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    DXF Files

    Hi there, yeah DXF-Support would be very handy. Sometimes i also need to export files for laser cuter It´s not a big issue if i can go the route of Inkscape to get it done. But nontheless a nice feature to be a step further. Fill up these export-options
  2. Hi there, i´ve found at least an inconsistency when converting text to curves. I didn´t find any similar reports in this forum so here i go: I have a text and applied with the layer effects an outer shadow. Changed some settings of the outer shadow and in the characters tab and i wanted to convert the text to curves. And the outer shadow seemingly disappears. But no all the letters still have the outer shadow activated but with a way higher radius like 130000 px I changed the font to Arial and Times New Roman, but still the problem persists in this text box. Created a new text box added the same outer shadow but no problem there, when converting to curves. The text box with the problem is one of my assets in the assets-tab. But i can´t reproduce it with other text-boxes. The fonts inside this file come either with windows or "Dry Brush" is available for free for personal use. Can anyone help? A simple restart, a reinstall of AD, updates of windows and graphics driver don´t solve the problem. With the same assets on another computer the same problem occurs. Testasset.afassets Bauzaun01.afdesign
  3. Hi, I am coming around a problem with the corner tool: As soon as i change the dpi in the document setup all the corners i build with the help of the corner tool resize. If i double the dpi, the corner halfs in size and the other way around. Is that a feature and i am just doing it wrong?^^ Or is that a bug? I couldn´t find any other reports on that problem. If i bake the corners everything is fine. Sometimes i do that to give a customer the designs very fast in a different resolution. Or is there any other way to just change the resolution of all Artboards similar fast? Thanks Gmit

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