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  1. Hi there, i´ve found at least an inconsistency when converting text to curves. I didn´t find any similar reports in this forum so here i go: I have a text and applied with the layer effects an outer shadow. Changed some settings of the outer shadow and in the characters tab and i wanted to convert the text to curves. And the outer shadow seemingly disappears. But no all the letters still have the outer shadow activated but with a way higher radius like 130000 px I changed the font to Arial and Times New Roman, but still the problem persists in this text box. Created a new text box added the same outer shadow but no problem there, when converting to curves. The text box with the problem is one of my assets in the assets-tab. But i can´t reproduce it with other text-boxes. The fonts inside this file come either with windows or "Dry Brush" is available for free for personal use. Can anyone help? A simple restart, a reinstall of AD, updates of windows and graphics driver don´t solve the problem. With the same assets on another computer the same problem occurs. Testasset.afassets Bauzaun01.afdesign
  2. Yeah i can do, i didn´t want to share it to the public, so i was waiting for something like that The problem occurs between page numbered 19 and 18. I noticed it crashes with a certain selection, so try different selections if it doesn´t crash on the first try. I tried it on multiple computers. It works every time
  3. Hello there, i can reproduce a crash of Affinity Publisher when i make a text-selection which goes over multiple pages. It´s a pretty long text which goes over ~20 pages. The interesting part is that i found only one position where this happens. If i make a text-selection over 2 pages somewhere else: it doesn´t crash. The selection goes a little bit crazy, but no crash elsewhere I am on .312 see no newer version but i have opend these files with some of the "newer" versions of publisher which were retracted soon after I´ve attached a screenrecording to see for yourself: 2019-05-22 02-01-13.mov
  4. I can provide you with a file. With the exact same element you see there in the video. But no i am having a hard time reproducing that bug with other files. As soon as i copy over the text frame from the video, Publisher crashes again, like it did in the video. 02.afpub
  5. I feel you. Luckily i don´t use Publisher much (yet) as it is still in beta. Maybe they willl fix it in the next update? I am having good faith in Serif fixing that before going out of beta
  6. Hello there, i found a new problem, this time it´s while i try to snap the frame to the minimal size. After i change the leading override in one line and try to double click on the lower part of the text frame publisher freezes and i need kill it with the task manager. I´ve got the newest version of the beta and also of Win10. It happens on my desktop and also on my notebook. I couldn´t find anything somewhat similar on the forum so i started this new thread? Is that a new problem? Or am i missing something? sincerely Joshua 2018-12-08 23-46-02.mp4
  7. I just checked, the setting is only available on my notebook with touchscreen. So if i had the same problem on the desktop that would be difficult^^ On my notebook it was set to right handed, when i changed it to left handed the problem is gone.
  8. Thanks MEB, yeah that solved it for me too, interesting what settings there are and how they can have this kind of bug. Where it sometimes does it one way, and than the opposite way.
  9. The Problem here is it, that it has plenty room to the right. More than 4x the necessary space. Additionally "View Mode" is the only one which expands to the left. "Studio" for example expands to the right and it´s way bigger.
  10. Hello, i found a confusing interface desicion (?) in the view menu. At first i thought it wouldn´t work until i discovered it expands to the left. While the indicator points to the right, and everything else expands to the right. Is that intentionally? Yes i am using the newest version of publisher and windows.
  11. Hi, I am coming around a problem with the corner tool: As soon as i change the dpi in the document setup all the corners i build with the help of the corner tool resize. If i double the dpi, the corner halfs in size and the other way around. Is that a feature and i am just doing it wrong?^^ Or is that a bug? I couldn´t find any other reports on that problem. If i bake the corners everything is fine. Sometimes i do that to give a customer the designs very fast in a different resolution. Or is there any other way to just change the resolution of all Artboards similar fast? Thanks Gmit
  12. Hi, at my first session with Publisher i wanted to see how many things you can do with the text. The filler text seems to have problems with the wrapping around objects. Sometimes it works as expected, sometimes it stops after the object, except one to three words. It´s changing, depending where the object is positioned. I don´t think that is intended? Gmit