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  1. Rock GobblerStructural elements rock eating creature Built under 'Fallen' but now has a new asset sheet!
  2. This is an impressive list of fixes...and a lot of hard work!....Thank you..much appreciated...looking forward to testing the next one!
  3. Wardian Case Assembly Structural elements of the 'Wardian' Case Vector Assets Components
  4. Plant Assemblage Vector Plant Assets Part 2 Large Tulip Plant and assets modified from Camouflage Project
  5. Foreground Tree AssemblageTree Structure and Textures
  6. Fantastic new set of images Patrick....you have captured so much detail..and texture I am really impressed..
  7. Thank you!...part of the purpose was to build some new assets....but I have not completed all the plants yet..some didn't make it into the drawing...Still it will keep me busy! This one was a bit of challenge though!..I have not tried creating 2 drawings at once in a month!...originally I intended them to connect as a full 1.6 metre drawing but just did not work out that way"..especially when I had to increase the height of the second drawing!
  8. Plant Assemblage Vector Plant Assets Part I Structures Assembly Texture and Mesh Elements
  9. Added new vector tool for building backgrounds Added Project Brush 18 (from rock monster project)
  10. I have updated the toolkit as the instructions looked incomplete and annoying!. Changes Version 2.0 as zip file above (older version removed!) A. Edited instruction sheet to make it a bit more obvious! B. Added additional Vector elements to the object sheet (as displayed on updated image above!) C. Added an extra layer to the construction artboard (Hue) so can further edit colour from single layer D. Reduced opacity of texture overlay Should work a bit better now!
  11. Project Brush Set 18 Monster Added a Brush Set based on the Vector Texture Tool and using the same vector shapes from the asset library:
  12. Thank you!..I think the instructions need a bit of work though!....fixed it I think!
  13. Not a problem....hope you can decipher the instructions!...There are some other samples here
  14. Vector Toolkit Vector Toolkit for grunge backgrounds or sky as above but a bit refined...! Added a version of the Vector Texture Toolkit to resources.
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