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  1. Are you using the Pen tool to create vectors and apply a brush? OR are you using the Vector Brush Tool to apply strokes? You will see a difference in the use of the tools. If you use the Vector Brush Tool. The Context Menu (top menu) displays options that control how the brush responds with it's settings in the panel. Size variance | Opacity will be active if you switch Controller: Automatic or Controller: Brush Defaults. Controller: None will not affect the brush stroke..i.e what you see from brush stroke as applied to the vector created with Pen Tool
  2. Thanks! I have added the Palette for the rock bridge image Untamed-Rock Bridges.zip
  3. Hi As discussed really! the 'vector' Brushes are just images stretched along a path. I tend to use them for quick sketches (rasterize afterwards and shading!).Useful but not 100% ideal when you need a pure vector version. When working on brushes Sometimes I need to extract a vector shape of the path. To extract a 'pure' sample of a drawn path I tend to go to Inkscape but there are other apps you could use!. You can copy and paste a selected vector path into the app (There is an option in Prefs to copy as SVG!) and then easily trace the outline...pasting the result back into AD. Also If you view the XML Editor it displays the SVG object data. Includes an image layer (with defined name) and SVG ID with collected vector paths. For construction of Vector Brushes I put together a tutorial some time ago now to help create the brushes IF you are looking for brush Vector Brush Sets you could try these (The linear set may be your best option!): Using Dynamics to enhance inking vector Brushes is here For raster inking: Try this sample set: The full set is described here Hope this helps!
  4. Many Thanks! It is part of the Rock vector asset Toolkit which I have not completed yet!.. With a mix of the new Meadow Plant vector Toolkit (Lots of new plants and trees!)..
  5. Rock Bridges Rocks and Pavements Original Size 1000 x 1000mm (upload 2362 x 2362px) Painted using Concept Painter Brushes and inkers. Mixed raster and vector Elements
  6. Just incredible!.. What a fantastic polished piece of work.. well done ..hope you get to have a rest now as this looks like a massive amount of work...
  7. It would be useful.. but it is easy to get around. For editing complex shapes I use this method a lot. Editing is pretty simple and you can always get some help from the 'Add new curve to selected curve object' on the context bar of the pen tool
  8. Yes and No! You can use an expanded shape if you wish but it is just as simple to draw a shape with the Pen tool. By 'Cutter' I meant use a vector shape as a knife to cut out another vector shape, using Booleans like subtract of divide. (depending on what you want to achieve!) Then use divide to split the graphic
  9. Updated the notes to explain the file I have provided the working AD File to experiment with: Cutters and mask.zip
  10. Options This is a small number of options you can try For a recap on using Booleans Video For information using Booleans Text Explanation 'Cutter' = a vector used as a knife (as no Knife tool) any shape used to cut up an underlying shape It can be any vector 1. Divide and edit (time consuming but will be accurate) As sequence In Drawing Several stages in process. but most accurate 2. Nodes and selection then delete Select Vector object (Trees and tent Combined) Switch to Node Tool [A] Hold Down [ALT] with Node Selected. Draw around the nodes you wish to delete Press Delete Delete or reshape any redundant nodes with Node Tool [A] 3. Shape and Subtract (Probably the easiest!) Draw a shape over the area you wish to remove (blue in drawing but temporarily set to transparent so you can see what is beneath!). Select Both objects Select Subtract from Boolean operations in the Context Menu Bar 4. Cut and Booleans (Gives you more options and control but slow) As sequence In Drawing Several stages in process. but most accurate 5. Masks for Non-Destructive Editing Use masking in the Layers Panel. There are several ways to do this. Maybe the simplest is to again draw a curve (vector object) above the area you wish to keep or maintain (As mask | Paste Inside) Non Destructive Options A 1. Draw shape above left section (You can set it to transparent [keys 1-0] or choose opacity on layers panel} 2. In Layers Panel Select Curve (Upper shape) or just select the shape on Artboard 3. Right Click on Curve (Mask) to activate menu and then select 'Mask to Below' Then adjust shape for effect (i.e fix any issues) B 1. Draw shape above left section (You can set it to transparent [keys 1-0] or choose opacity on layers panel} 2. In Layers Panel; Drag original shape inside vector shape above in Layers Panel (Paste inside). You can also do this by selecting original shape (tent and trees!); 3. CUT then Select Mask Shape (blue in drawing) 4. Select Paste inside (CONTROL +ALT +V) or drag the tent and trees inside the shape using the Layers Panel 3. Again Edit shape for effect (Node Tool [A])
  11. It is..but just depends where you select the nodes or place the cutter
  12. You Could just delete the nodes not required by: Short Way 1. Selecting the trees 2. Zoom to area 3. Switch to node tool (Hold down ALT) and draw around nodes you do not need then DEL Longer Way 1. Add a vector 'cutter' in front of shape in where you want to cut the shape 2. Select Both; then SUBTRACT 3. With selected DIVIDE 4. Select Black area (on right) move to back 5. Apply selection to area (Select both remaining black areas + Previous white) 6. Apply Subtract Non Destructive A 1. Draw shape above left section (preserve vector) 2. In Layers panel Select Curve (Upper shape) 3. Right Click to get the menu and Select 'Mask to Below' Then adjust shape for effect B 1. Create a new shape above 2. Drag original shape inside 'cutter' on layers panel (Paste inside) Edit shape for effect
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