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  1. Nice, butt how do you make a brush like this? Is it posible to make it whith triangle or any shape to?
  2. I have a problem with it closing every time I try to Crlt_c to copy
  3. Thank's for reply. I am new to this so this is a learning prosess for me. Just looking thru a lot of YouTube channels and try to pick up useful info.
  4. Just trying to learn this from one of all the YouTube channels out there. This one from Rory Townsend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAttVQ6BufA
  5. Thanks, this is great. I tried out some of them, and the potential is endless with these.
  6. Thank's I think that I got misled by the text. I tried it and it worked like you said.🙂
  7. It happens when I try to pull a style in to let's say a ellipse, it do not do anything. There is no filling out in the selection. And you can see the writing in the top left corner is what pop up when I try to pull it.
  8. These Christmas Styles are great! Thank you so much for sharing them.
  9. Wow, thanks it's amazing. "This is the way"!
  10. Here are some I hope people might be able to use 🤔 Pull assets in to your canvas and resize to your liking. Made from this tutorial: Grid_Holes.afassets Grid_Holes_My_Own.afstyles
  11. Here are some I hope people might be able to use 🤔 Pull assets in to your canvas and resize to your liking. Grid_Holes.afassets Grid_Holes_My_Own.afstyles
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