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  1. StuartRc

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    The latest drawings are immaculate....
  2. StuartRc

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    A set of vector assets to supplement the Texture Brush Set: Samples as below:
  3. StuartRc


    I was just looking at this again...reminds me of someone waiting in anticipation for the Affinity updates.....
  4. StuartRc

    Bug? in Personas

    There is nothing wrong with raising the thread.....I know the issue was raised when testing (select image/click persona/edit file immediately)...but I still think it's a matter of getting used to a new workflow......Which is basically... very flexible even to the point of how you import the files (which is why I raised he option of opening rather than placing...to direct edit in the first instance)...... Being able to import into AD and AP and switch pages...is what I was most impressed with.....and the fact you open AD files in AD persona as a continuous spread or atrboards or pages...eek!
  5. StuartRc

    Bug? in Personas

    I see your point about being able to directly edit the file (as it related to Photo and Designer) with all its containing layers once you click on the photo persona button...I believe it is something myself and other beta testers raised while testing... However I can also see why it is not functioning this way...As far as I am concerned this 'additional click' is not an issue..in fact once you get familiar with the change in workflow ....you do not notice the events....It also has a lot of advantages over inDesign where you still have to edit the link... and update the file (in comparison this is less efficient!) As far as I am aware editing the embedded file is also non-destructive...preserving the original state. You still have the option of clicking on the Photo persona and editing the files (not sure it works exactly the same with 1.6 AD + AP).... Personally I cannot see why this is such an issue...Yes it may take an extra click but you can do so much more with this workflow: 1. Embed files 2. Link files 3. Use File Manager to reform the structure 4. Perform layout changes directly in Publisher Persona/Designer Persona and Photo Persona 5. Edit the Embedded file by opening an additional tab 6. Switch to Photo Persona and edit the whole file structure 7. Switch to Designer Persona and edit the whole file structure 8. Copy and paste files between all three apps 9. Edit 1000's of elements in Publisher from AP and AD directly in Publisher (I have tried it with a 95 page document containing over 10,000 elements!) 10. Open Designer artboards as spreads or pages and edit their content in the Personas 11. Switch artboards as pages in a similar way you can with PDF pages 12. Save and edit Publisher .af in Designer and Photo (works tried it..useful for find and replace!) 13. Control the view page in AD and AP when imported from Publisher 14. Show and hide visible elements contained in AP and AD files (hence the original point of stacking images in layers) I am sure there is more..but this is enough for me not to concern myself too much with an extra click.. Just explore these features...they are fantastic ...It is a massive step forward in workflow! and I am sure all the Personas/Apps with be refined in time....
  6. StuartRc

    Bug? in Personas

    That is strange...I can get to work....remember you need the embedded file selected when you switch personas. If you open the afphoto file in Publisher rather than place the layers appear in the publisher persona..
  7. StuartRc

    Bug? in Personas

    Just switch over to photo persona..again
  8. StuartRc

    Bug? in Personas

    mmm..I am not getting that... 1. new file 2. add afphoto (3 layers including images) 3. to edit: a. d-click imported file (linked in Layers) works! b. Go to Photo Persona (flat).then d-click=opens embedded file in Publisher Persona.(editable inc layers) (displays Publisher tools) c. Go back to Photo=Photo tools editable with open embedded file... I cannot see any issues it is just a matter of switching the personas with the files!
  9. StuartRc

    Bug? in Personas

    Just tried it...3 layers in photo different images (imported from pexels)...worked for me...is a linked document showing up in the layers?..if so you need to d-click the image..
  10. StuartRc

    Bug? in Personas

    You just need to toggle the persona..the tools will appear
  11. StuartRc

    Project Brush Assets Grunge Set 09

    Thank you for looking at them....The Brushes are free!...There is no need for a donation....There is a full list here....I am a bit behind on the Inkbrush set though!
  12. Context Menu (fill/text) looks to missing from fill options
  13. I have not assigned the pen buttons to keyboard short cuts...maybe that's why I don't see this issue (inc/dec brush size= '[' ']') -square brackets...(Pixel persona only)which is what is assigned to my keyboard when I assigned these to left and right click... worked fine for me...but I normally just use the keyboard....(Personal prefs I suppose) sorry can't be much more help So Left=[ and Right =] to change brush size..worked