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Found 1,264 results

  1. I was making a logo from multiple shapes... and came up with a lot of garbage on the stage. I thought may be it happens so I tested other software.. Xara there everything was quite smooth with nothing extra on stage. To do this.. create multiple circular shapes or only circles randomly positioned overlapping each other. Select them all add vector color+some visible thickness Hit "Divide" now start moving shapes apart.. you will see a number of leftover garbage stuff on stage. Please take a look on video to understand it more clearly what I mean. 0000-1610.mp4
  2. Is there any option to resize multiple diffrent object at once in Affinity Designer? For exmaple I have 3 diffrent rectangle selected and I would like to change sizes of these rectangles to 20x20 mm each. I couldn't find anything like that in Designer.
  3. As someone who transferred to Affinity Designer upon launch, ditching the traditional Adobe Products that most of the industry utilizes I am, for the most part, thrilled with incorporating Affinity Designer into my workflow. However, there are two features that I have been longing for. The first of which is the incorporation of editable text in an exported PSD. Some clients desperately want the PSD files of all of the work in the final form, and documents with tons of text present an issue as all text now exports as a pixel layer. I know it is a huge coding ordeal, but it would be such a huge asset to us all. Please, in your next update try to incorporate this feature for your dedicated designers using your design programs so that we are not forced to find ridiculous workarounds. Secondly, I would love to see an option for batch exporting of artboards to save them as the individual artboard name in a dedicated folder. So much of my time is spent opening a new document and placing the contents of each artboard individually on a new canvas and saving them for client work. A batch save option would be extremely helpful, especially if the same options are available there like the ones currently available in the export menu.
  4. Hi do allot of design work and I am working really hard on making affinity designer my main design software on iPad 2018. However, as I also use Adobe illustrator for printing. E.g. flyers etc. I just need to know what is my image dpi or how to rasterize the image to correct dpi for press printing? Thanks
  5. Belot

    The Coolest Filters for #AD

    Can't wait to share these live filters!! I've found it from this link, the author told me that he was saved Affinity Photo filters as Assets and now #AD can use live filters as well, but perspective fitler not working properly Any way it's definitely cool in #AD, try it now Afans Live Filters - for Designer 1.6.zip
  6. MEGraphicDesign


    When using Affinity products, I have noticed that if I move my program (in full-screen mode)from my MacBook Pro to an external monitor, I encounter odd jitters when zooming around the already opened documents. To resolve the issue I have to save the current document and completely quit the program before opening it on the secondary monitor. The issue is exponentially worse when working with multiple artboards.
  7. Matthew Slater

    Gardener's Lunch

    . My first attempt at using Designer - and on an iPad. Very pleased with the results.
  8. Hi I have trouble saving a copy of my affinity designer file (.afdesign) into Dropbox as the Dropbox icon has disappeared overnight. I was able to do it before but this morning, the icon doesn't show. I can export share into Dropbox though but as a jpeg, pdf, tiff etc. Anybody encountered this problem? Any solutions? Thanks in advance.
  9. Changing line size in the transform panel causes weird behaviours(disappears completely and can't undo). See attached video. Line Transform Input Bug.mov
  10. The "brush readout with canvas rotate problem" can be found in the Photo and Designer betas also (build: 1.7.0293). I'm very sorry for the duplicating of the thread, but I didn't get an answer/solution to the previous one for a long time. The previous thread about the problem with full description and video:
  11. I purchased AP and AD-AP has some cool features, but pretty much disappointed with AD-for me to switch entirely from Adobe Illustrator, i would at least have to see these features introduced/developed: ---------------------------------------- 1) export eps (and/or native file format) files with transparent backgrounds. 2) distort filters ie distort, roughen, zigzag, etc. 3) image tracing capabilities 4) vector brush effects 5) gradient mesh ---------------------------------------- i don't like the Adobe subscription model-i think it reeks of greed. If Affinity charged for upgrades in the future, i wouldn't mind paying for them, as long as they could rival Adobe with similar features like the above (that i can't live without). I praise Serif for their efforts so far, and i agree a designer should be able to own their own tools, much like a carpenter. But i can't make the full switch to Designer without these features introduced. I was very hopeful when i first purchased, but eventually disappointed. Thank you for hearing me out.
  12. Hello everyone, I got a problem with Affinity Designer today, it started to suddenly crash like every 10 seconds and could only display this error reference: (see picture). Anyone know why?
  13. AmerKaricDesign

    30 Rough Vector Elements

    Hi, guys! I finally made account here! I purchased Affinity recently and realized that there is no effect to give your illustrations more rough look. Something like Effect- Roughen in AI. Is there any updates, will this ever be available in Affinity? Anyway I created these vector rough elements (Assets) check them out! Available for personal and commercial use. https://www.amerkaricdigitalgoods.com/store/30-rough-vector-elements-assets Also some of my work that I created with this set!
  14. Making web buttons and nav bar for client. This is the 2nd time I've gotten an unhandled exception today, then I lose what I started with. I try to remember to save ever so often, but only after 5 buttons I got this again. This time has to do with getting assets I've saved. I do always fill out the exception message along with my email, but I never hear anything back. Also, I saved a bunch of icons in assets and they did work, but now when I click on the dropdown I made, it doesn't do anything. I love this program, but I can't continue working like this. Also, is there a "save as" function? Thank you
  15. When the canvas rotated, the Decrease/increase brush width/hardness with on-screen readout orientation follows the rotation angle. It is the problem with Designer's vector and pixel brushes also. It would be great if the on-screen directions would always be the same (width: left/right and hardness: up/down). Affinity Photo build (, Affinity Designer build ( Steps of reproduction (Affinity Photo): 1. select any paintbrush 2. rotate canvas with 90° 3. try Decrease/increase brush width with on-screen readout with Right mouse button press+Alt+drag (left/right) or try Decrease/increase brush hardness with on-screen readout with Right mouse button press+Alt+drag (up/down)
  16. Hello! Help me find Clone Brush Tool (analog Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop) in Affinity Designer, please ? Or how can I implement this tool in Affinity Designer?
  17. Hello - A graphic designer has created an AI file with transparency, and I want to add this file (which is a logo) into Final Cut Pro. From what I've read, the easiest option yielding good results is to open the AI file in Designer, and then export it using the "PSD (Final Cut Pro X)" option ... So I've done this, and imported the file into an event within FCP. I then dragged the image into the timeline, but unfortunately the transparency is not retained. I'm not sure if the problem is that I need to change how I export the file in Designer, or if that part is correct and I need to do something in Final Cut Pro to get the transparency to appear. Note: In 'Document Setup' > Color, the 'Color Format' is currently "CMYK/8". I'm guessing this might be the problem, but if so I'm not sure what to change it to. Thanks for your advice, Jim
  18. Hi, I'm new to affinity designer although I have been using affinity photo for a while. I'm needing to convert some type to outlines. Bit confused- is converting to 'curves' the same as converting to outlines and how do I do it? Thanks!
  19. Hi! I have a weired problem with Affinity Designer... I'm working on the up-to-date version under Windows 10. I have a couple of icons, that I created some while ago (I believe before updating to .135). These icons are saved as .svg and I need them to be pure vectors without rasterized pixel-portions, because MS Visual studio is supposed to find and recolor the hex-color values. I've been careful not to use any effects that were incompatible with SVG (no transparency, no masks etc.) I attach the SVG, I exported some time ago which has been exported without a problem. Opening the .affinitydesigner file also exports without a problem. However - when I re-open the exported SVG and try to save (via export to svg) it (not having touched and altered anything) Designer wants to rasterize certain parts, rendereing the file unusable for me. Is there something, I'm not getting? new export.svg old export.svg original.afdesign
  20. In this video, We are going to show you, how to create and import custom brush in Affinity Designer. You have to create some shape as well as you want, After creating your shape, Select all layer and export in PNG format as 'Selection without Background' and then import PNG image in brush menu as 'New Textured Image Brush'. I think this video tutorial will help you create a new custom brush in Affinity Designer. Thanks for Watching.
  21. Matthew Slater

    Spring Fox

    A picture inspired by a Herefordshire apple orchard I visited a few years ago where there was a carpet of daisies between the trees. Enjoying using Affinity Designer on my iPad rather too much!
  22. Can someone please tell me how to accomplish the following two tasks: 1. After selecting an object on my canvas, zoom brings my canvas closer but it doesn't center in on the selected object and I have to manually move the canvas. How can I easily zoom in and center on a selection? 2. After working on a zoomed in object, is there a way to zoom out and center to a full view of the entire canvas with one command? These were functions that I used frequently in Serif DrawPlus but I haven't been able to find the corollary commands in Affinity Designer? Can someone help fill my knowledge gap? Thanks. - Gitana
  23. Hey guys, I did this video recently to share my knowledge and tips, how I design my characters. Thanks for watching
  24. Find out which is for you. Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer both have their purpose. Here is a basic intro on what they are best at. Understand the difference between Vector and Pixel. Learn how to work with Art-boards and become more efficient as a designer. Paper Sizes: https://papersizes.io/a/ Find amazing Perks on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials Photo used: https://unsplash.com/photos/RwHv7LgeC7s
  25. After using Designer for a few months now, I've gotten comfortable and efficient with the interface, much more so than with Illustrator. Occasionally, I'll find a small bump and realize that affinity likely has a solution, and sure enough, I either find a tool I had not been aware of online or by myself, following the increasingly familiar Affinity design logic. One tool I keep thinking exists but doesn't though, is color swapping between objects. I love how color swapping looks and works between fill and stroke, which is especially smooth and cool on iPad. As an extension to that, I find the impulse to select 2 objects and swap their fill colors, or their stroke colors. I believe this would come in quite handy and feel very intuitive. As an extension, perhaps cycling might be good as well, basically selecting various objects and cycling their color through each one. When designing, this would greatly help with and incentivize exploration and experimentation. Cheers!