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  1. Our authentic marble and stone Affinity textures are perfect for creating stunning digital collages, product packaging designs and more! Introducing an authentic, user-friendly marble and stone texture pack for Affinity Designer! Our marble and stone textures were sourced from 100% genuine stone and marble and have been saved as seamless repeat patterns so you can fill infinite-sized areas without the disappointment of untidy edges and messy tiling. This marble and stone collage creator also features grout brushes and two grout texture styles – gold embossed and classic grout. This gives you everything you need to create stunning digital collages, packaging designs, and eye-catching backgrounds or add a touch of class to any design project. Check out the screenshots to see what’s possible with this complete texture tool kit. >>GET IT HERE!<< THIS COMPLETE TOOL KIT FEATURES ALL THESE HANDY DESIGN TOOLS AND FEATURES: The Marble & Stone Textures: Seamless, repeat patterns supplied as Affinity Styles. Use them to fill infinite-sized areas with ease. Grout Brushes: Add undulating edges and outlines to your designs. Grout Styles: Add embossed gold or classic grout effect to your outlines. An Example file: Backwards engineer this finished design. Not compatible with Affinity Designer 1. A Quick Reference Guide: Navigate this extensive collection of Affinity textures quickly and easily. Instructions: Learn how to use this marble and stone design tool kit. Technical information: All texture tiles measure 2000 x 2000px but because they tile seamlessly, you can fill infinite-sized areas. >>GET IT HERE!<<
  2. Introducing a colossal vector shape bundle for Affinity Designer, featuring banners, badges, labels, shields, speech bubbles and more – shapes for any project! >>SEE IT NOW!<< This comprehensive vector shapes library for Affinity Designer is the perfect addition to your design tool kit! Read on to find out why… Affinity Designer comes equipped with the square, rectangle, circle and other basic vector shape tools and these have become the designer’s go-to, speeding up the design process (just imagine if you had to draw each circle by hand?!). This massive shapes bundle builds on the idea of ready-made vector shapes, supplying those most commonly used by designers and digital illustrators in one comprehensive shape bundle, which will save you time, again and again. What can the vector shapes be used for? Most product packaging, brand designs, catalogs, magazines, book covers, giftware designs and websites use simple shapes as part of digital designs and illustrations. These might promote sales, highlight import type, show off a logo or form an integral part of a wider design. Our shape library is useful for all of this and more. If you frequently create any kind of digital design then this massive bundle will become an indispensable addition to your design arsenal. Why vector shapes are so versatile: Easily add patterns, textures and gradients. Adjust the edges using brushes. Add shadows and other effects in seconds. Scale to any size without loss of resolution. Round the corners. Edit and re-shape by adjusting nodes. Warp non-destructively. They’re also compatible with other Artifex Forge products! To buy equivalent shape packs separately would cost $70+ Get the bundle today and arm yourself with this indispensable tool kit at a bargain price! The Essential Shapes Library features the following handy shape packs (supplied as Affinity Assets): Decorative Label Shapes – For logos, packaging design, and more. Simple Badge Shapes – Ideal for flashes, labels, logos, editorial design and more. Banner Shapes – Including classic banners and scroll banner designs. Cloud Shapes – A range of simple cloud shapes – use them for flashes, logos and packaging design. Shield Shapes – Perfect for logos, branding, packaging design and more. Splat and Splash Shapes – Good for creative-themed designs. They also make great flashes. Sunburst Shapes – Perfect for backgrounds and retro designs. Use for big impact! Tag and Label Shapes – Great for giftware, packaging, festive themes and sales graphics. Painted Shapes – Add a hand-made aesthetic to designs. Rough/Torn Edge Shapes – Ideal for digital scrapbooking, rustic or grunge-themed designs. Speech Bubble Shapes – Classic speech bubbles and thought bubbles. Amorphous Shapes – Quirky shapes with a liquid-like quality – ideal for packaging, editorial design and branding. Leaf Shapes – A range of simple leaf designs. Bonus Assorted Shapes – Handy shapes which could not easily be categorized. …Along with a set of instructions! >>GET OUR HUGE SHAPES LIBRARY NOW!<<
  3. I often do forget and also have a hard time to find again resources that others or I have contributed over time here in the forum. In former times I've often oriented on MEB's Affinity resources page, which sadly nowadays isn't up to date any longer (probably it's too much work and too time consuming to keep that up to date). - Here are some links to my own resources section contributions, so I have and keep myself sort of an overview for these. Assets: A few Paper Effect Assets AI chip logo icon assets Cat-Silhouette assets Common callout assets Hairstyle Assets Halloween I + II Assets Fall assets & styles set I'am Groot - Vector assets Numbering assets OS X El Capitan UI Kit assets Protractors back to school assets new Ruler back to school assets Some BW arrow assets Some Easter Assets Some Firework assets Some Fruit Assets Some Nicholas/Santa Claus assets Some plain + vintage Badge Assets Some Snowmen vector assets Star Wars - Mandalorian assets Washi Tape assets Xmas cutout assets & sample Xmas silhouettes Xmas cookies/gingerbread Xmas trees vector assets Macros: B&W play macros Matte Color Macro Rusty Boost Macro Styles: Div Metal Styles Fabric styles Fall assets & styles set Fire Styles Fur styles 1+2 Knock on Wood Styles Rust Styles Some Metal Styles Valentine texture styles Wild animal texture styles Xmas texture styles 1+2 Tools: A few Forum Helper Tools (various Python3 scripts) updated afthumbs - Extracting PNG Thumbnails from .afphoto and .afdesign files Affinity Designer Shortcut Mapper Affinity OpenCL Disabler (Windows tool) A visual shortcuts explorer for Affinity Tools Delineate - A Raster/Bitmap to SVG Converter Thinning multi architecture Affinity apps under MacOS via Python to reclaim disk space whatFileType - Detects file signatures and tells what sort of file it is Various: 2024 Months Calendar Template & Assets in EN new Calendar day as Affinity template/assets & a daily showup SVG file new Christmas Photo Storyboard Chalk brushes Daily Planner DE/EN localized - Letter (ANSI A) print template Daily Log DE/EN localized - Letter (ANSI A) print template Desk Calendar for 2019 Desk Calendar DE/EN/GR for 2022 Desk Calendar DE/EN/GR for 2023 Prism Desk Calendar 2024 DE/EN/GR new Fall Photo Storyboard Halloween Polaroid Photo Storyboard OS X El Capitan UI Kit Pocketcalendar 2019 Reusing filmstrips as photo borders updated Round Calendar Reminder Stickers Xmas Card & Envelope Xmas cutout assets & sample Xmas FB Cover Xmas mug mockup Xmas Trees And most importantly ... Quick Tips: for finding Affinity content with Google Search List of some third party calendar generator tools new List of some third party vectorization & tracing tools
  4. Hi there, i created a template for a magazine in DIN A5, mainly aimed at beginners. Experts change things like colorspace, bleed,.... All the images you see there are from unsplash, pexels and pixabay and also are only in 72dpi in that, so replacethem I also got a german and english version so the naming of textstyles and other things make sense for non-german speakers. Fonts necessary (both free): https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/fira-sans https://www.freefonts.io/akrobat-font-free-download/ have fun with it and tell me if you got any ideas improvements, i don´t do templates very often.:) I put the template under CC0, so yeah have fun with it. Template_A5_german.aftemplate Template_A5_005_englisch.aftemplate
  5. SAVE 50% ON UNIQUE AFFINITY DESIGNER TOOL KITS IN THE ARTIFEX FORGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE! To claim this massive discount head to artifexforge.com and use the discount code 'BLKFRI23' at checkout. Be quick! The sale must end 11.59pm on 1st December (GMT) See some of our best-sellers below or head to artifexforge.com now to see the full range! >>SAVE 50% ON THE LINOCUT LOVERS COMPANION NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE STAINED GLASS CREATOR NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE PATCH WORKS NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE SPIROGRAPH TOOL KIT NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE STAMP COLLECTION NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE MOSAIC MAKER NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON ESSENTIAL SHAPES NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE VINTAGE NAUTICAL MAP MAKER NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE PALS NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE ZEN FINE LINER & MANDALA CREATOR NOW!<<
  6. About The Box Set is hundreds of vector and raster brushes made for Affinity Photo & Designer. Each brush was handmade using real materials scanned at high resolutions and crafted to simulate real media. I wanted the origin of the brushes to have a heritage of the materials they are simulating. Scanning pools of watercolor, swatches of paint, and stipples of charcoal contributed to creating brushes with the same idiosyncratic material magic. My only request is that you take these brushes, with their clever names, as suggestions. They work superbly out of the box, but I strongly encourage you to adjust the sliders, rearrange or remove the textures, and discover how they can suit your hand(s). Make. Discover. Repeat. Cheers and happy art making, -Jef (WREN) RASTER BRUSHES For use in Affinity Photo and Designer. The blending brush in the Oil Set is the only one exclusive to Affinity Photo. DRAFTING INK OIL Oil Brush Dynamics Most oil brushes have blending built into pen pressure. With a single brush and hue you can adjust the luminosity of the stroke- giving it an oily blend. The Brush's color in the example above is the color of the background. A normal pressure gives you the hue without any lightening or darkening. WATERCOLOR ACRYLIC VECTOR BRUSHES For use with Affinity Designer Only. Pen & Ink Charcoal & Graphite Sumi-E Painterly Drips Handlettering LINKS The Box Set
  7. Hi! i worked on a file with some pictures in it. As I wanted to use this file again with some different pictures I had the following workflow: Duplicating the (unsaved) file in publishers main overview window. Open the duplicate and head over to the resources, than changing the linked picture files to new ones. In my opionion the result should be: two collage files with same look but different picture content. But: when reopening the first „mother“ file again, all pictured where also linked to the duplicated file! my mistake or a bug into affinity?
  8. Affinity team, are there some publisher templates available??? affinity programs are so good, just inspired to develop my creativity. Some good training??? Thanks Gyan
  9. Dear Serif, Please make the Youtube tutorials for V2 listed, so that whenever I want to find what, for example, a certain image filter does, I can just type its name and look it up on Youtube. I prefer looking at your videos instead of reading the docs. However, none of the videos come up in searches, so I find (in my opinion) lower quality third party videos instead.
  10. I've been collecting links to various resources useful in the field of architectural rendering and visualisation and I'd like to share them with the community. There are quite a few on my list as it has been compiled over some years. These are content related: cut out people and objects, vegetation etc: http://www.gobotree.com/ http://xoio.de/en/ http://skalgubbar.se/ http://www.immediateentourage.com/ http://www.mrcutout.com/index.php/people-cutouts http://visualizingarchitecture.com/favorite-architectural-cutout-and-texture-resources/ http://texturer.com/ https://placeit.net/c/people http://www.viz-people.com/ http://vyonyx.com/cutouts/ http://www.nonscandinavia.com/ http://www.escalalatina.com/ http://www.cutoutlife.com/ http://skalgubbrasil.tumblr.com/ These are tutorials and example specific to architectural presentations: http://visualizingarchitecture.com/no-render-quick-collage/ http://vyonyx.com/tutorials/ http://www.arqui9.com/ https://www.behance.net/arqui9 http://www.archdaily.com/645270/architecture-software-tutorials-part-2-what-we-heard-from-you http://www.ccc.umontreal.ca/fiche_concours.php?lang=fr&cId=207 http://www.worth1000.com/tutorials/163772/water-reflections-using-displace-filter https://visualizingarchitecture.com/tutorials/ http://landarchs.com/beyond-basics-10-photoshop-hacks-advanced-photoshop-skills/ http://landarchs.com/10-best-photoshop-tutorials-youtube-landscape-architects/ http://visualizingarchitecture.tumblr.com/ And these are more generic stock resources: http://www.cgtextures.com/ http://cgtextures.com/ http://compfight.com/ http://everystockphoto.com/ http://obeygiant.com/archives/ http://www.premiumpsd.com/#_ http://www.vectorstock.com/ http://www.123rf.com/ http://www.veer.com/ http://subtlepatterns.com/ http://www.elsewhere.org/pomo/ http://www.thomasnet.com/cadmodels.html?WT.mc_t=blg&WT.mc_n=blg1107&channel=email http://medialoot.com/ http://www.sketchuptexture.com/p/bricks-section.html http://www.texturepilot.com/ http://texturelib.com/ http://nos.twnsnd.co/ http://www.gratisography.com/ http://graphicburger.com/ http://nobacks.com/
  11. I made this Macro to extract detail from an image for a tutorial and then I made it available for everyone. If you want, you can check the tutorial related to this Macro in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdaySWNEpY0 Pedro Detail Extractor.afmacros.zip
  12. All brushes are made with raster geometric shapes (on vector curves) over which I applied various opacities, blur intensity levels and other effects. I’ve been using them for vector illustration as shading brushes with iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the “vector brush tool”. Max tail offset is 600px. Width is set at 100px for all brushes (modify according to your needs). They can be used for anything with no worry. All the best! shading brushes.afbrushes
  13. I'm sharing this template for golden ratio, original tutorial I followed was for Inkscape which I was previously using before falling in love with Affinity Designer. Original work is from Nick Saporito on youtube. Basically you use the set of "Golden Circles" to create an illustration by intersecting the different sizes of circles. Hope you guys enjoy using it for your own designs! golden-ratio.afdesign
  14. TL;DR Full version: https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/logodesigntoolkit Free version: (just put 0 in the price box) https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/logodesigntoolkitfree Hello there! I am very excited to finally release this product 🙂 Preview images available on pages with materials. Logo Design – Complete Toolkit Work faster, better, easier. Do more with less effort. Everything you need today and may need tomorrow in the logo design process. Your benefits: Novice: Boost your learning process. Discover how to carry out a successful logo design. Each step is enhanced by an example with additional commentary. See what to do and what to avoid in the creative process. Intermediate: Revise your knowledge and eliminate potential bad habits that affect the overall quality of work. Increase your market value as a better logo designer. Attract more quality clients and increase your income. Professional: Work more efficiently with less effort. Everything you need regarding logo design in one organized place. Save time on export and file preparation. Enrich your collection of materials to have more flexibility in the production process. What is included: + LOGO STARTER Build the right foundation for a successful outcome. Establish trust in the early stages of a new project. Prepare the persuasion component for the presentation stage. Briefing Ask the right questions and win over the client. Briefing contains: Digital Version (Source File + Template) Print Version (Source File + Template) Text Version (PDF + RTF) Guide how to prepare PDF with editable text fields Workshops Maintain an appropriate level of communication with the client. Develop precise guidelines that will help you in the creation process and increase the chance of finding the right solution. Workshops contains: Clean (Source File + Template) Example (Source File + Exported PDF) Benchmarking Generate more and better ideas. See what elements you should pay attention to while analyzing the competition and developing a creative background. Benchmarking contains: Clean (Source File + Template) Example (Source File + Exported PDF) + LOGO TESTER Minimize the chance of creating a logo with defects. Find out what aspects you should be aware of when creating a conception. Test the logo on various mockups. Logo Tester contains: Complete (Source File + Template) Essentials (Source File + Template) Example (Source File + Exported PDF) + LOGO PRESENTER Sell your idea. A good logo is 50% of the success. You have to present it properly. Show how it works. The worst thing that you can do is to send to your client 2 or 3 logo conceptions in a single image file without any explanation with a question: “Do you like it?” I prefer a single-conception presentation. How many conceptions you want to present is up to you but present them live each at a time. However, a multi-concept template has been prepared. You can additionally use this template to present your projects in a portfolio. Logo Presenter contains: Complete (Source File + Template) Essentials (Source File + Template) Various Concepts (Source File + Template) Example (Source File + Exported PDF) + LOGO EXPORTER Save hundreds of hours on exporting files every time the client need version that was not included at the beginning. Focus on designing and leave the export to a carefully prepared template. Logo Exporter contains: Clean (Open File + Template) Digital Extension (Open File + Template) Example (Open File) Example test exported files (ZIP File) Guide how to use it (PDF) Exporter settings and how to change them (PDF) Export capabilities: — Color Formats RGB for digital CMYK for print — Logo Structure Horizontal Vertical Sign Logotype Emblem Claim — Color Versions Full Color Single Color White Black — File Formats JPG PNG TIFF PDF SVG EPS — In addition for digital purposes there are 2 more sizes: Medium (M) Small (S) + LOGO BOOK The final stage of logo design work and the conclusion of your collaboration with the client. The main purpose of the Logo Book is to both describe the construction of the mark and to protect the logo from incorrect use. The template is provided with universal rules that you can easily apply to your projects, saving you a lot of time. The last section provides a style guide, i.e. rules for using the logo on real examples such as promotional materials, social media, or banners. Logo Book contains: Complete (Source File + Template) General (Source File + Template) Essentials (Source File + Template) Style Guide (Source File + Template) Example (Source File + Exported PDF) + LOGO UTILIZATION GUIDELINES Unfortunately, the reality shows that sometimes clients forget about such things as logo book or brand book and the logo that we created is inappropriately used. Prepare a print-ready portable version of the Logo Book. A 2-page condensed pill of key guidelines can save your logo. Secure appropriate treatment of your work. Logo Utilization Guidelines contains: Clean (Open File + Template) Example (Open File + Exported PDF) + 3 LOGO EXAMPLES To give you a better understanding of how to present the logo, 3 examples with different objectives and outcome have been prepared. Each example contains an open file with the structure, appropriate versions of the logo, etc. + LOGO DRAWING GRIDS The most popular grids for a logo design with open file and guide how to modify them. + LOGO PRINT-READY CHEATSHEETS PDF files containing points to be aware of when exporting a logo and appropriate file formats. + LOGO DESIGN – CONSTRUCTION FLAWS As you grow and improve your skills as a graphic designer, you begin to understand how to form a structure for a logo. I have prepared 18 mistakes you can make when creating a logo and how to avoid them. + PRACTICAL LOGO DESIGN TIPS 20 tips touching on various aspects of logo design. + MATTERS TO EXPLAIN TO YOUR CLIENT Sometimes clients may have inappropriate assumptions about what logo design looks like. Then it is good to clarify these fundamental matters at the very beginning. + TEMPLATE CONFIG FILE The entire toolkit structure is based on this file. It contains UI elements, typographic system, grid, theme structure. It’s very easy to make adjustments. + EASY TO ADOPT DESIGN 4 examples of how you can change the design. Keep in mind that this only example of how you can adjust the design to your needs. + ADJUSTED TEXT STYLES Digital(available in two sizes) and converted print version. The One Typographic System to rule them all. + PDF GUIDES Even if you are just starting with the software — I got you covered. I have prepared several guides e.g: How to modify grids, how to implement typographic system, how to use templates, how to work with the client etc. + EXTRAS Mockups, social media template, and more. —— Due to the fact that this is the first published product I have a small gift. For the first 8 persons after entering discount code: "affinity" you will get 21% OFF (you can enter discount code in the checkout) —— Full version: https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/logodesigntoolkit Free version: (just put 0 in the price box) https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/logodesigntoolkitfree —— To mods: I have read the forum guidelines, if there is a need to change the content let me know. Ps. Happy Halloween! 👻
  15. I have seen this topic come up pretty often and thought maybe I should post this resource here. I know some people need to have native vector arrow shapes in their work so I created a brush for that you can use until arrows are implemented fully in the the application. Just import them into your brush pallet. cheers :) Ronnies Arrow Brush set.afbrushes.zip
  16. Link to Metallic Gradients Share Here are some fancy metallic gradients I put together.
  17. Here is a collection of assets created from the material design sticker sheet obtained here: https://material.google.com/resources/sticker-sheets-icons.html Could use a little more work, but I've added constraints to the lists, UI bars, and tabs. Most of the shadows are currently bitmaps. I had issues with some text boxes becoming the wrong size when the group was turned into an asset, so artistic text is used in some places where a text frame would be more appropriate. I couldn't find a license anywhere for the sticker sheet, so feel free to modify and share or use however you want, however, please don't redistribute as an asset pack while charging a price (sharing for free is fine). If you want to share any changes/improvements, I'd appreciate it if you posted them to this thread. An example I quickly made with some of the assets is below. material_assets.zip
  18. After executing "Save as package", all resources are listed as "changed" in the ressource manager of the created * .afpackage file, although they are packaged with the same time stamp as the original ones !! The rest see above, if you update in resource management you can start over with the layout! The only sensible solution to the problem is to store information on both the location and the size of the resources in the picture frame. Otherwise the tool does not make work any easier!
  19. Hi guys, this is the Windows Soft Light Effect that I made for you, it's totally free, but any donations are appreciated. Here's the link to DOWNLOAD it: - Windows Soft Light by Krisna: https://gumroad.com/krisna0#vNjMJ And also don't forget to check out this video to see how to use it. I hope you find this video useful, thank you!
  20. After relocation of project to another folder/another PC, I had to replace all source files one by one. It would be nice if the path could be relative/absolute and after find one source in new location, the rest will be updated automatically.
  21. Hello folks, I have the following situation: I have opened a file that I created with Affinity Publisher on the PC with Affinity Designer on the Ipad. In this document of Affinity Publisher the images and PDF files are linked. I have collected the images and PDF documents separately in folders. Now I loaded all the files on the Ipad and wanted to continue working on the .afpub document on the go with Affinity Designer. Opening it was no problem, but the attempt to relink the images and PDF documents fails. I have not found any such function.😬 Will the function to relink files on Affinity Designer (Ipad) be possible soon? As long as Affinity Publisher for Ipad is not yet available, such a possibility would be really helpful to work on the go with .afpub files on Ipad with Affinity Designer to have a halfway decent solution in between. Either way, this feature is actually a must-have. Otherwise, kudos to the team for the new Affinity Publisher workbook. I'm reading it right now and am thrilled with the painstakingly appealing work you've done with the book. 👏
  22. Affinity Forums Hello friends, greetings from Honduras, now will share a link to download vectors and more. link: http://es.all-free-download.com The site is ideal for use with Affinity Designer. greetings To You
  23. I just received my hardback copy of the Affinity Designer Workbook. It looks great. At the start of each chapter is the "Resource" box with a filename in it. Where are these files to be found!? The book says, I see green box with the filename in it... but no link info. I tried tapping on it with my finger, but nothing happened. :)
  24. Hey folks! Here's the case: I am currently working on a logo in Affinity Designer. It is the second iteration and I would like to present him the first vectorized draft of the logo in an appealing layout and with written documentation. I have created the layout in Affinity Publisher and linked the Affinity Designer file in it, so that any changes to the logo are directly reflected in the Publisher document. Thereby I encounter the following problem/s: The Designer file contains text that uses a licensed font that should remain editable until the final version of the logo – but in the Designer file ONLY. If I now export the Publisher document as a PDF for web to keep hyperlinks to references and good readability for example, the text of the linked logo gets exported editable/selectable via Adobe Acrobat – which I don't want at all! If I export the document as flattened and all elements are rasterized, it becomes (even if only slightly) blurred and consequently pixelated – which I don't want either. A possible solution for a feature could be the option to convert any text ONLY in linked/embedded files instead of converting all text to curves during export. I'd be happy to learn if there's another, more convenient way to do this, since it's a bite impractical while the logo's not final. 😀 However, I' m not quite sure if I described the problem in an easy to understand way. 😅 Greetings MrDoodlezz
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