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  1. Yeah! I resorted to re-installing and clearing all the brush sets. Just using later brush sets ie created with 2.0,2.1 at the moment!.. I did some checking see see whether it was older brush not compatible with the changes in 2.1 2.2 But I have had a couple of crashes even when you create a set in 2.2 from scratch...I keep picking at the issue to see if I can isolate it but not having much success. I can work with the brushes as long as you don't want to edit them too much!
  2. Do you get a not responding issue?.. I have been having a similar problem!
  3. thanks for getting back to me so quick! I can use it for the Master Brush...already used it! ... only found out myself yesterday that you cannot use if for the sub-brush....never mind nice try!😀 It is Ok! I have plenty of other brushes I can use!😀
  4. Hi Ok! I will try and re-create these events (and record it!) ... I am still working on the brush set.. i will see if I can catch it and check wet edges!. but I am a bit limited without the size (I can get around the initial brush size issue from the context bar BUT not with the Sub-Brush EEK!) It is not the first time I have seen these type of issues. To be honest I did not check whether wet edges accidently became active; I tend not to use the option it! I was editing the dynamics panel when display window just changed to grey... I have seen a couple of instances where the display 'blanks out' and where the new 'update brush' + switching brushes sometimes gets a bit lost. 'Double click' on another brush fixes it! I will let you know!😀 I was trying to re-build a brush set from scratch by creating a new labelled category. adding completely new brushes with importing existing nozzles from a previous set. then copying the settings from 1.10 to 2.2. just to see if a new 2.2 built set stopped crashing. (I was having a lot of trouble with category (older 1.10 | 2.0 version)) ..I logged this here. So basically rapidly changing brushes (clicking) with dynamics panel open and or artboard selected could cause AD to stop responding....but it still happened in new brush build!
  5. Hi On the latest version when I move the slider left to right it sort of jumps to much larger size in the middle or the visible window is disproportionate to the scale on the slider... I will see if I can video it brush size issue.mp4
  6. Hi Not having much luck today Notes: 1. Add new brush set (empty) 2. Create new intensity Brush 3. Name off existing sheet 4. Duplicate brush (Save As) 5. Repeat but change nozzle from Big-T version 1 library (resource) 6. Edit the dynamics to roughly match original set (Wanted to edit some of this anyway!) Recreate the original set and see if still locks up when selecting brushes for editing repeatedly! So as have been having trouble importing and updating older brushes.. decided to rebuild from scratch in 2.2...Straightforward but slightly different process with all the changes made to Brush options settings and dynamics. The ability to Save As in brush is great.. much quicker but I came across this.... As in screenshot the brush Dynamics Panel Display firstly changed the colour from white to grey. Then Failed to update the selected brush when I switched to fix the issue. You can see this in the attached screenshot. 1. The brush painted in grey as seen underneath the panel even though the ink is set to black This occurred when the Brush Dynamics Panel changed from white (as UI should be) to grey... 2. Attempting to recover by switching brushes left the brush changed in the Brush Panel but the Dynamics Panel incorrect!
  7. Thanks for clarifying!....I thought I had just broken it again!😀
  8. Many thanks for the new 2.2 update. A very impressive and extensive bug fixture list combined with some new fantastic features.. and undoubtedly a lot of work! I really like the new 'Object Creation Data Entry' and 'Move Data Entry' ...features I for one really appreciate what you have achieved and will achieve in future updates...keep it up!
  9. Hi This occurs in the 2.2.0 live version Still having this issue today. Really strange I tried re-setting app and limiting the number of brush sets in the live version but ignoring the beta version which has a greater diversity of brush sets. So when selecting (attempting to edit dynamics) and switching between brushes with dynamics dialogue open the app locks up...When I switched to the Beta version just clicking on the first active brush set | brush caused immediate crash I tried de-activating all the new context menu options and deselecting an artboard before use but I still don't seem to be able to work out the cause. Only in that older brush sets seem to fail after import!
  10. Hi More of a query than a bug Has the brush size input field in brush dynamics been removed? I do not see it being displayed. Also the remaining size slider is not 'smooth' and jumps midway to well massive!
  11. Hi @DEWLine and thanks @walt.farrell The 'Comic Book Toolkit' is not yet complete....it has evolved into something large!😀 .. I haven't decided what to do with it. Oddly I was working on it yesterday as I wanted to participate in a small way to the 'Comic Art' feature on Artstation this week (7-11 August). I have so far only released 'snippets' of the Toolkit. Some Palettes | updates to associated brush sets (PB 19) | Seamless Dot Pattern Assets Is it the whole toolkit you are interesting on or a particular aspect? I believe the original template idea is during and post version 2 release. So most of the assets | brushes | Palettes etc will almost certainly be V2 upwards. But I doubt that means they cannot be available for V1 use. (I hadn't really considered going backwards!). I am sure the assets etc can be used but maybe the Master Template would cause issues. I have not written up the process yet. Which is something else I will have to consider. Most of the vector assets should be backward compatible!. Most of what is described | highlighted in the 'Comic Toolkit' thread are vector objects. The assets needed to be scalable as you ultimately have to consider different page sizes. The template at the moment is just A4. The assets can be adjusted for any physical size (within reason). This includes the grunge page borders. I did intent to extend these to the panels and tiers!. There are additional features and tools added to 2.1, 2.2 that also needed to be taken into consideration (such as the asset to colour swatch; style picker; knife tool; warp) I wanted to create a 'Template/s' that are extremely flexible, rather than just have a template that is populated by generic content. In essence in this one. The Panels, Tiers and Pages will allow a lot of variation. This allows each page to be unique in the Master document. The masks are the controlling elements with the option being creative within the panels underneath. The Template itself also encompasses all three apps. I created sketching templates (AD).(layout templates AD + APu) and a lot of supporting assets to increase the flexibility. Obviously with the changes made to assets and linking All of this can be available to all 3 apps at the same time Also looked at how CPS worked and compared | mimicked process in Designer. Had an issue yesterday with the template in Publisher. In that I could not see an easy way of exporting similar to the Export Persona in Designer with rescaling for site upload (page exports were >10mb on export) So found you can get around it by creating separate artboards in Designer (placing the file and selecting the required page) and importing the Publisher file back. Then you get access to slices. I think I have finished with supporting brush sets | Text/dialogue toolkits but still working on extending some aspects like panels | tiers | palettes etc. The Ink Blocker Brush Set is the latest. Needed it to create the Text Dialogue Toolkit. (grunge raster ink blocks that could be converted to vector! in inkscape) After the Cheltenham Paint Festival been a bit distracted with building a 'Graffiti Toolkit' however that's just another project!😀.. But I have sourced some very interesting Palettes! which are free! which could be included here. Still working on the Palettes DC Comic 1982 is available in resources but Marvel colours been more difficult (As I have not found one...made my own though!)
  12. Ok this should help you! Notes 1. you can change the pattern just by keeping the object selected and replacing the asset 2. Change colour using FX or adjustment layers 3. Use the style picker to copy fills between objects 4. Add the fill to the swatch palette 5. Rescale and rotate by re-selection 6. It can be very powerful used in conjunction with the Vector Flood Fill Tool UT tutorial here asset fill.mp4
  13. Hi It is really quite simple. There is a file attached in the resources bit (2 eyes) that is just an experiment on how to use the dots! So Simplest way 1. Create an object (vector) can be drawn with pen | Pencil | Shape Tool | Text converted to outlines 2. Select the shape you wish to fill 3. Go to assets panel and drag one of the patterns onto the 'Fill Swatch' on the context bar or onto the 'fill circle' underneath the tools 4. Select your Fill Tool (G) to activate scale and rotate 5. The patterns are red initially but you can change that a. Simply apply FX to object or Adjustment to layers b. Drag out the pattern | recolour and drag back onto the asset panel. Then use as above The patterns can I believe be stacked together to form larger shapes! Text For Text 1. Type what you need a. Either convert to curves and follow procedure above or a. Create additional rectangle (drag pattern onto fill swatch again | adjust with fill tool!) b. Drag the whole object inside the text layer I did a video testing out the new features in 2.1 at about the 1 minute mark the asset dragging using these patterns is displayed flood fill and asset fill test.mp4
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