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  1. Does anyone knows how do I type text from RTL for Arabic text for the 2 softwares mentioned?
  2. So the crash issue automatically resolved itself after I wiped every imported profile from previous V1 and did a clean install for V2. 🤣
  3. No linked resources, only text and vectors, unfortunately not able to share publicly. I copied the entire portion over to a new empty document, and still able to recreate the crash. I should be able to make a short clip and share when I'm free in the next few days. Currently I have very tight deadlines to meet at the moment, and do not want to waste anymore time on fixing or beta-testing V2, installed back V1 for now. Thanks for the help, will chat again soon~
  4. Tried one, couldn't even get it to not crash. It seem there are certain elements that I clicked on that will hardcrash the software no matter what. I'm not sure is it because of I'm trying to copypaste something from V1 over V2 that is casuing the issue.
  5. v2 seems to have a big issue with the Text function, pressing T seems to makes the entire program hangs very frequently... and can be recreated 100%.
  6. Thanks it works perfectly now, also just bought Designer V2 and very impress with the new wrap and shape builder tools! Keep up the good work!
  7. V2 UI is so stripped down it's hard to differentiate between the tools.... I prefers the V1 UI so much more.
  8. thanks, your're brilliant! Much better than the uninstall and pausing window update method.
  9. Well I had this same problem since the Windows 11:KB5017264 update for both publisher and designer. Affinity have to find a way to fix it somehow, because the other programs that I have on the same desktop doesn't have this bug. (ms words, ppt, illustrator, photoshop, blender and clip studio paint)
  10. didn't test for too long, but this fix for the time being. Thanks~
  11. After the updates everything is extremely laggy and unresponsive. Attached are the difference between (Top)1.9 vs (Bottom)1.85 19.mp4 185.mp4 185.mp4
  12. Thanks will try these method, during my down time. Probably should be no.4. Always see the font cache thingy pops up whenever I copy and paste stuff from AI to Designer. Publisher.
  13. ryzen 1600 16gm ram gtx1070 1T hdd, 250gb nvme, 500gb+250gb ssd Most of the time I don't open other programs alongside when I'm using Designer or Publisher. Unless I need to ie Illustrator trace and offset path features. Some photoshops thats about it. FYI both photoshop and Illustrator doesn't have this weird slow down or lag after a certain period of time of usage, unless working with huge file/asset on my system. Other program like blender, Clipstudio paint and Hitfilm do not have this issue too. Thanks
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