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  1. I have noticed that many times when I have multiple objects close to each other they seem to have a small gap when I zoom out. I just now zoomed all the way in and there appears to be a gap. This occurs both when I have the "Move by whole pixel" enabled and disabled in the snapping tool. Here you can see a small gap when I am zoomed out and when zooming really really close you can see the gap be there clearer . Does anyone know why this issue occurs and how to set up the settings to eliminate it. I know the issue goes away when I export the image since the gap is less than a pixel wide but it is annoying not being able to preview your picture without exporting it.
  2. Infected This is my first drawing using Affinity Designer 2.0 (A revamped version of the colourful Lena which I have not uploaded!) It is really a test of the updates made to the Brush Dynamics in Affinity 2.0 Created a new set of inking brushes that makes use of interpolation and the new Distance options with the brush dynamics. I have found that the brushes are much smoother, faster and more responsive..I really like the ability of 'Distance' to allow for the tapering of the nozzle. Even though you have to adjust the direction of the graph! Affinity Designer 2.0 original 400 x 400mm | 300dpi Brushes inker | Comic Grunge and Concept Painter
  3. Designer 2.3.0, Windows 10 No problem, just an observation... I have a Print preset, 2000 x 2000 pixels. I open the Document Setup window and change the height to 1000px (width and height unlinked). The height immediately changes to 1000px. If I do something similar but change the width to 1000px rather than the height, nothing happens. Only when I zoom in or out does the width change. No problem, just confusing.
  4. Hey! I am working on a map project and am trying to map different routes, which overlap to some extent. I created the routes from gpx files with a gis software and exported them as vector data for further use in affinity. Is there a clever workflow to show all the overlapping routes in a shifted but parallel way without editing all the vertices of the lines manually? The picture shows a quick manual edit of two routes and hopefully shows what the problem is I'm sturgglin with. The routes overlap and I am trying to show both. Any help is appreciated! Greetings
  5. . . . just in time for the holiday season . . . finished version of the 2024 VW Beetle calendar . . . created with Affinity Designer 2.0
  6. The Flower of Life, created with Affinity Designer.
  7. 3-4 Years ago my Nephew and I decided it would be funny to create an animated series based on some weird cockroach drawings he did as a child that he called 'COCs'😅. We came up with some characters and story lines and the name C.O.C SQUAD (Combat Orientated Cockroaches). It's based on early 90s action movies and cartoons and went through quite a few different art styles and approaches until we found what worked. The movies Showdown In Little Tokyo and Hard Target were particularly influential. The characters were designed in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. There were then exported to various pieces of animation software. We recently launched a Kickstarter to try and get some funding to finish the first episode in a reasonable amount of time (It's half done). I would love to know what you guys think of it. More info available at https://www.cocsquad.com/
  8. I love to work with artboards in Designer to create Flyers and other design elements all in one document. Designer also offers Bleed for artboards, which is great when creating PDFs for printing. One thing is a bit annoying though: Designer will not show the elements within the bleed area. It will indicate the bleed edges, but not show anything outside of the artboard but within the bleed area. This sometimes makes it hard to see how the final output will look like. Perhaps adding an option to the viewing settings to enable this? Thanks!
  9. In AD 2.3.x the alignment of some tools does not work as expected. E.g. lines drawn by pen tool, or Serial Tool. Using e.g. the Heart Tool has no issues. No such problems in AD 1.x Please watch the video ➡️ Line and Brush alignment issues Alignment AD 1.x.afdesign Alignment AD 2.x.afdesign
  10. I have been searching for a while now, but cant find any "select same colour" feature. All I can find is a feature request post from 4 years ago asking for this. Surely this rudimental feature has been implimented by now. Selecting and replacing a colour is one of the main benefits of vector work, to not have this seems crazy to me. I know the dev team is small and your product is so superior to Adobe is so many ways, but missing fundamental features like this makes it unusable for real world projects. I hope I am being a dullard and a select same colour feature is available. If not please add it to the top of the list of features in the next update.
  11. My idea of flat, no blurs so tried to blend things in a bit by using shapes and blend modes.
  12. there is no possiblity use swatches in gradients? and way when i change swatch also gradients change. Also gradient it seems cannot be global?
  13. Today I've finished creating designs for Pajamas for some of the Characters of the Animation Short I'm currently working on. Happily used Affinity designer to create these designs!
  14. Here is a series of macOS application icons. The idea is to redesign them as simply as possible, fitting them perfectly into the frame (grid template) defined by Apple, without embellishment and flatness. A simple graphic game for fun (you can exploit them as you wish)!... Voici une série de reprises d'icônes d'applications de macOS. L'idée est de les redesigner le plus simplement possible, en les calant parfaitement dans la frame (grid template) définie par Apple, sans fioriture et aplat. Un simple jeu graphique pour le fun (vous pouvez les exploiter comme bon vous semble) !... macOS Icon Grid Template 1024x1024px.afdesign
  15. I don't know what I did to create this monstrosity but I used Pencil Tool if that helps. This is all I did in this file. It also exports the same. Adding pressure variance makes it worse, but it's by no means required to cause a defect. Testing the stroke in other programs does not cause an issue... Document attached: 231201_stroke-odd-behavior.afdesign
  16. Here's a link to a recent series of fun and colourful retro inspired objects and toys. All done in vector using Affinity Designer. Designer is so great for this kind of work. Cheers Serif! https://www.behance.net/gallery/180858837/Retro-inspired-objects-and-toys-series
  17. I am loving the new spiral shape tool in V2.3. So many uses! However, one way that a spiral can occur - as a coil or spring - I cannot seem to make with the options currently available in this new shape feature. I am think of a coil as you would see along the edge of a spiral bound notebook, or a coil spring in a diagram. Would be great to have that added as another option in this spiral shape tool.
  18. The Flood fill tool is missing from my toolbar. I am able to select the tool using the keyboard shortcut R As far as I can tell, my toolbar looks like it's still 2.0.0, although i'm using 2.3.0. I noticed this issue when I was looking for the Flood Fill tool a few weeks back, on 2.2, when I found a screenshot of the toolbar that looked different from mine In this post It also seems to me that the gradient and transparency tool are supposed to have been merged into a single toolbar item by now. The screenshot shows what my toolbar currently looks like. The issue is permanent, unrelated to files, present whenever Affinity Designer is open. I have tried restarting Designer but the issue persists. I have tried rebooting my computer but the issue persists. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2.3.0 and the issue persists. I have also tried docking my toolbar to the side, but the issue persists. I'm using windows 10 hardware acceleration is on I'm using a Wacom 22 pen display
  19. 3rd time in 2 days that I end up here because Affinity Designer lacks the most fundamental tools... absolutely unbelievable. I just checked: Aldus/Adobe Freehand MX (2002): spiral tool present AI (CS 6): spiral tool is there Corel Draw 2019: spiral too available Rhino CAD: has spiral tool Inkscape: yup, has a spiral tool Affinity Designer V1.10.5 (end of 2022): NIX, NADA, NOTHING Unbelievable. I'm slowly beginning to suspect that AD is optimized for the quick production of flashy eye candy but not for the professional development of user interfaces, diagrams, illustration, technical documentation or how-tos...
  20. Some reproductions of works of art with the associated vector files: it's up to you to make them your own and recolor them to your liking (according to the color of your living room)... The new duplication functions in AD 2.2.1 were very effective!... Quelques reproductions d'œuvres d'art avec les fichiers vectoriels associés : à vous de les approprier et de les recoloriser à votre convenance (selon la couleur de votre salon)... Les nouvelles fonction de duplication d'AD 2.2.1 ont été très efficaces !... Jacqueline Schafer Hipster Nr3 I Love you (2015).afdesign Jean Allemand Composition bleue Lot 79.afdesign Liberté Égalité Fraternité Obey Shepard Fairey.afdesign Victor Vasarely Cheyt-Ond (1986).afdesign Victor Vasarely Domo (1989).afdesign Victor Vasarely LIKE_01.afdesign Victor Vasarely LIKE_02.afdesign Victor Vasarely LIKE_03.afdesign Victor Vasarely USA-EG (1986).afdesign Victor Vasarely Vega-WA I (1968).afdesign Yvaral (Jean-Pierre) Progression Plychrome (1971) Wallpaper.afdesign Yvaral (Jean-Pierre) Progression Plychrome (1971).afdesign Yvaral (Jean-Pierre) Structure Cubique B (1973).afdesign Yvaral (Jean-Pierre) Structure Cubique B (1974) Wallpaper.afdesign Yvaral (Jean-Pierre) Structure Cubique B (1974).afdesign
  21. Hello, just here the pleasure of sharing graphic covers of 33LP vinyl covers of some of my favorite musicians in the form of high resolution wallpapers (5120 x 2800 px) saved in .PNG... I hope you will like it... 😉
  22. Any idea how to use fill color in grid area without make rectangle shape in each grid?
  23. I thought I'd try and do something with Inkscape now v1.3 is out. Cars are "easy" if long winded so I though that would be a good project to try it out on. Even installed Linux to give it the best chance but it's just too slow, clunky (like the coders don't actually use it, but they're doing it for free so not complaining too much) and a bit buggy. So I gave up after a couple of days and opened it in AD v2 then copied it in to AD v1 (as v1 wouldn't open it) and did it in there instead. Windows AD was grinding to a halt near the end, should just use my Mac.
  24. Hey everyone, Update: Okay, apparently I completely missed the introduction of Key Objects somehow. Thanks for telling me it’s already there! 🤯 Firstly, however, part of my original subject was that key objects should work for any alignment – this includes the spacing operations »Space Vertical« and »Space Horizontal«. They currently work for the general alignment options such as top/bottom, left/right. From my logic it could/should work like this: If NO key object is selected, the last set »Align To:« option works as intended and expected. However, if a key object IS selected, the »Align To:« option should react and prioritise it by changing the »Align To: Key Object«. As soon as there’s no Key Object selected, it switches back to the previous item in the list, like »Last/First Selected«. Without checking, I think this is how it works in Illustrator as well. And I mean, it's just logical (at least to me): If a user actively selects a Key Object (and for Designer this can't be accidental, since you have to hold down an extra key on your keyboard), the user most likely wants to use it as such. So the Key Object should always have the highest priority in the list of alignment candidates/options. Secondly: They also only work from the Context toolbar – when I work with the toolbar popup and want to align (top/bottom, left/right, ...) it prioritises the selected »Align to:« option from the drop down. I think there's an item missing from this list for key objects to work in the toolbar popup as well, and I think that's the culprit. It's not at all obvious that »First Selected« equals »Key Object« in the »Align To:« dropdown in the Toolbar (not Context Toolbar). ––– I very dearly miss the ability to click on one of multiple selected shapes (especially in Designer and Publisher) in order to define it as some sort of »pivot« object, so to speak, around which all other alignments will happen since day one switching to Designer almost ten years ago. (Wow, Designer really turns 10 next year!) The »First/Last Selected« options in the »Align to:« dropdown come close to what I mean, but are not as intuitive, nor do they work for all alignment operations such as »Space Horizontal/Vertical«. Illustrator has solved this more elegantly and functionally by allowing you to mark one of the already selected objects as the »centre« by clicking on it, around which all further alignment operations will take place. They call it »Align to Key Object«. Here's a short clip of how it works. Here’s a video that explains its differences a little bit better compared to other alignment options present in Designer. Please please pleeease Affinity, I need this QOL back in my process and would love to see it and in the Affinity Suite. 🥲 Cheers Dennis
  25. In reaction to a recent question, I’ve attached a video showing one method you can use to create a vector ‘Greek-style’ border using various tools in Designer 2 (some of the tools used aren’t in Photo or Publisher, or earlier versions of Designer). Some of the functionalities/tools used are: Quick Grid (to get the initial grid of squares); Shape Builder Tool (to join the squares up, not actually necessary in this case); Geometry functionality (to tidy things up and make them easier to manipulate); Warp Group (to create the ‘bend’); Move Data Entry (to create multiple copies). If you need a different number of ‘repeats’, or differently-sized/spaced overall result, then you will need to calculate the Warp Value and Rotation differently, and maybe use a different height/width ratio for the initial design. I’ll leave it to you to experiment. 2023-11-28 12-29-33.mp4
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