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Found 2,979 results

  1. Hi to all, I am encountering a strange behaviour which might be a bug (or a feature? - I don't know). I have a document in designer which consist of multiple embedded pictures. One picture needed further retouching so I want to open it in Photo. The problems came when I tried to get things back to designer. I tried two different approches 1) In designer I selected the picture and clicked "Edit image" (I don't know the correct english words as I am using the German version). Then I clicked File->Edit in Affinity Photo in the menu. Photo opened up, I did my retouching and saved. A dialog appeared if I wanted to save a reduced version for the desired file format can only contain pixel data -> ok. Then I closed Photo. But the changes did not appear in Designer at all. Bad luck. So I tried a different approach: 2) In designer I selected File->"Edit in Affinity Photo" for the whole document. Photo opens up. There I select the desired picture and select Edit image. Retouching. Save. Reduced format -> ok. Everything's fine. Then I save the whole document and open it again in Designer. But there the picture looks really ugly with huge pixels (like 32 x 24 or so). When I click "edit image" I have the HQ result from Photo but when I close the editing mode, again I have those big blocks. If I try to export a pdf for example - the picture is just not present (in my case there is a coloured square - the container which holds the image in the document). I am not quite sure if this is the correct behavior. But in my opinion at least (2) should have worked properly. So it seams that there is a bug somewhere. Anyway - it would be grad to have a better way to edit an embedded image in photo, like it works in publisher. That's really cool. The workflow to edit an image and then start up the other application while the document in the original application is closed is a bit clumsy imho. Thanks so far. Jan
  2. Hi, I created a new document and set the size to 1100 x 1100 pixels (~3.5" x 3.5") and resolution to 300 DPI. I created a few layers and printed the image and it looks great, the size is correct. When I export the *.afdesign file as a PNG and go to print the image it is much larger than 3.5" x 3.5". How do I maintain the same image size and resolution when I export the afdesign to a PNG? Please advise. Thank you, lai1
  3. What’s the best way to create this effect (in designer, publisher or photo)? The face and background of each photo have different color overlays. Thanks in advance!
  4. HOA MAI - HOA DAO Viet Nam TET holidays are coming soon. I'm glad to share with you my drawing the Apricot Blossom and the Peach Blossom in Affinity Designer for the traditional lunar new year CANH TY. The Peach Blossom - HOA DAO Download afdesign file The Ochna integerrima - HOA MAI Download afdesign file CHEER!!
  5. Camouflage II Finally finished the second Camouflage Vector Drawing. Completed in Affinity Designer 1.7 with a little help from the 1.8 Beta. Continued with same theme as Camouflage I but with a completely new set of vector objects. Original size 1500 x 500mm 300dpi Uploaded at 3543 x 1181 jpg Eight layer Composite Embedded file set
  6. Hey I am using affinity designer and cant seem to get A3 landscape options ... any clues!!
  7. This is happening because strokes within your document have a Pressure Profile applied to them. To fix this issue, go to the Stroke panel and click the Pressure input box. Now click Reset. When you next export to an EPS file the stroke will no longer be expanded.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to create a pattern design template. I've designed some objects and added it to the "symbols" library. If I save the affinity designer document and send it to my client, can he/she be able to use my "symbols library with sync enabled" in that document? Or He has to change each and every same objects in that pattern. Please check my attached template file. If you could open this document with the "symbols" library sync enabled, please share me the screenshot. Thank You mypattern_template.afdesign
  9. Hey guys......so I was working on my new course...and got the the lesson on making brushes.....sooooo I had to amek some brushes. I made a set of fog/ smoke brushes in raster and a set of silky smooth stroke brushes for your vector applications. I have learned so much from the people on the site....I wanted to give back, so here ya go . I am working on new blog post and some new art using them....so I will keep you in the loop Feedback on them is always appreciated, I love making these sorts of tools Jeremy , www.7thseasonstudios.com Stroke brushes -7th season studios .afbrushes Smoke and fog brushes -7th season studios.afbrushes
  10. Affinity Online Help Hello all, we're happy to be able to offer you an online version of the in-app help! Access Designer, Photo & Publisher Help here: https://affinity.help Here are some of the additional features we're able to implement as a result of having proper browser support: Dynamic language switching: The help will determine your language and (if it's available) serve you a localised copy of the help. If you prefer to read in another language, however, you'll find a combo box at the bottom left which will enable you to change languages—and stay on the page you're currently reading. Print: Sounds simple, but with full browser support we can now implement printing of the topic pages. The print icon in the bottom left will give you a nicely formatted printout of the current topic. Share: Clicking the clipboard icon will copy the current topic's URL to your clipboard, which means you can easily point other people towards topics that may help them. Responsive: The help was responsive anyway, including off-canvas menu functionality so you could collapse the window and still read a topic, but this is taken further in this version of the help. The help is formatted nicely and usable even on a 4" iPhone SE screen. Search: we've implemented our own bespoke search for the online help which is fast and accurate. Access it via the tab system along the top left. Favourites: you can add topics to your favourites list to easily access them during future browser sessions. Simply click the + (plus) icon next to the "Favourites" tab to add the current topic. With this online version you'll be able to print out topics and view them on your tablets/phones, which are two of the most common requests when it comes to help feedback. As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues with this online version, please let us know! Hope you find it useful.
  11. Hi y'all, I created a logo composed of text that is filled in with a bitmap image (using the fill tool), and an outline. However, when I export to anything other than afdesign file type, the outline is really choppy and doesn't look smooth like in the app. If I increase the outline, spots start appearing outside of the text outline. Thoughts? TIA!!
  12. Понравился рисунок Тео Мерсье. Результат его перерисовки в AD
  13. colin foster


    red movie1.mp4 red_movie1.mp4
  14. colin foster

    Vamporia - Red Dead Stories

    Thought I would share this story, not sure if there is much of a call for this type of content nowadays. This intro story is inspired by my partial play through of RED Dead Redemption 2 on PC. I have used the setting for the story from the game where I then did a photo shoot taking pictures from inside the game world and then enhancing them using Affinity Photo and Designer. I was very pleased with the level of detail shown by the creators of this game world and this prompted me to write a series of RED Dead Stories. Digital Media Only Red Dead Vamporia.pdf
  15. Hello folks, here is a vector portrait of David Bowie, created with Affinity Designer. Would appreciate feedback, that would be great. https://www.bodobe.de/bowie-vector-portrait/
  16. I created FlowCharts using Artboards with Affinity Designer, very easy and successful. The text was in English, I saved copies in AF format and as PDF. The PDFs were printed and all the text was, as expected, in perfect English. I have just reopened the file in Affinity Designer to incorporate suggested amendments, and notice that some letters in some words have been replaced with symbols that I don't recognise. The attachment shows the 'new' version of what I typed - and I checked the previously printed copies which confirmed that this change has only occurred on re-opening the file today. The text was entered as: Limited information to branches, e.g. advertising meetings b.... Foreign membership number queries... I checked the language in preferences and it was set to English (United States), I have just reset that to English (United Kingdom and (not surprisingly) the foreign symbols are still in the text. This means I have to check the spelling in 14 artboards/flowcharts, thankfully the red underlining will help. Any ideas why this happened, please? Hilary
  17. Create a text block and put some words in. While still editing that, the Mac defines option-arrows to move the insertion point by words and by extension option-shift-arrows. (Windows ctrl-arrows). It appears you remapped control to command which is incorrect. Command-arrows means move to the end of the line. Option-↑↓ is beginning/end of paragraph respectively though I can't see a lot of use here. I can't fix this using the keyboard control panel and find it extremely aggravating. If I'm at work, my brain thinks Windows. I can't handle 30 years using a Mac and it not working like a Mac. Mildly annoying but not aggravating and it can be fixed using the Keyboard Syspref (or the very Windows one you could have omitted) but is only cosmetic and not worth the effort. Apple decided to show each modifier key to hold so it doesn't show ⌘> for Bigger but shows ⇧⌘. Related... we're used to icons for Portrait/Landscape which required too much thinking to find. Maybe Adobe got "clever" there too (not going to pull up PS Elements to check). There are standardized keys beyond ZXCV such as all Apple apps. Check out the apps that come with a Mac and you'll see a slew for text. (Harkening back to keypads, it doesn't show ⇧⌘= but ⌘+ or at least it does on keyboards with one like mine.) I can understand following Adobe shortcuts and again, can change them so it's not as big of a deal.
  18. Hey! I am not sure this is a bug or this is by design but for me it seems to be an inconsistency. See the animation. If you hide an instance of a symbol all others get hidden too. I don't expect this to happen because if you delete an instance of a symbol all the others don't get deleted. Should be the same with hiding in my opinion. Sometimes I have to hide only a single or several instances of a symbol but I can't do it and have to delete it instead... Maybe this could be changed in future? All the best, Chris
  19. Create new doc in A10 size on US English macOS. Fill entire document with rectangle filled with other than white. Print document to PDF (preview). PDF document size will be Letter and not A10 as there's an enormous amount of whitespace and tiny rectangle of color..
  20. I searched the site and faq without luck. I have an outlined font that I want to fill the whitespace with a gradient. I tried converting the typed text to curves and it appears to have made a single bezier line through the entire glyph (take a C and put a line on the surrounding the inner continuing to the outer edge and then close the C to an O keeping the lines). So, it's treating the text strokes as fill-able but not the whitespace. The attached how do I fill outlineed font with a gradient.pdf shows it well Is there an way without converting to bitmaps (yuck)? Thanks❗️
  21. Hello! I wrote text over a transparent background to use as a watermark over photos. However, whenever I export the file as JPEG, the transparent background is white, essentially making the transparent background useless. Is there a way to truly get a transparent background? TIA!
  22. In AD for desktop in pixel persona it is possible to start a brush stroke then hold shift and drag to constrain a stroke horizontally or vertically. Is it possible to do something similar in AD for iPad?
  23. StupidMachine6

    Stroke changes

    I’m trying to create a new vector brush using both tapered ends. Not sure how to do this on the iPad. When I try to adjust pressure control the app keeps shutting down. What are the significance of the 4 icons within the stroke panel to the left. Nothing changes when I select each one. thanks
  24. After endlessly playing around with units and scales, my set of customizable rulers slowly takes shape. The drawed scale measurings (cm/inches/degrees...) have been verified against Affinity Designers build in rulers and seem to fit well together. Not sure yet, but maybe these will be part of some reusable assets then.

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