an element with hyperlink attached it would be useful to simultaneously highlight the link in the Hyperlinks Panel (blue as layers panel [optional preferences]) and emphasis the actual link in panel
  11. I reset app from icon click (Control) ..it seems to be working now
  12. I am struggling to recreate this today!....Obviously restarted app since.. But...oddly the original style I created (in unnamed style category) Style 1 doesn't apply it.....but everything else today has..I will test it a bit further to see if there was something in sequence I missed....or just went completely mad for an hour! I tried quite a few combinations with transparencies gradients and strokes, all good today.... Thanks for looking at it..If I can get it to occur again I will update the thread...
  13. In the live version of AD ( when you saved an object with path settings including 'scale with object' It was saved with style. In the (and maybe earlier!) beta version this is not being deployed when style re-applied to new object. 1. Create object 2. Add colour/stroke 3. click 'scale with object' 4. add object style to style panel 5. re-apply style to new object 6. 'scale with object' no longer applied....
  14. StuartRc

    Botticelli's, The Birth of Venus (AD, Progress)

    Must be a pain with the gradients....I tended to build some shapes with the gradient already applied and copy the object..then re-shape..but it just gets complicated if you have a lot of shapes.. I usually end up with a screen full of objects with different gradients.....I was having difficulty with the palette..that when you start saving lots of transparencies and blends..you can get lost trying to find the one you just used.... I was going to say that for remembering the 'scale with object' I tend to create a style for it as it remembers the settings....But...It does not work in latest beta. In live version the creating style with scaling applied... is copied with the style...I just tried it wit beta and does not seem to work.. With the grouping...If you have a group of several objects and apply transparency to the layer group....you can only do it once....but if you group again...you can get away with extra transparency on the parent group...I was using it a lot..especially with directional transparencies...that you cannot quite blend to Zero in a particular place. (Used it for vector brushes..so you can have a vertical and horizontal transparency applied to same group of objects)
  15. StuartRc

    Botticelli's, The Birth of Venus (AD, Progress)

    Very impressive....been following the thread...nice to see someone else labouring over fine details.... Fantastic efforts so far...as usual. I really like the way you have tackled the leaves and 'blossom heads' Reading your posts inferring number of vector objects and cleaning down layers once you have completed sections....I adopted have similar techniques as... eventually AD will slow down in relation to the number of objects and layers (I was still impressed by the actual number it can cope with). Tried a couple of techniques in this area that maybe of use A. Copy the whole layer containing multiple objects to another file with the same artboard dimensions. So you you can paste back into the same place B. Copy large sections as groups to new files and re-import as an embedded file. Found this one really useful as you can add to/edit in master file (embedded) and it does not affect the original.. [or not] (add additional colour blends/transparencies) for shade/masking C. Multiple/nested groupings in layers.. used this so you can apply layered transparencies (ie. group/apply transparency | group/apply Transparency (change direction)) + save as style for repeat actions