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  1. StuartRc


    Additional Vectors #3Extending Vectors and adding vector assets
  2. StuartRc


    Camouflage Version 2.0 Rebuilt the file (previous version looked a bit squashed into the space!) .Replaced original image Changes Increased original size to 1200x600mm 300dpi from 800 x 600mm Rebuilt background with a new elements (was to simple!) Replaced some original plant elements with new versions Extended foreground edges (Left and right) and added new elements Added more depth face (edited shading) Added new base objects
  3. StuartRc


    Additional Vectors #2 Extending Vectors and adding vectors
  4. StuartRc


    Additional Vectors #1 Extending Vectors and adding vectors Texture elements can be found here
  5. StuartRc

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Fantastic...It was a pleasure to watch it evolve....and an impressive piece of vector work...and I can understand your wireframe!
  6. StuartRc


    I would show the whole Wireframe but it's a bit intense...This this is the Foreground element:
  7. StuartRc


    Added some wireframes:
  8. StuartRc


    Thanks Alfred! How long did it take...good question...I have been working on this one for a few weeks.. It's been progressing in the background..for some time. I was originally going to create a drawing based on the techniques in this video (here)...not that I don't use this method already...but it didn't really work for this drawing...I deleted most of the black (inking)..elements and added a lot of textures...instead.. It has taken quite a while...some of the plants took several hours alone...(about 4 hours for the red plant thingy!)The assembly for the foreground and object shading has taken all weekend...There are 4 layers of stacked embedded files.Not as long as Shy or Poison...
  9. StuartRc


    Camouflage All vector object compilation build from 4 embedded file layers AD 1.7.1 Version 2.0: 1200 x 600 mm 300dpi replacing original 800 x 600mm image Raster image uploaded at:4960 x 2480
  10. Added set of vector patterns to supplement the InkBrush Library
  11. StuartRc

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    Vector patterns As last part of the project..... Added a set of vector assets (geometric and organic) patterns to resources (here)
  12. Vector Assets for InkBrush Project Added a mixed set of vector patterns to supplement Inkbrush Project 07 containing: Geometric pattern textures (Red) Organic pattern textures.(White) I was going to add these into an asset library but the compound paths may be a bit too large...So I have done it the old way as 'letraset sheet' AD 1.7 file contains 2 pages consisting of 50 vector patterns created directly from inkBrush sets for Geometric and Organic Brushes Sample images as below Enjoy! ProjectBrush_1.7 - Document_VectorPatterns_Mixed_Assets_01.zip
  13. StuartRc

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    A set of vector assets to supplement the Organic Pattern Brush Set: Samples as below:
  14. StuartRc

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    InkBrush Raster Effects  Sample Set as below:
  15. StuartRc

    Texture Brushes Pack Fur Set 1

    Combined Brush sets into single set of 30 Brushes (original zip and 3 sets removed)