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  1. Ok, i uploaded it. One annoyance i encountered when opening the .afpackage file: It tells me to update every linked resource which is fair enough. Sadly when updating these files, the page box gets reseted to TrimBox, while the original setting was BleedBox. So i additionally put in an .afpub file so you don´t have to do that work. Thanks
  2. Hi @Dan C, yeah that dpi value is unusal. On export for the web i need to meet an strict filesize requirement. So i play around with compression and dpi values until it fits. Sadly no, even when exporting with the document resolution and the downsample option activated/deactived/changed, the exported pdf shows the same problem.
  3. Hello there, got an issue with the pdf export from APub. In APub everything is nice and tidy. Pics are placed correctly. I placed these individual pages into another APub-file. The layout is still fine. But the exported pdf for web seems like there are some images moved: in APub there is space between image and text: Here the layout in APub: Here the layout in the exported pdf (pic moved up): It doesn´t happen in the print-pdf. Only in the pdf with reduced file size. Here are the settings: I already tried different export settings to maybe fix that issue, couldn´t find the faulty setting (combination). Many pics are not affected. I tried exporting as jpgs. No problem there I tried to "clean up" the pages sometimes there are unneccesary elements on these pages. No effect. I also deleted everything besides the image. Still the image moves around the page on export. It didn´t happen before on other projects with web-pdfs some months back. Hardware acceleration is on. Killed the Nextcloud-App which is used to sync the files. No effect. Exported old projects with these settings: The problem appears there too. The only thing that seemed to help is to rasterise the images. Almost every image is within a picture frame. I tried it with the same settings on my notebook and desktop, both windows 10. Both same issue. Viewed the pdfs with different apps, maybe i got a faulty pdf-viewer. Everywhere it is the same. Got the lastet version of APub and all the other Apps. Anyone got some tips?
  4. Sadly got the same issue. Saved it on the internal storage of my windows computer all day. No Problem, also the thumbnail updated every time i changed the first page. Then on export there were some funny artefacts in the pdfs so i restarted the whole computer, thinking it would might solve the problem. Nope Publisher can´t read the file correctly and reverted back several hours..... After saving the recovered state, it went from ~110MB to ~8MB.... Something is going on there, no other app has a problem on my storage devices.
  5. Yeah your link helped me, i played around with the compatibility settings: and it works on both displays That setting i am only used from old videogames, where the UI gets also very tiny on higher resolution displays. And i just noticed that this setting sadly introduces a blurry interface.
  6. Hello there, I got the issue that the windows explorer doesn´t scale correctly on my second monitor. compared to the main monitor: I got a Windows 10 PC a uhd display set to 150% scaling a 1440p display set to 100% scaling the 1440p display is set to be the main display. The rest of the UI scales without any issue, between the screens, but as soon a "Save as" window or anything involving going into the file system and the scaling is too small. If i set the uhd screen to be the main display, the scaling gets too big on the other display. If i set the scaling on the 1440p to be 150% the scaling works on the uhd display. Other software is able to scale the explorer correctly on both displays, so i could see that the issue is within the Affinity Apps. And it is the same in Photo, Designer and Publisher. Did i miss something or is it just so unusual to have same sized screens with different resolutions =>different scalings
  7. *bump* i ended also up here in the search for the non-destructive warp tool. 😔
  8. I may wanna ask, if there is an update on that topic?
  9. Can confirm that issue on my (oldish) hardware (4790K, gtx970, 32GB ram) too. 1.8 was way smoother. That fix from @stedaho also works for me. Not quite as smooth as 1.8 but at least i can work without getting an headache.
  10. yeah that would be fix for now. But what happens with that edge case where leading and baseline grid are the same? Is that behaviour intentionally? I didn´t face any other problems so far with these settings. What do you think?
  11. Grid spacing is 12.6 pt Fontsize is 10.5 pt So i don´t see a problem there?
  12. Ah yeah a good advice I played around with the leading: If i change it to 12.6 pt the problem is still there. If i change it to 12.5 pt everything is fine. If i then change the baseline-grid to 12.5 pt the issue comes back. Interesting behaviour.
  13. yeah i just reduced my file down to that part. Drop_Cap.afpub
  14. Hi there, i am facing a problem with the drop caps, don´t know if i just didn´t get how they work or there is a bug or so. I have a drop cap at the start of the text. But if i change the size of the textbox the drop cap changes in size. The only solution i found was to ignore the baseline grid. Which i am certainly not a big fan of. Am i missing something? 2020-10-25_14-05-31.mp4
  15. Hi there, i created a template for a magazine in DIN A5, mainly aimed at beginners. Experts change things like colorspace, bleed,.... All the images you see there are from unsplash, pexels and pixabay and also are only in 72dpi in that, so replacethem I also got a german and english version so the naming of textstyles and other things make sense for non-german speakers. Fonts necessary (both free): https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/fira-sans https://www.freefonts.io/akrobat-font-free-download/ have fun with it and tell me if you got any ideas improvements, i don´t do templates very often.:) I put the template under CC0, so yeah have fun with it. Template_A5_german.aftemplate Template_A5_005_englisch.aftemplate
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