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  1. yeah that would be fix for now. But what happens with that edge case where leading and baseline grid are the same? Is that behaviour intentionally? I didn´t face any other problems so far with these settings. What do you think?
  2. Grid spacing is 12.6 pt Fontsize is 10.5 pt So i don´t see a problem there?
  3. Ah yeah a good advice I played around with the leading: If i change it to 12.6 pt the problem is still there. If i change it to 12.5 pt everything is fine. If i then change the baseline-grid to 12.5 pt the issue comes back. Interesting behaviour.
  4. yeah i just reduced my file down to that part. Drop_Cap.afpub
  5. Hi there, i am facing a problem with the drop caps, don´t know if i just didn´t get how they work or there is a bug or so. I have a drop cap at the start of the text. But if i change the size of the textbox the drop cap changes in size. The only solution i found was to ignore the baseline grid. Which i am certainly not a big fan of. Am i missing something? 2020-10-25_14-05-31.mp4
  6. Hi there, i created a template for a magazine in DIN A5, mainly aimed at beginners. Experts change things like colorspace, bleed,.... All the images you see there are from unsplash, pexels and pixabay and also are only in 72dpi in that, so replacethem I also got a german and english version so the naming of textstyles and other things make sense for non-german speakers. Fonts necessary (both free): https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/fira-sans https://www.freefonts.io/akrobat-font-free-download/ have fun with it and tell me if you got any ideas improvements, i don´t do templates very often.:) I put the template under CC0, so yeah have fun with it. Template_A5_german.aftemplate Template_A5_005_englisch.aftemplate
  7. Hi there, can you ellaborate or even better make an example file where you can´t use the inpainting tool, because it´s crashing without notice? Because i can´t replicate that, my Installation is stable and the inpainting tool causes no issues.
  8. Maybe my computer needed an additional restart or so, to take on the new cmyk-profile. I did a quick retest and now it behaved exactly as you just described. So, i would leave it at that, i already put so much time in that question and asking different people, checking what different apps are behaving,.... and all of that just out of curiosity. Your explanation makes sense, and from the quick test it looks like that´s how it should behave. Unless someone proofs a different behavior. I can´t say that this knowledge helped me work better, i don´t put cmyk-values in my rgb-document^^ But it made me more confident in my knowledge of the Affinity Apps, i know more what is happening under the hood. And i choose that Newspaper profile to have a easy time to tell the different cmyk-profiles apart. Interesting you say that "if often a bit overdone" for that brownish tint. But i also to 99,99% of the time don´t work with newspaper-paper or similar, but good to know Thank your for your time and input, most likely the best source of information in researching that question.
  9. yeah it´s not the question "should i work this way?" No, obviously not^^ I asked out of curiosity "what is happening under the hood?". Yeah the "lock colorspace" also wasn´t clear to me, for a longer time. At least on my test it didn´t take into account the last cmyk colorprofile i used or the default cmyk in the preferences. So let´s say i am confused.^^ I changed my default cmyk profile to "Japan Color 2002 Newspaper" which is very small and the K100 also ends up in this brown-dark grey. And did create some documents in that colorspace and saved them and stuff. Still when i created a new rgb document and created a K100 Color which was way darker and the brown-tint is gone. I created a ROMM RGB Document and put a bitmap with the newspaper profile in it. That colorspace is way smaller than i could create with the cmyk-sliders. At first i thought they simply convert the values like these online color-converter: https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/color/cmyk-to-rgb.html (which yeah are quite funny, but are waaay too simplified) But a simple tested proofed me wrong. So i am at a loss. Krita for example asks for an colorprofile when changing the colortool to a different colormodel than the document colormodel. That´s what i get, but i don´t get what is automagically happening here.
  10. First i asked that question that question on facebook and it failed. Many didn´t understand that question correctly and told me about the basics about color-management and how that is a bad idea,...... that´s not the question. If i let´s say have a AdobeRGB Document and choose a color with the cmyk-sliders. They are clearly limited and don´t cover the whole AdobeRGB colorspace. The question is to what colorspace are they limited? I changed the default cmyk-colorprofile in the preferences but that didn´t affect the cmyk-sliders in rgb documents in any way, so it doesn´t seem to be based on that. So what are the cmyk-sliders based on?
  11. oh wow i didn´t notice that already in the beta some people were noticing that problem. I can agree on your suggestions that they would make that even better. Let´s see hopefully they come around to do that pretty soon.
  12. Hi there, i know how to export single page pdfs that´s not the problem. But i am over and over again explaining people how to do that. Because the words the settings uses is not so clear for so many people. Many printshops use the word "Einzelseiten" and so people search for that exact term and don´t find it. So how about changing "Alle Seiten" to "Alle Einzelseiten" which would clarify what exactly is happening with this setting? Joshua
  13. Did exactly that and the PDF still did open in the default pdf-reader, not in APub. On 2 windows machines. Something is weird on your side.
  14. aaah i heard of that from other software too and i see many fingers pointing to windows. Some recommend restarting some services some other recommend reinstalling windows. The later seems a bit extreme, but most certainly fixes it. Just searched for "Windows File Association" and yeah many complain about having to choose the app which opens the file every time, it changed to some other app,.... seems not so nice to have that bug.
  15. from a technical standpoint not necessarily. I opened and closed the same file over and over again and APub didn´t bother to clear RAM, because there is more than enough left. Totally reasonable, as far it can clean up again if RAM is in need again. I worked in InDesign before on big projects and it was choking on 16/32 GB RAM, for whatever reason. But i didn´t do any big projects in APub as of now, so i don´t know if it is able to perform better/worse/same. So to be able to say that APub is unsuitable for large projects, you´d need more information than the amount of RAM it takes.
  16. right-click > Properties > General > Change and you can change the default app for this file format.
  17. And i thought that´s a Mac exclusive problem with GDrive, iCloud,..... Yeah it solved the problem couldn´t reproduce it anymore after moving everything away from Google Drive. Interesting, now there need to be some changes to avoid such a problem in the future. Thanks man! 😊
  18. Saved the file under a new name and embeded all images. Besides having a file which is double the size of the folder with all assets, everything is fine. Opened it like 20x to make sure no images getting blurred. So i´ll upload the folder as a zip. With the old file, everything linked "30er 003.afpub"
  19. I tried it now with different formats from jpg to pdf and different resolutions and the image stays blurred. Tried it on my notebook and it didn´t show the same issue. It´s considerably slower if that info helps. Could send you the folder, if that helps, don´t want to upload it here to the public. blurred.mp4
  20. Windows 10, all the recent updates 32GB RAM And i recently updated to 1.8.2 with all apps. Okay now that the file is getting bigger, the issue appears way more often. Roughly 1 in 3 chance some images appear and stay blurred when opening and exporting, whatever i do, besides replacing all the blurred images.
  21. Hi there, this issue is somewhat related to but i can change to preview-mode and it still stays blurred and even at export (!) resource manager says everything is good, i even have the same picture in a second picture frame on the same page. And one is sharp the other one is not. There are NO effects on both picture frames. And no zooming in, moving the picture in the picture frame, moving the picture frame does change the blurriness. It can be easily solved by reopening the file. But would be horrible if i did a important export and don´t see that blurred image. Everything is on an SSD, from opening the file to having everything loaded it is about 5 seconds. And also my pc is not sweating it in any point. Am i doing something wrong?
  22. Hi there, yeah DXF-Support would be very handy. Sometimes i also need to export files for laser cuter It´s not a big issue if i can go the route of Inkscape to get it done. But nontheless a nice feature to be a step further. Fill up these export-options
  23. Hi there, i´ve found at least an inconsistency when converting text to curves. I didn´t find any similar reports in this forum so here i go: I have a text and applied with the layer effects an outer shadow. Changed some settings of the outer shadow and in the characters tab and i wanted to convert the text to curves. And the outer shadow seemingly disappears. But no all the letters still have the outer shadow activated but with a way higher radius like 130000 px I changed the font to Arial and Times New Roman, but still the problem persists in this text box. Created a new text box added the same outer shadow but no problem there, when converting to curves. The text box with the problem is one of my assets in the assets-tab. But i can´t reproduce it with other text-boxes. The fonts inside this file come either with windows or "Dry Brush" is available for free for personal use. Can anyone help? A simple restart, a reinstall of AD, updates of windows and graphics driver don´t solve the problem. With the same assets on another computer the same problem occurs. Testasset.afassets Bauzaun01.afdesign
  24. Hi, I am coming around a problem with the corner tool: As soon as i change the dpi in the document setup all the corners i build with the help of the corner tool resize. If i double the dpi, the corner halfs in size and the other way around. Is that a feature and i am just doing it wrong?^^ Or is that a bug? I couldn´t find any other reports on that problem. If i bake the corners everything is fine. Sometimes i do that to give a customer the designs very fast in a different resolution. Or is there any other way to just change the resolution of all Artboards similar fast? Thanks Gmit
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