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  1. didn't test for too long, but this fix for the time being. Thanks~
  2. After the updates everything is extremely laggy and unresponsive. Attached are the difference between (Top)1.9 vs (Bottom)1.85 19.mp4 185.mp4 185.mp4
  3. Thanks will try these method, during my down time. Probably should be no.4. Always see the font cache thingy pops up whenever I copy and paste stuff from AI to Designer. Publisher.
  4. ryzen 1600 16gm ram gtx1070 1T hdd, 250gb nvme, 500gb+250gb ssd Most of the time I don't open other programs alongside when I'm using Designer or Publisher. Unless I need to ie Illustrator trace and offset path features. Some photoshops thats about it. FYI both photoshop and Illustrator doesn't have this weird slow down or lag after a certain period of time of usage, unless working with huge file/asset on my system. Other program like blender, Clipstudio paint and Hitfilm do not have this issue too. Thanks
  5. Does this happens to anyone else? After about 30mins of usage for both Designer and Publisher I will have massive lag for both programs. Doesn't matter how light/ heavy that graphical content/task I'm working on. So far a reset solve the issue temporary, but it doesn't takes too long before it gets laggy again.
  6. Are there any ways to export/ convert Publisher or Design to HTML format? Don't mind using some 3rd party software and make do with it.. Thanks
  7. +1 really need this features, I would gladly even pay it if it's one off "DLC" right now I have to make do using pdfescape for the fillable portion...
  8. Sorry for the late reply, didn't set any notification for this forum. The latest patch fixed my issues thks for the quick work on patching the bugs.
  9. Thanks this setting works for my Huion (NEW)1060 PLUS model! Thanks a million!
  10. Apparently 1.8 can't export from spread into page format pdf without breaking up stuff, ie missing element, transparency not showing properly, while working can't remove master page without crashing, can't scroll through spread occasionally. Glad someone posted the old version download link... oh wait, I can't open the file that I've created on new version..
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