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  1. StuartRc

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    Day 28 [Prompt:Gift] AD Original Size: AD 500 x 500mm 300dpi (Uploaded Size:1772x1772px/300dpi/hq jpeg)
  2. Evening...Thanks for the latest beta update...I was just having a look at an earlier issue Multiple stacking of bitmaps/flat colour can crash the app without warning! As per previous bug report..that was marked as fixed on Friday. Unfortunately it can still occur...steps to reproduce as previous thread (Link)
  3. StuartRc


    Excellent!...Pleased you have a solution...
  4. StuartRc


    Excellent!..usually works...I do it all the time...1.7 brush engine is better.. If you find you cannot edit a brush by d-clicking on the thumbnail in Brush Panel...right click and select Edit brush or select from context bar will get you past it...
  5. StuartRc


    This is something I frequently see...(AD 1.65) Sometimes the brush adjustments just do not get saved.... One way of bypassing the issue..is to change your settings then duplicate the brush..and use the new brush
  6. Thanks for the update..no installation issues..like the new picture frame configuration..big improvement
  7. Morning, Just installed and testing 1. Create new file 2. Open Table formats 3. Attempt to import tables from previous created version (file actually will open independently)..Could be source file 4. App locks up with Imported table formats panel open on screen 5 Closed out with task manager Added the 2 old file that have table layouts as below 292 Table test fail.zip
  8. Nice!....I am not sure Rexy looked like that though (had feathers!)
  9. Hi, You may have this one logged but was testing multiple layers of 'fills' in the appearance panel mixing bitmap seamless patterns with colour fills really to see what kind of effects you can achieve for styles. Unfortunately I noticed that if if you stack 1 or more bitmap fills with a standard colour fill. then try to delete 1 of the layers.. AD will close So I have been trying to in this one down but not sure of the exact sequence (whether 2 bitmaps stacked are causing the issue or 2 bitmaps + Standard fill layer) Sequence 1 new file (added artboard) 2.draw rectangle (I set it to 100mm x 100mm)/No fill /no stroke (to play with adding patterns) 3.Select the rectangle and fill tool (G) 4 choose a bitmap fill (Set to Wrap in this case) 5 Create a new layer in appearance panel and repeat (3/4) 6 Add a third layer with standard fill (any colour/edit opacity) 7 Select 1 of layers and try to delete. AD can crash Notes Tried to see bitmaps were the cause but appears to be when you create the third standard 'coloured' layer. Tried to see if bitmap layer being selected was cause (ie where available to change bitmap settings) Included file set...up to adding third layer and 2 patterns (.png) (Exported from 1.65 AD file) Appearance panel.zip
  10. Again... thanks for picking it up... I tested the same routine with 1.65 AD vectors (much more recent! and elements had already been in assets panel/and in resources on forum!).. and without any raster content in layers This worked really well...it's not all bad news and dragging in 25mb 'full page' files is something I would not normally do myself....but it was worth seeing how AD would respond
  11. When you reboot..The asset object is visible but when you attempt to add to file (i.e drag from assets to page/current file) its a bit messy...I wasn't really expecting it to work as as it was built in an older version and quite large...but it does expose the beta version to crashing. Attached an image of the result....
  12. Yep sure..As attached Export_03.zip
  13. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me....It is a really useful addition to the functionality of the assets panel...but there are definitely still a few glitches. Note 1 Yep understand that ...but the files do get destroyed in the attempt! Note 2 That was just me making a note of the effects (as I was trying to see what was causing the artefacts on the screen) Note 4/5 Sure no problem...I have made a video of the crashing event as attached 1. You cannot see it as it's on the second screen..I pulled a few extra files from the same series (2 years old now! and have the same kind of layout) into a folder and followed the same procedure. So just dragging the file () onto the assets panel causes the AD 1.7 to fold. 2, Recorded the screen events to the point of crashing. (last few frames)..but deleted the closing of app (as it exposes all the crap on my windows desktop!)..but at the end of the video AD just folds. 3. Strangely I did notice last week that if you repeat the process with the same file .....it might not collapse the app...but struggles like before to add it to the assets panel. Explorer to assets.wmv
  14. Evening, Thanks for the new AD Beta (as title). Been testing (playing around!) with the drag and drop capability of the assets Panel.. Overall it is working OK...but I have had a couple of issues importing files 1. Create New file (just for something to import) 2. Open Assets Panel + create new asset area 3. Test file dragged from browser window OK.. A few experiments (not normal working practice for assets panel) 1.Old files Take old 1.5 file and just drag it to panel (as you can import objects from earlier versions) I am aware of the code change between 1.5-6/1.7 So I was sort of expecting this test to fail.. and it did. Normally I wouldn't attempt to add complex large files into the assets folders...but was interested to see what the consequences would be..so tried a few experiments There is no warning stating it's not advisable like there is in opening older 1.6 files into 1.7 AD. App attempts to complete task...failed completely on first attempt..AD Crashed (closed without any warning..whoops!).. Reboot. try again..worked but when file dragged from assets to 1.7 new file the artwork is well... destroyed 2.Export as new 1.7 file a.Open File (1.6) as copy and save as 1.7. b.Create new file (included an artboard)...no change to other settings c. Open assets panel (set a new category)....not nec. as should have from test 1 d. Drag to 1.7 file conversion to Assets panel. This worked initially ..no crashes But.. e. When 'pulling asset' back to 1.7 Open file. The Original file (1.5/6) had an artboard..The artboard and graphic get pulled onto page.So the consequences are that in the Layers panel the imported asset appears as a group with the artboard nested inside. Works fine until you go into the Layers Panel and try to delete the asset/group (including artboard) from the page/file..It can be deleted but leaves behind an artefact of the artboard...Which I couldn't remove without closing the file 3. OK!..Delete the artboard a. Open converted file and delete artboard. re-save under new filename b. Drag this file into assets...works fine.. (even though complex!) 4. Opened and converted a couple of other files...A4 and complex (combined raster and vector)...something I wouldn't get into the habit of doing.... a. Again instant crash....Noticed that when you reboot the asset is actually in the panel. Summary 1. Could do with a warning stating not a good idea for older files!..or large complex files! 2. If drag large file/lots of objects can get a very small asset icon 3. Some files containing artboards pulled in from asset folder can cause artefacts in the file 4. Dragging older files into asset panel can crash without warning 5. Converted files i.e opened as copy then dragged into assets panel can also crash the app I have attached the old files....little beast! Old test files.zip
  15. StuartRc

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    Day 27 [Prompt:Thunder] AD Original Size: AD 500 x 500mm 300dpi (Uploaded Size:1772x1772px/300dpi/hq jpeg)