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  1. Making a outline of a giraffe with the Engraving brush 03 with different stroke's.
  2. Just bought all of Affinity programs since they where om 50%. Had to try to make something. Here is three different goes at it. Here is my first go after having watching a lot of youtube.
  3. Thanks for the file, it looks great 👍
  4. FraGar

    Xmas Trees

    Thanks a lot! Looks really nice.
  5. Thanks a lot! Looks really nice.
  6. FraGar

    Newbie Brushes

    Tried to make some brushes, hope you like them. One flower(Hepatica / Kidneywort / Liverwort / Liverleaf / Liverflower / American liverwort / Roundlobe hepatica) And one Root, or evil 😈 thorns, made by me. Root Flower_01 FraGar.afbrushes
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