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Found 1,138 results

  1. Gear maker

    Move tool acts oddly

    Let's see how I can describe this. A few times a day in when I'm in the Move tool I select a few layers (by cmd clicking in the layer panel), the display will be showing in the measurement screen. Like I'm holding cmd down, but I'm not. No bounding box. If I move the cursor into where the bounding box would be I just see the selection blue lines like below. Sorry the cursor didn't show in my capture. It was in the middle of the lower circle. Only the 3 circles were selected. If I then left click in this area the multiple layer selection will change to only have one layer selected. I can't move the layers, just change selection. There is no lock applied to these layers, or any in this area of the image. To get proper operation back I just have to play around I haven't found any one thing that releases this action, or causes this action. I believe I have seen this when only one layer was selected also. When using 1.6.1 I've never had this problem. So I don't think it's a sticky cmd key on the keyboard. Has anyone else seen this issue? Anyone have an idea what is causing it?
  2. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to make a poster similar to Obama's "hope" poster. I've seen a a few tutorials done using photoshop but im reluctant to try those because i know i would get lost eventually trying to follow along on affinity photo. Anywho, does anyone have a good tutorial they could link me? Thank you. If there are none to be found then its ok. i just wanted to try it out. My Favorite learning tool so far have been youtube videos where i can follow along. thanks.
  3. Hallo, ich verstehe es nicht, ich erstelle eine neue Ebene in Pixel Persona und möchte nur in der Hauptebene Arbeiten. Man kennt das ja wie in Photoshop. Das Programm öffnet aber in dieser Ebene eine "Pixel-Ebene" oder Rasterebene als neuen Untereiter. Wieso ? Ich möchte keine Rasterebene/Pixelebene erstellen wie kann man das Deaktivieren. Siehe Sreenshot. Würde mich sehr über Antworten Freuen :-) Besten Dank
  4. Every so often when using AD I'll be moving a cusp node snapping it to another node and the cusp node will suddenly change into a smooth node sprouting 2 handles and the handles are twisted 180 degrees from where they would normally be. All without releasing the mouse button. Handles.mov If it is showing the twisted handles with the smooth node when the mouse button is released that then is what goes into the drawing, not the cusp node that was originally grabbed. Lots of times it will not do this, so it may be hard to reproduce on command. Other times it happens easily. I have not been able to figure out what was done differently. I am assuming this is a bug. Attached is the drawing I was doing when it last occurred. The Node tool was being used and all layers were selected when this occurred. Also a couple questions: In the video it's easy to see that when the node cursor turns white there is a small circle just in front of the cursor. What is this circle for? I've never noticed it in earlier versions but it's so small... Does it mean something? When dragging some nodes the cursor is white while for other cursors it's black. What do these colors mean? I'm not finding this in the help. When the cursor is black there is no little circle. I always use separated mode and until the tool hints were not shown below the drawing, it's great that they are now included. But when a node handle is hovered over or grabbed the hints say "⌥ to ignore snapping". But this is not correct, it doesn't ignore snapping it breaks the constraint between the two handles so one can be moved separately from the other. Is there a way to "ignore snapping" when moving a node's handles without separating the handles? Other than turning off all 5 node snap widgets. I guess it does ignore snapping even though it breaks the bond between the handles, so I guess one could use the opt to position the handle without snapping then release the opt before the mouse button, but if it's close to a snap point it will then snap into position. So that doesn't work either. Temp 4.afdesign Thanks for all your work Affinity team.
  5. Friksel

    [AD] bug-list (split)

    Suggestions moved here It's a little much to split into different items and I also need my time to do my job, so I write them in one post. The list is definitely not all, but a lot of other things I posted on the forums already. It would be great if somebody would pick them up and fix em! Guess I'm hoping for a miracle. PROBLEMS IN SVG EXPORTS Bug: Fillcolor doesn't get exported to svg when opacity is set to 0: When an object has opacity set to 0 the svg exporter doesn't export the fill color, but fill: none. That's wrong. We didn't want to clear the fill, we set the opacity to 0. But we still need to be able to readout the fill-color by Javascript, as meant by the designer. Issue: GUI doesn't give any indication of values with decimals. That's especially a problem when using values like 0.0001. The editor just shows 0% and that's not right, it's above 0% This is not only misleading and giving the wrong information in the GUI (causing mistakes and confusion), everytime we need to check if a value is really 0% we have to click it and enter the value again, because there is no way to view the REAL value in the software, not even on a tooltip or something. We need to be able to enter values with decimals, because of another bug in Designer where the fillcolor doesn't get exported to svg when the opacity is set to 0%, so we have to fill in strange values here like 0.0001% just to have the fillcolor exported. Bug: Don't know when or why, but sometimes the transformpanel of a group is disabled. Bug: When exporting closed objects like a circle or a rectangle to svg the element got stroke-properties that are only relevant for rendering when a path is open Obviously a stroke-linejoin doesn't make any sense on a circle or a rectangle (and other svg shapes which are always closed). This is causing too much data in the output file, making the file loading longer in browsers which is important to us!! We do everything to keep our files as small as possible, and use software like svgo to compress svg, but these kind of things are impossible to filter out with tools like svgo. Bug: After rasterizing an image layer suddenly Affinity adds a clip-path to the svg-export which is completely unncecary, changes hyrarchie, makes the file overly complex and large and matters for performance When placing a raster image inside an Affinity file and don't rasterize the image layer, so export the image-layer as is, Affinity exports the image to svg using the <use> element with <defs> which is great and works as expected. But when we first rasterize the image-layer into being a pixel-layer, suddenly Affinity creates a completely different output structure in the svg file. Now, for no reason, Affinity adds a clip-path to the image which doesn't do anything, because it's set to the bounds of the image, so is completely useless and we don't want that clip-path. It makes the export file a mess, it influences performance, filesize, hierarchy and structure of the export causing all kind of problems and confusion when using the svg export programatically by Javascript and css. Which is totally unnececary; it should have the exact same export as when not rasterizing the layer. EXPORT PERSONA Bug: The 'Continues' watcher in the export persona (which is a great feature btw) doesn't refresh the files when the name of a layer is changed.Changing the name of a layer causes a new ID in the svg output, therefore it should update the outputfiles (at least when using files like svg), because when using the svg files together with Javascript and css those ID-values are needed and needs to be up to date. Now we have to manually save all svg's after changing a layer name. Bug: Sometimes the 'Continues' watchter of the export persona goes crazy and suddenly triggers tens to hundreds of updates directly after each other, eventhough there's no need to. Everytime this happens a webpack workflow here, with watchers watching if svgs are changed to compress them and copy them to a working folder are being triggerd tens to hundreds of times in a second too, which is obviously not what we want, 'cause it slows everything down and refreshes way to much so everytime this happens we have to wait for all those redundant refreshes to finish. It's almost like Affinity collected a bunch of changes and goes through them one by one in delay or something. Bug: Don't know why or when, but the 'Continues' watcher in the export persona sometimes goes out of sync. So it doesn't update the outputs anymore. But maybe this is the same bug as it not refreshing when a layername changes? Bug(?): When moving an artboard whith a slice connected to it, I would expect the slice to move with the artboard, but it's not Bug: A lot of times it's impossible to fit a slice to an artboard. Even if the artboard got integer values for width and height. BOOLEAN OPERATORS Bugs: Sometimes boolean operations don't work anymore since the last update (1.6.123) I don't know why and when this exactly happens, but before this update there weren't this much problems with the boolean tools. Since this update I already had a lot of times where the boolean operators just didn't work how they are supposed to. Things like not wrong results when merging paths, like suddenly paths aren't really merged, but contains holes like as if it's suddenly became a compound path, which doesn't make sense and worked before.
  6. Hallo, gibt es vielleicht ein deutsches Forum ? Is there a German Forum existing ?? Ich habe Fragen / I have questions I try in German: Ich Zeichne in "Pixel Persona" Problem 1: Ich habe ein XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro. Wenn ich Zeichnen möchte, wechselt dieser Ständig auf den Radiergummi.. Dann Switch ich wieder auf den Pinsel und irgendwann ist dieser wieder auf dem Radierer, das ist sehr nervig.. Wenn ich die Maus benutze passiert das nicht. Ich habe nichts gedrückt oder dergleichen. Hoffe auf eine Lösung. Problem 2: Ich kann den Druck des Stifts NICHT ausstellen. Wenn ich auf das Symbol klicke welches den Druck steuert (der Stift mit den 2 Kreisen), passiert absolut gar nichts. Ob ich ihn Drücke oder nicht ist egal, der Druck bleibt immer da. Sprich die Pinselgröße bzw Stärke des Pinsels andert sich bei Druck. Problem 3: Wenn ich mit einem Pinsel arbeite z.B. Schatten machen möchte und wieder über den Schatten gehe werden dieser Dunkler, da ich quasi drüber male, wie bekomme ich das weg ? Vielen Dank, ich hoffe sehr auf Antworten :-)
  7. Hey guys, I was doing some icons and logos that are meant to be have the alpha channel and I want to give 'em shadows except since they're basically wireframes it goes through and through, is there perhaps some sort of eraser or mask that when applied above something it acts like a window so you see right pass through it to the canvas/artboard?? ...and maybe thus eliminating the shadows from inside. This is what the shadows look like, they're way overblown here to figura out placement, color, all that, but they're gonna be super subtle, maybe it's not an issue in the end but I'll know and I'll go insane with nightmares someone in the news or something zoomed in and saw them. I tried "air"-brushing what I want gone (except of course for the dark/black frame) but I just know discovered knowing a little Designer will get you nowhere in Affinity Photo. This is not the first time I think if maybe there were some filter, I don't remember when or what was I messing up but I remember thinking it, so if you know anything, a workaround even, I'll be forever grateful! <3
  8. Hi! Pigmento is a set of 84 raster brushes carefully handcrafted for digital painters Designed for Affinity Photo and Designer, this set offer natural media look and feel. Acrylics, Gouaches, Oils and more with expressive colour dynamics and tablet responsiveness to speed, pressure and direction. Now updated with DAUB Spatula set (12 new tools for Paint Mixer Tool) and a new classification: you'll find them in different categories, hopefully now it should be easier to spot the correct tool! Check this video for a quick sample! This set is fully compatible with Windows and iOS Version of Affinity. This is a quick concept done using one of the included tool, to show the colour dynamic and blending features. Some Tips DAUB Grunge Acrylic 4 This is a brush that creates nice textures with a glaze effect and continuous tone modulation using pen pressure. You can use it as a pure cover changing the blending mode to Normal. Do you know that with Pixel tool presets if you press CMD key while painting you can erase using the same preset? Get it here I'll improve these tool with free updates, so if you want those please add your real email to the purchase page. Happy Painting! Paolo
  9. Hello Everyone, Well i know this have been asked for long time by many but also wanted to add my request into the long long list How come Affinity Designer can't do this kind of simple stuff Inkscape can do using it's interpolate extension and Ai can do with it's tool ? i mean, i'm not asking affinity to be like Ai nor Inkscape but the mesh you will see attached here was created in less than 30sec on a very old laptop running Linux Fedora 29 beta with inkscape installed. Please guys not only this tool but make it happen with more tools straight from your Knight Bag, make me smile like you did with the new thing you have added to the pen tool of APublisher thus making it 10 times better than the Pen tool implemented into ADesigner ... Well this one still need to grow to where APub stand but ... get it done guys and ... make me smile. BTW it's free to use for anyone who feel it may be of interest both Personal & commercial, the SVG you can use to recolor with ADesigner or APhoto. Enjoy ! drawing.svg
  10. Desinio

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    Hello everyone, I’ve noticed a small issue with Affinity Designer for iPad. Whenever I use the pen tool to create a curved path, there is always a small delay from the moment I’ve clicked and dragged on the screen to the moment the path actually appears. This does not happen with the Pen Tool in Affinity Photo and non-curved paths also appear instantly. I’m using the first version of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. I hope this helps.
  11. I am having issues with exporting PDF files on a Windows 10 Pro, 1803 computer. Affinity Designer When attempting to export PDF files, it errors out. I have followed many of the threads for this issue, but unable to determine the cause. I have added the PDFLIB.log file below. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you. Dan Macgowan. pdflib.log
  12. In when snapping is turned on the candidates are not shown until something is done to the drawing to force an update such as a click, pan, etc. Likewise when snapping is turned off the same type of update has to be made to force the hiding of the candidates. All other versions this did not require a second trigger to cause the update of the screen. Is this intentional? I sometimes just toggle snapping using the hotkey " ; " to display the hidden edges of an object. This can't be done any longer.
  13. I have attached a Dropbox link to a PDF version of the Affinity Designer IPad apps built in Help file. You can open this file in a reader or iBook and view it while using Designer. I hope you find it as useful as I do. Please note that this PDF is not in any way supported by Affinity, nor are they responsible for any errors or omissions, so please do not refer any errors or omissions in the Document to Affinity. Every attempt has been made (by me) to ensure the content is an accurate representation of the built in Help file, however some errors 'may' have slipped through . I will endeavour to keep it up to date (at least for a little while) . When Publisher comes out I may redo the layout (Pages is a little limited in the area of indexing). My Dropbox account is basic and limits daily bandwidth, hopefully that won’t be a problem. Here's the link to the folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wulycsq0un4uo6i/AACz5hvGbGrteZB4E9q_HPI5a?dl=0 UPDATE The folder now contains two files. Thanks to the efforts of Glenn, the original file size has been reduced to a mere 14MB, with little loss of resolution. Enjoy Dave
  14. The new Affinity designer for iPad looks and feels awesome. I would love to see a similar version of the Designer on Windows 10 which uses the full potential of the Windows 10 touch functionalities. A direct copy of the iPad UI could be awesome.
  15. Here is the set of gradients "WEB 2.0 v.3" converted from the free .grd Photoshop file. I downloaded the PS gradient file from this site and converted it into .afpalette. It's a pity that creating .afpalette files from .grd files is so time-consuming, I hope that in the upcoming versions of Affinity programs, the ability to import the .grd file will be added, just like it is with files .abr WEB 2.0 v.3 gradients.afpalette
  16. Hi all,I really like Affinity Designer but the more features arrive, the more complicated is becomes.. There is a new challenge for me and Affinity Designer for which I would need your help and ideas: Creating a mermaid digital paper as a seamless repeating pattern. I got an at least basic version of the attached one (no glitter, no lightning etc.) but due to the shadows it wasn't seamless on the vertical. If seamless isn't possible due to the different lightning effects of my sample picture attached, how could I achieve anyway the digital paper mermaid look of my sample? Important: It definitely has to be scalable vector, no copied images etc.. Thanks a lot in advance. I'm looking so forward to your help and your ideas! Foxi
  17. Hello. My name is Vitaly, I am UX/UI designer from Russia. In my free time I decided to redesign my beloved Affinity Designer. What I did can be viewed at the link below. What do you say, colleagues? View on Behance
  18. I have problem. When I rotate rectagle to same value what grid, rectangle is not parallel.
  19. Hello, Is it possible to create a font with Affinity Designer, and then install it to my Windows 10 PC, and use it in Microsoft Word or other applications? (Without paying for a third party software) Thank you
  20. Every time when I try to pace and order with paypal there's and error and nothing happens : We’re sorry but something went wrong while placing your order. If you continue to see this message, please contact our customer support operatives who will be able to assist you further. I also contacted affinity@serif.com and they made a manual order and with a little more expensive price. Why can't I buy on the store?
  21. Hello dear Dev's Just want to notify that the Recolor Adjustment makes the latest version of affinity Designer to crash. Applied a simple brush on a layer with black color and tried to simply recolor the art on that layer using a recolor adjustment but the minute i moved the the first handle it just crashed the software. Did someone noticed the same thing ?
  22. hello guys, I work with affinity designer for ipad every day, so I'm posting here because I'm really having a lot of trouble with the version (Affinity designer ipad pro) some of them are: 1 - Vector Brush Tool, when (Controller activated) it's always crashing while drawing (it happens when you are creating curves automatically with the controllers). 2- Fill Tool gradient Panel doesn't work for me (Reverse, Rotate) 3- Stroke panel, moving curve handle, doesn't change the selected path & vector Stroke. 4- Pencil Tool, width stroke value always limited by 50 5- Pencil Tool, while hand drawing, the path doesn't close properly 6- Stroke Width when you set a new value, it doesn't set the correct value. these bugs are extremely important to fix because I need to release more videos to my users, using the tool. please just let me know if this will be considered. thanks
  23. Hello! I downloaded the Affinity Designer test version about 14 days ago. The test license expired a few days ago. Today I purchased the full version in the App Store. When I open the app it shows that my test version has expired and that I need to insert the product key to proceed. I didn't receive the product key because I bought the full version in the App store. What can I do? Thanks in advance.
  24. allesich

    EPS import screws document

    When importing an EPS from iStock it is completely screwed in Affinity Designer. Please look at the attachment. Do I need to set up any profiles prior to import?
  25. Affinity Designer version Grouping objects moves them. there is a another post about this problem but there is no fix. Group Bug.afdesign